Weekly Nikon news flash #250

First a quick reminder - the new lens-only US rebates will go live tonight. My post with all the details will be online at midnight (EST).
Update: the new rebates are now live.

→ The new $1,069 Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens is now shipping. Update: only the Canon version is shipping, the Nikon version will start shipping in April.

→ New price drop: refurbished Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G lens for $1,499.00.

Tamron-16-300mm-F3.5-6.3-Di-II-VC-PZD-MACRO-lensTamron 28-300mm f:3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD lens
→ New Tamron lenses: 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di VC PZD (Model A010) and 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO (model B016).

→ BorrowLenses is giving away a Nikon Df camera.

→ New book: Nikon D5300 Experience. See all D5300 books.

Sigma 150-500mm f5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM lens test
→ DxOMark published their test results for the Sigma 150-500mm f5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM lens ($899).

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  • Mansgame

    Can’t wait to see some real world pictures of the Tamron. So far all the samples are the Canon versions.

  • fonefuner

    Can I get the 610 if I win?

    • AM

      Get the Df, sell it, buy the D610, and you’ll still have dough for more glass, a speedlight, or something else.

  • Jason

    The Nikon version of the Tamron is not shipping yet.

    • lorenzo

      Not aware of such Nikon lens, did you dream about it?

  • someguyfromtexas

    “This is just for our fans on Facebook.”

    And for those of us who won’t be sucked into the blackhole that is FB…???…

  • Jay G

    The slickdeals crowd is already well aware of the Nikon lens rebates going live at midnight… be prepared to make the order tonight if you need one.

  • lorenzo

    B&H shows $400 instant rebate on the Nikon 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED – none in all the other glass.

  • Anyone seen one?

    Is the Nikon mount version of the Tamron 150-600mm shipping now then? The Canon version has been out for a while.

    • jk

      it will be out in a few days , I think by Feb 20th.

  • Petros

    Nikon mount is expected by the end of march in Europe, best estimates from Tamron Europe.

  • jk

    I have all of them and if I can go back to time before I bought them , I would never get them again.
    they are all junks.
    Df should have had proper video mode.
    the 6D should have had EVF and better video mode.
    the A7R needs a lot more lenses and I personally believe Sony won’t be around in 5 years(read their financial reports).

  • Mike

    The Tamron SP 150-600mm Nikon mount is not yet shipping in the US or in Europe, if so can you provide a link???????????????????

  • Garth Muller

    If the updated Nikon 300mm f/4 VR does indeed make it to the shelves in 2014, what will the image quality be like if one would slap on the TC-20EIII? The focal length will also be 600mm, but at f/8. Comparing these to lenses (Tamron 150-600 & Nikon 300 f/4 VR) at the same focal lengths with a 1/3 aperture difference, which one will provide the best image quality?

    On the other hand, I assume when the Nikon 300 f/4 VR does materialize, it will be way more expensive than the Tamron 150-600….maybe around $1300-$1700. Plus, one has the buy the TC-20E III to get to 600mm which is an additional $500. If this is the case, the Tamron will still definitely outsell the new Nikon 300 f/4 VR – only those who have the benjamins might consider the Nikon 300 f/4 VR + the TC-20EIII

    • KnightPhoto

      Note that f/6.3 is two/thirds of a stop faster than f/8 – you’ll have to stop them both down so we’re talking f/9 vs. f/11 with them both stopped one stop down. Also, I don’t think the TC20E III loves f/4 lenses. It will work but what the focus speed and resolution will be like is a good question. Personally I like my TC17E and TC14E which perform very well on my 70-200 and 500 and aren’t as much of a compromise to AF speed and usable lens aperture. I do plan on getting the new 300 f/4 VR but I expect the price is going to be $1999. I’m hoping that Diffractive Optics patent is part of the deal, but then it might be even more expensive.

      Right now the Tamron 150-600 seems in the too good to be true category, but if it is that good it will sell really well. It’s not out in Nikon mount yet but when it is, the lens tests are going to be very interesting.

      • Garth Muller

        My bad on the 2/3s stop, knightphoto… my calculations were off. I do hope, though, that the optics of the
        300 f/4 VR will be stellar, but the price of this lens will be out of stellar reach for many amateur or semi-pro photographers, whereas they could have opted for the Tamron….with the additional 300mm zoom. The Tammy will definitely sell like hotcakes, and from the canon reviews so far, the images look pretty decent. With a tad of PP, they are almost too good to be from a 600mm f/6.3 3rd party lens.

        Hopefully with the release of the Nikon D400 / D7200 later this year, the reach on the Tamron would be your
        all-in-one wildlife or sports combination (granting that one is shooting during the day).

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