New price drop: refurbished Nikon D800 cameras for $1,999.99

Refurbished Nikon D800 DSLRs are currently listed for $1,999.99 on eBay (a new low price). I think those are brand new cameras that are being dumbed by Nikon after the D810 was announced - they are listing them as refurbished to justify the price drop and reduce the warranty. Here are few other interesting eBay listings:

See all Nikon listings by BuyDig on eBay. Check also the new eBay Camera Coupon Center.

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  • Codroy

    Looks like imported (Japan) version. Just checked with buydig.

    • MRGABE

      is this a good or bad thing?

      • KT

        Neither, it just means your serial number will be reflective of the country of origin, Japan and your menus will be available in English and Japanese (your choice). Beyond that, it’s an identical camera to what you can buy on Amazon. At that price, it’s a bargain.

        • Again

          just hope not to need service as Nikon will deny it.

  • n11

    I can’t see much of a reason to go with the D610 if they can get a D800 for this price.

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    Dumb? No. Dumped Yes.

    • Danny Hernandez

      I’m pretty sure everyone knew what he ment.

  • koenshaku

    That grey market D4 is a really good price…

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    Peter…Dumb means not knowing how to spell Dumped. Dump means to unload. OK lol

    • rt-photography

      heres the walking spelling douche police. everytime I see a person correcting others I want to smack them.

      • Ms.KrystalMeth

        heres the walking spelling douche police. everytime I see a person correcting others I want to smack them.

        Here is the walking spelling douche police. Every time I see a person correcting others, I want to smack them.

        There Douche I fixed your problems.

        • rt-photography

          Yep U are full on douche. U do realize people post from around the world. How many languages do u know?

          • Ms.KrystalMeth

            polla, kattebak, titi, çük, caralho
            شخص فتى queue

          • Ms.KrystalMeth

            Smack Me Twice…Easy big boy. or polla

            • Clubber lang

              Where I come from. Meth heads can’t even speak. I am impressed!

    • Danny Hernandez

      No one cares.

  • Rob Bannister

    36.3mp did they swap a D810 sensor in there ;P

  • Harry

    Doubt these are new. Buy dig is selling new d800s for the original price on eBay as well. If this is really an imported version, who provides the warranty? Buy dig?

    • It cannot be imported if they listed as refurbished, unless they are lying.

      • Harry

        I agree. I just meant to say that these are probably really refurbished and not new (as you had mentioned in your article, I could have misread) since buydig is also selling the D800s brand new for the 2996 price.

        I think Nikon (and all resellers) are going to milk the D800 (from a price perspective) for as long as possible. I doubt they would simply drop it to 1999 for a new camera (even if called refurbished because customers will ultimately figure it out and potentially screw up D610 sales significantly). They would rather drop it to 2500 and make it a demanding case for buyers to choose it over the D610 (most of whom would still stick to the 610).

        Bringing it to the price of the might go against their own business “needs” :).

        • I actually think it’s the other way around – Nikon wants to get rid of their D800 inventory asap so they can sell their new D810. I could be wrong of course.

          • MyrddinWilt

            What Nikon has definitely done with the V1 is to rebox new stock and sell it as refurbished. I bought a couple of extras on closeout that came that way.

            What I suspect happened is that they were packaged for one market and reassigned to another.

            Another possibility is that they came from dealers who had them as display models. Nikon is really interested in supporting their store fronts because people go in and look at them before buying online. To make that work they have to make sure the dealers have the latest model.

          • UA

            D800(e) is in clearance sell (discontinued) according to some retail shops in Europe.

            I would expect price drop on D810 quite soon. D800 already seems to be low in stock in my country and D810 isn’t really selling much faster.

  • Ric

    All gone. 11 sold.

  • nightoil

    Here in the UK, D800 has been selling in recent days on for £1,779.95, with full Nikon Europe Service Warranty. This is the lowest non-gray market price I’ve seen so far. There’ve been no refurbished here. Regular D800 UK street price at places like Calumet was £1,999.00 until arrival of the D810 here in early July (price £2,699.00).

    I got a D800 a couple of weeks ago from amazon with full Nikon warranty for £1,789.95. Curiously, the serial number is an Australia / NZ area number beginning with 6. (Should be 8 for the UK.) The actual number is 6150932, if of any interest. (Anyone know when this body might have been made? Presumed answer – no!)

    I also got a brand new D300s in April from Calumet, also with Australia / NZ serial number beginning 6.

    I’m taking this area number thing from Thom Hogan’s 10 July 2013 posting.

    So it looks as if Nikon may be offloading a certain amount of stock here from around the world.

  • Jon

    Got one of these. Shutter count was 1722.

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