Nikon DSLR combo rebates for April

The Nikon lens only rebates are now gone. Here are the new Nikon combo rebates for April:

The following lenses are included in the Nikon DSLR combo rebates for April:

Similar savings are available also at Adorama and Amazon.

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  • doge

    Is the 18-140 lens worth getting? That is the question.

    • Piotr Kosewski

      It is the best 18-x Nikkor, so if you need such lens – it’s worth getting. If you don’t need an 18-x zoom – it is not.

    • John

      If you dont need the reach the 18-105 has good reviews and is a cheeper on ebay.

    • Photobug

      Upgraded my wife from the 18-105 to 18-140 lens and she loves the additional reach. IQ and DR are excellent.

    • David Weinehall

      Out of the kit lenses I still swear by the 18-70, but if you want the reach I’d definitely rank the 18-140 over the 18-105.

  • Curious the Dƒ is still full price.

    • Thom Hogan

      Even more curious given the decline of the yen since the Df was introduced. Guess they gave all the Sendai workers a raise.

      • Eric Calabros

        They better give a raise with paying to fewer workers, enough for a mirrorless Df2 😉

      • MyrddinWilt

        Not really.

        The purpose of the Df is to allow Nikon to boost the specs of the D4s by binning. The very best sensors go in the $6000 camera and the rest go in a $2700 Df.

        Nikon probably never intended to sell Df bodies in large numbers and they can probably shift their stock without lowering the price.

        The D700 had a similar role when it was introduced, allowing Nikon to launch the D3s. But it also served a double role as the entry level FX body.

        Launching the Df the way it has, Nikon can sell off the lower spec sensors without canibalizing sales of its flagship product.

        Now if they would only do a V4 with Df controls and styling (like the J5 has), they might do very well with it.

    • dclivejazz

      Implies a balance between supply and demand. I suspect it’s low in both cases, but I really have no idea.

      It would be interesting if they came out with a Df2 that addressed some issues with the Df1, such as the use of the D600 focusing system.

    • fanboy fags

      thats overrated and underperforms for an overinflated price. the D750 overshadows it. people will say “its a niche camera with style” I just care for the IQ and performance/features. and there it fails because it gives less for a heavy price tag. the D750 can do everything it can for much less money and gives much more.

    • Wade Marks

      It would be interesting to know why Nikon has been so persistent in sticking with this price. It’s a nice camera but as most note, it’s overpriced. Unless you are absolutely in love with the styling you can get more camera for less from Nikon (D750, D610), or more camera for about the same price (D810).

      At this point the Df needs to come down to less than $2000.

      I wonder if it will become like the Coolpix A, where it was overpriced and Nikon kept it that way for so long, and everyone was puzzled why, and then all of a sudden it went on firesale.

  • John

    Is the 28-300 really f/4.5 on tele or is it a typo in the picture? I think it is 5.6, right?

    • Global

      Its /5.6 — I own it and can attest to that. Not that its great at 300mm or anything. But it does the job as an all-in-one and generally has replaced my 70-300 for general use. 🙂

  • TheInfinityPoint

    Meh, back to the same boring lenses again for the body and lens deals. I still remember a time when they had pro lenses even for their body+lens instant rebates. And yes I know they had pro lenses for their lens only rebates last 2 months but that only happens annually.

  • Global

    ANY of those lenses….. you’d be better off buying used for the most part. Terrible selection of lenses. But there is some interesting numbers going on here. $900 savings on the D810??? I think this is a manipulation of words. You can only save that if you purchase ALL of those DX lenses too, right..?

    • Joe

      D810 combo with the 24-120

      • MyrddinWilt

        The 24-120 can be bought with the same discount much of the time without a body. The purpose of that lens is to be discounted.

  • Greentablet

    They’ll never dump all their 24-85, will they?

    • The 24-85 is underrated.

      • whisky

        it’d probably sell better if it were overrated. 🙂

      • fanboy fags

        and underperforms

      • fanboy fags

        id get the tamron 28-75 2,8 before I got the nikon.

  • MelissaWu
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