Nikon D810 product and promo videos, hands-on reviews

This post contains the Nikon D810 product and promo videos, hands-on reviews, etc.

Dream Park short film by Sandro (Nikon D810 promo):

Nikon D810 introduction:

Nikon D810 product tour:

Nikon D810 behind the scenes with Lucas Gilman:

Miss Aniela with the new Nikon D810:

Nikon D810 time-lapse:

Nikon D810 preview by Digital Camera World:

Nikon D810 first look by What Digital Camera:

Nikon D810 first look by Jessops:

Nikon D810 preview by Which:

Nikon D810 intro by Nikon Canada:

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  • vincebm

    When will they hit the shelves?

  • Satrio

    What’s the price?

  • lefantome

    No integrated GPS? …

    • phil

      ano no Facebook integration either, who would have thought…

      • Global

        Honestly, a “web-friendly” sized .jpeg uploader to social media integration would be great. I don’t know why people hate technology, yet use digital cameras… There are plenty of Film options with no fangled thingamajiggers for the ancient crowd.

        I understand that no one wants to deal with a zillion crazy apps. But at least having a something optional would be nice. But you pay $3,000 for a computer — which is essentially what a digital camera is — and its reasonable to expect it can get online.

        • Jeff Hunter

          D810 images are far too exclusive for such pedestrian uses as posting to Facebook, yuck! You obviously don’t qualify as a D810 owner 😉

          • Eric Calabros

            That awkward moment you upload a D810 image to facebook and somebody comments ” did you take that with iPhone?”

            • koenshaku

              Why wouldn’t you have? No other camera exist..

            • Jeff Hunter

              Nikon is saving us from embarrassing ourselves.

        • Antonio

          Have you ever heard of Eye-Fi card or any other competing brand similar product?

          • TheFantasticG

            I hate having to use a GPS plug in and eyefi card in my D7k. The GPS makes it an extremely tight fit in my ThinkTank bag. The Eyefi was a bitch to get working; it was not plug-and-play. It would be much easier if it was just built into the camera. I travel a lot and use social media to communicate with family and friends while traveling. Those are deal breakers for me. I have a feeling I’m not the only one who would like such things in their DigitalSLR. So, yeah, I 100% agree with Global.

            • Rudi

              I don’t use my D800 to communicate with my family and friends via social media and won’t do it with a D810 ;-))

            • TheFantasticG

              Not that I said that I use my D7k to send emails or post to social media nor did I imply that I use my D7k to specifically to such things, it is a computer none the less… That being said it does facilitate such sharing. I get your jest, though. I do have it hooked up wifi style to my smart phone and share that way. I live 300+ miles from 99% of my family so email/social media are the best ways to communicate with them the events currently going on. Social media being easier than email. Not to mention, these days I really just use my camera to document events more so than anything else… Since that is my main function with my DSLR having WIFI and GPS are critical to my decision making on what computer imaging device I want to choose to succeed my D7k. I still do some macro, but I still only post to social media and just save the raws. Since I don’t print and 99.99% of the people I share my images with know diddly-squat about what actually makes a picture good, well, “good enough” is good enough for them to view them so I just post the jpgs and don’t worry about posting raws.

        • Duncan Dimanche

          yeah I feel you Global

  • Great so the majority of post here are folks excited about the improved video capabilities. Surely there are folks like me who could careless about such things cuz I shoot STILLS. If I wanted a video camera, I’d buy one.

    • Eric Calabros

      Surely folks like you can ignore the whole video capabilities and keep shooting STILLS

      • Eno

        Agree, if you don’t need the video, ignore it all together. But for the rest of us, the video side of a DSLR is very important.

    • Eno

      You live in stone-age. The best video results obtained are with a large sensor. Now most of the videographers and low budget studios use DSLR’s for video work.
      The future reserves a camera that can shot motion pictures at high resolution from where you can extract still images also. 4K is only the begening. By 2020 8K video will be a standard in homes. 8K video means 33 Mp still image equivalence.

      • Antonio

        You should be a bit more cautious when you talk about stone-age because you ended up showing you don’t fully understand what a photograph really is.

        Ok, it can be quite convenient to extract a IQ still from a 8K video clip, but is it what photography is about?

        Do you think you will get the best from a DSLR’s video side using the same lenses as for stills or will you end up using dedicated video lenses with T stops instead of F stops?

        A camera that can shoot both video and stills involves compromises and electronics added complexity that a dedicated one wouldn’t need and sometimes can impact on the use and/or final results, so don’t be that surprised when someone says he would prefer a camera that can shoot only stills…or video, by the way.

        And on the other hand manufacturers are the first to benefit from this kind of product as it shortens their product lines and cut costs (RD and production).

        This doesn’t mean that we ignore that for a lot of people nowadays is almost mandatory mixing the two, either due to the user own needs or because the market demands shooting both as it happens more and more within photojournalists.

        • Eric Calabros

          You need those electronics for live view anyway

          • Antonio

            Part of it yes.
            But don’t read me wrongly, I understand things are what they are but not only compromises aren’t always for free as we need to look at the all picture before criticizing other people’s opinions.

        • Eno

          You can argues as much as you like, your comments have no real value.
          In the next years the RED philosophy about stills and video will prevail. We will have motion images and still images. This is the future. This revolution will start with 4K and after 6K the border between the two worlds will disappear. With consumer 8K video after 2020, normal photograpy will be a very specialised nisch, nothing more.

          • Ken Elliott

            Really? Red has been saying that stuff for a long time, but it is a rare thing. Let’s face it – a 4K video image is only 8MP. You have a limit to your slowest shutter speed, and you simply can’t use the same lighting (mix of flash and ambient light) that is trivial for a stills camera. This is ignoring all the issues with compression, data storage, etc. Red has an interesting story, but not generally a practical one.

            • Fifi

              My words, exactly! I’ve seen first fully working Arri digital cinema camera in 1997 or ’98 but it was completely useless because of the lack of storage.
              So, for home 8K we’ll have to wait a little longer.

          • until you have cameras that can shoot at a 1000/p to enable 1/2000th of a second shutter speeds (or even 1/1000th the idea of being able to pull stills of any kind of motion out of video is silly

          • Fifi

            Obviously you don’t know very much about photography or video (or film). They tend to overlap in some areas but don’t mix too well. Getting a good still photo from video is much like a lottery. You can get a perfect (video) shot of a scene, but if you look frame by frame, sometimes you can’t find a semi decent photo out of it.

          • Antonio

            My comments may have no real value as you say but no matter how many MPs you get for a still image taken from a video clip, photography is a completely different thing and you seem not to realize that.

            So, I don’t say 8k will not be the future (by 2020 or not) but saying the “border between the two world will disappear” only means that you don’t know were the real borders are…and MPs are not the ones for sure, no matter what RED or any other manufacturer says. Listen to real photographers and videographers instead and you will loose nothing if you also look at Photography history and techniques.
            You can do the same for cinema and video by the way and maybe you understand what the differences are, from planning, image taking to final editing.

      • Fifi

        8K by 2020?? Now there’s 1 (one) camera that can shoot 8K on the market. Don’t you remember how long it took since introduction to implementation of HD? And a lot of TV stations still broadcast in SD.

        Most videographers use DSLRs? Wrong! FYI, even low budget studios are returning to video cameras again, DSLRs are, believe it or not, too expensive. Big budget production companies have come to this conclusion a long time ago.

        • Eno

          All major video companies plan to make 8K accessible to the masses until 2020. Search on the internet before you comment. No one is returning to video camera, this is a lie, most manufacturers have problems in selling there stuff. Even television are starting to use DSLR’s.
          Document yourself before you speak. It happens that I work in this industry and I know very wall what it is happening.

          • Fifi

            Well, I happen to be a cinematographer and I’m pretty sure about using DSLRs for video. I rarely use it because it’s too slow, hence expensive, especially in high end production. Not just shooting, same goes for post. Editing is slower (no TC), color grading and blowup is much more difficult (10 vs 14 to 16bit)
            Yes, they are perfectly fine for very low budget projects with no heavy post involved.
            And, please read well before you jump! One thing is developement, there will certainly be some 8K products on the market by 2020, but full implementation is still far away.

          • Ken Elliott

            They can plan all they want. They also planned to make 3D the norm, but the buying public did not go along. Heck, even BluRay has trouble getting acceptance because most consumers say they cannot tell the difference between it and up-rezed DVD.

            None of us know when or if 8K will ever reach consumers. And the vendors don’t know either. 8K capture does make sense, and will surely arrive in due course. But I’m also still waiting on the flying car I was promised.

          • and where will you see this 8K? Cable companies barely broadcast 1080. Most are still on 720. Internet can’t stream 4K never mind 8K. I think its a cool tool if you use it thinking about being able to pan within shots etc at 1080 but if you think there will be outlets for 8k at home in 6 years you are crazy…

            • Eno

              Please retain yourself from personal assaults.

              I didn’t invented this 2020 date for mainstream 8K, all the major companies speak about it on the internet, document yourself before making people “crazy”.

            • Simba

              Don’t trust everything you read on internet, which is not a bible. Use your brain.

            • sexyjon

              Send us a link.

    • Jorge

      Hear!! Hear!!
      Video blows. I have (accidentally) used Video on my D800 – maybe twice in two years.

    • STILL this kind of comment, in 2014? Some live in a bubble, my gosh…

  • Vern L

    Nothing about price, right?

  • Kyle

    Here is the technical comparison sheet between D810 vs D800/D800e

  • June

    Going to sell my 5D III right now!

    • stormwatch

      You should have done it a looong time ago.

      • Aldebaran

        I’m on the same boat! And I’m a die hard Canon fanboy, but we have to be realistic.

        • stormwatch

          I’am realistic MKIII is the only Canon good for Video, but Nikon is still better..with all flaws it’s still better in both stills and video department.

  • No One Really

    Dream Park.
    Really nice looking video from Sandro.
    I’m liking what I’ve seen so far in both stills and video.

  • Eno

    First Nikon D8100 samples:

    A very good camera for studio work.
    It is sad Nikon omitted the 4K video recording and focus peeking, but that’s life. Maybe we will get a Nikon lower MP count camera with 4K soon.

    • Ken Elliott

      Focus peaking doesn’t work in an optical viewfinder, and is of limited use in live view. But it would have been a nice feature.

      • Eno

        This is your opinion. For me, after having this feature in Gh4, it is hard to imagine filming without it again. I used in the last years for video production all Nikon cameras, except D4 and D4s. Man it is so stressful to keep things in focus, especially for a day long project. In this regard, and many others GH4 is a marvel!

        • Ken Elliott

          Not opinion – fact. I suspect you don’t grasp the point that the D810 has an OPTICAL viewfinder, not an electronic viewfinder. Peaking only works on electronic viewfinders. BTW, it is “peaking”, not “peeking”.

        • Fifi

          Never occured to you that focus has something to do with sensor size?

    • stormwatch

      Sorry, but I have to disagree on this one. Focus peaking implementation is nothing if you still have to use the same small, tiny LCD monitor which is not swiwable, and above all it’s not visible when faced with the bright sun. On the market there are superbly done BIG tilting monitors with focus peaking and zebra function which is really enought for any kind of professional work, but there is something that I still miss from the times of now ancient DV technology, and that is the hybrid backlit LCD screen from the Sony PD170p (VX2100), it’s the best LCD I have ever worked with, just because it is 100% useful and clearly viewable even when the brightest sun shoots directly on it’s surface. Sony never ever put something similar and such good on any later camera model. You have to see that to believe.

  • Global

    Placed my Order — it says July 17th. $3296 + shipping.

  • TheRealHershey

    Nikon Canada videos were the best.

  • introvert

    Sony A7 series look better

    • Eric Calabros

      just “look” better

    • Ken Elliott

      Other than the image output – yeah.

    • Michele Perillo

      No it doesn’t

  • introvert

    No built in wifi, no built in GPS, cramped area for autofocus, big, heavy, very 2001 rather than 2014.

    • Seriously WiFi is a no brainer. Power consumption is just the tip of the iceberg, compatibility, a, b, g, n, ac which frequency do you support? God I wish people with really shallow stuff to say would actually think before typing anonymously on the web. Think and then type next time.

    • David V.

      You nailed the problem with 2014 Nikon – why are they so reluctant to move on???

  • raffi2

    it’s look like Nikon, did a very good job here, since for years we had to always wait 4 years for improvement, now all the problems, like colors, shutter rate, Files size have been addressed seriously in this update !

  • introvert

    YAWN, what a let down.
    Oh wait I bet Peter deletes my post! HAHAHAH

  • stormwatch

    D810 as a movie machine…hmmm…I would put it this way… this promo
    clip “Dream Park” contains a cut for which you would automatically fail any editing/shooting exam/excersise/work in every proper Film School with a proper Building in which real Professors teach “how to make movies”…

    • Skoobey

      I just can’t understand this. So many great videographers and photographers out there that would help make these for the camera or a couple of them. Instead, they’ve gotten these complete amateurs, that have no idea what they’re doing, to promote a “professional” product? How about showing what it can do in a professional environment?

      • stormwatch

        Are you being real or sarcastic, because I was serious about the cut. I’m sure many of us who are living of Videomaking have already noticed it.

    • Jeff Hunter

      It looked like a damn good video to me. I’d like to see you do better.

      • stormwatch

        Yes I agree, some parts are really good…but as I said, such a mistake CAN’T be allowed in film made for NIKON!

        • Jeff Hunter

          I didn’t even notice what you were talking about. If it’s not noticeable how can it matter?

          • stormwatch

            If you did not notice it then you’re surely not a pro. And it’s really noticeable.

            • Jeff Hunter

              It’s art. There are no hard and fast rules.

            • stormwatch

              No sorry, today every junk is considered art. There is one really nice underground station right above the Museum of Art in Frankfurt am Main where the messages for “modern” art are clearly given. Ridding the underground is not an ART, or bying the tickets is not an ART…or thinking or art is not an Art! Nowadays everything is considered ART….huge insult to the real ART.

  • Dave

    This is an impressive camera! But isn’t there a market for a stills only camera with equal IQ, smaller and lighter? Other brands than CaNikon have their mirrorless cams but play somewhere in the toydepartment. It’s so obvious to me that Nikon could bring a small FF mirrorless camera up to Nikon standards but they don’t for whatever reason. I am sure I do not stand alone when saying: I’d be very tempted by a Nikon FF-mirrorless camera, but I will not buy a big Nikon FF DSLR.

    • David V.

      Agreed 100%.

    • Ken Elliott

      There is no doubt they are working on a mirrorless FX. Typical Nikon – they are taking their time to get it “right”. It took a long time for FX, but when they did it, they did it extremely well. Only Canon has a competitor to the Nikon FX lineup. So they may be thinking they didn’t take too long for FX, if they still only have one competitor.

      BTW, leaving all the video features off the D810 would not have made it a smaller camera. Just ignore the video features.

      • stormwatch

        No, if they are always taking their time to get everything “right”, they would never come out with the Df at first place.

        • Ken Elliott

          Please explain. The Df is pretty “right” for it’s target market, as far as I can tell.

          But the Df isn’t going to make or break Nikon. A professional modular all-electronic (aka mirrorless) FX design would be a flagship camera for Nikon, and they have a long history of taking their sweet time on the flagship bodies.

          • stormwatch

            Df is in my opinion a camera with Sensor, nothing more…it’s aimed to “pro” photographers and it has no video, but Nikon somehow put the silly picture effects in it :-))))…or did they just forget to put that out?

            • Ken Elliott

              I don’t know any pros who think it is a pro camera. It’s a camera for my dad, my doctor, my dentist and the guys who have nice toys. I also think it was a Nikon experiment to see if all those people who wanted a FM-style body with no video would actually buy it.

            • captaindash

              The Df is not a ‘pro’ camera? It’s the second best low light DSLR ever made, with a D4 sensor which juuuust might sneak into the ‘pro’ category. They made it look hipster and left out video and gave it poorly thought ergonomics, but make no mistake it’s a pro camera. Your comment is so silly it’s borderline trolling. It costs pro money, it gives pro results. That’s not pro how?

              I hate the term pro anyway because at ISO 100, a D3300 easily gives pro results. If Joey L did a shoot with a D3300, nobody is looking at the prints all “Hmmmm, I’m not sure that was taken with a pro camera”. Unless you are a human microscope, you can’t tell what DSLR sensor any recent-camera photo was taken with in a studio environment (DX vs FX DoF aside).

              I find gear-heads and their idiotic categories so frustrating!!!!!!!

            • Ken Elliott

              I’m saying it is not aimed at the professional market. That has nothing to do with what kind of results it can deliver.

              It certainly can deliver pro results. But so can a D3300, so what’s your point? I fail to grasp why you rant against “idiotic categories”, yet put so much effort in telling me what category the Df is in.

    • Jorge


  • Yucatan

    OMG I don’t see the gist of this new 810. It sucks. I rather stick to Sony A7S instead.

    • jr456

      Clearly this is a terrible camera. Nobody will buy it.

  • Skoobey

    Who are these amateurs? That “Miss” had a great scene that she had no idea how to light for, and was chimping after each shot hahaha. And that Nikon Senior Vice President Manager could buy some normal pants, than actually learn to shoot. He was, obviously, a cheap wedding photographer for the longest of times. Why not get some actual professionals to show of the camera? Yes, dynamic range bla bla, but you can see it in the photos they’ve got no clue what they’re doing.

  • BJNY

    Has the live view refresh rate been improved?

  • David V.

    Too little too late, yet more of the same,but with some worthwhile tweaks, from Nikon.
    The market has moved on since the D800 introduction but Nikon are not interested it seems – this could have been dramatically better . Nikon users will have to wait at least another two years while the company plays catch up, if that is even on their agenda.
    However Thom is generally happy with the new D810, so all must be well in Nikon FX land for the faithful and grateful.

    • theDUDEwhoKNOWSbest

      market moved on to where? if you mean the joke that is a Sony A7, pleeeease. walk around with all of the 2 lens available for it and leave serious image makers to buy this.

      • David V.

        MIirror less , smaller ,lighter systems are taking some of Nikon’s business . Time for proper FX and DX mirrorless systems from Nikon in the middle tier . Not everybody needs a great massive lump of a camera any more. Serious image makers are neither format nor brand dependent.

        • Dave

          My words. It could be a small FF DSLR too, however. All I want to say is: sensor and other tech stuff is here, but not the variety of good cameras around it.

  • esa

    larger viewfinder magnification, built in gps, wifi and backlit buttons of the d4/s i am missing at least…..more innovative oriented people would probably add…fully articulated screen, af touchscrenn and 4k…….

    and the weight wasnt reduced as much as the rumors sounded….same weighjt as df/d610….

    nevertheless great upgrade for me from dx 7000 to d810…

    • reste

      what the hell did they?? Nikon ergonimically improved grip….fine….but why

      the three-way metering mode switch has been dropped in the D810???

      TELL ME WHY?????

      Used it so much vey usefulk imo…..unbelievable….

      • broxibear

        “Nikon ergonimically improved grip….fine….but why”
        What Nikon failed to mention about “improving” the grip, that was pointed out by some with the D4s, is that they went back to the D3/D3s design. They messed it up with the D800/D4 and went back.

        The metering mode has been moved to the top dial, next to ISO etc.

  • NikonFanBoy

    Thanks Admin for your tireless effort in keeping us upto date with latest product release.

    Thom with his latest article predicts that D4X will be released next year with sony 54 mp sensor. Wow that will be one hell of a camera I suppose!

    I was reading on the sensor and it sounds amazing already. Any news on that?


  • too early to tell – I prefer to wait and be accurate

    • NikonFanBoy

      Wow that means you have some news? ahahlol

      I will wait for the appropriate time and update
      Thanks admin! I appreciate your effort.


      • Thanks for being a reader!

        • broxibear

          Anyone hear the words ” made in Thailand” mentioned in any of the reviews or any pictures of the bottom plate ?…I wonder if they were all told by Nikon not to talk about that ? lol.

          • The bottom of the camera doesn’t have any markings:

            • broxibear

              Yeah, I saw that on the Japanese site…it’s not made anywhere, it just appeared like magic, lol.

  • nostatic

    The lazy cynicism of Nikon continues. Rather than address the market’s need for an FX that combines the best of the D610 and D800 (aka, the D700’s successor), we get yet another product line extension/iteration with the so-what D810. A few minor tweaks and additions, but nothing worth noting. Nikon is in crappy financial shape largely due to a series of marketing blunders and misreads, and their chronic insistence on milking loyal customers with expensive meh iterations isn’t going to improve their bottom line–and will only make us want to consider alternative brands.

  • TeaBreak

    Hundred’s of stupid promo videos but not a single NEF / JPEG sample in
    full resolution available for download! Solely postcard size pictures at
    Nikon USA (Nikon Europe has nothing to offer). One might think this
    “device” is everything but a high-end photo camera and can’t do better
    stills than my crappy android. This is a ridiculous advert campaign,
    Nikon. Show me stunning full resolution stills to melt at their sight
    … and scraping my money together. 😉

  • Looks like a number a good refinements and all for the same $3,300 as the “old” D800e.

  • KMount Man

    Yawn. The new Pentax 645Z smokes this.

    • Guest

      Yawn. The new iPhone 6 smokes the Pentax.

      • saywhatuwill

        Only because it’ll be with you at all times.

    • Considering it’s 3X the price, it ought to. Of course the Pentax has a max shutter speed of 1/4000, max synch speed of 1/125, limits at 3fps, weighs 3.5 lbs, and the fastest lens is f/2.8. Other than that, it smokes the D810.

    • Danyyyel

      Does the pentax has 14.5 stop of DR, or Low light high ISO at the very top of any photo camera, Can it autofocus for sport and event.

      • Jay

        The 645Z shoots at an ISO range of 100-204,800 and has larger photosites, so it’s probably on-par or better than the 810 for low light (depending on how efficient their processors and algorithms are). Horses for courses though. The 645 is obviously not a sports camera and with a 1/125 flash sync, it is more of an available light shooter than a studio strobe beast — no freeze frame falling effects for you strobists either. As an available light shooter though it should be outstanding. Also, to Pete above, without getting into the mathematics of optics, f/2.8 on a larger sensor (in this case a crop sensor MF) is not comparable in terms of DOF to f/2.8 on 35mm, just as it is not comparable to f/2.8 on m4/3 or APS-C. Cameras are just tools for making great images. I have been shooting mostly with D800Es since they came out an have ordered this D810 to replace one that just broke with a malfunctioning sensor (wonderful timing as it turned out, since I had and extended replacement plan). Assuming there are no massive production snafus, this looks like a general evolutionary improvement in almost every department and it still works with my accessories. As a pro that’s what I want. Could they have done more? Sure, but I was already able to get great pictures for my clients with this model’s predecessors, and I am confident this will deliver more. Kudos admin.

  • nicolaie

    Where did they find this guy ? Sheesh ..

  • whmitty

    D810? Meh, very much like the D600-D610 “upgrade”.

    More interesting is how Nikon is trying to atone for their D600 debacle by offering NX-D FREE. Though I’m a Nikon D610 “fanboy” Nikon is a company arrogant beyond description. I was close to packing up and moving to the Canon camp when Nikon decided to replace my oil soaked D600 after sending it in twice to address the oil spots. I now warn newbies that Nikon generally makes great stuff but if things go south, to be prepared for Nikon’s stilted attitude towards it’s “subjects”, er, customers.

  • broxibear have the D810 in their database now for comparisons, here’s the side comparison with the D800 showing the grip changes.

    • kassim

      More Canon-ish grip, which is good.

  • Jonathan

    I sure hope they include all these nice features in the—probably never coming—16Mpx D9300!

  • It just appears to be another incremental improvement, which is fine, but there’s nothing revolutionary here. If you already have a D800(e) I don’t see a reason to upgrade/

    • saywhatuwill

      I do. 12MP to 36 is huge. Having video capability is huge. Sounds pretty revolutionary to me, especially since I’m coming from a D700.

      • Re-read my comment. “If you already have a D800, I don’t see a reason to upgrade.” Where did I say anything about upgrading from any other camera?

  • aaaarrrrr

    Sharper Jpeg’s, zebras in video and 60p! What an update? This is gonna be a bestseller 😛 Simply Rediculous…

    • Benen Huntley

      The Minister of Finance had already said I can’t have one haha. I’ve been waiting for this camera for 4 years. I didn’t want to upgrade from dx until am fx camera had some of these amazing features. It’s beautiful!

  • yesman

    My D800E still having blur image issue on the left focus and i got my D800E on Christmas… WTF

  • theDUDEwhoKNOWSbest

    Here we have what is basically the best fx size camera money can buy and does what it’s intentions are flawlessly, yet reading through the comments it becomes evident that the people complaining the loudest are those that this camera is not aimed at. It’s no a7 in size, who cares, it leaves the a7r for dust in its specifications and ability, it’s not a consumer spec sports camera, ala d700, because that is not what it was designed for. This is exactly the camera serious landscape, fashion, portrait, commercial, product, wedding and other photographers want/need. If you don’t like what it can or can’t do, and therefore want to ” consider” other brands, go ahead, I’ll watch. Yet somehow, I think the orders are going to flood in. As they say, if you can’t beat them…

  • HDMI10Bit

    Since Nikon has packaged a ‘Video Shooters Kit’, is it actually worthwhile? So many other video cameras can do 10bit hdmi out, can this one do it? Or has Nikon kept it down to 8 bit?

  • This is a throwback accessory for a throwback camera. Nikon used to make a soft release for F-model film cameras. I know some photographers who used and liked them because it put their fingertip at a different angle and they claimed it gave them a more tactile experience and helped them in pressing the shutter at the exact moment they wanted. I had one but ditched it after a month or so because I didn’t find it useful in any way. But, I totally see why Nikon is offering this for this camera.

  • Yucatan

    Seriously I don’t really find the big deal of this camera. Better video mode? nahh… I rather get Canon gear or Panasonic GH4 or the BlackMagic instead.

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