Nikon will also announce a new SB-500 Speedlight flash

In addition to the D750 DSLR camera, Nikon will also announce a new SB-500 Speedlight flash. The SB-400 has already been listed as discontinued (previously reported here and here) and I think the new SB-500 will be its replacement.

If you make a search on for "SB-500", you will see that at some point the flash was listed on (see screenshot above).

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  • neonspark

    RF or go home. it is 2014 nikon. time to embrace wireless RF based flashes.

    • HotDuckZ

      Dual LED too?

      • HotDuckZ

        If speedlight used EN-EL battery would be great. 🙂

        • Thomas

          Now that’s an interesting idea.

        • sneeze

          Give it a small tray like battery packs so users can switch between EN-EL and A4 batteries.

      • mazzy

        Yes, I think that it’ll have a matrix of led for assist video recording.

    • Mike

      Yup. With Phottix and their Mitros+ flash and Odin system around, there is really no need to stay OEM. It will be the downfall of Pocket Wizard too. There is an opportunity by both to develop built in radio trigger flash systems. The Chinese are doing it. And if they refuse to accept the market trend, then they really can’t get mad that someone moved their cheese.

      • rt-photography

        dont forget yongnuo does have the 560III but I have a feeling there will a new flash with a RF slave built in. maybe the 568MKII

    • akkual

      Since that would require updating all the flashes, it ain’t gonna happen on entry level flash first. You’ll need to wait for SB-920 or SB-1000 or SB-whatever. Unless, they bring Yongnuo N622 style trigger set.. but then, the price would be at least 2x to those, so what’s the point.

      I personally am very happy with the Yongnuo triggers+commander+Nikon SBs. It’s a killer system, and the triggers are not bound to any flash maker, so I can mix stuff up how every I like. They even work on other cameras in remote manual mode through the PC-connector, which would never happen with Nikon built-in system. Only down side is a bit more gear than in built in system.

  • Jed

    …that comes free with D750

    • Wishful thinking 🙂

  • Richard70115

    SB 920 with more power, faster recovery and RF slave built in is absolutely needed…..esp. in order to have a model to compete with canon’s ex-rt 600 speedlite at least which is out there for a year and still unanswered from nikon… you dont have to wonder why you are there where you are in terms of sales, quality problems, uninnovative, sleeping not listening to customers wishes and what pros are wanting and seeking…..

    • Well over 2 years my friend. The 600EX-RT was released in 2012 March! And lets not forget, 3rd pary options are always lagging behind their Canon counterparts. The YN622N came a year after the 622C, with less features. The Canon version lets you control power output from the camera menu, every aspect, even zoom, while the Nikon version was fiddly, not to mention that it zoomes in/out with the focal length on your lens. Very annoying (I don’t want my flash zoomed in to 85mm when behind a light modifier!). The new 622TX solves this problem, but again by the time it came out, Canon users had this cheap 3rd party option available for them for well over a year.

      Once the leader of the pack in terms of flash technology, Nikon has sadly fallen behind. Still selling the 9 years old optical su 800, with it’s broken features? Seriously Nikon?

  • Pixyst

    When are they going to provide a solution for flash triggering on the Nikon 1 series?

    • When will they release a Nikon 1 with standard hotshoe?

  • Shaun V.

    With the announcement of an SB-500 along side the D750 does anyone else get the feeling its going to be a small camera??

    • nobody

      Regardless of your or my feelings, NikonRumors says just that (-:

      The only thing missing would be a compact but high quality standard zoom, say a 24-105 f4.

      • Shaun V.

        Yep. With a $2,500 price tag, there is no way Nikon would put this in an actually D700 size body…

        Completely goes against their current pricing policy.

      • Darn, I was hoping for an 18-500mm f/3.5-11 zoom.

      • They already have a 25–120mm f4. It’s £750 and weighs 710g. The Canon 25-105mm f4 L is a similar size. I’m sure if either company could make them dramatically smaller and cheaper with the same image quality, then they would. Sadly, it seems both Nikon and Canon are bound by the laws of physics.

    • tap0

      There may be 2 cameras, one priced between the D7100 and the D610, and the other between the D610 and the D810.

    • I think this is – or should be – an FX version of the D5300, but that would make the name (D750) and the price point (higher than D610) illogical. That doesn’t work.

      Unless the concept of the camera is the same, and it’s packing some higher-end technology.

      Either way, the current rumoured specs are illogical, along with the “D810 with 24mp sensor for $800 less” fantasies that get posted on here.

      • AluKed

        Nikon isn’t exactly known by their logical business decisions.

  • Mike
  • Mike

    Sorry, here is the image.

  • 100% fake

    • waterengineer


      • br0xibear

        That’s a very confident “Agreed” Craig, want to expand on that by sharing some information you might have on the D750 ? lol.

    • Shaun V.

      Agreed. 100% fake. Too well built and robust for a $2,500 Nikon of today.

    • ShaoLynx

      Indeed. Fake it must be. The 750 is a successor to the 700, not a step down.
      Nikon will never be this stupid.
      You can quote me on this one.

      • Shaun V.

        Oh… Never underestimate how stupid Nikon can be.

        In 2008 Nikon released the D700 for $2,900.

        You think they are going to release that level of camera in regards to build and robustness for $2,500 in 2014 money??

        Oh…Nikon is going to cripple it somehow out of fear it will cannibalize D810 sales.

        We just don’t know how yet…

        Perhaps the body will be a compromise between the D610 and a D810…

        Regardless, it will be a step down in someway…

        • n11

          It’s funny, but your argument is an oxymoron essentially. If its going to be $500+ cheaper then the D810 why would all its specs be better? lol
          Something has to be lowered.

          • Shaun V.

            No oxymoron. Not even an argument. It was just meant to be humorous. 🙂

        • tap0

          There may be no focus motor in the D750. Again pure speculation on my part.

        • Craig John

          If it’s a step-up in autofocus and ISO from the D610, while still a lot of us will be REALLY happy. 😀

          • br0xibear

            If it’s the rumored 24.3MP sensor then maybe any ISO improvements will come from the expeed 4.
            Logic says it’ll have the D4s/D810 AF (although logic and Nikon don’t always go hand in hand).
            If it’s going to sit between the D610 and D810, that’s between £1370 and £2700 in the UK…maybe £1999 ?
            The question then becomes is there a market for this camera, unless it’s got some secret feature that nobody has taked about…did someone say 4K ?

            • Craig John

              Me thinks EXPEED 4 will give the 24MP sensor an ISO improvement – would love to see a stop improvement in that alone – and probably 7-8 fps

              If there will be one disabling feature, Nikon might be introducing a new AF system somewhere between the 39 point and the 51 point AF systems.

              Is that enough to give it a $2,500 price rage? Maybe. If they give it EXPEED 4 and the same AF system as the D810, then yes. I’ll say it deserves the that price tag. …and I’ll happily buy in. 🙂

            • br0xibear

              Hi Craig,
              What if it was the D810 body ( Af/expeed 4 etc) but with the 12MP Sony A7s sensor…that would be interesting ?

            • Craig John

              …I’d buy three immediately after I give Nikon the proverbial 6 month grace period to work out the out the kinks (oil on sensor, hot spots, etc). LOL

            • Isn’t that a D700?

            • br0xibear


            • So, you want:

              Higher resolution than D4s
              Same auto-focus as D4s and D810
              Same processor as D4s and D810
              Same body as a D810
              Same ISO performance as D810
              Faster frame rate than D810

              And you want all of this for $800 LESS than a D810 and a whopping $4000 less than a D4s.

              Right. I can see how that is A) perfectly feasible, and B) perfectly sensible for Nikon to produce.

            • Craig John

              Yeah! That’s so not what I said, anywhere, in relation to the new D750 specs.

              But I’ll bite:
              If on the D750 everything stays the same as the Nikon D810 (Body, processor, AF, and ISO), and the Nikon uses the least expensive FX 24MP sensor in it’s line-up from the D610 (which in theory should improve ISO because of larger photo sites, and shooting speed using the XPEED 4), yes. That would mean a less expensive camera than the D810.


            • Erm, that’s exactly what you’re saying. You want everything the same as the D810, which has the same auto focus system as the D4s, you want 24mp, which is higher than the D4s, you want the same processor, etc.

              There is no way that simply by changing the sensor – which you are assuming is less expensive in the first place – is going to result in a $800 (that’s EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS) price difference for the consumer. That’s simply a fantasy. It doesn’t work like that.

              The D610 is cheaper for multiple reasons, just look at the detailed specs, not least that it’s not a full magnesium body, different sensor, auto focus, metering, etc. And it’s cheaper because they will sell more of them as part of the overall D6x0 product programme.

              Any product line has to amortise total R&D, unit manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing for every territory, across the life of the product line, and sell them at a price point that customers are willing to pay, which is competitive, and generates at a profit margin that covers all of that. One single component of each unit only accounts for a tiny fraction of that overall programme cost.

            • Shaun V.

              That’s exactly what I’m thinking. If it is just Expeed 4, faster frame rate and better ISO performance, how does this differ from a D620 that will probably be released next year?

              Why would Nikon create an entire new camera segment if this body is indeed smaller and lighter than a D700?

              I too think Nikon has something up their sleeves… It may in fact be 4K video.

            • br0xibear

              If Peter’s right and it is “marketed as an “action” camera (the promotional material will involve skaters – probably high-speed action shots and video).”, then it has to have features that are better suited for shooting sport than the D610 and D810…but not as good as the D4s.
              My first thoughts go back to stick the D4s sensor in the D810 body and be done with it, but if it’s 24MP then that isn’t it…unless it’s the D810 body (AF, expeed etc) with the D610 sensor ?

              Nobody saw the 36MP of the D800 coming when it was announced, maybe it’s going to be the same, maybe it is 4K.
              Somebody somewhere knows.

            • If it really is sports / action camera then I expect something different, especially with video options: 4k, 120fps at 1080p, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s mirrorless, with focus like the Nikon 1, and a high burst rate. However, who knows, it could just be something wedged in between the D610 and D810.

        • Regardless of the name, and if it is D750 then I think Nikon are making a mistake, it’s not going to be a replacement for the D700.

          The D8x0/e line is the replacement for the D700. As you say, if you spent $3000 on a D700 in 2008 then Nikon want you to spend at least $3000 replacing it in 2014.

          Nikon won’t want this to cannibalise sales of their existing high-end cameras (D810, D4s) to any great degree, so what is this camera? We simply don’t know. The only thing that is 100% guaranteed is a lot of wailing from those are demanding a “true D700 successor”, whatever that means, when this turns out to be something different.

          • Luis F. Vidal

            The more I think about this D750 the less I can’t fit it on the current FX line up. If the D610 didn’t exist I could perfectly understand that it will be the D600 replacement with swivel screen, wifi, gps and all those things Canon has been doing. But with the D610 out and a D810 just released I don’t know where to put it in price. $500 are too little of a difference in the FX niche to decide between D610, D750 and D810. One will be cannibalized.

        • People who use the word “cripple” when describing product design really should go and have a long hard think. What next? Nikon raped the camera?

          All product design involves compromises, and all products have to be targeted at a market. It is simply not possible for a camera to have all of the highest-end features and be sold for low-end price. This doesn’t make it “crippled”, it makes it a product with specific design considerations for the market they are targeting.

          You’re right, Nikon don’t want to cannibalise D810, or D4s, sales. Why would they want to do that? It would cost them a lot of money. So this is a different product.

        • Luis F. Vidal

          Maybe is not a D750 what’s coming, but a D7500 🙂

    • Jon McGuffin

      Better be, I’m expecting a dedicated AF-On button alongside the AE-L button 😉

    • KT

      Looks more like the successor to the D5300 rather than D700

    • Tadao_Isogai

      眉唾物 🙂

    • br0xibear


    • Spy Black

      Love the D5000 screen. 🙂

  • Piotr Kosewski

    So fake and poorly made, you can even see where it was edited (just look at the hinges! Hahahah).

    • Yes, not worth mentioning it on the blog.

      • Mike

        Ok, don’t shoot the messenger. :-). It was hard to see on my iPhone. I’m glad. My brother has a D5000 with the same flip out screen hinge placement and it’s a horrible spot to put it.

        • No, what I mean was it is not worth for me doing a post based on that image.YouI can post anything in the comments section. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

          • Mike

            No worries!

        • silmasan

          Ah, so that’s where the hinge came from. D5000-screen/hinge-on-the-back-of-D600/610 mashup (or mess-up) .

          • br0xibear

            Let’s say for the sake of this discussion the D750 does have a tilt screen as rumoured, where would the buttons normally found on the left side go ? It could be like the FujiFilm XT-1 screen and hinge underneath, but it wouldn’t swivel out.


            • silmasan

              Come to think of it, if you want the buttons on the left, the hinge design will be similar to the D5000, i.e. at the bottom. It does swivel, looking from the pictures, though seems awkward for quick vertical tilting (requires two movements). Unless it has some kind of an extension ‘arm’.

            • Spy Black

              I always liked the Fuji screen design. My first digital camera was a a Fuji S9000, and it essentially had the same design you see on the X-T1. Works well on tripods, and gives you waist-level and over-crowd views. Can’t swing it around front, but your phone can take your selfies. 😉

            • br0xibear

              Hi Spy Black,
              I haven’t heard any information about the D750, If Peter’s information is right and it is marketed as an action camera then having a tilt screen doesn’t fit into that narrative. To me an action camera has to be robust, able to take a few knocks, weather sealed, adding a tilt screen makes it somewhat vulnerable. I haven’t held a FujiFilm XT-1, I know it’s weather sealed, but how robust is the screen mechanism ?…could it take a knock or two ?
              Three weeks to go, we’ll find out soon.

  • clifflwms

    Let’s hope not. That’s a D7100/D610 viewfinder. If it has that, then it probably has the “enthusiast” body; THAT would be unfortunate. And no AF-ON on an action camera is bad news too.

  • Merv S

    If this is a replacement for the SB-400, I’d want a small autofocus assist lamp

  • MB

    Nope … SB-300 is SB-400 “replacement” … or at lest Nikon think it should be but customers are just silently ignoring this stupidity …
    SB-500 should improve this situation but than again it must compete against Nissin i40 … I wonder if Nikon is capable of doing that …

    • I have the Nissin i40. It’s brilliant. Perfect for travel.

  • Andrew

    Is the rumour of the SB-500 purely based on the above? If you do a little digging the reference to SB-500 comes from a question asked in the ‘Product forum’. It’s clearly a typo and was reference to the SB-600.

    Question entitled ‘d3000, sb600 and su-4’

    and asks:

    “Can I use the SB600 mounted on the SU-4 and have the built-in flash from the D3000 trigger the SB600? Will the SU-4 properly fire and quench the SB500 automatically? How do I set the D3000 not to send out preflashes and still have TTL flash metering?

  • Chris Pearson

    Is there much chance the SB-500 could be a cross between the SU-800 and the SB-400. Small and compact commander but using flash not IR?

    • Neopulse

      I’m thinking that myself. Although I like the small, compact form of the SB-400. Just wished it had manual controls on it though since it would make a great accent light in a well composed lighting scenario. But if I had to choose, would look at the Nissin i40 made for Nikon. To me that is the would-be equivalent of an SB-500 made by a 3rd party and it’s released not too long ago.

  • What I was wondering about is why Nikon is sitting on its laurels and falling behind in flash technology. For the same price as the sb-910, the Canon flagship has built in radio, and Canon offers a TTL radio trigger. Nikon? The 9 years old su-800, limited range, broken features to begin with (power adjustments in manual mode only in full stops). It’s bad enough that almost all 3rd party options for Nikon are lagging behind their Canon counterparts (sometimes by as much as a year, like the YN622N trigger).

    The sb-9xx is now 6 years old. The 910 doesn’t count, it’s just a bugfix (like the d600/d610 fiasco). The 600 EX-RT has been out for over 2 years now. WAKE UP NIKON!

  • What I really want is an SB-400 with a swivel head.

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