Nikon DF-N1000 electronic viewfinder service advisory issued in Japan

Nikon Japan reported an issue with the new Nikon DF-N1000 electronic viewfinder ($328.95): when attached to the Nikon 1 V3 camera, removing the EVF could be difficult. The affected products have serial numbers below 11003000:

Nikon is offering free repair for the defective units. For now this service advisory was issued only in Japan.

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  • Spy Black

    How do you screw that up?

    • Adrian Gopal

      Probably because the V3 and the related accessories are not on sale in many parts of the world yet.. I have bitching a few times a Nikon Singapore, about why it has not been launched in Singapore..

      • Spy Black

        It was a joke…

        • Adrian Gopal

          I know.. I was just referring to the “issued only in Japan.. ” part..

        • HotDuckZ


      • Global

        They’ve been offering the Viewfinder for free at B&H, and yes, its been for sale. In case any product is in the population, the advisory should be global.

        The only reason why it could be justified for Japan Only is if it was a particular lot # sold in Japan. If you receive a serial number below 11003000 in your order, its worth it to call Nikon USA, etc, and complain.

        • Adrian Gopal

          Yup you are right.. I forgot about the “1V3 set” being sold in the US..

    • Thom Hogan

      Yeah. And curiously, I had just written an article yesterday (to be published tomorrow) that mentioned that I had that problem with my V3 (EVF serial number 197, so it’s in the range). My examination shows that the two small metal locks are mounted assymetrical on my sample. Thus one engages more than the other, and to get the EVF you almost need to apply a little bit of rotation in addition to pulling backwards.

      Frankly, this is just yet another embarrasing “oops, our QC isn’t all that good” problem for Nikon. Seriously, Nikon is starting to remind me of American auto companies back in the 80’s.

      • Spy Black

        70s, actually. The American auto companies started to get their act together in the 80s after getting their àsses kicked by the Japanese. 😉

        It just blows my mind, who’s minding the store at Nikon? Here is arguably the once greatest camera manufacturer in the world, screwing up like clockwork.

      • Randy B

        And if you apply a little bit of rotation in addition to pulling it backwards it will probably be classified as “impact damage”

      • reductron

        Try boiling the EVF. Problem might go away

        • But don’t apply breath, since that has corrosive acids.

  • G_J

    I can’t believe Nikon actually admit screwing something up! They didn’t even bother with their normal tactic of denying the problem for 6 months! Maybe they’re trying to turn a new leaf?

  • Nican guy

    Nikon DF-N1010 soon to be released then?

  • The Nikon 1 System haters committee will be all over this soon, spreading rumors of how the V3 is defective. 😉

    • Adrian Gopal

      I love the 1 System.. really I do.. Thats a 1 AW1.. haha.. now.. someone is going to come and saw.. oh no.. more moon pictures..

      • Spy Black

        .. oh no.. more moon pictures..

        • Adrian Gopal

          Oh my.. the gall of people like me to post more moon pics.. lolx

      • kotozafy

        I loved my refurbished V1, paid $350 when the V2 was out.
        Unfortunately it has been stolen 2 weeks ago during my 14 yr old son’s scholar trip. Now I have to wait until a $350 refurbished V3 shows up!

        • Spy Black

          You may find a $350 refurbished V2 somewhere.

          I wonder if they ever got any flack for that V2 moniker…

    • CRB

      There are not enough people caring about no haters and very few lovers either…

  • David Weiss

    I have a V3 and the viewfinder has a low serial number but no problems. So far I am very impressed (also own D3, D800e, V1). Really like the ability to tilt the display up and down, the WiFi connection to my iPhone. While I was considering getting the 800/5.6 for my next safari trip, I will now have to buy the new 1 Nikkor 70-300 zoom and see how well that does. No doubt not as well as a D800e with 800/5.6. But I am interested in comparing

    1. D800e with 300/2.8 (cropped to the equivalent of 800mm)

    2. D800e with 300/2.8 and TC-20 (cropped to the equivalent of 800mm)

    3. V3 with 1 Nikkor 70-300

    4. V3 with 300/2.8 using FT-1 adapter

    • Kynikos

      Oh yeah. I’d totally pass the 800/5.6 for something that has a tilt display and connects by wi-fi to my smartphone…

      • Thom Hogan

        I wouldn’t. I could just stick the 300mm f/2.8 on the V3 and get back two of the two and two-thirds stops I lose to a full frame sensor. And save US$10k+ in the process. And shoot 60 fps (20 fps with focus). And not have to worry about weight restrictions on plane flights and extra weight fees on the small planes.

        • oeriies

          Well, you would gain all the things you mention at the cost of the loss of considerable IQ and detail, as well as multipoint autofocus and an optical viewfinder. I say this based on using a V1 on a 300mm f/2.8 vs. using a D7100 or D800 on a 500mm f/4. Maybe the V3 is a different proposition, which would be great. But my cropped images from the D7100/500mm f/4 are so much better than from the V1/300mm f/2.8 setup that I’m willing to lift dat bale.

          • Thom Hogan

            The D7100 is under appreciated, mostly because everyone wants a D400. I’d take the D7100 with the 500mm over everything else, too. But my point was basically that the V3 isn’t all that far behind, and has a number of other assets.

            • oeriies

              Thanks for the validation. I’m off for a birding trip to Arkansas tomorrow. It is complicated travel that started on Monday with a business trip with several changes of plane. I spent all day Sunday figuring out which gear to bring. I tested all combinations of 3 bodies (v1, D7100, D800e), 2 lenses (Nikon 500mm f/4, Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8), and 1.4 TCs (Sigma and Nikon) shooting a $20 bill from 40′ and cropping down to the same small section (“United States”) just above and to the right of Jackson. I thought the 800e on the 500mm would be best and hoped that the 120-300mm with 1.4 TC and Nikon d7100 would be really close. I was wrong. The only combo that was obviously better was the D7100/500mm — it captured line detail that was just a blur with everything else. That’s what I’m traveling with.

    • Maji

      I have used the V2 with 28-300VR, 70-200/2.8VR and 200-400VR, the last with 1.4x TC also. I also have the D800 and have used it with the above along with 1.4x and 2.0 TC (for the last two lenses). The D800 images are of course better than the V2 images for equivalent FL, even after moderate cropping. However, the V2 images are not too shabby.

  • doge


    • AM I Am

      Thank you for your enlightening comment. Have you ever thought in being a guest poster on this site?

      • doge

        I have, but the NDA I’ve signed forbids it.

  • Kynikos

    All twelve owners will be notified individually.

  • Kynikos

    All twelve owners will be notified individually.

  • Karma

    That’s karma. The viewfinder should have been attached to the body in the first place. The Camera Gods have spoken and they are pissed. “kneel down before the camera gods Nikon and accept your punishment for this blunder viewfinder accessory!!!” (Spoken like general ZOD from Superman II, circa 1978)

    • Adrian Gopal

      aside from the APS-C sensor, Leica has just announced the Leica-T.. aluminium unibody mirrorless.. guess what.. it has a accessory called an EVF.. attached to a hot shoe.. Now do you think Nikon is off their rockers or Leica is?

      • Karma

        Yes I do….as well as anyone who will purchase that camera for that price instead of donating it to a charitable cause.

        • Karma

          Sorry…I meant to say donating their money to a charitable cause.

          • Adrian Gopal

            Lol.. I think its going to be a trend to off EVF off body..

  • Jon Porter

    Unfortunate, since I suspect this viewfinder also will be used by the upcoming CoolPix P8000.

  • When I saw the headline I was sure that I would read that the EVF was prone to dust spots…oh well, disappointment follows my cynicism wherever I seem to go.

    • reductron

      They probably boiled the EVFs thoroughly at the factory.

  • Ray J

    I wish they would offer a hot shoe electronic viewfinder like this for DSLR (D800) to use when shooting Video. Should be possible.

    • Neopulse

      Why when you have a big 921k screen? If you want accessories for it then get an LCD viewfinder and you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars, headaches and better resolution.

  • When I saw the headline I was sure that I would read that the EVF was prone to dust spots…oh well, disappointment follows my cynicism wherever I seem to go.

  • broxibear

    This is what happens when you chase cheap labour in countries like Thailand and China, standards drop. This wouldn’t have happened if they were made in Japan…oh…wait…

  • whisky

    if this is no anomaly, nor one only common to Japan, Nikon may have actually learned something from the D600 fiasco. kudos.

  • joe

    $330 for a viewfinder? Have you guys seen what kind of tv you can get nowadays for $330.

  • stormwatch

    I can bet that DfS will have exactly the same detachable EVF “upgrade” ,and will be using exactly the same units.

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