A new 18-300mm mirrorless lens to be announced with the Nikon 1 J4 camera

Few more new bits of information on the upcoming Nikon 1 J4 mirrorless camera: it will feature LCD touch screen and flash sync speed of 1/60s. A new lightweight (550 g/20 oz) all-plastic 18-300mm lens (with f/6.3 at 300mm) will also be announced.

Correction: the new 18-300mm will be a DX lens.

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  • Hm. This should help Nikon in the “more zoom is better” marketing. Heck, I may get one for my 1 AW1

    • Adrian Gopal

      Yeah.. I have the same question.. is it a DX lens or 1 lens.. if it was a 1 lens.. would this be the cheaper version for the 70-300.. 18 (48.6) – 300 (810)mm.. Though I think it is a DX lens..

    • It should be for CX sensors. If it was DX and mirrorless, which cameras would benefit from such a lens?

      • nch

        Of course it is a DX lens. 550g all plastic f6.3… A CX lens would be lighter.

        • Peter

          “A new … mirrorless lens” – I can´t see any Nikon DX mirrorless body so far…

        • Valerio

          I seriously doubt this is a DX lens: Nikon already has a 18-300 DX lens that’s much heavier (810g).

          The current 70-300 CX lens weight is exactly 550g, so it seems they’are adding wider focal lengths in roughly the same package.

        • Then what DX mirrorless camera will be using this new 18-300mm lens?

          • kotozafy

            (1) there will be a new J4 mirrorless camera (CX)
            (2) A new 18-300mm will be also announced. (CX ? DX ? FX ? we don’t know)

  • Garth Muller

    all-plastic + gravity = f%&$@#! pissed.

    • MyrddinWilt

      Actually the Canon pros tell me that they like their plastic lenses because they bounce rather than break. And in 30 years of using Nikon I have never had any of my lenses wear out regardless of whether they are plastic or ‘pro’. If the lens was carbon fiber folk would be wowed. But guess what ‘carbon fiber’ is mostly – plastic!

      This is obviously a DX lens because of the 18mm lower field of view which is the same 30 degree-ish field of view that they seem to consider the boundary between Wide and Ultra-Wide. It might be technically possible to make a 18-300 FX zoom but not at that weight.

      What will probably upset folk more is the likelihood that this lens has more of the hybrid aspherical elements that Nikon used in the 35 f/1.8 DX. Which essentially means that some of the lenses are part plastic.

      As with a lot of photographic technology, the best technical approach is often hostage to marketing. For example, the main technical difference between a Constant Aperture and a Variable Aperture zoom is that the Constant aperture design is rather simpler and in the early days could be implemented with four groups, a fixed front group, a fixed rear group and two separate moving groups for zoom and focus. The Variable Aperture design is a lot more complicated and changing either focus or zoom requires more groups to move which is a lot more demanding on manufacturing and design.

      My point is that we should judge lenses on the lab results, not the materials or the design type. At the end of the day a 18-300 is not likely to be a stellar performer stacked up against smaller range lenses. But the lens you have with you is always better than the one you left at home.

    • kotozafy

      All metal lenses = heavy weight, heavy damage in case of shock/drop. More use of high quality plastic and carbon fibre whould be more suitable for pro usage.

  • Sebastian

    I sure hope nikons mirrorless APS-C solution happens quickly, because their current vision of DX is narrow to the point of useless.
    Even an all-plastic 24, 21, or 18 mm prime would have been more useful.
    But I fear they have a clear strategy, as disappointing as it is: keep pushing DSLRs for as cheap as possible as long as possible to keep up the sales volume. In particular since over at Canon they do the same.

    • MyrddinWilt

      I don’t think DX mirrorless is likely to be what you hope for. It seems like it is most likely to be a cut price DX camera saving the need for the mirror box and viewfinder.

      What I have not seen evidence of is Nikon delivering the wide primes that the mirrorless format is best for.

  • Rhonbo

    Flash sync speed of 1/60, are we living in 1970 still? That alone is a deal breaker for me. Is there any other current camera system out there that is that slow?

    • MyrddinWilt

      The Nikon J1/V1 has a flash sync of 1/60th when the electronic shutter is used and 1/250th when the mechanical shutter is used. Most likely the J4 is the same.

      Which is really weird because it also supports an electronic shutter up to 1/16,000th. Must be something to do with the electronic shutter being designed for video capture at 60p.

  • Nikon User

    18 – 300 lens for 1 system sounds brilliant.

    But I guess Nikon’s stupid pricing system will screw it up.

    • Pat Mann

      10-300 would be for Nikon 1. But I’m not buying unless it’s f/4. 18 is the base focal length for all APS-C zooms per Nikon’s strategy, so the 18-300 is clearly an APS-C lens.

  • malchick743

    Is that belated April Fools prank? Cuz it sounds like one IMHO…

    • manhattanboy

      A Nikon April Fool’s would be like a D400 leak, etc.
      Producing a lens that is not needed sounds too much like reality.

  • Robin Böckman

    Where is my 10-100 for the AW1? Take my money Nikon!

    • Jeez, at least you have the camera BODY!! Has hardly been in stock for 3-4 months now. I’m tired of waiting and need to move on…what the hell is going on, Nikon?

  • Manvin

    Nikon 1 is great idea for taking out for holiday, unlike heavy DSLR gear.

    • Mansgame

      If you don’t care about quality of a DSLR, you might as well take your camera phone with you.

      • neonspark

        That’s like saying if you don’t buy a 18mpg truck, you may as well buy a moped. seriously, are you high or something?

        • manhattanboy

          He could throw the moped in the back of the truck and take both.

  • Pat Mann

    Having no glass should make for a much lighter lens.

  • Mato34

    It seems that Nikon is replicating focals range from their other systems: first 70-300 FX – CX , now 18-300 DX – CX

    While I find interesting the 70-300 range, the 18-300 sounds awkard to me: 50-800 equiv.?

    • I guess the lens’ range will be equivalent to what 18-300mm is on DX.

      • Matty b

        Yes, I recall NR announced an FX 18-200 would come out but it turned out to be equivalent length only.

  • nwcs

    Nikon sure does love their consumer super zooms. I just don’t think it’s the right approach for all consumers, though. Seems that they think everyone wants a mirror less camera to act like a bridge camera.

    • neonspark

      plus this lens will be huge. nikon needs to cut the crap with these huge lenses. if you buy mirrorless you’re buying size savings. what does nikon do: freaking huge ass zooms.

  • primal

    fast 35mm equiv prime please!!!

    • Nikon User

      May be using 10mm f2.8 pancake lens?

      • primal

        that’s 27mm equiv and f2.8 is not really fast enough (for me)

        • manhattanboy

          The 27 2.8 CX is actually really nice. Pick one up refurbished if you can on the cheap. In bright sun, the pics are great.

          • primal

            I already have one. Too wide for most situations (for me) I have the 18.5 too. Love that lens. Now I just need the 12.96mm f/2 and i’ll be all set 🙂

  • stoooopid

    I have been shooting with J1 and V1 for almost 2 years. It is lighter option than carrying my D7000. I am on the verge of selling all of my Nikon 1 gear. I just can’t live with the really bad high ISO performance. My cell phone does better. I was waiting for the test results from V3 to see if it is getting any closer in IQ to some other mirrorless systems. But it looks like from initial results it isn’t any better. Sorry Nikon, you just can’t make this 1″ sensor perform well. I will be switching to a different mirrorless system. But keeping my D7000 – that is a brilliant piece of engineering magic.

    • Can’t disagree with you. I also HAD a V1 and was disappointed with image performance, so I sold it waiting for something better from Nikon. Really liked the concept of the Nikon 1 and being able to use existing Nikon glass, but I don’t think I am going for the V3 or the J4. And the J3 can hardly be found in the U.S., even if I wanted one! Very frustrating, Nikon.

      Now off I go looking for a good sub-$1,000 mirrorless…at least I have lots of options!

      • stoooopid

        update: sold all of my 1 system gear. I am pre-ordered for the new Sony A6000 on Amazon.

        • After hours of research I am going with the Sony a6000 as well. Some very good options out there but this one had a lot of the performance features, incl. APS-C sensor. Thinking the ISO performance should be similar to the D7100.

          • stoooopid

            yup, I am up in the air between the A6000 and the Fuji x-t1. Both seem very good. X-T1 is quite a bit more expensive, and maybe slightly larger with the kit lens (which is supposed to be extremely good and faster than most kit lenses). But I am still pre-ordered for A6000, for the moment. Also, considering the X100s, but non-interchangeable lenses is making me hold off on that one. But on the plus side for X100s, there is no way to get any body + a lens as good as the X100s for anwhere near the cost of the X100s. Lots of options – way too many for me to waste my time with something with low IQ like the the Nikon 1 series.

  • Thumpr455

    Thrilling… Meanwhile, my new Fuji x-e2 arrives tomorrow!

  • neonspark

    meh, instead of releasing something new which we don’t already have, why not release a 50 f/1.2 equivalent or a tilt shift. These boring freaking zooms aren’t going to make the 1 sell more nikon. you’ve tried this and failed. now try again with bigger longer lenses? won’t work.

  • Correction: the new 18-300mm will be a DX lens.

  • Pc

    Oh joy!! Another DX superzoom!! I’ve been soooo waiting for this!! ….sigh…

  • Anthony Papagallo

    The Nikon 1 will kill nikon eventually, so much money expended on such unmitigated garbage, an FX sensor in a small form factor ‘like’ the 1 series with interchangeable lens would have been a killer combo, have fun going bust Nikon.

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