Nikon D750 specifications leaked online

A quick update on my last post - that Nikon D750 listing also contained some camera specifications. No surprises so far from what I have already been reportingΒ (Google translation):

  • Nikon D750 FX 24.3 MP full frame sensor features compact, lightweight, energy efficient design, built-in flash double SD card slot
  • Tiltable 3.2-inch RGB monitor with approximately 1.2 million pixels
  • Robust design and sealing against weather influences
  • New, improved mirror / shutter mechanism
  • AF system with 51 focus areas
  • RGB sensor with approx 91,000 pixels and light-weighted metering option
  • Burst rate of 6.5 frames/s
  • 24.3-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor
  • Image processor EXPEED 4
  • ISO 100-12,800 (expandable to 50-51200)
  • Effects Modes
  • Improved Picture Control
  • Full-HD video with 1080p at 24/25/30/50 / 60p
  • Improved functionality while filming
  • Integrated stereo microphone
  • Exposure preview and aperture control in Live View mode
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Professional Wireless communication via UT-1 and WT-5

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  • Annonymous

    “Built-in Wi-Fi Professional Wireless communication via UT-1 and WT-5”, Wtf? #facepalm built in means it is built into the product and shouldnt require any optional accessory. Nikon stupidty to max as usual.

    • OldNikonian

      idk maybe it has a built in transmitter but you still need to buy the reciever?

  • MarusJones

    “Tiltable 3.2-inch RGB monitor”
    So not fully articulated then?
    That’s one more thing to complain about.

    • SayNoToSelfies

      I would rather it be “Tiltable” Tilt up &down. You must want it to turn around toward you to take “Selfies” and update your out of date Facebook page with a photo of you and dialog that states ” “Heyeveryone, here is my first Selfie taken with my new D750”.

  • Canikoner

    Specs completely slammed by Canon 7D2 ones.

    • Photog NYC

      Was going to post the same. How on earth can Canon achieve 10fps and 65 cross type focus points and Nikon can’t??
      (no trolling here, just wondering. Am a Nikon user)

      • MarusJones

        See above, you idiot.

        • Photog NYC

          As I say above, data decoding and transfer needs are NOT dependent on sensor size.

          • Neopulse

            Man, stop reposting the same thing. You’re trolling hard.

        • would you stop calling people here “idiot” or “retard” ? Who you are? …. !

    • MarusJones

      That comment shows what a clueless retard you are by comparing FX with APS-C.

      • Photog NYC

        Data decoding and transfer needs are NOT dependent on sensor size.

        • is fact that 24Mpx has same data load independently if DX or FX. Canon’s chip is designed for paralelism and Nikon is not as i heard here… maybe this is the reason why Canon can outperform Nikon in that case. They just put two Digic CPU and that’s it. Nikon can’t do that πŸ™ Petty.

          • Sandy Bartlett

            The canon is 20 mp.

            • OK, then it’s clear. I didn’t check as i don’t give a shit about Canon, but from principle 24Mpx sensor needs same data bandwidth either FX or DX …

          • Neopulse

            It proves that it is inferior to Nikon’s chips then. That Canon needs 2 to work well instead of 1 like Nikon’s does. Thanks for pointing that out πŸ™‚

            • i am big fan of Nikon’s stuff … but also i am big fan of paralelism as a database specialist… and know that the power is in this direction… πŸ™‚

    • OttoVonSchriek

      I do believe you mean Rumors completely……..

      • arachnophilia

        vaporware vs vaporware. fight!

  • Stilllearning

    Just over 12 hours until the press meeting in Bangkok.

    • BangkokRedLight

      Unless they got side tracked doing things Bangkok is known for.

  • Todd

    I notice the Fuji X camera come with built in wi-fi. The X100S for example lists for $1,300. With a Nikon, one can add wi-fi capability for an additional $1,300.

    Srsly Nikon, include the wi-fi. For $1,300 I’ll buy the camera Fuji includes with the wi-fi unit. JS

    • sean dackermann

      Buy a D5300 then

      • L_K

        You cannot pilot the D5300 with its included Wi-fi though…
        And, for this D750, or any other Fx camera, it seems that you MUST spend hundreds of $ or € just to get one of those transmitters to do this…. I cannot understand! A wifi ship must not cost more than 5$, you won’t tell me that software development for camera piloting is that expensive ?
        But Nikon and software development, right?…
        What is unfair is that other companies did the development using Nikon SDK, but still, Nikon does not offer the possibility to use it by keeping wifi ships in their transmitters… It’s a shame really…

        • Neopulse

          You know there are such things as royalties right?

    • Neopulse

      $1299 is a LOT for an APS-C camera with a fixed lens by the way.

  • sean dackermann

    Everyone quit whining and complaining my God. This is a great body and I can’t wait to buy it. We’re spoiled with cameras in this day and age and you wanna nit pick? Btw, you got your new D400 it’s called the Canon 7d MK2. Want a fast DX? Buy that. Nikon is showing more interest in their FX line right now. With the grip I assume the frame rate will go up, and that’s perfect marketing since the grip will make it a better “action” camera. Great body Nikon, can’t wait to pick it up!

    • i hope u are right with the grip … if so, i am buying as well despite the SD slots …

    • D400IsNext

      The Nikon D400 will soon magically appear. No need to switch to Nikon. Expeed 4 on a high end Dx Body anyone? Obviously.

  • Jose Victoriano

    Better call it a D630 at the price od 5DMKIII.

    • Neopulse

      The 5DMKIII was at $3,500 -.- not at $2,700 like this one.

  • Operator

    Nikon I hope you listen. No fake updates like the D610, DF or D810!

    Give us …
    o) illuminated buttons like the D4/D4s for easier shooting star-trails in the night and general using in low light
    o) AF points not only grouped in the middle of the frame also on the outer area
    o) Not all crosstype AF points grouped in the middle area
    o) 4k Video – even the GH4 can do it
    o) onboard WiFi with a remote tablet app (iOS & Android) for control of low angle shots
    o) better organized menu and a intuitive memory bank (the solution now is crap)
    o) onboard automatic PD/LV AF adjustment – for a high res camera a MUST and with a bit of firmware work easily realizable.
    o) 2 SDXC UHS-II slots (not this mixture thing like now)

    • ZoetMB

      Think it’s a little late to be requesting stuff…the camera is done.

    • saywhatuwill

      Button illumination will probably stay with the D4s to be exclusive.
      AF points will most likely be like the D810.
      4k video is for when the rest of the population starts using it.
      Built in WiFi is included but you need a dongle to use it (say what?)
      2 SD cards (your wish has been granted).

      • Operator

        Even my $70 cheapo Nokia phone – not smartphone ! – from 2007 have illuminated buttons. If Nikon thinks that’s something to be exclusive they will fail.

        • saywhatuwill

          But the cheapo Nokia phone doesn’t have a F-mount for lenses. Plus the sensor is just a tad smaller than 36mmx24mm.

  • Ronald

    Looks great. I was really expecting it to have 4K video recording though!!! Darn!!!

  • Jack

    If the D750 has a D600-like body, I believe the rumor that the D610 will be discontinued. Why?

    1. Better profit margins in the D750 – Nikon’s #1 goal seems to be improving their margins, even at the expense of lower sales.

    2. Catering to higher end markets – the majority of FF buyers want pro AF and are willing to pay for it. Canon and Nikon know that once they pair a modern FF sensor with pro AF, that’s the end of the upgrade line for a lot of buyers. That’s why they intentionally crippled the AF system of the 6D and D600 to protect sales of the 5D3 and D800. Incidentally, the 5D3 and D8X0 outsell the 6D and D6X0 by a fair margin.

    3. The trickle-down effect – D810 got the D4S AF, the D7100 got the D300S AF (or a variant), and the D5300 got the D7000 AF. The next version in the D6X0 line would likely be getting a handed down AF, probably the D810/D4S module to save costs (remember, Nikon is re-using components where it can). But if the D620 gets pro AF at the D6X0 $2000 price point, that disrupts their whole pricing scheme. The D810 would have far too large of a price premium for the extra features it offers, and the D620 would be leaving too much money on the table at that price. So they introduce the D750 with the D6X0-like body and sensor and the D810 processor, AF module and shutter mechanism, with tweaks here and there, at a $2500 price point.

    TL/DR version – there is nowhere for the D6X0 series to go next except for what the D750 is now. They might as well release the successor under a new series and charge the higher price.

    4. The D600 sensor debris fiasco tarnished the perception of the camera, and the D610 was seen as a “patch.” Nikon wants to start over with the D700 moniker and better vibes.

  • Vamsi

    D810 Processor + D610 Sensor = D750 πŸ™‚

    • 100%reviewPlease

      D810 Processor + D610 Sensor (+) D810 AF + D5300 Flip screen LCD = D750 πŸ™‚

  • Vic

    does it have Tilt LCD?

  • RC

    Only 6.5 fps? Really? Come on…

  • 100%reviewPlease

    What about 1 button push for 100% image review?
    This has to be the easiest thing on earth to implement into a camera!
    ell, Even Sony has this.

  • 100%reviewPlease

    For all of the people stating 6.5 frames per second isn’t fast enough…
    How many FPS did you think it took this photographer to get one of the most amazing ‘Action’shots in sports history on a film camera in 1998?

    • 100%reviewPlease
    • 100%reviewPlease

      * Typo. 1988

    • Ric

      Pure luck.

    • Yes, Another Tweet

      That image was done with a single frame not because of lack of motor drives but because he had the arena strobed. You cannot shoot more than one frame every 3-5 seconds…that’s how long it takes to recycle. Your point is invalid in this case.

      • 100%reviewPlease

        Not invalid at all. You said the answer. ONE.

        • Stilllearning

          Now ask the photographer that took that if they would rather go back to what they were using then or the 10 or 11 fps digital camera they are probably using now? I don’t have a problem with the 6.5 fps because I wouldn’t need it but others might.

  • merops

    Hope this isn’t too off-topic … a propos of the complaints on here, the top two trending threads on DPR at the moment are “Canon 7D MKII, yet no D300. Canon delivering the goods” on one of the Nikon forums and “7D now confirmed specs underwhelming” on one of the Canon forums.
    Well it made me larff , anyway πŸ™‚

  • sexyjon

    Seems like an upgrade for the D600/610 and D700 using the D750 number to refer to the reputable old D700 instead of continuing with the D6xx line which had the oil spot issue that hurt that line of cameras. I can understand this. And the upgrade is also welcomed, the 51 focus point system used in other full frame Nikon cameras and wifi and tiltable screen will all be of interest for the crowd.

  • 100%reviewPlease

    You guys cant figure out at 6.5fps they had to leave room for the D400/D9300 specs???? The D400/D9300 will shoot 10.25 Frames per second. JUST beating out the Canon 7DII’s 10fps.
    D750 =Full Frame. D400/D9300 = FPS. If they give you everything you want, You wont BUY anymore. If they had You and your wishes in mind they would follow BlackMagic’s “User Upgradable” sensor Abilities too But you know Nikon, Sony, and canon have already worked that deal agreeing to not produce bodies that are ‘Upgradable’. Which makes perfect sense for Nikon, since they would not be selling you the Sensor ‘Upgrade” when that time came, Sony would.

  • Robin Hickmott

    Soooooo built in WiFi via UT-1 and WT-5…… Does that mean it has built in Wifi or has built in Wifi when you pay lots of money for an add on?

  • aarif

    Why not make 2 models of the D750. the one we have and another one with the DF sensor and 8 fps and let us decide which one we prefer

  • Secret Guy

    It will be announced tonight at 3am, September 12, 2014 πŸ™‚

  • Egami M

    Maximum shutter speed 4000, flash sync of 1/200 ????

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