Nikon D810 leaks hours before the official announcement

The UK website Expertreviews published their review of the Nikon D810 camera and then promptly removed it. Here are the details from the article - pretty much what I have ben reporting for months now:

  • the UK price will be £2,700 (around $4,580, the US price should be lower)
  • sensor: 36.3MP (new sensor?)
  • LCD screen: 3.2" (1,299K dots) with new split-screen mode
  • card slots: CF + SDXC
  • Expeed 4 image processing engine
  • no optical low pass filter (OLPF)
  • ISO 32-51200 in extended mode, ISO 64-12800 in regular mode
  • shutter speed range: 1/8000-30s
  • improved auto-focus (including Group Area AF mode for the D4s)
  • no 4k video
  • video recording: added 50/60p
  • redesigned shutter with new kevlar/carbon fibre-composite unit; reduced shutter lag; quieter operation
  • the metering mode button is moved to the main control dial
  • improved grip

You can still access the cached version here (cached version of the second page can be found here):

This is the new 36.3MP sensor:

Check the comments section for more details.

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  • Knee Con

    @admin: What do you think is the “i” button?

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      instagram button….

  • zz

    For everyone who’s talking about the D810 being $4500 USD consider this. The retail price of the D800E in the UK is £2599. According to the “leaked” (uh huh) blog article the D810 is £2700. That’s a 3.8% price hike relative to the D800E. If we apply that same price increase to the D800E the D810 will be about $3400. Sure, there’s no guarantee that the price hike in the UK will be the same as the US because people in the UK are already getting a** raped by basically every single company. Thus there’s more room for a larger price increase for US customers than in the UK. However, this gives you a better estimate than a straight currency conversion.

    • Mark

      The UK price included VAT, the info clearly stated so. Simple as that. It should come in around $3499-3699 once you remove that, and compared to what current cameras are selling for in the UK vs USA.

    • xtt

      D800E so expensive in UK? in HK, new D800E is around 2500USD

  • koenshaku

    hmm.. Hoping he just forgot the FPS increase..

    • Mark

      It wasn’t missed. It’s 25% faster full frame (5fps) and 40% faster in crop mode (7fps). The only unknown is the 1.2 crop mode fps.

      • El Aura

        That has been my position for a long time (it was 5 fps in DX and 6 fps in DX with the handgrip). The viewfinder isn’t optimal for DX, it has a slight smaller magnification than the D300 viewfinder but the biggest hurdle is $3300 vs $1800. And the psychological pull to get FF lenses to make use of that extra $1500 spent on the camera.

        • Mark

          I agree completely, I’m not suggesting people buy the D810 as their D300 replacement, but rather it’s a nice bonus for those of us who are buying it anyway :).

  • Guest

    Here is the full licked review from the UK:
    – Nikon D810: DOCX format (220KB)
    – Nikon D810: PDF format (11.6 MB)

  • D700guy

    Yippy Skippy.
    I’ll wait for the D900 or the D910 even

    • Aldo

      I’ll wait for 8k video

      • Guest

        I’ll wait til the camera can microwave my lunch.

        • Aldo

          you can do that now… when you use it in video mode 😛

  • MrLee

    Great Looking camera and Specs…
    Now if Nikon would only have the high end models have a flip screen LCD and a great Live View Experience (Like Sony Does).
    They do on the lower end cameras.. I mean do “Professionals” need less options for composing a shot? Seems like the high end models would have flip screen and the lower models not. Makes no sense to me.
    I shoot Nikon and Sony and there have been MANY times that I got a shot with my Sony that I would have never got with my Nikon.
    (Example: In an audience holding the camera as high as I can and flipping screen down and actually see what I am composing)
    I really don’t understand why the live view experience on Nikons is Soo bad… I guess its just a ‘Deal’ Sony and Nikon work out together.

    • Moronerator

      An articulating screen negatively impacts durability.. whether anyone likes it or not..
      Not to mention that fewer ‘pro’s’ are asking for an articulating screen than you think… the majority of the people wanting an articulating screen do not use the VF, they are coming from camera phones and compacts, they are more familiar with holding a camera at arms length cumbersomely trying to follow and compose – where an articulating screen may provide some benefit, though not as much benefit as they would get putting their eye to the VF.
      Therefore sacrificing durability of the camera for a small percentage is apparently not seen as a good design.

  • Neopulse

    If the shutter is made out of the same material as the D4/S line then the small price hike is definitely worth it.

    D800/E = 200,000 clicks < 400,000 clicks = D4/s

  • Rafa R

    Finally a quieter shutter

    • Keep in mind that mirror slap is the loudest part.

      • Rafa R


  • LarryC

    Dang it. Now I won’t be able to take decent pictures with my outdated D800.

    • koenshaku

      yup I hear if you update to the latest firmware it will watermark each of your photos with “outdated D810 available now”

  • ithackermike

    That rear command dial looks smaller. I hope they didn’t cram a D800e into a D610 chassis.

  • PeterO

    The D810 leaks? I thought it had extra yellow lines to prevent that. Pffft. Fail.

  • Don McPhee

    I believe the new AF system will be one of the biggest improvements to this camera, as hit & miss,( % of keepers), has been a condition many have experienced. Time will tell.
    Love the base ISO of 64…tweaks like this gets the ball game closer to MF.
    A few questions????
    *Anybody….How does the electronic first curtain work?
    * Will my RRS L plate and MB-D12 grip still fit?

    • zz

      Works like it does on any mirrorless camera. Instead of killing the light with a mechanical shutter the pixels are kept in a reset state electrically which has the same effect without the nasty vibrations.

    • back in the early days haha the D70 had an electronic shutter too…that allowed it sync speeds of 1/500th 🙂 simply the sensor is rapidly switched on and off with electronic circuitry

  • Whythehype

    Still no custom modes like C1,C2 etc…..

  • Romeo

    Guys, leaked features will lead me to ask experts, if D810 WOULD BE OVER 3500 USD, which one to consider buying D800 OR D800E, 300 Canadian dollars difference in price, any advice?

    • photoroto

      Unless the D810 tanks, it will have proportionately greater resale value than a D800x bought today.

      It’s an easy choice for me…the electronic curtain will be a landscape photographers dream with those long, tripod mounted lenses, and BTW will be a feature where the D810 will absolutely stomp the shake-o-matic shutter on the A7R.

      And a one stop noise improvement will cut those painfully long night time exposures in half. Just those two things will affect a lot of my work, and just for those two specs a whole new camera body is more than justified (for me) on the very short term.

      So what do you shoot? Is there some feature in the 810 that will make a difference for what you do? And c’mon, you KNOW you want one!

      • Romeo

        I am disappointed of the leaked price, when conversion to Canadian dollars, will be close to 5000 CAD, may be 4300 if cheaper in the US. This is pure crazy price with tweaked version of the 800E made in Japan(not a big deal but still valid point), curtain system simulating D4S, still no point of paying 1/3 over the marvellous D800E and can get 14-24mm lens and get incredible photos, got my point? appreciate your response

        • photoroto

          The European prices include things like stiff VAT taxes, and are otherwise proportionately much higher than in the US. Think about USD 3600, it’ll be in there somewhere. Will say not more because it’s not polite to rub it in. In 40 little minutes we’ll know.

  • PGi

    Nothing really new it is kind of an insult to the existing d800e users decaluating our cameras in 15 months or so. No need this kind of minor minor change , unless there is tech breakthrough do not bother it. I think this is some devious dishonest attempt of Nikon to get back some lost money from the d610 class action lawsuit around the world.

    • Mark

      “Minor minor change”? Are you kidding? All new sensor, all new AF system (best out there), 25% more FF FPS, 40% more crop FPS, better screen, ergonomic upgrades, quiet shutter with electronic first curtain, and more things that users asked for. People will upgrade for the D4S AF alone, given how good it seems to be. A devious ploy? I don’t think so…they are giving customers an even better camera to choose from, nothing wrong with that at all.

    • One More Thought

      This is a great upgrade. But aside from that, it really won’t devalue the D800e that much; that model is much too good for that.

      Besides, Nikon owes many things to its users, but has no obligation to try to protect resale value. A camera is a tool, not an investment.

    • photoroto

      The best revenge is taking really good pictures with the camera you got.

      But hey Nikon, how ’bout giving me, say, five years on the D810?

  • Display_Name

    At this point what why should I get a D810. In the next 5 years what can this do that a D800 cant. I have a D600 and the only limitation of this camera is the buffer size and af point coverage. I will get me a nice nikon refurbished D800 and I will use that sucker till 2010. My D600 has 100,000 actuations on it can just got a new shutter from nikon. For video i will get that new Lumix that shoot 4K and I am done for a long while.

    • you go do that -_-

    • time-check

      you’re going to use a refurbished d800 till 2010? what year are you living in?

  • julianliues

    Anybody can guess the US price based on the UK price £2,700 (around $4,580) ?

  • gnohz

    No mention of sRAW yet. I really hope they come out with a 14-bit un-crippled version, but as with Nikon, probably it’s more likely to be crippled in some way 😉

    • 12 bit uncompressed sRAW

      • gnohz

        Thanks coloretric! 🙂

  • neonspark

    looks like a nice perfection of the best full frame landscape and studio camera in the industry.

  • Pablo Larenas

    I love my Nikon DF 🙂

    • sensorking

      even in spite of its tiny, has-been sensor? put down the pricey toy and get a real camera. get a d810 (or at least a d800/e).

      • KnightPhoto

        Haha sensor king, enjoyed the dig. In actual use that (Df, D4) sensor is fantastic though. love it!

  • Taken from the pdf (via the leaked site):
    – no OLPF (as per rumors)
    – Nikon designed 36.3MP as opposed to Sony designed, Nikon tweaked 36.2MP sensor in the D800/E
    – Expeed 4 over Expeed 3;
    – DX mode is 15.3MP (no change)
    – 5fps FX& 7fps DX mode (no mention of MB-D12 improvements)
    – sRAW 12bit uncompressed (no mention of dimensions-would be much like D4S in terms of quality)
    – Native ISO 64-12800; extended range from 32-51200)
    – Electronic front curtain shutter (avail in mirror up live view-I’m wondering what the sync speed of this is 😉 )
    – Has D4S’ MultiCAM 35000FX 51pt AF (9, 21 & 51 pt coverage) with group AF
    – Magnesium alloy body, with weather and dust sealing as standard
    – New kevlar/carbon fibre-composite shutter unit (200,000 releases).
    – Same screen (3.2″), however, it is 1,299K dot resolution (D800/E: 921K dots)
    -Splitscreen view: pick two points on a straight line to make sure that you’ve got the shot level & that everything’s in focus (i.e. architectural photography)

    Video improvements:
    – 50/60p (presumably 1920×1080)
    – ISO available from 64 to Hi2
    – Recording in body; send to external device or broadcast live

    • decisivemoment

      Interesting on the sensor IP. I will be curious as to what the difference is; it seems like a more substantive change than on the D4s. 7fps DX instead of six implies a beefed-up mirror mechanism as well as the shutter; shutter rated durability is the same as before? but should be quieter in action. Higher resolution display on rear. More accurate leveling tool in LiveView. More video bandwidth. Extended native ISO (the 64 ISO native feature is especially interesting). The word of a lower lag time invites curiosity; at 42ms, it was already exceptionally fast.

      And I see some buttons moving around. A new “i” button (what’s that?). The metering button moved from being a collar around the AE/AF-L button to a button on the left side, displacing the bracketing button which now moves to the throat of the lens next to the flash compensation button, three separate doors for the ports on the left hand side, a slightly redesigned pentaprism (presumably to house the aerial for the GPS?) and a more bulbous grip that will be nice for people with average to big hands.

      • I suspect the sensor will be similar move as Nikon did on the D2H/HS sensor, where they developed the LBCAST sensor, which was somewhat superior in speed albeit at a loss of resolution. Perhaps times have changed and Nikon have made improvements on the researching front in regards to CMOS and the Expeed 4 process pipeline.

        I would be surprised if the mirror mechanism has been changed. This is a robust camera, much the same as the D800 before it. I would suspect that the D800 series before was able to withstand 6/7/8fps on the mirror however, I suspect that the actual alluminum alloy shutter blades may have folded (or deflected away) from straight at such a high revolution rate, hence why we now have “Kevlar(Carbon)” blades.

        Quiter blades are the result of the Kevlar, it is stiffer and less prone to bending. This is much the same as RC helicopter blades – less flexibility leads to less blade ‘slap’. As for the mirror, perhaps a new mechanism borrowed from the D4S has been employed to reduce mirror bounce.

        High res rear view screen is due as an improvement on the previous 921K dot screen, this will also lead to ‘crisper’ images. Hopefully it will also allow users to change the color temperature of the screen-as per the D4S-so that we can avoid all the complaints of yesteryear about the tint issue.

        Higher video bandwidth is the result of having more pixel pipelines available and slightly more RAM than the Expeed 3 processor. I would expect perhaps 0.3EV more dynamic range as a result of this too (stills and raw video). Whether the camera will support 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 color remains to be seen (RE: Broadcast quality output).

        The new ‘i’ button is interesting and it seems to me that the button is now appearing on bodies that are less than the D4 flagship series. I would expect the D9300 (or whatever it may be) to have this new ‘i’ button feature.

        I welcome the new placement for metering on the left hand side. I always found it cumbersome on the right hand side of the flash housing. Now it will just be a memory game as to which of the four quadrants I will be pressing when my hands have frozen cold… :S

        Nice analysis of the upcoming body 🙂

  • twoomy

    Curious about the weight! And are the dimensions any different? (shorter?, etc.)

    • weight would be about the same as the D800 I would presume

      • twoomy

        One of the rumored features is that it would be significantly lighter. (They moved the DX cameras to a carbon fiber shell which made them significantly lighter than their predecessors, so they might be doing that here as well.)

        • I doubt it as it is Magnesium alloy cladded. Carbon fibre is too brittle for heavy duty use-think rock climbing and other rough camera conditions.

          • maybe a thermoplastic polymer but they would require a new injection molding technique and now I’m just in speculation 😛

  • xtt

    ISO 32-51200 in extended mode, ISO 64-12800 in regular mode

    interesting range, great for landscape

  • saywhatuwill

    Where’s the announcement? It’s 11:06am in Tokyo.

  • Romeo

    Any rumours about the official announcement timing? in Eastern time

    • Midnight.

      • Romeo

        Please wake me up if fallen asleep 🙂

  • ithackermike

    Any ideas what the “i” button is on the back? It’s right above the info button and next to the lv video still switch

  • Personally, I am baffled as to why Nikon would use an SD card slot on a semi-pro level dSLR with files as large as 36mp. This should’ve been a dual CF card slot model. SD cards are consumer-grade, and painfully slow (especially when used as back-up in the current D800). I’m crossing my fingers for the sRAW to make it to the production line on the D810.

    • Joe

      I was actually kind of hoping they would ditch the cf slot and go with two sd card slots instead.

      Speed isn’t all that important to me, though. I just find CF to be overly expensive. Mine just stays in camera as a backup to the sd card.

    • photoroto

      The last sd cards I bought can soak up data at 80+ megabytes per second sustained, about the same performance as middling SATA drives. Not bad for 128gb cards under $100.

    • test

      Why CF Card when there is UHS-I 256G SD Card for capacity or 64G UHS-II for high speed?

      Dual SD slot is much much better

      You need to check how sRAW works; there is no point using it

  • Simon Chung

    Metering switch got moved to where the BKT button was (on the top dial). Not sure where the BKT button now lives (I suppose it could be assigned to a Fn button)

  • Poor Cry Baby

    This is fabulous but,
    Can’t I just get a stripped down basic full frame camera with ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Strip it down,no bells and whistles….make it out of cardboard and duct tape if need be and make it cheap….like affordable cheap.

    • photoroto

      Nikon FM2. The almost-perfect camera. With your choice of highly efficient focusing screens that time forgot. But you gotta like film. The DF is a pale shadow of what it could have been, had it been cast as an almost literal FM2 copy with digital sensor.

  • Guest

    “Improved grip”
    Can it be switched to the other side for left hand folk? 🙂

  • AllforTeags
  • Henrik, Denmark
  • lorenzo

    Same MB-D12 battery pack = same size of D800/E
    Lighter plastic or still magnesium alloy?
    USD 3,299, same as D800E

  • Henrik, Denmark

    Will it only be suppoerted by Capture NX-D? :

  • lorenzo

    “… the precision of the 51-point AF system has been increased with adoption of the Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX autofocus sensor module and improvements to the focusing algorithm…”

    Does it mean they a/k and FIXED the AF problems of the D800/E?

    That’s probably why it is a D810 and not a D800S

  • mikeswitz

    Let the whining begin 1….2…3…

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