How to edit Nikon D7200 files in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

A reader sent me a very quick and simple hack that will allow you to edit Nikon D7200 files in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (D7200 is not yet supported by Adobe):

  1. Install Adobe 8.8 DNG converter (Windows | Mac). Make shortcut to desktop.
  2. Install (30 day free trial) of UltraEdit (or any other text editor)
  3. Open NEF with UltraEdit, find and change 7200 to 5500 and save.
  4. Drop NEF file on converter and convert.
  5. Import DNG in Lightroom.

Here is a detailed video describing the same process:

Update #1 - I already reported on the RAW2NEF software that allows you to convert D7200 files into a "sort of" Nikon Electronic Format (NEF) raw file that can be edited in Nikon Capture NX2.

Update #2 - from a reader: if you work on a Mac and aren't afraid of a bit of Perl code and the Mac command line, you can convert all of the NEF files in a directory with one command. The script reads like this:



@files = `ls *.NEF`;

foreach $oldfile (@files){

chomp $oldfile;

@parts = split /\./, $oldfile;

$part1 = $parts[0];

$newfile = "${part1}a.NEF";

open IN, "$oldfile" or die "Open failure: $oldfile\n";

open OUT, ">$newfile" or die "Open failure: $newfile\n";

print "Converting $oldfile to $newfile\n";

while ($data = <IN>){

$data =~ s/D7200/D5500/g;

print OUT $data;


close IN;

close OUT;



Put the script in the directory containing the raw files, make it executable, and run it.  If you don't know how to do those things, you're probably best off passing this tip by. The script leaves the original NEF file intact and makes a converted copy with "a" attached to the name.  So if your raw file is "_DSC1234.NEF", the converted copy will be "_DSC1234a.NEF".

Update #3 - another solution provided by a reader:

Using a hex editor, I opened "Adobe DNG Converter.exe" and searched for "D5500". I found six occurrences of this string, and changed each of them to "D7200". The .EXE file thus modified will open a D7200 NEF file straight out of the camera, without modification.

I have not done much testing to see how good the DNGs produced by the modified converter are. They may well differ somewhat from files that will be produced when Adobe officially releases D7200 support in the next DNG converter.

Changing the Adobe DNG converter executable file is probably a violation of the terms and conditions of the download. Don't ask me to provide you a copy of a modified EXE -- distributing such a file probably violates copyright. But "I'm just sayin'" that the Adobe EXE can be modified to open D7200 NEFs.

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  • Richard Morrison

    I don’t want to downplay the fact that this is indeed a terrific workaround. I will be using this for sure. But DAMN Adobe where is Lightroom 6!?!?!

  • Rick Jawsome

    fucking adobe man, just trying to force people to upgrade versions.

    • John

      For each new camera Adobe needs to make a profile for it; so be mad at Nikon for not supplying profiles. On the other hand it would be nice for adobe to retroactively update their older software to support newer profiles… but then new software would need to sell itself on abilities, features but not compatibility with the newest cameras [so not gona happen lol]

      • halo9

        Yes agreed John. Nikon are the ones keeping their profiles proprietary which forces other software makers to reverse engineer the format and build profiles. If you had to do this for each Camera release time and costs add up you would want to charge something too.

        On the other hand I think Adobe are milking it. Surely free camera updates for a year or two wouldn’t hurt or paid camera updates. If I need D7200 support, sure I’ll pay the $10 for the update rather than having to buy a new lightroom version and support for 10+ (an example) other new camera’s I don’t need.

        Nikon and Adobe are as much to blame as each other.

        • captaindash

          If they charged $10 for an update, you know people would go nuts about being nickel and dimed. I don’t get why it’s so hard for these companies to get their act together. It can’t possibly take that long to get a simple profile together for Adobe. It’s not like this is breaking new ground, and it happens with every single new camera.

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    or just don’t buy ANY nikon camera that isn’t supported by CNX2 …

  • AlphaTed

    I wonder if there’s any workaround for CNX2.

      • Antonio

        How can user of NX2 2.4.7 install version 2.4.6? Isn’t necessary an internet connection to register it?
        If so and the user has already 2 computers, is it necessary to uninstall 2.4.7 before?
        And is it still working via Nikon’s sites?
        Sorry, but I would really appreciate if you pls could inform on the matter.
        Tks vm

        • AlphaTed

          Here’s the link to 2.4.6 from NikonUSA:

          You can install it to another computer, just provide your product key again.
          Way back then, there used to be a line in the license agreement that you can install copies onto two computers (like a desktop and a laptop), as long you don’t use them at the same time. But it’s not there anymore in the current agreement.
          Maybe I’m just dreaming, but that’s what I recall.

          • Antonio

            Thanks vm. I already have the file but as I installed 2.4.7 in 2 machines I don’t know if Nikon allows two versions in one of them by the time I activate 2.4.6. That’s the reason for my questions.
            I read the license agreement in Nikon USA pages and they still refer to “two computers” and providing just one will be active at a given moment.

      • AlphaTed

        But it only works on 14-bit NEFs.

  • Kis

    This is a handy little workaraound, but if you have a few images you want to work with I would like to suggest downloading and running ‘exiftool’ – – as this can apply the model change from a D7200 to D5500 to a whole batch of files. It also retains the original NEF too.

    It is a command line tool but it is pretty easy to use.

  • Kis

    This is a handy little workaraound, but if you have a few images you want to work with I would like to suggest downloading and running ‘exiftool’ as this can apply the model change from a D7200 to D5500 to a whole batch of files, and then convert through Adobe DNG Converter. It also retains the original NEF too.

    It is a command line tool but it is pretty easy to use.

    • Chris

      Way to complicated.
      Just change the model name to D5300 and import into LR and it works. Only odd thing are the WB presets (too green), but manual WB change works.

      I use Exif Editor (from the Appstore).

      • Guest



      • 5500 works too, and it’s probably a better profile.

        • Chris

          Not with me (LR 5.7 and CR 8.7)

          • Ah, yes, sorry I should have specified with 8.8. Why haven’t you updated to ACR 8.8?

            • Chris

              AFAIK LR uses ACR 8.7 and PS uses 8.8

            • That’s correct.

            • Chris

              So no D5500 in LR. 🙁
              Just D5300, I’ll live with the awkward WB until LR6

            • Don’t feel bad–though color looks spot on, the detail is a touch off. I suspect they’ll profile the noise more accurately when they come up with a proper release. In what…two more months? Man, Adobe needs to up their game if they’re want to justify software rental.

  • I said this in a comment here when 8.8 was announced!

    • Brian

      Are you editing the adobe files or the NEF?

  • russ

    I’ve been using the exiftool work around. The colors aren’t quite right with the D5500 profile. I’m happier using Nikon ViewNX-i, exporting to TIFF, and opening with Adobe Bridge. I don’t find using ViewNX-i any more burdensome than changing the file headers in exiftool, and I don’t have to fiddle with color adjustments that I’m uncertain of. Of course, the faster we have an Adobe profile for the D7200 the better.

  • Roger Botting

    Why doesn’t Nikon just send Adobe and others the profile of expected camera releases a few months prior to the actual camera release. A non disclosure agreement should be sufficient to keep the legal people happy.
    At worst, call it a beta profile.

    • captaindash

      You’re being logical again. Cut it out. (and these days all the updates are just downloads so they wouldn’t have to have any long lede times at all)

  • Guest

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  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Dare you Nikon to poll what people think of View NX-i & Capture NX-D … Dare you …

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