Deals of the day: SanDisk CF cards, Topaz Simplify, Lightroom 5, Nikon D7100 and more

→ The SanDisk 64GB CF Extreme Pro 600x UDMA memory card is now $40 off (see all SanDisk instant savings).

 Topaz Simplify is now 50% off with discount code febsimplify (until February 28).

Nikon D7100 camera kit sale discount
→ New Nikon D7100 kit savings (the 18-140mm lens is basically free).

→ B&H has Lightroom 5 for $69 with this promo code (enter during checkout): 15104381907181544. Update: it appears that this promo code could be use only once.

→ Refurbished Nikon SB-900 flash for $364.95.

→ The Lensbaby Scout (with fisheye) lens for Nikon is now $100 off.

→ Possibly the last brand new Nikon D3 and Nikon D3s DSLR camera bodies for sale in the UK.

The Nikon US instant lens-only rebates will expire on March 1st.

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  • broxibear

    Talking about cards, the CompactFlash Association (CFA) announced the XQD Ver.2.0 a few days ago…

    • MyrddinWilt

      And the Nikon guy is quoted…

      The CFast and XQD specs are both just different form factors for existing interfaces. So there is an argument for both. What is driving this though is the arrival of 4K which needs the faster bus.

      Was out with my D800 today and I think I have an argument for the ‘mirrorless F-mount’ body: An electronic viewfinder would make a much better video camera. Take out all the most expensive bits of the camera and end up with a body that is better – for a limited range of things.

      The V1 makes a good companion to the D800. Having a small sensor is great when you want reach. A mirrorless body for video would be a good addition. But it would be even better if there was a chance of fitting invasive lenses. That would allow the use of short focus designs for better wide angle performance.

      Nikon has just come out with a pro body dedicated to still photography. Would it make sense to pair it with a pro body optimized for video? I think so.

  • Eric Calabros

    £3700 for new D3s! Its actually $6000
    If I had that money, I would wait one or two weeks to get D4s

    • broxibear

      Hi Eric,
      The D4s price in the UK will be above £5000, the D4s was £5249 when it went on sale in the UK.
      Not many brand new D3 or D3s bodies available anywhere in the world, many photographers use them today, including F1 and the guys at Sochi…and also I’m a bit biased as I have one, lol.

      • Eric Calabros

        Sorry, didnt know that.
        What your government does with these mind blowing amount of tax? 🙂

        • broxibear

          I don’t want to start a political discussion on a camera equipment site, taxes have their purpose…it would be better if more went to the help people rather than bomb them.
          Video aside the image quality differences between the D3, D3s and D4 are very small…you could get a D3s and all the new f/1.8G lenses (28, 35, 50, 85mm) for less money than a D4s body.
          Just depends on your personal needs as a photographer.

          • Eric Calabros

            Last time I checked a UK auto website, people in that country could buy used 2008 3 door Fiat for only £1800. so a pro photographer pays more tax for a camera that doesnt harm anybody, than another one who buys something which adds polution to environment (usually way more than a 2014 version) and makes the country more depended on fossil fuel. There is something wrong here. and its about regulations I think, not politics

          • Eric Calabros

            Ok I read VED tax in wiki, and fortunately its based on CO2 emission ratings for vehicles registered on or after 1 March 2001. thats great, but still, I guess for that Fiat, is less than $1000 equivalant.

          • KnightPhoto

            I don’t think you should lump D3 together with D3S/D4 like that. It simply isn’t true at the sensor level (nor at features level either) and gives a wrong impression. Most people reading here already know that, from experience. But for those who don’t know the difference, lumping the D3/D700 sensor together with D3S/D4 isn’t accurate. I realize D3 might be “good enough” for some segment, but that’s a different topic isn’t it 😉

  • Glen Marszalowicz

    has anyone been successful with the LR5 deal? I can’t seem to find where to enter the promo code…

    • That is strange – I cannot find it either.

      • broxibear

        Lol…use the chat box and ask them.

        • Glen Marszalowicz

          asked and it should show up at bottom while looking at cart. Links and promo codes must be tied and single use only…

          • broxibear

            Ok…erm…give them abuse, lol.

          • Glen Marszalowicz

            anyone have a code they aren’t going to use and wouldn’t mind sending my way?

      • Glen Marszalowicz

        chat agent sent me a link that allowed me to put in code, but since they are single use, still out of luck. Thanks anyways.

        • herschel

          the only way to get the the discount with the promo code is if you subscribed to the B&H news letter. it kind of sucks that its single use promo codes… one per email. well at least I sighed up to get future new letters.

          • KT

            Just discovered that I’m on their mailing list, went digging in the junk mail folder and there it was. I certainly would have never noticed such an offer, let alone take advantage of it had it not been for the NikonRumors alert. Not so sure what was the purpose of limiting one offer per email, it’s not like they have to extract it out of an endangered species fur. It’s software code printed on a plastic disc for crying out loud. Maybe the purpose was to reward loyal customers on the mailing list.

            • Is your code different? Few readers got the same code.

            • KT

              Yes, it is a different code and it worked just as advertised.

    • I updated the link and you can now enter the promo code but I am afraid the code was one time use only.

      • I’m actually a newsletter subscriber and haven’t seen a Lightroom 5 promo code. Must be a selective deal.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        oh…. well the upgrade is still at 75$ on amazon so that’s not too bad

      • JAC

        Yes, B&H says this is a 1 time code which should have never been posted on any website. They ask me if it came from Nikon Rumors. Seems they have gotten calls about this before. They would not honor the code or give me any discount.

    • Duncan Dimanche

      ummm not working…

      Promotion code already being used by another user.

  • Rick_James

    It appears that Amazon via Adorama has the same deal on the D7100

  • Michal Zdunek

    and talking about CF Extreme Pro… Here in Australia (Sydney) retailers are crazy ! they want something between $350 – $420 for the 90MB/s SanDisk Exztreme Pro… I found a source that sole me the same CF cards for around $199

  • Mansgame

    Admin dude, any word on when the first D610 price drop might be?

    • broxibear

      Hi Mansgame,
      Which part of the world are you in ?
      The D610 has been dropping in price for a while in the UK, initially it was £1800 and now it’s £1400…it’s only been out for around 4 months or have I got the dates wrong ?

    • not anytime soon

      • Hessephoto

        I’d really like one of those promo codes too if anyone has one they don’t need! Bought a d610 on Boxing Day for $1800 and Lightroom 4 doesn’t recognize the raw files. Need to upgrade to LR5 to be able to edit my d610 files.

        • Dave Ingram

          If you know a teacher the education price is around $79 for a fully functioning copy … Same as upgrade? Only $10 more than the deal.

        • Or if you wanted to go cheap, you could get the Adobe Camera Raw DNG converter for free and use it to convert the files to .dng – extra work though, think you’d get the $70-80 back pretty quick in saved time with an upgrade. Windows version here:

      • Mansgame

        bummer, thanks.

    • Dave Ingram

      I think you can get a pretty good deal on a D600 : )

      • Mansgame

        lol once is enough 🙂

  • Morris

    anyone’s got a LR5 code u aint going to use ?

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