Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art pricing and shipping info

The pricing of the new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens will officially be announced tonight, but rumors already point to a $1,000 price tag (maybe even in the $900 range in the US). Shipping will start on April 25 for the Canon version, the Nikon mount will be released later.  The first 50mm Art review from SLRgear is very positive - they compared the Sigma lens with the Zeiss Otus and posted their findings here:

"All competing lenses from Canon and Nikon fell short when compared to the resolving power of the 50mm Art. Compared to the mighty Zeiss 55mm ƒ/1.4 Otus, the Sigma holds its own, displaying nearly identical results!"

A whole set of sample images taken with the Canon version is available on flickr:

Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Sample Image


Stay tuned for the official announcement after midnight tonight (EST).

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  • PabloNY

    Why are Nikon versions always late?
    Are they waiting for firmware a from d800s and d9300??
    I’m saying this because the Tamron 150-600 still not out yet.

    • Bob

      Usually Sigma does Canon and Nikon at the same time. Sony and Pentax are the ones who have to wait 😉

      • Joven

        No, Sigma usually does Canon first. I’m assuming they’re working on the Canon version first due to how much of the market Canon holds.

    • loulou

      It’s just because nikon mount lens with af is more difficult to produce.

      • Spy Black


      • Tham

        It is nothing about diameter of mount. Nikon ever introduced 300mm f/2.0 lens 30 years ago!

    • Spy Black

      Because Canon is the new Nikon…

      • Green Banana


        • Spy Black

          I know it hurts, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

          • Green Banana

            Wrong again.

            • Spy Black

              Look in the mirror and keep telling yourself that.

            • Green Banana

              I couldn’t do that, I’m much too good looking. 😉

    • Dean Gray

      Because a Sigma mount is identical to EF mount in electronics and flange distance. Sigma needs to do more for F mount although it’s probably something to do with making sure it works with the latest firmware of every body before it ships. More testing. Nikon hasn’t been nice to 3rd party lenses as of late.

      • Spy Black

        You can’t be serious. Sigma has been making F mounts for decades. It’s the market they’re going after. There’s more professional Canon users than Nikon users today.

        • umeshrw

          Nikon- sigma lawsuit especially.

          • Spy Black


        • jojo

          I think he’s right. I was given a similar explanation
          by a Sigma rep at a trade show 2 or 3 years ago.

          • Spy Black

            What difference would that make? They’re just following the money.

    • Cyrille Berger

      For the Tamron, they are having trouble producing enough of them for the Canon mount as well. It is also likely that Sigma and Tamron have only one line of production for those lenses, and that it takes a bit of time to switch the line for producing for different mounts, hence they produce a batch of canon for say a month, and then switch to produce for Nikon, … And they see no point in releasing both mounts at the same time, so as soon as they have a batch ready, they start selling it.

    • hussey

      Rumor is that Canon paid them off in some way, or maybe I heard that with Tamron on their 150-600. Anyway, it’s smart from Canon’s perspective but not Sigma’s. The hype has already worn off on some other new releases for me.

    • joe

      100% on market share. Canon first, nikon second, sony third and pentax last.

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        No, no, no no NO NOOO!!!!
        You have it all wrong.
        They save Nikon for second because Nikon lenses are so much better than Canon lenses that there’s barely a point for them to make stuff in the Nikon mount.

  • eggzz

    This will be mine !! I have the 35mm f1.4 witch is amazing !! This lens will be legendary 🙂

    • PabloNY

      …Wait for it…

      • Capo99

        Don’t know if anyone got that Barney?

      • Eric Calabros

        wait for DxO score 🙂

    • kotozafy

      My mamiya 55mm 2.8 N is already for sale !
      I’m very happy with the 35mm Art and the 150mm OS.

  • Mistral75

    My Navy spilled the beans a bit in advance: price in Japan will be JPY127,000 excl. tax i.e. USD1,250 or EUR1,080 (incl. VAT).

    • Kynikos

      US usually cheaper than Japan by some distance.

    • kotozafy

      If it is USD 1,250, then it will be as usual EUR 1,250 and £ 1,250.

    • I never buy new in Japan, the Japanese second hand market is the best in the world, absolute mint condition 50 1.4 s will be on the market within weeks at decent discounts.

    • kurogoma

      JPY127,000 is MSRP, not street price

  • H

    Thinking about selling my Nikkor 24-70 2.8 and moving to just Sigma Primes in that range… The 35 Art is already my favorite lens. I’d sell my Nikkor 85 1.8 in a heartbeat for a Sigma 85 Art.

    • JW


  • hahaha

    Actually according to, it already listed a “RCP 1,388. Check with your local favourite dealer soon. Available for sale only in MAY” and “RCP is 1,388, same as the 35mm F1.4 (A). Street Price is lower. Willl be available for sale around sometime in May” S$ 1388 is about US$ 1111.

  • Stephen Roberts

    Now I really hope they make a wide angle prime. 18-24mm. I would really love a small f4 with great corners but I know I’m dreaming.

    • kotozafy

      I wish they refresh their 12-24 to a 12-24 F4 Art.

      • cptjakesparow

        i heard from good source that a new 12-24 ART is coming this year… 🙂

        • kotozafy

          You have a better source ?

          • cptjakesparow

            my source is a sigma rep.

  • Exm3racer

    Samples are exactly what I have been waiting for. Wide open background bokeh blur and transaitions look nice. At 2.8 it looks a little busy, but maybe that’s OK. Also I’m not seeing much “pop” at 2.8. Maybe it was the harsh mid day light. Highlight bokeh looks pretty smooth with a little outlining. Not seeing many onions. Apparently Adorama posted price and later pulled it at $899. Based on image samples and $899 price I will have to get my preorder in early if I want to get one!

    • Spy Black

      That guy was staring at that girl’s breasts for so long he forgot he was testing out a lens and didn’t change the aperture…

      • DTC99

        I want a band and car show at my Dr’s office too! 🙂 Interesting “Fun MD” event photographed..

  • Brent

    Just bought the Nikkor 50 f/1.4G and have a D version too… if it’s under 1,000 I’ll be selling both and get this instead.

  • dicknixon

    In June..I am test driving both the Otus and Sigma. I can’t wait. And those GWC using the Sigma 50mm is not a selling point. Awful.

  • dicknixon

    Looking at Aussie Camera sells for 996. Sigma 50.

  • kotozafy

    Will be Nikkor AF-S 58mm 1.4 dead ?

    • Andrzej Lukowiec


    • trickdick

      on arrival. i love nikon..but they failed on this one. Failed!

      • Eric Calabros

        When was the last time you print one of your photos at 40″ wide?
        Smaller than that, %99 of your audience cant realize that sharpness difference everybody is crazy about

        • eric

          so you’d rather pay hundreds of dollars more for the nikon 58, when its probably not as good, because you don’t print large? Sorry, if I liked the 50mm range, I’d buy this every day of the week, and save a bunch of cash.

          • Eric Calabros

            no, if I was in market for 50mm, I would save another $500 and pick nikon 50mm f/1.4. Comparing Slrgear sample images, there is not that dramatic visual difference the internet-hype is claiming. and if I want to pay more attention on bokeh and charactristics, I go for 58 without a doubt

    • Kynikos

      My 58 1.4 is great.
      Sigma looks like another great option… Zeiss… the more choices, the merrier.

    • Michiel953

      Looks like a totally different lens concept. The 58, as I well know, doesn’t strive to provide maximum sharpness. Otus and this one apparently do.

  • Mansgame

    I’ve been called a Sigma hater because of past experiences and think it’s ridiculous for them to charge so much for a 50mm prime lens so here is your chance Sigma Lovers. Drop a grand on a 50mm lens. Show your pride. Pass up a $400 50mm 1.4G and spend $1000 on a sigma.

    • yff

      too right!

    • Phil999

      If the performance is on a par with a $4000 manual focus Zeiss Otus, then the Nikkor which I own, will be replaced with the Sigma, As was my 35mm f/1.4G with the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 which is the sharpest lens I have by far.
      Please carry on hating, it keeps the waiting list down for everyone else.

      • Mansgame

        So are you buying it?

        • eric

          Can’t read huh?

        • Phil999

          I expect I will be, but as I started my comment with the word ‘If’ I assumed it was obvious that it depends on how good it is.
          My experience with the 35mm Sigma and their 18-35 f/1.8 zoom on my D7100 has been so good that I anticipate buying the 50mm.
          I shall go to my local shop when they have it in stock and try it, then decide. I have already asked them to keep one aside for me.

          • Mansgame

            You were just hedging. There is no ifs or buts here. That is the lens at $949 and the data is there. Are you going to buy it?

            • Phil999

              Almost certainly, yes. I never buy anything without testing it first, that would be foolish.
              If the performance is equivalent to that of the superb 35mm f/1.4 ART then the price represents excellent value.

    • Then don’t buy it. Many others will.

      • Mansgame

        Are YOU buying it?

    • Spy Black

      Apparently you’ve never shot with a 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor. Any 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor.

      • Mansgame

        I’ve shot with the G and the D, but not the AI so I guess you’re right.

    • AM I Am

      I concur. Anybody is entitled to do with their money whatever they want to do.
      As for me, I have better options to spend one grand on.

    • hussey

      Nobody buys these because they are sigma lovers. They read about a thousand people getting great real world results, then they view those results, read reviews, go in to compare, then they buy. I’m sure even more would buy if it were labeled Nikon or Canon. I consider this a better deal than a 1.4G at $400 (used at $200, maybe not!).

  • rafakoy

    There is a website claiming the tag price for the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art will be $790.

  • whisky

    a bargain. it costs only as little as the N1 70-300mm VR Cx too. 🙂

  • MB

    Yeah but Nikon just announced brand new 18…something ultra light plastic lens … that will cost about the same as this Sigma …

  • Kim

    From the EXIF info:
    Lens Type – Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L

    What gives?

    • MB

      What image?
      Exif data from the car image above:
      50.0 mm
      ISO 100
      No flash

      • Kim

        Same one,

        • MB

          That’s a bug … what self respective 35mm lens would have 50mm focal length (look just below your mark) …

          • Kim

            The kind that has had it’s exif data edited. Or perhaps it’s a bug [Aperture sometimes reports the incorrect lens info for third party lenses] who knows. Well who ever took the photo does.

            • foorider

              It’s a Canon thing. Lenses must specify a Lens ID, so third-party manufacturers like Sigma and Tamron would simply pick one. In this case, Sigma picked Lens ID 180 which actually belongs to the Canon 35/1.4L. Eventually, software like Aperture, Lightroom (and Flickr) will get updated to check the Lens ID vs focal length. If the Lens ID is 180 and the focal length is 35mm then the lens is conclusively the 35/1.4L. But if Lens ID is 180 and the focal length is 50mm then they will know that the lens is actually a Sigma 50mm.

  • rafakoy

    Thank you Nikon Rumors for deleting my comment for no reason.

  • it was marked as spam probably because of the link attached

  • and the price will not be $790 – it will be in the $900 range

    • Spy Black

      If this lives up to it’s hype, and so far from what I’ve seen I don’t doubt it, this will be spectacular for $900-1000.

  • ulysse

    Thanks but I will keep my original Sigma 50mm 1.4 HSM. Its a steal for the price, construction is beautiful, sharpness, color and “bokeh” are amazing too. For video, a 50mm 1.4 AIS or 1.8E is perfect.

  • Shawn

    Please forgive my ignorance but I am not sure how a $1000+ lens can be worth 2-5 times times the price of a Nikor version? I am sure it is a very nice lens but the pricing seems backwards for Sigma to be charging more (and significantly so) when they have traditionally undercut Nikon etc.

    • kotozafy

      When Sigma announced this lens should not be compared to the Nikkor (i.e. the nikkor is in a lower category). it should be compared to the $4000 Zeiss.

      • Shawn

        Fair enough on that point but I still wonder if you would really notice a whole lot of difference to the cheaper ones in the real world. I am only part way into the review reading and it would seem this lens is sharper in the corners than the cheaper guys but still for most I would think that would not be too much of a real issues for most. As I am currently only a DX shooter I probably would not get the real benefit of this lens anyway as I would be only using the centre portion. I would have to read some more reviews to be convinced I think that it would be a good buy for me.

        • rt-photography

          save your money Shawn. way overpriced.

        • kotozafy

          Those who do fashion/advertizing photography surely see the difference.

          • AM I Am

            Serious fashion and advertising is done with MF. That’s when you truly see the difference.

            • kotozafy

              True, untill now. Some MF shooters have already switched to D800. Otus, Sigma Art, and other future releases, may possibly accelerate the move.

            • AM I Am

              Like who?

            • kotozafy

              I’ve read that in photo blogs and forums.

        • Save your money. Nobody will ever need any quality greater than a Nikon prime. There is no real market for Zeiss, who only cater to rich hipsters. No *real* pro uses a Zeiss because they offer nothing over and above what a standard canon or nikon lens offers.

          • rt-photography


            the nikkor 50 1.4G is fantastic.(maybe a bit slow on the focus, but id take that over sigmas inaccuracy with AF. no one needs to pay that much money for a boring 50mm lens.

            • BBPhoto

              No sorry, the nikkor 50 1.4G really sucks.
              Bought it, tried it, sold it.
              Colors are awful, tons of distortion, bokeh is average.

            • rt-photography

              sorry youre wrong. its ok to be wrong though 😉 just teasing you.

          • zeissomaniac

            I am not sure about that. I love my Zeiss 21mm ZF2 and no Nikon can approach its performance. The micro-contrast, colours and 3d-ness are unmatched. Sure, it is pricey but well worth it.

        • fjfjjj

          The whole deal about the Sigma 50mm Art, like the Zeiss 55mm Otus, is that it’s actually a wide-angle lens with an image circle bigger than the format, which means you end up shooting the sweet spot and getting a “normal” angle of view. As a DX shooter, you can accomplish the same thing by simply using full-frame lenses, so I say the Sigma 50mm Art would not be a good buy for you.

      • guest

        Managed expectations is as good as empirical data.

      • Homeros

        I am sure I will add this to my 50/1.8G and Otus. But I am turned off that one testing site was given an exclusive opportunity to test it before release and gave it a rave, and not very sophisticated (for this quality of lens) review. Clever marketing hype does not help us make good decisions.

        I don’t see it competing with the 50/1.8 for size or portability, or the 58/1.4 for rendering, or the Otus for a different kind of smooth rendering and APO color. I can’t imagine it has the fastest AF in the world. But it does have AF and resolution and hopefully bokeh and should be better than all but the Otus wide open. There clearly is a place for it, and it fills an important gap.

        As I said, I am inclined to buy it. But let’s not get carried away by clever marketing.

  • Chad Hsieh

    Here in aus I can already preorder it for $898 AUD (which I have done myself already).

    Sigma aus prices are lower than US (even after rate conversion) for some reason 35mm f.14 only $748 : )

    So relatively I think the 50mm would be priced somewhere $900-1000 in US.

    • Yes, I already reported that on PhotoRumors. Keep in mind that Camerpro did not have the correct price few weeks ago – it was $1499.

    • hussey

      What does “preorders strongly” mean? That they are getting a lot of preorders?

  • Joseph Li

    Once again sigma is almost proving (pending further reviews) that great lens doesnt have to cost a lot. My sigma 35 got me so many keepers in the past, dropped twice from 5′ and still works great. My Nikkor 50 1.4G is on sale, and so glad I returned the zeiss lenses. Keep them coming Sigma, and welcome to switch out all my nikkors for half the price

  • AM I Am

    Sorry guys but there’s no way this thing will beat Uncle Bob’s new 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 VR.

    • kotozafy

      Sure, that’s what mass market means !

  • Beso

    If this new lens is anything like the 35mm f/1.4 it will be a big hit. What I find most gratifying about Sigma’s efforts ate two-fold: 1) Sigma deliberately chose to address their problems and did so very successfully; and 2) Sigma’s efforts just may kick Nikon in the derriere and they will commit to returning to their former glory in the optics department. Time will tell.

  • Bye bye money.

  • MK

    Bye Bye Nikon Plastic Gold-Ring Primes

    • DuncanM

      Sigmas are plastic too. Well, plastic with other stuffs stirred in, but still plastic.

      • Joven

        people need to stop with this belief that if it’s not metal, then it’s trash.

    • Joven

      The Sigma is plastic, too LMAO!

      • Mostly. But the Sigma build quality is superior.

        • Joven

          You’re one of those who wants his car to be made out sheet metal, too, don’t you?

          • BigEater

            Yes. Hand-hammered over wooden forms by the patient hands of master craftsmen in the Terrazzano frazione of Italy.

          • Not if I have to carry it. Besides, how many AF lenses are made of only metal any more?

    • kotozafy

      I prefer and by far, light, shock-proof plastic to heavy metal. use of plastic IS a serious advance in industry in general.

    • AM I Am

      The last time I checked, the light comes in through the glass, not the plastic or metal.

  • bgbs

    If the focusing is fast I will sell my nikkor 50mm f1.4 right away. Nikkor is good, but slow.

  • Herman Au

    Your move Nikon. Can we please have that 50 f/1.2 update that you owe it to all of us all these years?

  • icslowmo

    Anyone else notice how front focused some of these sample shots are??? hard to judge sharpness on out of focus subjects…..

  • Flying Tanooki

    Competition really benefits consumers 🙂

  • Nayt

    It’s advertised here in Aus for pre-order at $898!!! BARGAIN!

  • Mike Maximus

    Why it will be more expensive than nikon 50mm 1.4? Any reason?

    • Andrzej Lukowiec

      I guess… quality never comes cheap 😉

  • Ian Dangerzone

    Looks like a pretty hot lens. Given the choice I’d take the 58 1.4 Nikkor though simply for the extra creamy bokeh–but frankly I can’t justify the expense for either of these lenses right now. Most of my 50mm stuff is portrait work where ubersharp takes backseat to drawing quality which the trusty and affordable 50mm 1.8G has in spades, and loses little in sharpness, anyway, and even my Kiron 105 kills almost anything else in that department.

    Sharpness is more a priority for nature and landscape stuff.

  • MaximusPhotography

    The 1.4 provides extremely very low DOF, i just cant understand how is this good for portrait photography! In 1.4 you can focus on the eye yet the rest of the face like the nose and ears will be less sharp…

    I use the 1.4 for bokeh, however the 900$ does not justify bokeh for me! as between 1.4 & 1.8 i think the bokeh on the 50mm 1.8 is better…

    Also i don’t know how Simga is beating Nikkor on Nikon cameras in terms of quality.

    Lets see how many lens would be sold… 🙂

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