Foxes – creatures of the forest

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The post "Foxes - Creatures of the forest" is written by Kevin Winterhoff (Facebook | 500px | blog):

A quick glance. I look through the viewfinder, focus and press the shutter button. The fox jumps off - the only thing I see of him is a bushy tail, which quickly disappears in the undergrowth.

That 's what I love so much about this animal. He is shy. A consequence from centuries of hunting, at least in my home country of Germany. However, this is not necessarily the nature of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). In hunting free areas, such as deserted places like Kamchatka, foxes are a lot more approachable.

KW_Fox_015 KW_Fox_014 KW_Fox_013
Foxes have always been a symbol for intelligence and cunning behavior. Through his kinship to the dog, he is much closer to man than many other wild animals. It’s hard for me to explain why I love foxes so much. In general, wild animals are fond of me, which I have to search long and with what I have to deal with me a long time to get good photos.

In general, I am fond of animals that I really have to search for and which I have to stay focussed on for an extended period of time in order to get good photographs.

I started photographing foxes many years ago. Especially spring is a good time of the year to do so. If the foxes give birth in spring, chances are good to photograph young ones at the burrow. This helps to capture some very nice shots, which however only give a small insight of the experiences I had. The incredibly confidence of foxes is one thing, which you cannot show in a photograph. I've experienced however, that young foxes will come up to me as close as a few feet without me being camouflaged at all.
I experienced the same with adult foxes in hunting-free areas where they have nothing to fear. Feeling their confidence and being able to observe their intelligence for an extended amount of time is a real privilege. Photos can only partially show what such moments mean for the life of a wildlife photographer.

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  • Dpablo unfiltered
    • Reese

      Haha, i couldn’t stop thinking about that music video as I read the post!

  • Frank N. Blunt

    Very nice – well done

  • Kynikos

    Great set. Wonderful composition. You must have a great deal of patience to get shots this good.

  • dgr

    Beautiful photographs, well done.

  • Aahoooooooooh

    Secret of the fox – ancient mystery 😛

  • Jlx

    Which camera did you use?

    • AM

      I bet he used his camera.

    • orpickaname

      Ssssh, it’s a canon.

    • fjfjjj

      Coolpix S30

      • Jlx

        You must think you’re funny… Keep trying…

    • pancake

      Any Fullframe camera with a wide-zoom and some 85mm primes and possibly a 135mm 2/f.

      Is it that hard to figure out?

      • Jlx

        Well if it is not hard why don’t you? You you don’t have the answer you don’t need to write stuff just to make your life meaningful…

    • Jlx

      It’s a pitty that people in forums feel all free and brave (behind their computers) to criticize even the simplest of questions… Do you really have so many anger issues? LOL! Just asked a simple question out of curiosity and to take my own conclusions. Mind your own business if you don’t have a constructive answer!

      • silmasan

        Why do you feel criticized?

        Anyway, the author has posted his answer in the comments. Cheers!

  • koenshaku

    Amazing captures

  • Duncan Dimanche

    awesome shots really !!! what a patient guy.
    I’ve had foxes coming in my gardens quite often in winter (starving ones) and they did get as close as 2m to me (with cat food in my hands).

    Note aside some of those shots seems to be off focus a bit… or is it just me ?
    What camera/lens did you use ?

  • Spy Black

    Great work, your love for these creatures and dedication to capture them in their natural lifestyle shows in your work.

  • foxy lady

    Viewing this on Firefox.

  • BernhardAS

    Very nice pictures.

  • JoCarpenter

    I love this set, best, most endearing guest post yet. Thank you for sharing. Foxes!

  • inagitation

    Well if it hasn’t been said yet…
    “What did the fox say?”

    Nice shots! 🙂

  • Can’t Believe It

    In 16 years of living in my neighborhood, I’ve only seen one fox. How did you get so close to them? Do you lure them with food? How do you even figure out where they live?

    • fjfjjj

      A human, able to study the behaviors of an animal, track its movements, and lure it in! It seems impossible! Somehow 16 years of sitting around waiting for animals to be spotted accidentally by you, the ultimate predator, hasn’t given you these skills. Rest assured, it’s still possible!

  • Kevin Winterhoff

    Hi everyone. Because of several questions I like to say a few words:
    Most of the photos were made with a Nikon D3 + AF-S VR 4/500. But I also used the D800 and the new AF-S VR 80-400. One photo is made with the Sigma 150/2.8 Macro.
    Like I described in the text, most of the photos are made in a hunting free area, but also at a burrow.
    And last but not least: how does the fox say? Ask Siri on your iPhone if you want to hear pow pow po po pow. Otherwise you have to google 🙂 it is nearly the same sound that dogs do…
    Kevin Winterhoff

    • Jlx

      Thanks Kevin. Gorgeous photos!

    • D4ve

      Our red tailed fox in NE U.S. makes a sound more like a woman being stabbed. No joke. It will scare the shat out of you at night if you didn’t know what it was.

  • fjfjjj

    The color looks to be uncorrected, which spoils some of the continuity of browsing through these pictures. They would benefit from some white balance adjustment.

    Otherwise, beautiful pictures!

    • Kevin Winterhoff

      Maybe you are right. Can you tell me some example pictures you mean?
      Thanks for you Comment!

  • atjgr

    Gotta say amazing shots! like superb…. fyi I actually like the color balance in these photos looks just right to me and natural.
    Did you use a 300 2.8 for these? or only the 400/500

  • Duarte Castelo Branco

    even though i really don’t like nature photography, I have to say I really like this photos. Great composition in most of them, and not over the top editing

  • Rafael Steffen

    Congratulations. I love the shots! So beautiful to capture mother nature. These foxes are just amazing! Live long the passion for WildLife Photography.

  • reilly diefenbach


  • Johnny

    What a beautiful set of photos, throughly enjoyed each and every one. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  • わからない

    Thanks Kevin, for sharing with us.

    Admin- Usually I wouldn’t have any faith a rumors site could give anything non-rumors that’s worth reading. But all the recent non-rumors stuff has been awesome. Thanks, and keep it coming!

    Dpablo- never seen that before. The band must have been on drugs……….

  • bback

    Two words:domesticated fox. It’s done before, just sayin’…

    • Kevin Winterhoff

      Two Words: stupid Boy.
      Read in the Comments what I have written.
      Just because you can not imagine to take this kind of pictures it does not mean that it is possible. There are no domesticated foxs in this pictures. Just foxes which are not that afraid because of hunting free areas!

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