Quick Nikon D750 review with macro pictures

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A quick Nikon D750 review by Pedro Lastra (flickr):

Here is my quick review of this brand new Nikon camera and its ground breaking technologies. This review is very much biased to my personal shooting style and preferences and may not be as relevant to photographers with alternate workflows:

  1. Class leading ISO performance in the full frame category. As of 10/10/14, no other full frame SLR camera in the market has cleaner high ISO performance. The files are clean up to and including ISO 1600. ISO 3200 and 6400 have minimal noise and can be cleaned up easily. This is a gold mine for photographers who shot fast and handheld. You can always take advantage of higher shutter speeds to get sharp images. It can also be very useful for hand held landscape and macro work when increased DOF (small apertures) is needed.
  2. Class leading AF performance in the full frame category. As of 10/10/14, no other full frame SLR camera in the market can focus faster than the Nikon D750. The camera inherits the reliable AF from the professional Nikon D4S, but the Af system has been improved and now supports AF down to -3EV in low light. The D4s is rated down to -1 EV. This means the D750 can focus in light two stops darker than the D4s! I can tell you that in dim lit situations the D750 was quicker and more reliable than any other SLR I have used including the D4s!
  3. Superbe ergonomics. The camera is smaller and lighter than a Nikon D600, and thinner too. But due to its new monocoque construction feels more solid. The grip however is deeper and balances much better in hand than the one in the D600 or D800 cameras. The camera is way smaller than a professional Nikon D3 series camera. If you like cameras that big, the D750 will feel too small for you. If you liked the D600, or any of the Nikon DX format digital cameras, the D750 will probably feel better than any of those.
  4. First full frame SLR camera with a flippy screen! Fantastic when dealing with low/high angles in Live View or when reviewing images in bright light and needing to turn the screen to avoid glare.
  5. Fast frame rate of 6.5fps. This is second best in the Nikon full frame family. To get a faster frame rate, you have to buy a professional Nikon D4s and carry that brick around your neck.
  6. Fantastic in camera JPGs. The Nikon D750, just like the D810, has some of the best in camera processing yet. The jpg’s have great colors, detail and low noise. Just perfect for the photographer who does not know how to convert images from RAW well. The raw files, as always, have a bit more data, if you know what you are doing. I think the JPG conversion engine has the equivalent of 5 years of solid ACR knowledge. If you do not have this level of experience, the JPGs will probably be your best option.

Nikon D750 review sample photo
Nikon D750 review sample photo 5
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I feel that due to the Nikon D750’s remarkable high ISO performance and top of the line Af system, this camera will deliver the best possible images to photographers that do hand held camera photography. The only way to beat a Nikon D750, is to get a Nikon D810 and put it on a solid tripod!

Link to Nikon D750 image gallery on flickr.

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Update: more sample photos can be found here.

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