First (fake?) picture of the Nikon D810

Nikon D810 DSLR camera
This Nikon D810 picture was sent to me by a reader and I believe it's fake. What do you guys think if Nikon really introduces a third scroll wheel on the top plate for the ISO selection?

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  • It is fake for sure. The top plate’s texture (before the hotshoe) is exactly the same as of the D800 on Nikon’s official photo.

    • Michiel953

      My D800 doesn’t have all those arrows; do you think it’s a fake?

      • Yes, made in china, get rid of it immediately! 😀

        • Michiel953

          It might be a Thai fake…

    • Antonio

      Just read what’s written on the image, both at the top and a the bottom: this is just a design expressing someone’s desires…

    • KS

      Agreed–and it’s not even good PS work. There is a very obvious blending mistake between the shutter release and that wheel.

  • Aeroengineer

    Try bending your index finger to operate a scroll wheel in that position.

    • Thom Hogan

      You mean like on Canon cameras? ;~)

  • goldsaintphoto

    exposure compensation button is missing. concept may be real, but this picture is fake. I guess.

  • crazy cat

    Since ISO has improved dramatically in a very short while, why not make it irrelevant? Let the ISO “float” for each exposure and only be static when told to do so. Essentially ‘auto ISO’.

  • Martin Beebee

    Sure it’s probably fake, but it’s a brilliant idea for Nikon. Or even better — a small ISO button there that could be pressed to adjust ISO with one of the existing scroll wheels. Just rented a Panasonic GH4 with this feature was overjoyed at how much faster is was to adjust exposure this way, with one hand.

    ISO noise is so good nowadays it should be considered a key variable for exposure, and not just an afterthought, or something to change only if you have to. That kind of thinking is a leftover from the film and early digital days, and should be abandoned as soon as possible, Nikon.

    • Thom Hogan

      > ISO noise is so good nowadays it should be considered a key variable for exposure

      Care to explain that one to me? That sounds like the opposite of the reason for another dial. If high ISO noise is so well controlled, just use the highest ISO you think the noise is well controlled for in Auto ISO. We do need some fixes/changes to Auto ISO, though.

      • Martin Beebee

        Simply that ISO should be as easy to change as shutter speed and aperture for adjust exposure. If I have an aperture/shutter speed combo I like for a particular shot, and exposure conditions are changing unpredictably (e.g., weddings, events, or fast-breaking situations), then changing the ISO to quickly compensate would be an ideal solution.

        In the past, increasing ISO was dicey because of the extra noise, so if the light dropped we had to open up our aperture (changing the DOF) or lower our shutter speed (potentially risking sharpness). Since noise is so well controlled these days, we can change it at will with relatively little impact (within reason, of course).

        I haven’t used Auto ISO, so can’t comment on it specifically, though I tend to be leery of “auto” solutions in general and keep my camera in Manual 95% of the time. Call me a control freak. 🙂

        • Thom Hogan

          For the most part* you lose a stop of DR per stop of boosted ISO. So I’d tend to say that letting ISO command what you’re doing is still a little dicey.

          If you’re in Manual exposure mode, Auto ISO may almost work for you directly. But this is why I say that the camera makers need to work more on Auto ISO: it might solve more user problems if it were a bit more refined.

          * The D3/D3s/D4/Df are exceptions up to ISO 800 or so, and the Sony A7s has a strange slope of only about a half stop loss per stop of ISO boost.

          • Martin Beebee

            So if I go from ISO 200 to 1600 I lose four stops of DR? Really? Not sure I’ve noticed that in my photos. But then when I’m adjusting exposure via ISO, I’m usually only doing so in 1/3 stop increments, up to a stop or two at most. I’m just using it to fine tune an exposure, not to allow me to shoot at f/22 handheld after sunset. 🙂

            Either way, I would love to have a way to quickly change ISO without taking my hands out of optimum shooting position. Even if they allowed this ability to be assigned to the Fn button it would be a huge step forward. (Though maybe the D800 already does this?)

            With my D300 (still waiting for the upgrade) I have to feel around on top for the ISO button; for the D7000 I have to take the camera away from my face to get to it. Neither of those allow for very quick shooting.

            I guess I should grateful that they don’t remove it altogether and bury it in a menu somewhere.

            • Thom Hogan

              Depends on the camera. On a D3, D3s, D4, or Df, no. You really don’t lose anything until about ISO 800 and then you’ll see about a 1 for 1 DR drop on each ISO boost. But those cameras are read limited at the lower ISO values.

              Thing is, while everyone is asking for more and more DR, we’ve had an abundance for awhile now.

            • Martin Beebee

              I cut my teeth on Kodachrome 64, so I’m thrilled with the amount of DR these days, and you won’t hear me complaining about it. And I’m also really happy with the performance at relatively high ISOs.

              But regardless of whether I’m starting at ISO 200 or 1600, I just want a way to quickly adjust exposure using ISO without moving my hands from the optimal shooting position — I can adjust aperture and shutter speed with one hand, why not ISO, too? I’m guessing that’s why a lot of folks are on-board with the scroll wheel idea — regardless of whether the implementation is stupid (I actually think a button + existing wheel is better), the underlying idea is sound.

            • Thom Hogan

              > just want a way to quickly adjust exposure using ISO without moving my hands…

              As others have pointed out, you can do that on the two pro cameras now by reassigning the Record Video button to ISO. And as I’ve tried to point out, depending upon how else you’re shooting with the camera, you might be able to do that with Easy ISO, as well.

  • Nuno Ferreira

    It would be nice to have that ISO button.

    But it would be even better to have a jog wheel like the one in the back of Canon DSLRs.

    • Antonio

      If they don’t change the present model’s layout you’ll continue with an ISO button and the possibility to choose the scroll wheel that changes the values…not à-la Canon but it works…and not everybody would find their way as a better one, after all.

      • Nuno Ferreira

        I agree with you.
        In general I prefer the ergonomics of Nikon cameras, except the jog dial of the Canon, which is much more confortable and faster for previewing the images.

  • cppguy16

    This cannot be official. Poor grammar, ridiculous “double-dot” punctuation and inconsistent capitalization. And the dial or wheel is not called a scroll.

  • Sashimi

    Naaah, fake obviously.
    Innovation & common sense do not rhyme with Nikon… :/
    Please, Fuji, give a thought to the idea.

  • Greg

    I hope it is fake. Moving the exp comp to the left side would be a tragic mistake.

  • Sam

    are you kidding me? the ISO wheel on the top, does it work with water resistant working under the rain, fake one or a cheap one LOL

  • pop

    Not important if it’s fake or not, it would be great if it’s happen. Especially if they add User 1 & 2 settings dial also just like on d600, it would be fantastic.

    • Thomas

      A U1 and U2 would be nice.

  • It’s fake

    Horrible location for it. I’d have to glue it so it couldn’t move accidentally.

  • JoCarpenter

    Boooo…. just when the layout becomes second nature, time to switch things up?

  • NikonRumourLies


  • decisivemoment

    I’m glad the picture is so obviously Photoshopped because otherwise I’d have been worried that Nikon had completely lost their mind. The ISO handling issue for stills photography has been completely solved by the recent firmware update on the D800; I trust the D810 will include this out of the gate.

    Any word on the GPS integration and the weight lightening? I have a feeling they are related to one another. As in, more plastic, more signal penetration.

  • Michael Ertem

    I like the idea of a third wheel for ISO, or if not I would love to see back wheel has two functions by pressing on to chose between shutter speed and ISO as panasonic micro four thirds like G5

  • PGi

    Just give us smaller d800e, maybe about as small as the df but with better 4k video with better codec.

  • mikeswitz

    “Nikon users wants this design their cameras..” Ringlish?

  • Matthew Saville Baldon

    IF ONLY!

    This would be the best idea in the history of Nikon, but unfortunately it’s probably not gonna happen…

  • Photobug

    Sure it’s a fake shot. But the idea is interesting for quickly changing your ISO setting. Hitting the ISO button + turning the Sub command dial quickly turns off the AUTO ISO. I love this feature on my D7100

  • Just about to go Canon

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me… I’ll wait for the D810S thank you very much.

  • Pictor

    Fake. I don’t find this a problem with Auto ISO as long as I’m able to set bounds for ISO and Shutter. I normally shoot Aperture Priority since that’s more important to me than ISO anyway. I just want ISO to be as low as I can go to get what I’m looking for in the image which is generally dictated by shutter and Aperture.

  • Ava

    I would love it.

  • Of course it’s fake.

    Exposure compensation a two-hand operation?
    Garbled english.

    • YUUUUP!!!

      Why would Nikon not do that with the compensation button? We already have control layouts that need both hands to change focus and metering patterns? Dumb, just dumb.

      • Thom Hogan

        They moved the Exp Comp button once, with the N80. Note how fast it moved back ;~).

      • Agreed.

        Everyone agrees it’s a fake though.

  • pear

    I hate that scroll position….. if they want to get smt from Canon, it should be the wheel…

  • ppires85

    Much fake, such wow. There are even egnlish problems in the bottom of the picture. My english sucks though, but that’s just terrible.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      You the guy who provided those descriptions on the photo? LOL!

      • Alexandra Metak

        Nah, ppires85’s English is even worse…hahaha

        • Captain

          What you say??

  • Matt_XVI

    Real or fake I think it’s a darn tootin’ good idea!

  • Spy Black

    That 24-120 is to the D800 what the 24-85 is to the D600/610…

  • photoroto

    When it comes to the point where a lot of ISO twiddling is needed, I think I’d rather depend on Auto ISO. There’s enough to do already!

    Having an ISO control in that often-gripped location would be much more of a liability than a helpful feature. Oops, I hope that shot looks OK at ISO 12800!

  • KS

    I suspect a thumbwheel oriented that way would be prone to sand, salt, and moisture falling inside and clogging the mechanism.

  • KnightPhoto

    I gotta agree that Auto-ISO is the way to go. Contrary to popular (mis)conception Auto-ISO guarantees you getting the LOWEST ISO for a given desired shutter speed. Think about it folks, it works.

    Many people have the mistaken impression it provides the highest ISO, but for your desired shutter speed it actually delivers just the opposite 😉

    And yeah the new D800/D800E firmware allowing use of the red-video button and front and back scroll wheels is fantastic, including as mentioned by others turning Auto-ISO on and off and setting the Auto-ISO lower ISO start-point.

  • AMP

    Definitely fake. But quite an idea. a third wheel would be quite cool i think

  • Bob2

    Fan boy dreaming who doesn’t actually use his D800, only fondles it in front of computer while photographing cats.

    Plus why would anyone want the AE comp on the left side requiring two hands–try working that with your eye on the viewfinder. Big FFFFFFAIL.

  • Sundra Tanakoh

    Yes, the “perfect” command of English gives it away . Not sure if I would want the ISO wheel though, it doesn’t look like something that can be weather sealed due to the way it is positioned.

  • piscesen
  • Dustin 4WD

    come on…it already have.
    D800 Custom Setting Menu>> d7>> show ISO/Easy ISO >> OK

    and you can use scroll wheel.
    (and this is fake picture)

  • This reminds me. Didn’t I read somewhere that I could reprogram the video button to something more useful (to me)?

    • Eno

      Yes like 4K video LOL

      • No serious answers? I use exactly 0K video.

    • Thomas

      In the latest firmware update, the record button can be programed for several functions.. one of the most common is to program the record button to toggle the ISO adjustment

      • Thanks Thomas, I’ll look into that.

  • Zibai

    Start working on the D900 Nikon….D800 lost its edge ald……

  • JP

    I don’t think 3rd scroll dedicated for ISO will solve any user issue with Nikon cameras. What about battery compatibility? The ugly overpriced wifi devices? Tilting LCD for video? Simplified menus or user configurable menus? User profiles?

  • Cinetone Decorbouw

    Shot on location this week, indoor outdoor indoor outdoor, around 700-800 shots, changing Iso ALL THE TIME…..this wheel would have been superb!!!

  • peterw

    it is fun, thought.
    like most bad designs…
    thanks for bringing this up

  • Lumenatic

    Canikon Photoshop fake, funny though. Besides the design Nikon would not make such a cheesy ad.

  • spraynpray

    I’d like that a lot – fake or real.

  • pd

    forget about it. it,s nikon

  • Alex

    I woud prefer a smooth and big back wheel for exposure compensation and reviewing the photos smoothly. Add to that a bigger or more optimized ratio screen so the photos are bigger. Finally add a bloody rate button. All of this like Canon does… With this, now you could rate your photos on the go and be efficient. I use this workflow with the current ergonomics and the lock button, but D800 is so slow even for reviewing the photos.

  • Chris

    Prefer button + scroll wheel as less chance of inadvertently changing it but not looking to change my D800E anyway as still amazed by it after two years.

    • JXVo

      You can already do this on D800. Re-assign the video button to ISO using custom setting f13 (latest firmware), then use existing wheels to adjust

  • Sebastian Rasch

    I’d like that, but with that bad English obviously fake. 😉

    • some.guy from.texas

      Even an Engrish translation wouldn’t be that bad…

      • Sebastian Rasch

        This scroll is for healing, this scroll is for X-ray sight and this scroll is for invincibility.

  • rt-photography

    two things wrong
    1-EC must be where it was so I can adjust on the fly with my right hand. and it critical when shooting weddings outdoors.,
    2-scroll for iso will get turned easily by mistake.

    the idea is nice but maybe making the scroll stiff would be a good compromise. but EC on the left? no way. big fail.

  • Steve Griffin

    Better still, an aperture wheel on the lens and two dials on the camera …perfect. A way-out idea I know. You could even call it an aperture ring.. 😉

  • RunnerBrett

    I’m curious – if the camera is announced on June 26th, 2014, when would it hit the shelves?

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