Nikon J3 discontinued, D4 hard to find, D3100 to be removed from MAP pricing

Starting January 5th, 2014 Nikon will remove the following cameras from their MAP pricing - this means that the listed models will likely be replaced/discontinued soon and retailers are allowed to sell them at lower prices:

  • Nikon D3100
  • Nikon 1 J3
  • Nikon Coolpix L28, S31, S3500, S5200, S6500, S9500, L820, AW110, P330 and P520

Nikon 1 J3 camera discontinued
All Nikon 1 J3 cameras are already listed as discontinued at B&H.

The Nikon D4 is also hard to get and some authorized dealers have hard time getting them in stock:

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  • Fgonz

    The new nikon devices is comig up Admin?

  • Fgonz

    Nikon Cameras with 4k support?

    • MyrddinWilt

      That would make a lot of sense, 4K is going to big in 2014. Prices on 4K TVs are dropping rapidly.

      Computer manufacturers are going to be pushing 4K displays because most people who want to use them are going to have to buy a new computer to drive it.

      Adding 4K to the D4 and improving the ISO response by selecting the best performing sensors to create a D4s would make a lot of sense and be more than sufficient to justify a mid-life upgrade version. Adding WiFi would be even bette.

      • HKer

        Adding 4k to the D4 or improving an already excellent low ISO won’t, in my opinion, be the sales pitch to most working photographers who use the D4 already. I guess the main users of D4 are sports, wedding, event, wildlife, press photographers. Clean up to ISO8000 is good enough for 90% of the shots. This upgrade of the D4 is probably a transitional upgrade: faster frame rate, say 24MP, built in WiFi/GPS, improved autofocus, better video capabilities, bigger screen, lighter body, better live view, USB3 – all great for the sports photographer. For say a major upgrade D5, then things like EVF, higher res still images off video, more customization buttons, more focus points could be the next big change.

        • focusing

          Yes, more focus points is likely expected in D4-new or D5…. since they already gave the highest 51 points

        • MyrddinWilt

          Upping the ISO is just selecting the best sensors from the Df line so no, I can’t see a 24MP sensor.

          Bigger screen, more focus points are a D5 upgrade not a refresh.

          • silmasan

            Bigger screen isn’t necessarily out though. There was at least that LCD upgrade from D70 to D70s.

    • Arthur Tazo

      Yes, I would love to buy a D4x for 4k.

      • n11


  • Kynikos

    Nikon discontinues the J-series models faster than Liz Taylor discontinued husbands.

    • Fgonz


    • needs

      I want more than 51 AF focus points in D4-new… one for every time Liz sacked

    • Andrew

      Sony has been doing this for ages, refreshing their product line yearly. This new strategy is consistent with a top executive’s proclamation at Nikon. This series of refreshes is consistent with the need to incorporate the EXPEED 4 image processor in the various camera models. Even Liz Taylor would not fray from putting on a new jewel such as a necklace and so in like manner, the EXPEED 4 is the new ornament in Nikon’s armor.

  • Cloke

    Why don’t you have any solid D4S information?

    • Jon McGuffin

      Since you seem to be the expert on the fact this camera is in fact being replaced and it will be called a D4s, please feel free to offer up any information yourself rather than ask somebody why they’re not providing information they don’t have.

  • HKer

    A while back, I believe there was a rumour that Nikon had set up a manufacturing plant in Germany. I wonder if it was to relieve production pressures from the high end cameras/lenses. My own thoughts are if the Nikon product is labeled “made in Germany” it must be a high end product, e.g. pro lenses or pro bodies (D4x/s). As aside I guess with CES on 7-10 Jan, all will be revealed shortly.

    • Zograf

      Labeling “made in Germany” for lenses would signify “high end product” – if no AF in them. But I wouldn’t be impressed if consumer electronics like professional digital SLR cameras were made in Germany, I doubt it will be any better than made in China 🙁 Not nowadays..

      • fjfjjj

        Not a fan of Leica S lenses then?

    • Zograf

      To add to my previous post bellow, this plant could be for precision instruments/optics like Nikon’s own lithography steppers – then Germany would be the perfect manufactoring place..

  • Mike

    Please let it mean a D4s is coming. Please let it mean a D4s is coming. I don’t mind that Christmas comes late, just let it be a D4s (or better).

    • Rameses the 2nd

      Only thing better than D4S will be D4Sex.

      • Mike

        Lol. Ok.

  • Mike

    B&H in NYC and Henry’s in Canada have the D4 either “back ordered” or “special order only”.

    • KnightPhoto

      ‘The Camera Store’ in Calgary has the D4…
      Maybe just a sales hold so that Nikon can amass D4 bodies for NPS to take to the winter Olympics and then World Cup.

      D4 isn’t broken, D4X makes more sense?

  • Fgonz

    Nikon made sensor “newly developed”? NR Admin?

  • fjfjjj

    Prediction: D4x with 64Mp 14bpp Bayer sensor, with optional in-camera 2×2 downsampling to 16Mp 48bpp oversampled non-Bayer RGB raw.

    • neversink

      Would be incredible…. And don’t forget no AA filter….

      • silmasan

        Various non-bayer sensors are coming… but not so fast.

        • fjfjjj

          Who said anything about non-Bayer sensors?

          • silmasan

            Not you.

          • Gusto

            I wouldn’t mind seeing what a FF EXR sensor is capable of. Heck even a FF X-Trans would be cool to see how it will react in actual use. If Fuji is starting to manufacture either of those in FF format, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nikon switch over.

      • Would also be SLOW…as in, VERY SLOW. As Eric Duminil said, NOBODY cares about more pixels with the Olympics right around the corner. If you care that much about pixels, why are you on a DSLR fanboy site?

        • orpickaname

          But Phase One and Hasselblad H are “DSLR” stuff too!

          • But you don’t shoot sports or wildlife with them.

            • orpickaname

              But why even mention “DSLR” then?

    • Eric Duminil

      Why not. But Olympic games are coming, and nobody cares about a 64MP sensor right now.

    • groucher

      Downsampling 16Mp 14bpp to 16Mp gives 16bpp, not 48bpp.

      The bit depth is usually over stated by the manufacturers. The bit depth captured by the D700, for example, is 11 bits at its optimal sensitivity of iso200. The low order bits become progressively swamped by noise as you increase the iso. Surprisingly the D700’s performance is worse on its low iso settings than iso 200. This is easy to check if you have NX2, Notepad++ and a spreadsheet.

      • fjfjjj

        “Downsampling 16Mp to 16Mp” uhh… okay, I’ll assume you mean 48Mp to 16Mp. Now, let’s think. Performing 2×2 downsampling a Bayer-filtered matrix (one color channel at each matrix position) produces full RGB data at each matrix position, so there’s a bpp data gain. If the depth of the Bayer-filtered matrix is 14bpp, the RGB data is necessarily at least 3× = 42bpp. Shall I continue?

        • groucher

          I/we mean 64MP to 16Mp (we both seem to be at it). You’re getting a 4 fold s/n advantage in downsampling == 2 extra bits per pixel. Downsampling involves merging data by a logical OR – not concatenating it as you seem to be doing.

          • fjfjjj

            Downsampling can refer to either subsampling or averaging. Averaging the pair of Green pixels gains you 1 additional bit of depth. How do you figure a fourfold (2-bit) advantage? Also, downsampling by logical OR is news to me. Got a reference for that?

            • mikeswitz

              But the real question is : How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

            • fjfjjj

              Seven. But that’s only three “perceptual angels.”

            • Aldo
    • One More Thought

      Your “prediction/wish” sounds intriguing, but it really more of a wish.

      Any D4 replacement will be a D4s, built for speed, just in time for Olympics. A D4x would not replace the D4 but stand aside it, and it appears that whatever is coming is going to replace the D4. Historically, the D#s models have been tweaks to the D# model, not a radical remake.

      Your wish is really more of a D5 model…and we will eventually see what Nikon has in store for that.

      • Vin

        That does sound like the historical timeline, and if we are staying with that we would see a D400 in the fall.

      • Neopulse

        Or maybe a simultaneous release of the D4s and D4x, both appealing to a specific market each.

      • MyrddinWilt

        Nikon and Canon produce new models around olympics time because there is a large number of press photographers in one place there. They are not making cameras for use at the olympics.

        If they had a D4x ready to launch, they would bring that. But a D4x would be an extra flagship body, not a D4 replacement and so there would be no reason to withdraw the D4 from sale.

        They are obviously not going to change the D4 sensor or the Df would make no sense. The Df is there to make use of all the lower performance sensor parts so the best of the best can go in a D4s. It they were going to change the sensor resolution the Df would have come out with the new sensor.

        So what we are looking at is a modest incremental improvement on the D4 that would not be enough for a D4 owner to upgrade but may cause a D3 or D3s owner to buy now rather than wait for the D5.

        They will definitely improve ISO and almost certainly add some functional tweaks. Built in WiFi is the only one that I can see being something that would cause some shooters to consider it a necessary upgrade. But if they were going to launch that for the Olympics they would need to have debugged the tech a year in advance. They should deploy 4K video but that is for a niche market that really wants its own body designed for use as a video camera.

        • Alex

          I agree that the D4s will be a very small incremental upgrade like the usual DXs models. Sensor might get some tweaks like from the D3 to D3s and I expect a small ISO improvement as well. They may tweak the AF algorithms, but highly doubt they would change the actual AF model which would be nice to have more Cross types. I wonder if they are going to stick with the XQD cards (possibly two slots) or jump over to CFast 2.0. Highly doubt they’ll go back to Dual CF as that would appear to be going “backwards”.

  • neversink

    Maybe it is time to sell my D4…. Of course it depends if a new D4 version will come out. And it will depend on any substantial upgrades to the current model. To me, a D4s doesn’t make much sense because the D3s seemwd to have been replaced by the D4, with substantial improvements. I envision more of a D4x, but have no evidence one way or the other. If there are significant advances to the D4 , I may just be tempted to sell my D4, as I can probably get a good price in Africa for it. If I do sell the D4, I will have had this camera for less than two years, which is so short-lived. I used to shoot my film Nikon F cameras for mors than ten years, as well as other models from other camera companies. Most of these cameras I still own and occasionally use. Oh well. Digital advancements occur in the blink of an eye, or at 1/8000 of a second.

    • fjfjjj

      What does your D4 leave to be desired in a camera of its class? Mine, nothing, save perhaps grace.

      • It lacks direct WiFi interface to your editor. That is the big shortcoming for that type of camera. It doesn’t need more pixels or a larger color space. It doesn’t need ANYTHING that DxO thinks is important. It’s a picture machine for people who are in the business of getting pictures to market NOW, under any and all adverse conditions. No reader is going to look at a picture of Sebastian Vettel passing Fernando Alonso on turn 7 at the Circuit de Barcelona at the pixel level. There are ample cameras that will give you the resolution you need to sit in the top row and capture the pubic hairs on a cockroach on the fifty yard line at the Rose Bowl. That’s not what a D4 is about. If that’s why you bought a D4, well good luck…you could have purchased a better camera for the purpose and had enough left over for a good backup camera and a lens or two.

        • fjfjjj

          Chill out dude.

          • I will when you forget asking for more pixels when there are already many choices for such an animal.

            • CHILLER

              OMG COME UP WITH 54, 72, 108 MILLION PIXELS ALREADY!

    • Joseph Li

      Not sure why Japan NPS would stop selling D4 if a D4x is to come out with huge MP count ….they are totally different cameras. This could mean a D4s is near. I was thinking about the same thing, what’s to be upgraded for a D4s? One more stop of high iso? dual XQD? seems like small upgrade, and that’s 4500 out the window if i am to sell all 3 D4, assuming the new D4s cost the same at 6000 a piece

      • HKer

        Thought rumors were only saying Nikon Japan was just shifting production to a new camera, rather than stopping all future production of the existing D4. For sports photographers, slight tweaks are valuable to get that perfect shot or easier to transmit files for press release. I believe it’s not going to be a major upgrade of the d4, be like the D3x to the D3. Nikon could easily throw the D800 sensor into the D4, but that would be a really niche market, when most of those photographers probably have already the D800/E. My bet is the D4s, for both the winter Olympics and World Cup footie, otherwise Nikon pros will just get the Canon 1DX.

    • You shot them for 10 years, but you had a continually new line up of films to play with that whole time. It’s a very different game these days.

  • Arthur Tazo

    Nikon D4 about to get discontinued? This can only mean one thing. Nikon D400 R&D is approaching final phase and Nikon needs to divert all its resources to get ready for its launch in 2016.

    • Morris

      2016 would be too early

    • Mike D

      I think an upgraded D4 replacement would make a future D400 less likely. (I hope I’m wrong.) Nikon doesn’t want to spend a lot of capital on a new benchmark, professional DSLR and then undercut it with a secondary model at half the price with similar features. That’s simply bad business. Good for Nikon, but bad for serious amateurs like myself. Nikon seems to forget that it is the serious amateur that has been their main market for the past 30 years.

      • Vin

        Nikon would sell far more D400 @ $1500-$1900 5-1 overall D4, (pro top end) to make up for creation of it. A D400 @ 8.5 fps with 4K in a D800 build would definitely do the company some good. Not to take away from FX, it has its own place. More tools for the tool box.

        • RollingHeads

          Get the D400 right and they could price it at almost anything and it would sell, such is the pent up demand.
          Got to think that there is “face” involved at Nikon. Brass on the top floor seem to have taken an “over my dead body” position on hi-end DX.

          • Vin

            Well I have to say that would be quiet a mistake, and very retarded. They need two D400’s, one with 4k vid. Capability 24mp+ maybe call it D9000. Then a true D400 with 16mp-18mp no AA filter for better lower light camera. Both with Wi-Fi.

            • RollingHeads

              Mistake or not, a D300s replacement has been overdue ever since the D7000 (NB D7000 not D7100) appeared.

      • I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s the CoolPix crowd that has kept things afloat. Lower gross profit per camera, but they sell millions as opposed to thousands of each model camera. Phones are changing that and what I think you’ll see now are lots of new entry-level DSLRs. Smaller, lighter, cheaper. That’s where the dollars will be.

        • Mike D

          Pete, I agree that the camera companies went after the Coolpix crowd but that is shrinking 30% plus per year. It does seem that there are more entry-level DSLRs at Costco than ever before. But keep in mind that only 2 companies in the camera market make any money at producing cameras, Canon and Nikon. Nikon appears to also be focusing on the full frame DSLR market yet only 8% of all DSLR’s sold are FF. That means they are underestimating the high end of the cropped frame market which is 92% of the entire APS-C market.

          • I think we agree. What I believe is that Nikon, and probably Canon, too, will offer a lot of very finely differentiated models of DSLRs in the entry-level to low end. It’s a common marketing strategy that companies adopt as a product segment enters maturity.

  • Graeme Hay

    Hmm, if the D4 is about to be replaced I’m assuming it will be more a “features” upgrade than a “Image Quality” upgrade, mine you ISO/Noise will hopefully improve. I just don’t see a major tech jump unless Nikon starts adding in solid video, and at this price point it better be amazing if your going to get a single sale due to it.

    • Fgonz

      Take it easy.

  • Mansgame

    So much for Df owners claiming to own the flagship sensor.

    • Aldo

      you forgot to mention we will die within 80 years.

      • Guest

        Where did you find that information?

      • Mansgame

        Yeah but most of us will live for another month or two.

      • orpickaname

        Son, speak for yourself! 😀

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        You just saved me a whole bunch of work!

  • saywhatuwill

    If there’s a new D4 then I think it’ll probably have 4k video. I do hope that they change it so it’ll have 16-bit colors instead of 14.

    • 16 million colors instead of 14? Trust me, you wouldn’t see the difference.

      • jec6613

        It’s not 16 million versus 14 million, it’s 65,536 versus 16,384 colors per channel, which is enough to notice.

      • Lcky

        If you often work with raw files, you’ll see a difference. Big reason why we still use medium format backs that cost more than a d800 which may have higher resolution.

        This would be a big step forward for Nikon.

    • Espen4u

      I don’t think the DAC’s are ‘there’ yet. And one byte more per pixel wo’nt make it any better FPS wise.

  • Morris

    good news, it’s time for a J3.1 revision

  • TeaBreak

    I won’t buy a new Nikon Pro until they improve that annoying AF module. Currently it is way to center-weighted and is bothering me whenever I use my D3s. Portrait shot wide open with 85/1.4 is nearly impossible without croping 1/3 of the image to get the eye into the “golden section”.

    • Gimme Dxxx

      51 focus points and there is never one in the just right place. Now if there were a D400………..

      • If you had the right focusing screen you could manually focus on an infinite number of places within the frame.

        • unumbskull

          huh? no. only in the center with a split prism. think boy,

        • TeaBreak

          I do from time to time. But to nail focus @ f1.4 manually is hard with the focus screens available for D3/D4. D4s/x really should improve the AF module (wider spread AF points). This would be a real benefit. And a real benefit I need to justify a purchase vis-a-vis my wallet. 🙂 Don’t care about all that other stuff (4k video, even better DR, highISO, improved burst rate etc.) That’s all fine with D4.

    • Maji

      Looks like you need the D7100 for the portraits 🙂

    • Blown Away

      Wind farms.

  • Blown away

    No problem finding D4 on the shelves of stealers in the UK. But then us Brits don’t have any money any more. It’s all blowing to Chermany on the wind.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      Really? You British guys are already so outside the EU that I can hardly believe you are loosing any money on that.


    there is no problems to find D4 in Europe countries like Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxemburg and all are in stock or 2-3 days dispatch time. Amazon in Germany is always hard to find something from pro gear, it is not good example for unavailability. has handful of offers for new D4.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      I’m surprised that there is an item listing for the D4 on at all. All “pro gear” is usually exclusive to “pro retailers” and that is not Amazon. There is no Df on Amazon and only one Italian reseller for the D800E.

  • saywhatuwill

    Do you think the shortage might be the stocking up for the Olympics and upcoming World Cup?

  • broxibear

    Kai from Digitalrev gives his DF hands on review for those interested…

    • Neopulse

      Ehh he didn’t test out the manual focusing on the camera with Ai/S lenses or a view from the viewfinder perspective. Although he did point out the AF in low light issues which are a disappointment. Then again an update can help fix that.

      • john

        the update will be the DF-10

  • Global

    Why don’t they try to make an actually attractive V3. With all Nikon’s wasted effort in the technological failure, but acceptable design Df, why don’t they try to include some classic looks in a V3?

    Or would they have to cripple every function and charge $1000 more for that?

  • rebel04

    when 300 f/4 VR??? 🙁

  • the lid

    I just want to point out if the d4s were to be released in January, it

    will NOT be “out in time for the Olympics”. do you really think a

    Olympic shooter would march into the Olympics with a brand new

    untested nikon body? we know better. the d4 and d800 did not AF

    correctly for MONTHS after release. in fact after being (temporarily)

    burned by the last d4 I’m thinking I won’t ever buy a just released

    nikon body again. seems like they need 3 firmware updates to work

    right. fwiw, I love my d4 cameras to death, insane AF and high ISO,

    and most importantly it’s f-mount so I get my beautiful golden nikkor

    look. rather than that canon L look that makes men look like they are

    wearing lipstick.

    right now I openly question the presence of the d4s at this time.

    I also openly question the japan NPS rumor, its been a week and no one else in the world is saying that. and so what if the D4 is out of stock at a few retailers that happens all the time through out the year.

    • MrSkelter

      Regarding shooting a new body at the Olympics you’re wrong. Nikon and Canon have massive infrastructure at the Olympics. Half the shooters without the latest kit will be able to get loaners to test. Those with new bodies have techs on site and (obviously) non-new backups. None of them will be opening the boxes before an event. In short there’s no better place to have a new body. It can be replaced or repaired in minutes. Nikon will literally hand someone a replacement or alternative as required.

      • unumbskull

        you are missing the point, numbskull. it’s not just having the body, it’s knowing the body will produce. new nikon bodies have “issues” (like horrible AF) until a few firmware updates later. this is widely known and whined about among us sports shooters. I love nikon and have been with the brand for 27 years, but I admit it’s sundown at nikon, I don’t even know if they will be around by the time my 400,000 clicks have elapsed on my d4 shutter. I’m serious.

        furthermore you didn’t retort the issue with the japan NPS non-rumor. it’s safe to say that was a farce and the admin has been pulling up nothing on this d4s story because a d4s is not coming. fwiw, the d4 has been sold out at bh and amazon for 2 weeks before Christmas, this is NOT new news, admin.

  • the lid

    and lol at people who think thed800 is a replacement for the d3x. that is so hilarious to me. the

    d800s build is worse the tha d700s build in many ways, especially the

    pie-tin thumping shutter. the d4x will rise again at some point next.

    it will target actual MF shooters with high MP, high IQ, AND

    ridiculously high price tag. the cheap d800 targets DX amateurs to be

    frank. the build is just so middle of the road

  • Joven

    Why is everyone screaming for 4K video all of a sudden in their DSLRs? How many of you have a 4K TVs? How many of you are shooting major motion films? I see so many of you crying about the megapixel race, but now I’m seeing request for 4K in a DSLR!? One person eve asked for 4K video in the D400 (LMAO)!

    If Nikon is going to get serious about video, then Nikon needs it improve the controls in its current DSLRs, develop its version of the C100/C300, cine lenses and more. 4K video in their DSLRs is the least of their concerns.

    I’m glad some of you aren’t in charge of Nikon.

  • photographer4

    D4s please

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