Nikon USA will fix the dust/oil issue in all D600 cameras for free (even if out of warranty)

Who said class action lawsuits do not work? Just few hours after I reported that the first D600 class action lawsuit was filed in California federal court, Nikon USA published a new technical service advisory where they announced a free cleaning and free shutter replacement for all D600 owners, even those with expired warranty. You can send your camera even if you do not have a problem. To schedule your service, go to this website. My only concern is that this advisory is valid only for the US, hopefully other Nikon subsidiaries will follow. Update: Nikon Japan, Nikon ChinaNikon Canada and other subsidiaries have also issued similar service advisories - this is global fix.

New Nikon D600 cameras are still available on Amazon for slightly over $1,500. Check also the refurbished D600 prices on eBay.

Here is the full text of the service advisory:

Technical Service Advisory for Users of the Nikon D600 Digital SLR Camera

Affected Products:
Nikon D600 Digital SLR Cameras

Some users of Nikon’s D600 D-SLR camera have reported the appearance of tiny spots on certain of their images. Not all users have experienced this issue. Nikon has thoroughly evaluated these reports and has determined that these spots are caused by dust particles which may become visible when the camera is used in certain circumstances and/or with certain settings. It is a well-known fact that the presence of dust particles cannot be completely avoided when using a D-SLR camera even after normal sensor cleaning procedures, because of a number of factors including components moving at high speeds when images are taken, the use of interchangeable lenses, and the different environments in which a D-SLR camera may be used. As part of its customer-service commitment, Nikon is providing a customer-service measure to reduce the potential impact of dust particles on images taken by its D600 D-SLR cameras.

The solution: Nikon is making available to all owners of D600 cameras (even if Nikon’s product warranty has expired) this customer-service measure, which includes the inspection, cleaning and replacement of the shutter assembly and related parts of your camera, FREE OF CHARGE as well as the cost of shipping D600 cameras to Nikon and their return to customers. Once again, please understand that regardless of this service, your D600 camera as is the case with all D-SLR cameras, will continue to require normal periodic sensor cleanings.

To have your D600 camera serviced free of charge please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Schedule Free Service link below.
  2. On the following pages, you will need to provide the serial number of your D600 camera and your contact information.
  3. Then, you will be prompted to create and print your Pre-paid UPS Return label and packing slip.
  4. In shipping, please secure the D600 camera in a plastic bag inside the shipping box with several inches of quality packing material on all sides of the D600 camera. Please send your D600 camera and packing slip only. Do not include any lenses, batteries, memory cards or other accessories. Please do not ship in the original display box (It will not be returned)
  5. Drop the shipping box off at any UPS facility. (Visit for hours and locations.) You may also arrange to have your shipment collected by a UPS driver.

Nikon will notify you by email when your D600 has been received at Nikon’s repair center. Nikon will notify you by email when the service is complete and ship your D600 back to you free of charge via UPS Ground.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. Nikon remains committed to providing only the highest quality cameras and components, and we hope that you will continue to choose Nikon for your photography needs.

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  • broxibear

    D600 bodies still available in the UK for £1199
    The D610 sell here for £1399…not that much of a difference.
    This sounds more of a legal move to protect themselves if and when there is any court case…just give D600 owners a D4s and 58mm f/1.8G and be done with it Nikon, lol.
    At least something is happening for D600 owners.

  • So the big question here is whether Nikon learned anything from this. Imagine if they had simply done this 18 months ago.

  • FredBear

    No Nikon Advisory in South Africa thus far, so I asked.
    They will “replace the shutter only as a ‘precautionary measure’ “.
    Wonder what shutter they will use ….

    Not forgetting thanks to Peter for this (news and ‘pressure’). 🙂

  • nwcs

    Imagine the goodwill Nikon could have created if they had this stance when the camera’s defect was first identified… Who knows? Maybe it would have kept some customers on board who left or drawn customers who appreciate a company doing the right thing. We’ll never know.

    But at least they came to the right decision in the end, even if their hand was forced.

    • and they did not have to release the D610

      • Aldo

        my d600 had the shuttered replaced and the problem didn’t go away after that (although it diminished). There is something else going on there. My guess is that stuffing the d7k body with that ff sensor had unforeseen design flaws that were fixed in the d610.

        • Last Mohican

          Bingo. And the problem is that after one year we still have to guess!

          • Aldo

            I agree with the admin… Nikon is doing the right thing and we have to be thankful for it, but it still bothers me that they won’t admit ALL cameras have the issue. The fact that some owners don’t report it, don’t see it, don’t care is something entirely different.

            • neversink

              I agree, but it is sad they waited until they felt pressured by a pending lawsuit to do the right thing.

    • Last Mohican

      Nikon took a step toward redemption … But what about confession? It’s not the buyer’s sin, after all.

      • nwcs

        True but given Nikon’s anti-customer support stance in recent years you take what you get.

  • Jas

    I have bought a D600 in the first week it was availible in Slovakia for around 2000 €. Problems with spots apeared, had them cleaned, they apeared again. So after one year i decided to send it to a Nikon center, thats located in the Czech republic. It took them about a month to replace the shutter (parts that were used for the repair are – shutter plate unit and 8 pieces of a double stick plate). The click count was about the same like before the repair and the camera was clean as i recieved it. Shortly after around 3000 clicks the spots apeared again. So it leaves me wondering if the repair the offer will solve the problem for real.

    What should i do? Im planing to send it to the Nikon Center again, but i dont need a new shutter again. The solution would be to get my money back, or to get a diferent model of camera. But how should i achieve this? Any ideas? Anyone who has already done this somehow? Let me know folks..

    • Jas

      it should be “double stick tape”, not plate.

    • neversink

      Start a class-action lawsuit in the Czech Republic.

  • Degsy

    Nikon seem to be in denial still,since they say it is dust and no mention of oil causing the contamination.

  • whisky

    a careful reading of the advisory suggests rather than accepting responsibility for faulty components or design, nikon still insists user expectations were to blame:

    “…. It is a well-known fact that the presence of dust particles cannot be completely avoided when using a D-SLR camera even after normal sensor cleaning procedures, because of a number of factors including components moving at high speeds when images are taken, the use of interchangeable lenses, and the different environments in which a D-SLR camera may be used …. Once again, please understand that regardless of this service, your D600 camera as is the case with all D-SLR cameras, will continue to require normal periodic sensor cleanings.”

    one wonders whether this was a move to save face, blame the echo chamber effect on the web, limit further liabilities, or all of the above? in any event, this advisory should placate most of the symptoms, if not the cause.

    • Last Mohican

      All of the above.

  • Mike Maximus

    What about the oil spot /dust in the nikon D610? I have it on d610 and much more than 60 oil spots in less than 2 months use and less than 1600 clicks

  • Mike Maximus

    Thanks for the publisher I totally believe that crying in forms does not solve your problem, the right way to going against the company legally and everytime this makes you reach your target. Now I’m going to file case on nikon for the Oil spots on my Nikon D610.

  • NikonMan

    Does anyone know if Canadians will get the same option? Thanks.

    • yes, there is link in my post to the Canadian page

  • some.guy from.texas

    Going to take a wait and see attitude with this one although I am glad Nikon stepped up.

    My D600 w 322 actuations has spotting in the upper left corner of the image as is the pattern so it is one of the affected units but, having picked it up at a good price and being very happy with the output [but for the spots, obviously], I think feedback from those who send in their cameras for repairs will be the true barometer. So post up, folks, let us now how this turns out for you.

  • Paul

    Hello All,
    I just pulled the trigger to buy a refurbished one from Henry Camera in Canada for $1350… I can live with this 🙂 Thanks NR.

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    And what we poor DX oily D7100 owners should do to be treated like that?

  • John_Skinner

    What about all the poor buggers that got caught up in this upon it’s release? Are they being re-compensated?

    • Last Mohican

      They’ll receive the Nikon sensor cleaning expert badge and a free cleaning set with loupe.

  • Radu

    Nikon should have done this long ago without being threaten with lawsuits..That’s why I bought the D610

  • Imperious Images

    Thanks for sharing admin. This is great news.

  • Nikon?

    Only in US? How about others region? Just because there are no lawsuite there?

  • Spy Black

    The D600 just became the “it” camera to have LOL!

    • AM

      It will be The Legendary D600 in the coming years.

  • Luke White

    What’s the turn around time on the repairs? I’d guess it’s fairly long. Anyone have any experience?

  • Jessy Miles

    Hi Folks,

    Good news from France too. Nikon France has given a statement, almost similar. The people with D600 problems just have to turn it in to their nearest Nikon Repair Center:

  • Celtic

    It may be a good thing, for those who hung onto their cameras, but for those of us who had to dump the things as unusable, and at a considerable loss, this is definitely NOT the best time. Nikon should have done this in the weeks following the discovery of the problem so that Nikon repair facilities could have taken the problem seriously, instead of sending back “repaired” cameras (meaning a simple cleaning of the sensor) that malfunctioned just as badly as before. I’ve seen layered pictures of spotting sensors, but my D600 spotted so badly that it was unusable, and I had to let it sit on my desk. To add insult to injury, so-called photography experts, through comments and their web pages were declaring that there was no problem, or pontificated that Nikon, true to the way they always do business, would ignore the problem and never make fixes. If these so-called experts had honestly investigated the problem and jumped on Nikon to get the spot problem fixed, the company might have been forced to make a move to correct the problem then, instead of now when it is to late for many of us. I now have no recourse even in the courts since my purchase records have long since been expunged or were sent with the D600 I felt I had to sell.

    • Jessy Miles

      alas. Sad but true. This is unfortunately the case with a lot of Consumer Electronics products. Regarding so-called experts, many of them are just biased, merely PR-agents who write what they’re told to, without any real insight.

      • Celtic

        Also, some are stubborn and opinionated, with the belief that since they know all, and since they are experiencing no problem with their camera, no one else could be having the problem. I’ve since tuned these types out.

  • gimar bazat

    That’s what a real company who respects its customer does.

  • Carlos N Mendes

    Nikon Brasil is scheduling users to the D600 dust problem free fixing. I already put mine in line.

  • Tomas Jensen

    Nikon Denmark is also cleaning for free now :O)


  • Harry

    lol, they already have on mine and a lot of others. 1500 shots at high speed is all it took to make it come back again. This is just their way to work around the lawsuit… let is lose steam.

  • RM

    I had sent my D600 in for service in December 2013 prior to warranty expiring and it is now showing the same spots all over again. Nikon had replaced the shutter and cleaned the camera then. It looked great for a while… was very happy to see this news, but then I just got this (excerpt) in an email from NIKON service:

    “The customer-service measure mentioned in this Advisory has already been performed on your D600 camera, serial number 303XXXX, which included the inspection, cleaning and replacement of the shutter assembly and related parts of your camera, during your camera’s recent service. In these circumstances, your D600 camera, serial number 303XXXX, is not affected by this Advisory, and it is not necessary for you to send this D600 camera to Nikon for this service.”

    Since I have already had this extensive service it seems that there really isn’t a true fix for the sensor dust/oil problem…

    • Last Mohican

      Just shows the problem with Nikon once more: they have never admitted any fault, not even in their latest advisory, and they feel they are in a position to decide what’s right for their customers. They will need to be dragged to court to spit out the truth: flawed design of the D600. A problem they seem incapable of handling without aid from a judge.

    • igchy

      The same here. I had the shutter mechanism replaced in early December 2013, also had my camera in service 2 times before that. And I definitely see black spots in a left upper corner again after shutter mechanism replacement. I’m going to bring my camera to service myself tomorrow (not sending it in), see what they have to say about it. 3050XXX here.

    • Mansgame

      That is why this measure is too little too late. It would have been a good first step when the problem first surfaced, but now anything short of a D610 is laughable.

  • KRamos

    I just received the e-mail advisory telling me not to send my camera, since it already had the shutter mechanism replaced and is considered fixed. Well, what the message didn’t mention is that my camera had the shutter mechanism replaced three times already in the last year and it’s already on its way back to Nikon to fix again. This time I asked them to replace it, since the spots on the top left side of the image are still showing even with the previous repairs. The customer service rep. was very apologetic when I called last week and promised to elevate my case.

    • Celtic

      Just wish I had been as persistent. I learned a lot from this affair, but it was a very expensive lesson.

  • Global

    Sweet! I wonder when they are going to do the same for the crippled Df and fix its video…. (Sorry, had to do it.. :-D).

  • MB

    This actually makes D600 best buy camera currently available 🙂

  • Last Mohican

    In light of Nikon’s e-mails it might not be the best idea to buy refurbished D600 cameras, if “refurbished” means that the shutter has already been replaced and the serial number is on the no-go blacklist…

  • Guest

    I wonder how long it would take for a cleaning? It normally takes 4-6 weeks before they start looking at your camera here in Canada.

  • D700guy

    Why then dont they extend the same courtesy to D800 owners. We had the same issue along with a left focus problem

  • Dude.KL

    Too little, Too late….They should’ve made this announcement when the camera was still in production.

  • FranklinChen

    What about Nikon EU? I have D600 with this problem as well.

  • Realistic

    Nikon’s decision has very little to do with a class action suit (and which was limited to US consumers only.) This sort of recall takes a long time to put into place (there is a ton of logistics to deal with) and was no doubt being discussed by Nikon a long time ago. Class action suits may sometimes help in respect to overall public perception, but corporations already have a their in-house legal teams budgeted to handle these sorts of issues. Any corporation prefers to always have the ball in their court and not have an arbitrating judge make any sort of decision for them (as in a class action suit.) All corporations sit around in committee for a long time figuring out the best plan of action. And that can take a long time. And all corporations sit around figuring remedial costs versus the cost of public perception since all corporations are concerned with profits. This is nothing out of the ordinary and Nikon simply came to a decision that works for them and hopefully for their customers.

  • d800 Forever

    I can’t help but think that Nikon could have sold the boat load of refurbished D600’s for more money if they would have announced this deal last year. That makes me believe that the impending class action law suit was the impetus for this announcement. Or perhaps Nikon has finally come to their senses and realized treating their customers right is a good business decision.

  • Zeke zeke

    Too late. I will join the lawsuit instead.

  • Tom

    Great! Now how about a fix for the D800 too!? Guess it would take another lawsuit for that to happen!? Customer service … ha,ha,ha.

  • prairiewinters

    No doubt Nikon is doing the right thing and I went ahead and sent my camera in. I wasn’t currently having any of the issues but I also had hardly used the camera in the last 15 months. Now I just hope that the execution of this service work is done in a quality manner and owners can look forward to years of using this camera. For Nikon’s sake and corporate image, they need to make sure this happens and don’t create additional PR problems

  • michael

    Nikon hasn’t acepted the oil problem… just says its normal that sensors get dirty…

  • Benno

    Just sent of an enquiry to Nikon Australia about this fix here in OZ after cleaning my sensor AGAIN…..There is a heading in the service area, but directs you to log in/sign up and ask a question. Certainly not making it easy.
    Will post when I get a reply for us Australians with a D600.

  • Benno

    Nikon Australia (Asia) is also on board. This is the reply I got less than 1 hr of emailing them. If past performance is anything to go by, if you drop off the camera at a service centre, you will have it back within a week.

    “The solution
    As a first step, please follow the
    guidance from the User’s Manual (The Low-Pass Filter section) related to
    the “Clean Image Sensor” function and manual cleaning using a blower.
    If these measures do not remove all dust particles and you are still
    experiencing problems, then please consult your nearest Nikon service center.
    They will service your camera, including the inspection, cleaning, and
    replacement of the shutter and related parts. You will not be charged
    for this service, and Nikon will pay all shipping costs, both to and
    from the Nikon service center.

    Requesting service
    For further inquiries pertaining to requests for servicing of the camera, please contact your nearest Nikon service center for further assistance.

    sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.
    Nikon remains committed to providing only the highest quality cameras
    and components, and we hope that you will continue to choose Nikon for
    your photography needs.

  • Kenny Ng

    Not for Malaysia 🙁

  • The Vole

    >We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience
    The need to change sincerely -> grudgingly.

  • American X

    Hope the greedy lawyers won’t make money now that Nikon cut them off at the pass

  • sperdynamite

    So the question I have, is if I haven’t experienced the dust problem, do I send my camera in? I don’t see any dust on my sensor when I look at it with the naked eye, nor do I see it in pictures. But if they’re doing a complete shutter replacement that might be worth it…

  • Sylvain Larive

    Let’s be honest here. Yes Nikon took a long time to acknowledge and fix the problem, but they did it and for that I give them credit. Every corporation will fight to prevent hurting their bottom line due to a manufacturing problem. Wake up and smell the roses if you think otherwise. Fact is Nikon values its image (pun intended) more than you guys are willing to give credit for, but this must have been a tough corporate decision to take. Very few companies in this day and age would have issued a worldwide recall for a NON-SAFETY related issue. Heck, Toyota, a very reputable car make I would say, took its sweet time to recall its fleet of cars when the public’s safety was at risk. If you bought a TV from say, Samsung, the largest TV maker in the world, do you think they would recall their TV if it showed bad screen uniformity? If it can’t be fixed by sending a firmware then you’re out of luck. Panasonic who made the best plasma TVs in the world never issued a recall for TVs that rapidly dimmed after a year of use. Apple never really fixed the death grip on the iPhone 4, they applied a band-aid solution.

    I won’t applaud Nikon for their alacrity, but they do deserve some credit for facing up to the facts and biting the bullet financially.

  • Lips

    I have an exceptional copy of the D600.
    I’ve cleaned the sensor a couple of times, but otherwise I would hate to have it cracked open to get a repair that is unclear & to have it come back with any type of issue.
    I’ve also cleaned the sensor on my D3100.
    No big deal.
    I won’t be sending mine in.

  • William Kolb

    I wonder if any D610 models will be sent instead… Wasn’t that happening to some D600 users who sent theirs in for service?

    • Harry

      Nope. I sent a polite letter, pleaded with the CSR and told them about the Class-action (all on different days!) and nothing seemed to budge them. See my other post after I received my camera as well!

  • Corrode

    I just spoke with a staff member from The Camera Store in Calgary and they told me that Nikon sent out an email saying the shutter is not guaranteed to be replaced but they will do it on a case-by-case basis. This seems to contradict the Service Advisory, no?

    • Maybe they sent the email before the advisory?

      • Corrode

        It didn’t sound like it. He said “I just saw an email about this. Gimme a second to read it over.” I think he mentioned something about getting the email yesterday. I read the exact wording of the service advisory to him, noting that it didn’t say anything about the “case-by-case basis”.

        • mateo777

          I received the same answer from Nikon Croatia :S

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