Nikon Coolpix A camera price drop in the UK

A silver Nikon Coolpix A camera is listed for £386.44 on Amazon UK which is £613.55 (61%) off the original price of £999.99. In Germany the camera is currently listed for €599.

In the US the Coolpix A is still selling for $1,096.95.

The main Coolpix A competitor, the Ricoh GR, is currently selling for around $650.

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  • Michael Laing

    One left apparently, not tempted even at that price:

  • RMJ

    That’s a nice drop. 🙂

    Btw Peter, your Amazon link is broken. (it links to this blog)

  • Spy Black

    That camera wouldn’t be so bad around $400-$500, but is obnoxiously overpriced as is.

    • Aldo

      yeah I rather buy a d5300 and pants with huge pockets…

      • Spy Black

        I’d get an RX100II and buy lots of beer with the difference.

  • Smudger

    Grey. Very grey.

  • Gorji

    Season’s Greetings and Merry Xmas Admin.

    • Thanks, Merry Christmas!

    • Ken

      what kind of a dumbbell moron would give this a thumbsdown?

  • Rafa R

    it should have a 35mm lens equivalent not a 28mm .. big mistake by Nikon in my opinion.

    • gad

      it should have a 24mm lens equivalent not a 28mm… big mistake by Nikon in my opinion. it should have a 50mm lens equivalent not a 28mm… big mistake by Nikon in my friend’s opinion. etc.

      • Rafa R

        Troll Alert – maybe some background to my opinion is in order unlike your trolling (pseudo opinion)

        A 35mm lens equivalent is useful even for portraits, hard to achieve with a 28 right? a 35mm lens equivalent will show some nice bokeh sometimes specially in portraits, unlike a 28 right? 28mm forces you to go really close to your subjects making it not very useful in street photography, so in many ways a 35mm lens is the NEW normal lens, and yes that is in my opinion.

        an opinion is when you express an idea you believe in, not just expressing hate to another ones opinion, that is called trolling, but I decided to answer to your trolling cause maybe I should have stated before why I would have prefered a 35mm instead of a 28mm

        I was personally wating for a Coolpix B with a 35mm lens equivalent to come out and I was going to sell my X100 as soon it was out, but that never happened I thought this was going to be like it was with the 28ti and 35ti Nikon models a long time ago

        visit this link to see what I am talking about, then you can continue with your trolling again, which I wont answer anymore BTW

  • broxibear

    I think it was just one vendor on Amazon getting rid of stock as opposed to a general price drop, the price elsewhere has’t dropped, £650 seems to be the lowest.

  • Hogarth Ferguson

    Put a viewfinder on it and fixed lens, basically a fuji x100s, and I would scoop it at almost any price

    • It is a fixed lens and there is an available viewfinder.

      • Hogarth Ferguson

        No, an external viewfinder, not a built in, and the lens is retractable, not fixed

        • PhotoAl

          The Fuji X100S’s lens may not be be collapsible but it moves a fair amount while focusing. Anyway, I’m glad they made the A (although I won’t buy one until it’s a little bit cheaper) different than the X100 because it’s actually pocketable while the X100 isn’t.

        • I though you meant a “fixed” focal length lens, not one that doesn’t retract; and I didn’t realize that by “available viewfinder” you meant a built-in viewfinder. No need to discuss this further.

        • El Aura

          What is the purpose of a non-retractable, fixed lens? To make the camera bulkier?

          • bob2

            instantly ready lens. lens won’t jam. essentially a street shooter. Like the Leica M8/M9/M10.

  • mortalwombat

    The prices have changed – you might want to check it again. Around 620 pounds now – in line with the ricoh..

    • mortalwombat

      just checked the prices again – the silver one is cheaper than the black. Strange

      With both Ricoh and Coolpix A dropping in price – it appears an iteration is on the horizon

  • Rataskanken

    The offer was there, no question about that, and I managed to order the last camera available. Remains to see it actually delivered, though.

    • Rataskanken

      … which it indeed was — in absolute pristine boxed condition with European warranty card and everything. The only fly in the ointment was that only a UK power plug was supplied in the supposed “EU” charger kit. At less than £400 this is certainly a great little camera. Coupled with raw processing in DxO Optics Pro it matches the dynamic range I get from my D7100 even at 6,400 ISO, and the fixed 28 mm lens is absolutely tack sharp.

  • Markus

    The amazon price in Germany is about USD 820,- / EUR 599,-.

  • nikomment

    Coolpix A price drop… shocking.

    Nikon simply doesn’t have a clue below SLR level cameras. And even in SLRs, they are way too slow to adopt EVFs. Still they remain Japanese corporate arrogant.

    • ronin

      Yep, Nikon are stupid enough to be profitable with DSLRs lacking EVF. Whereas manufacturers selling “DSLRs” that have adopted EVFs are not profitable.

      Haha stupid Nikon.

  • Rami G.

    I would never understand the passion some take in NOT liking a camera. I purchased the A in the summer, used it for various needs I had in a project in Africa (together with some 5n and a 50mm Summicron) got perfect results, never worried about anybody stealing my full Leica gear, now I am using the photos, some online, some printed, not only that the results suit the needs of my projects and that I haven’t regretted a penny I spent on it but the colours and general ‘look’ of the image, when online or printed, is among the best I have ever gotten from ANY camera. Do people bashing it actually used it? Or do they simply not need it and are surprised that they would not pay its price?

    • The negative passion you describe is troubling. It is troubling because we are talking about cameras and lenses, nearly all of which are capable of taking very good photos in the right hands … so there’s absolutely nothing of real importance on the line. One can easily imagine the same negative passion being projected onto social and political issues that ends up causing significant, real world harm.

      It sounds like the Nikon A was a good choice for your needs. I don’t doubt the quality of your results, so enjoy it and ignore the bashers. There are very few truly pocketable cameras (with lens) that can compete with the Nikon A in terms of IQ.

    • Maji

      I think it is grapes are sour mentality… I want the camera but I believe it is too expensive (or perhaps not a good economic value)… so in order to justify my sense of value, I just bash the camera… You hit the nail on the head.

  • broxibear

    I’m not sure I understand some of the pricing for cameras and how much profit is actually made.
    Here are some more price drops in the UK which are drastic considering the time frame. Nikon 1 J1 + 10-30mm went on sale at £549…11 months later and it’s £175. Nikon 1 J2 + 10-30mm went on sale at £494 …15 months later and it’s £200.
    Graphs © from

  • Espen4u

    The CDAF really is’nt top notch, otherwise a nice camera. Better to wait for the sequel I guess.

    • RMJ

      Coolpix A2 with AF from Nikon 1 and I’d buy it in blink of an eye with this price.

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