Weekly Nikon news flash #256

→ Samsung announced a new mirrorless camera system with 1" sensor (just like the Nikon 1).


→ New book: Nikon Df Experience.

DxO Optics Pro v9.0.1

→ DxO Optics Pro v9.1.4 released with Nikon D4s support.

Nikon-logo India flag

→ Nikon expects 20% growth in the DSLR camera segment in India. This year Nikon has 55% of the DSLR market share in that country.

Nikon neck strap with indian hand-beadwork from the Navajo reservation in Utah.

→ Mick Rock and the Nikon Df:

→ Nikon 1 V3 - behind the scenes with Davis Bell:

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  • I love mine, but I wonder if this is a good ambassador for the Df?

    Aged rockers carry a certain stigma.

    • mikeswitz

      What stigma except for being aged.

    • Rafa R

      He’s great! Great photographs! What stigma?

    • Spy Black

      Met him once, along with Tony Visconti. We had a bite across the street from CB’s after a show by Kristeen Young, then Visconti’s muse (and a friend of a friend, which is how I wound up in this group).

      All this guy did was ignore all the guys, talk to the girls and kept reminiscing to Visconti about so-and-so time when such-and-such happened. Visconti just yes’d him along and continued to eat.

      Can’t say I was impressed with his attitude. He’s got some great pics however.

      • mikeswitz

        You sayin’ he’d rather get get laid than talking to a bunch of stiffs. You know, I just can’t understand that attitude.

        • Spy Black

          Except not one of those girls would touch him with a 10-foot pole. You had to be there, I suppose.

          • mikeswitz

            “You had to be there, I suppose.” Wish I had been.

    • One More Thought

      Aged iconic rockers carry an image that is very cool. No stigma at all…only marketing coolness.

    • AM I Am

      Hmmm… perhaps it has to do with all this retro thing around the Df.
      You have a camera that looks like a camera from the 70’s, so then you put the man who shot the 70’s, and there you have it.
      I sincerely think that Mick Rock won’t help increase the sales of Df’s, but won’t hurt them either. So, at the end of the day, Nikon could have saved that money, reduce their marketing costs, and give better pricing on their products.

      • That’s pretty much what I meant by my comment.

        Nothing against Mick Rock nor the Df, but it would seem that the message is narrowing the demographic too much. Next video, someone young and trendy?

        • AM I Am

          Well, Ashton Kutcher didn’t help the Nikon 1 either.

          • Match point sir, well said.

            • Spy Black

              Daenerys Targaryen would sell.

  • Nikon fan 1

    From what i heard, Nikon has the best customer service in India among China, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan.

    • sdr

      In my experience (I am from India) Nikon does have the best service in India and a good network of dealers. In India camera sells are still mostly from brick-and-morter stores. So having a good network helps them.

    • umeshrw

      Very true. But it has become better since recently as service centers are aware of canon threat. Unlike nikon itself.But sadly even then almost every photographer I come across in mumbai has either shifted to canon or is contemplating to. It is becoming a snowballing effect which is escalated by canon hype and nikon indifference towards customers. Canon service is also good and canon marketing and promotions are very good. Can you imagine , inspite of being such a huge market nikon never gave lens rebates or combo offers until just 3 months back? Those too are only for 2 or 3 lenses and those are not exotic lenses. Also the official nikon price of equipment at the time of discontinuation is the same as at the time of launch. The dealers (brick and mortor shops) reduce the prices later. Or increase if there is no inventory.

  • zoetmb

    I really don’t think most of you understand how marketing works. It’s not about one ad or one TV spot. It’s about a cumulation of impressions and a perception of a brand. IMO, this piece works because it plays both ends of the equation: those who have nostalgia for shooting with old Nikon film cameras (I was also a Nikkormat shooter in the 70s) and those who either think of themselves as hip or want to think of themselves as hip. So even younger people who either already shoot or want to shoot the equivalent of the NYC club scene can potentially relate to this (people who mainly take pictures of their cat probably won’t).

    When you see a car ad and the guy driving the car gets the girl, no one believes that literally, but it leaves an impression of the brand that the car is impressive or stylish or fashionable or better than your neighbor’s car or whatever. That’s the purpose of advertising: it’s not about selling you a car if you don’t need or want one – it’s about selling you a lifestyle and a brand choice – it’s about appealing to your ego. Based on seeing this, which is the hipper brand – Nikon or Canon? If this were a TV ad (which it’s obviously not) and I were Canon, I’d counter it with a similar spot, but about a sports photographer.

    Notice in this video there is not one mention of technical specs. It’s not about that. IMO, this is a great piece that will appeal to many people – both those who prowl the clubs today and shoot with their smartphones and those who haven’t stepped inside a club in 30 years. And this guy has taken some great, great classic rock & roll images, something that unfortunately has become less important in this age of digital music without packaging, but not less appealing when you see the images. Even if a person has never done anything like that, in their heads, they may want to have done that and if they buy such a camera, it ties them to that scene psychologically (if not in reality), just as dads who shoot their kids playing sports think of themselves as sports photographers, especially if they’re shooting with long lenses, etc.

    My only criticism is that no model can replicate the look of Debby Harry. I met Harry when I was producing a syndicated radio show in the late 70s and all I can say is that even aside from her carefully cultivated look, her perfect fair skin, large eyes and the most perfect legs I’ve ever seen left us all absolutely speechless.

    I think Nikon should produce 12 pieces like this a year: one per month each featuring a different photographer and a completely different type of photography. It doesn’t all have to be about the nostalgia of shooting with a film camera – it can target younger photographers who want to be “different”. IMO, it would help Nikon give the impression that it has regained its soul, even if that’s not the reality and probably won’t be until there’s a house cleaning of management in Japan.

  • nwcs

    20% growth in India? I don’t think they’ll achieve that. They keep hoping for these emerging markets but they haven’t panned out yet.

  • Mick Rock’s photographs prove that if you’re chasing pixels, you’re chasing the wrong thing.

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