Weekly Nikon news flash #271

First a quick note: I will be traveling in the next 3 days and will have limited Internet connectivity. Some posts may be delayed.

B&H announced new free expedited shipping program.

→ Few Nikon deals:
Nikon 50mm f/1.8D lens for $99.99 (grey market)
Nikon 1 S1 camera + lens for $199 (new)
Nikon D7000 for $569.99 (refurbished)
Nikon D610 for 1,659 (no Nikon US warranty, only DigitalRev store warranty)

Ubertronix introduced a new, fully programmable, camera trigger Strike Finder Touch.

Nikon kicks wedding photographer Doug Gordon out of their ambassador program.

Nikon Cinema Blog: debuting the Nikon D810 in Sandro's “Dream Park” film.

NME Photography Awards 2014 with Nikon
→ The NME Photography Awards 2014 with Nikon is now open for entries.

Nikon announced the prize winners of the 23rd International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment.

→ Nikon D810: "Every Moment Counts" official trailer:

→ See how this Nikon battery grip was packed and shipped:

→ Nikon Behind the Scenes: Little Kids, Big Personalities:

→ Nikon D810 hands-on field test:

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  • Applauds!

    Love B&H! Best and very fair business – in expensive imaging gear

    • Buy Local

      Taking advantage of tax loopholes, killing off local shops. One more reason why we no longer local camera shops of quality. The only reason our gear needs to take 3 days to ship in the first place.

      • photoroto

        Nothing new there. For decades before the big internet shops, and up through the 90s, magazines like Pop Photo and Modern Photo and US Camera were killing off local shops with their ads. In the 60s I called around to every big shop in LA looking for a Hassy 500, exactly one actually had stock (at Henry’s downtown mega-store). Nikon F’s and such were a little easier, provided you lived near a big city. But waiting was common, and if you lived far from a population center, mail order was your only reasonable option for high end gear.

      • old is not gold

        B&h is a local camera shop in NYC.

        Since Nikon and Canon allow less than 10% margins, and high end gear sells in relative low volume in one town, local shops would not survive selling few units in one city. They have to expand sales to multiple cities to break-even (via internet). As B&H did..

      • Buy Online

        The State of CA and Uncle Sam are taking so many taxes already from me that I don’t feel bad at all to buy online and as you say “kill the local stores” – which is not true anyway..
        There is a well-known Photo Pro store here in Palo Alto, CA; I was “banned” from the store for having returned a defective Nikon camera twice!
        Since then I buy at B&H and if necessary I can return everything at their expenses, I get my items at the door avoiding traffic jam, waste of gas and I save money!
        Local stores… they can shove it!

        • mikeswitz

          We have the lowest individual tax tax rate of all the industrial nations. And businesses local or otherwise don’t “ban” customers for no reason.

        • KS

          I know the store you speak of–K&S? Frankly, I got tired of their high-tone attitude and even higher prices.

          • high brow local

            Older local camera stores did have a high brow attitude… even in my state… they will talk down, make you wait, and move to other things if they felt i was only asking questions…

            Never understood the reason for the attitude… they don’t care because the owner pays less? they need some personal validation by acting superior? or understaffed hence less attention span?

            Anyways – it seems, the ones with attitude went out of business, others have expanded…

      • nwcs

        It isn’t taxes or loopholes killing off local shops. It’s extremely overpriced equipment, market saturation, and smartphones that have done it.

      • I think the reason many/most of us no longer have local camera shops of quality is digital. Everything else runs a distant second. And in larger markets there are still local camera stores.

      • Ken Elliott

        Buy Local said: “Taking advantage of tax loopholes, killing off local shops”

        Bull. I know a few ex-camera-shop owners. Every one of them said they made most of their income from processing film. It was a gold mind. Digital put an end to that and they didn’t have an alternate plan for the loss of income. Once of the ex-owners said he never made any real money on cameras – they sold them to get the film and processing business.

        I’d say that B&H got lucky/smart when they focused on hardware sales nationally. It turned out to be the right move.

    • photoroto

      B&H is feeling the heat from “Prime” shipping at Amazon. The difference: B&H doesn’t charge you $99.95/year for fast shipping! And I trust B&H about 100 times more than the A… guys.

      • yup!

        Amen !

  • Bokeh Monk

    Great service into Canada as well . . .

  • PGi

    I tried it too a few times last week, I liked it better than my d800e. The af is much better , the grip and ergonomics are better and most importantly skin tone seems much better with the d810. It is the what d800e should have been from the start.

    • mikeswitz

      Yeah and the D900 will be the camera the D810 should have been.

  • broxibear

    This D810 isn’t in English, but it’s the first place to have a side by side 100% image comparison with a D800, it’s at 1min into the video. For those who need a comparison or are just curious.


    • broxibear

      Oops, that should say “This D810 video isn’t in English”, the D810 is Thai, lol.

    • mikeswitz

      Really good camera for capturing crows feet!

      • broxibear

        Well you need to have them pin sharp otherwise you can’t see them when you’re in Photoshop for hours trying to get rid of them ?

    • mikeswitz

      Really good camera for capturing crows feet!

    • KS

      Here is the photographer’s comment on side-by-side detail, translated into English:
      “The two pictures are juxtaposed here and you can see at most a slight
      marginal advantage for the D810. That picture appears to have somewhat
      higher contrast and even incrementally sharper. But in practice, apart
      from the 100% view, it’s really hard to notice the difference.”
      I do see a difference, however it’s pretty hard to conclude anything from a hand-held shot of a person @ 1/170s.

      • broxibear

        Thank you.
        Although it’s hand held it is flash, so you won’t be geting any motion blur.
        I posted this video as it’s the first one with any image comparisons, I’m sure there will be many more appearing over the next few days…I’ll let someone else post them as I lost interest in the 100% view side by side, noise, sharpness blah blah blah years ago.
        As I said, each to their own and all that.

  • doge

    If that D610 doesn’t have a US warranty, are these “Gray Market” cameras? I can’t find anything on their website about it.

  • UA

    So D800 and D800E are apparently discontinued products from now on. Dealers in my country sell them now at the old price as a “removal item”.

    Admin: might want to make a news about that? I haven’t seen any.

    This is a bit bummer, since the D810 is about 1000EUR more expensive than D800 is. Either Nikon wants to boost D610 sales and leave that huge price gap there (D610D810 over 1500EUR) or the price of D810 will drop quite quickly. As a D700 owner, I’d like to see that latter happen as D610 focusing system and handling is no where near satisfactory for me. I’d kinda expect this, since most pros already have a D800 and won’t upgrade with that price difference.

  • broxibear

    Here’s the actual Nikon D810: “Every Moment Counts” short film


    • KnightPhoto

      Thanks Broxi, always appreciate a good east coast story! The world is changing, changed a lot in this guys lifetime!

    • mikeswitz

      Do you know how compressed that video is? Do you know if it’s available anywhere else other than youtube?

      • broxibear

        Sorry Mike I’ve no idea about youtube and compression concerning this video, it is available on Vimeo, here’s the link…


        • mikeswitz

          thanks broxi, Vimeo somewhat better.

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