Happy New Year!

Happy New Year NikonRumors
Happy New Year! Thank you all for being part of the NikonRumors community.

The [NR] blog that I started back in 2008 now has over 3,300 posts with 315,000 comments and between 4 and 6 million pageviews generated by 1 million unique visitors every month from every corner of the world. Here is the break down by visitors from the top 10 countries:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 4.36.40 PM
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Image credit: Tom Grill

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  • Michiel953

    Happy New Year to you Admin, and keep up the good work!



  • B come BASTA!

    Happy new year to all from Tuscany!

  • nikomment

    Okay, but where exactly are you located Peter? (sorry if you already said)

  • Pat Mann

    Thanks admin for the wide range of guest posts, good discussions, and the great info we get FIRST. First site I always check for Nikon news.

  • Dmitri

    Happy new Year to You NikonRumors community from Estonia!

  • Andrew

    Happy New Year. Great host, great site, great community, and great articles!

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