A short piece on the already officially discontinued Nikon D4 camera

Two years and three months after the official announcement, the Nikon D4 camera is now officially listed as discontinued on Nikon Japan website:

Few D4 cameras are still available on Amazon.

Here is a short piece on the Nikon D4 written by a reader (ww.facebook.com/VillagerJim):

Deers At Chatsworth - Peaky Views Range
After the Walk- Labradorable Range

Have read your pages avidly every day for last 2 years, especially on the days and months before the launch of the iconic Nikon D4 camera (man that wait was excruciating and I was only able to survive it by reading the daily snippets of news from Nikon Rumors). I thought it's time if I may to put pen to paper from here in the UK and let you know my thoughts after owning a D4 for a year or more. I am lucky enough to also own a D800 and a Fujifilm X100S, both of which are fantastic cameras, but for me above all lies the quiet king of the all – the D4.

Dawn Pheasant
I enjoy with a passion wildlife photography, which of course, like sports photography requires at certain times the quickness and speed of reaction that cameras like this simply move away into a league of their own above the snapping and snarling frenzy of the mid range pack. But this short piece isn’t about those moments. This is about those other moments that other cameras can attain but somehow the D4 does without you or the camera taking a moment to think. I have owned 2 Leica M9s, both of which I sold after trying so very hard to settle down into the world of the thoughtful and the structured, sometimes being in love with this special skill, sometimes driven crazy when so many shots went amiss because of lack of skill on my part of grabbing the moment. So many times I ended up just welling up with frustration over weeks and weeks of hard graft trying to calm myself and see this new world of photography where thought and composure fought against my constant need of seizing the moment.

Napping Tawny -  Animalicious Range
Little Owl On Post -  Animalicious Range
So to get to the point my D4…. My D4 is simply the best camera in the world today, my D4 is by my side in 99 out of 100 situations, so strong is the need to have it with me, my D4 is simply a mechanical extension of my arm like no other. My D4 just is. And just does. I can find no better description than from a review I read someplace whilst waiting those painful months until release date, and it simply said IT JUST DOES. That for me after owning one for a year cannot describe any better the true genius of this camera, for me allowing all those ‘ thoughtful’ and ‘composed’ shots to be done, but just in a millisecond.

Round Robin! - Funtastic Animal Range
The odd thing is I hardly use any of the things that are on the camera, having never once opened or used any of the connections or function this thing has, for me its simply the raw power (or maybe power of raw in this case!) that stands head and shoulders above any other camera on earth for my money.

Thank you D4 for letting me just DO!


I am out in the wonderful Peak District countryside in the UK every single morning of my life and would ask anyone to follow my daily adventures on my Facebook a page I set up only 12 weeks ago and gained a jaw dropping 8600 followers, the page is at www.facebook.com/villagerjim.

Loving Swans -  Animalicious Range
Mousepot - Funtastic Animal Range Supper With Starlings -  Animalicious Range - Springwatch competition winner
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  • KT

    Top notch pictures, can’t say more

  • Ew

    Amazing pictures even if your relationship with the camera makes me want to barf in a sappy sort of way..;)

  • jake

    Is RAW power lives on inside the Df. I love mine..

    • lord eels

      lol. no.

      the DF is a fashion accessory and the sensor is just spec. jewelry. It has a low light sensor, without the lowlight AF. I’m sorry but that’s a joke.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        As old as I am (pretty old) I still don’t understand why people feel the need to ridicule other people and/or their choices. Were you made fun of as a child? Did your parents not love you? Were you embarrassed to shower after gym class?

        • groucher

          Please don’t feed the troll.

        • lord eels

          don’t take things so personally, jake lied, I corrected with facts. deal with it.

          • Patrick O’Connor

            The Df doesn’t shoot RAW? He doesn’t love his Df?

            adjective – having an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

            arrogance noun
            arrogantly adverb

            Middle English: via Old French from Latin arrogare (see arrogate).

            • lord eels

              he wasn’t talking about NEF, he was referring to the sensor of the d4, being it’s “RAW power”.


            • Patrick O’Connor

              From everything I’ve read, the Df’s sensor is pretty much or exactly the same as the D4 and/or D4s. Maybe you know something that nobody else does? In any case, nothing he said is a lie. Maybe an opinion but NOT a lie. Admit it, you’ve succumbed to the bravado that comes from internet anonymity. I don’t think you would have made your original comment if we were all talking face to face. Not that you’d be afraid…just more polite.

            • lord eels

              shut your mouth, numbskull

            • Patrick O’Connor

              I wasn’t talking, I was writing.

            • Patrick O’Connor

              From everything I’ve read, the Df’s sensor is pretty much or exactly the same as the D4 and/or D4s. Maybe you know something that nobody else does? In any case, nothing he said is a lie. Maybe an opinion but NOT a lie. Admit it, you’ve succumbed to the bravado that comes from internet anonymity. I don’t think you would have made your original comment if we were all talking face to face. Not that you’d be afraid…just more polite.

            • jake

              I was talking about NEF.

            • lord eels


          • jake

            How did lie. Its RAW files are beautiful to work with.

            • lord eels


      • jake

        I manual focus on most occasions.

        • lord eels


          • Patrick O’Connor

            I can’t imagine you’re a lord, named eels; lord of the eels; or that your name is “lord eels.”

      • osynlig fog

        How stupid and arrogant are you? Do you think that the Df’s intended market cares about autofocus? (btwThe Df autofocus smokes any mirror less camera). I only use manual lenses in manual mode. There is a group of photographers that don’t like point and shoot photography. The Df, like the FM3a or Leica, is for us.

  • Ernesto Quintero

    What an eye for composition. Great images.

  • desmo

    Great pics, especially the Lab

  • mikeswitz

    I’m kind of liking the mouse and am now following him on facebook.

    • Mouse picture is full to the brim with WIN. Love it. Perfect moment captured forever… Wish I didn’t live in Tokyo, sometimes.

  • David Seguin

    The exif show that the last shot are from D3 and D3S. Not top to illustrate an “in love relationship” with D4. By the way good composition and realisation. Demonstrate that the camera is just a vector of the photographer mind. Your statment about “an extention of me” remind my words about my first nikon, a bridge camera, that I use to shoot even without looking a the screen. My 4 years old son give it a second life lately, and in less than 6 month playing with it manage to take his first picture (so sorry that it sucks 6 LR6 batteries in less than 1 hour)

    • Dde

      good catch, not sure why you took the time to check.

      After all that, I feel kinda ripped off for reading that love story.

  • Spy Black

    Really wonderful stuff. You’re a great shooter and you have a wonderful environment to shoot in to boot. Very lovely.

  • PC

    Fun fact. Only 2 of the 8 images in this post were taken with a D4. The rest are taken with D3, D3s, and D800.

    • Nikon-Shooter

      Only 3 of the 13 images … 😉

      • PC

        Ha, missed a few.

    • Q

      I feel so cheated, if this is true the. This article is a fraud and feel that the author got too excited.

  • yrsued

    The D4 might be discontinued now, but for me, it’s a very useful tool.

    I’m working on new settings for Outdoor Sports for JPG, My deadlines are getting tighter and RAW might not be my choice for Sports anymore

  • blunty

    So long, D4.

    • Dude, the S/H D4 market is ALIIIIIIIIVE. Just bought another one because for less than a D810 new, you cannot seriously go wrong.

  • KnightPhoto

    Long live the King 😉

  • Arun


  • Nikon-Shooter

    What a waste of resources :-/ The D4s makes nothing much better (-> http://photographylife.com/nikon-d4s-vs-d4-high-iso-comparison) and a exchangeable sensor with his Expeed electronics will be a much more sustainable solution.

    Shame on you Nikon :-/

    • Zoot

      The link takes one directly to a very interesting blog. The extensive discussion which develops on the comments section, and most especially between Nasim Mansurov and Brad Hill, is fascinating. Some readers might not fully agree with an assessment that “The D4s makes nothing much better…” after this.

      To anyone considering upgrading from a D3s or a D4 to a D4s, I would recommend reading through the whole thread. It’s never going to be definitive, but there are some very perceptive insights in there, in my opinion.

      • Patrick O’Connor

        If the only thing you see in the D4s is high Iso performance, there’s not much to recommend upgrading to the D4s from D3s or D4. However, If you shoot wildlife or sports, I think the Group AF mode could easily justify it.

      • lord eels

        the d4s is better than the d4. no question. but I’d rather keep banging on my proven d4 cameras while prepping for d5 in August of 2016. See if you thought a d4s was expensive, imagine needing to buy 3. can you say business risk? lol. I fund my own gear like most folks, maybe I should start teaching exposure to the canon rebel crowd for extra cash!!!!

    • Patrick O’Connor

      I tried to down-vote but I guess everyone’s a winner these days!? See my reply to Zoot (below) for my reasoning.

    • OnTheRopes

      Yeh that’s right and it hasn’t even got a pop-up flash

      • OffTheRopes

        And no built-in WiFi, which is really ridiculous :-/

        • Manvin

          count your self as lucky: you can’t upgrade internal component, having external wifi adapter is far much better option.

          • OffTheRopes

            Yeah for another $700,- bucks … ridiculous :-/

            • Manvin

              yeah i feel your pain – their pricing is very silly

      • Manvin

        you really don’t need pop-up flash system on high end bodies. use external flash for better result.

        • OnTheRopes

          It was meant as a tongue in cheek jibe at Nikon Shooters whinge

  • TeaBreak

    For once I don’t comment on this old chunky cam … .Just enjoy your great pics ! 😉
    Kudos to you!

  • Paul

    is this guy british royalty or some Duke? psuedonym and buying every expensive camera

  • Manvin

    I’m tired to upgrade newer model just for increment improvement, I rather to master my skills to be better photographer there is huge learning curve that’s much more fun then looking at the specification.

    – Film is so much better – NO MP Race, NO Photoshop!!

    – Digital drive me mad these days (laugh)

    • TheOne

      Everyone I know that shoots film uses photoshop.

      • Manvin

        some do and some don’t as well….

    • Ee

      there are still different film formats. So you plan on a 110 camera? Or perhaps sticking with 35mm? or, wait…medium format and a nice $30k kit….

      Oh, yeah now you need to make more prints too

      • Manvin

        Not bad as you think – I’m thinking to buy used film 35mm or 120/220 medium format, if you are lucky you can grab a good deal over eBay.

      • Joseph

        $30k kit for medium format? Are you daft?
        A run-of-the-mill Hasselblad and 80mm runs for under $1k these days. A complete Pentax 67 kit with 3 lenses can be found for under $2k all day. For the exotic, a Linhof 6×9 and lenses will be $1-3k depending.

        • Ee

          I was being a tad sarcastic…but also not referring to just the camera.

          I cannot get those items for the prices you describe..just a little more 😉

  • Serpiente

    You would not be able to make the same ‘static around the house shots’ with a D7000 or D7100 (or maybe a D5200)? The photo of the Athene noctua might be the only one.. But it is great to have the best gear 🙂

  • Dino

    Not much differences between D4 and D4s according to this review :


  • A little strange, an article about the D4 and only two of the accompanied photo’s are shot with it?

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