Nikon released new firmware updates for the V1, V2, S1, J1, J2, J3 and AW1 mirrorless cameras

In addition to the D800/D800E, Nikon also released firmware updates for all of their mirrorless cameras. For additional details, follow the links below:

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  • Fotoguy

    Do these updates make 3rd party batteries useless?

    • phil

      nah, they just added support for some boring slow overpriced lens that none of us will ever buy..

    • Patona

      My Patona 3rd party batteries work.

  • Meh

    The V2 could do with some usability updates, chiefly: zoom in and scroll to the next picture, which should come up zoomed in at the same location. This would be very useful on a camera that can shoot lots of frames per second. Instead, just some fixes. Ridiculous product management they have.

  • groucher

    The V1’s intervalerometer has been updated such that a maximum number of shots of 999 (was 499) can be taken. Why the restriction? The V1 can take thousands of shots on a fully charged battery.

    I want to take shots at 10 sec intervals overnight – still can’t do it with the V1. Frustrating and unnecessary. Another firmware update please Nikon.

  • nwcs

    Does the V1 updated firmware still have mandatory image review? Not like it would take Nikon any time to address it. I won’t be able to update for a while.

  • V1ian

    Why do these cameras still not have exposure bracketing? The only conclusion a reasonable person can reach is that this is an intentional omission by Nikon to cripple the camera’s potential.

  • MenuDiver

    Fix the implementation of Auto ISO!

  • jackarm

    NR, thanks for the links to Nikon UK. I went to Nikon USA and successfully downloaded D800 firmware and installed it. All sorts of issues occurred when I tried the same with my AW-1, V1 & FT 1. Seems Nikon USA has updated its Data Page but not all of the firmware versions. The folder created on the download computer actually contains the previous version of the firmware it is supposed to update. I started from scratch with your links, Peter, and now have all the latest versions. Thanks again!

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