Weekly Nikon news flash #243

First, a quick note: I will have limited Internet connectivity for the next week or so. I have scheduled several guest posts and will jump online when possible. Enjoy your holidays!

→ Nikon 1 J1 camera with 10-30mm lens listed for $219 (includes Nikon leather body case). The Nikon 1 J3 can still be found for $296.95.

→ Free Sigma USB dock offer in the UK:

→ Vote for the worst camera of the year award.

→ The Lomography Petzval lens (available also in Nikon mount) is now shipping to Kickstarter backers and is available for pre-order.

→ New Nikkor lens coffee mugs being sold by Nikon Japan (see the different versions available on eBay).


→ The Nikon D7000 was the most stolen camera of 2013.

→ DxOMark publish their test results for the Nikon 1 AW1 camera:


"While it’s somewhat disappointing that the sensor in the AW1 is the same unit found on the Nikon 1 J3 and V2 models, it’s not really surprising.
Given the competitive price, which is less than most dedicated underwater housings, the AW1 is an attractive option for thrill-seeking outdoor photographers, and it’s just as home on the beach in the summer. Adopting an extended mount, with twin-seals for the new lenses while retaining compatibility with the original 1 Nikkor lenses, was a clever yet crucial solution, greatly expanding the AW1’s flexibility and potential popularity. As such, the AW1 is an intriguing reinvention of the system."

→ Two Nikon Df camera prototypes from the DCWatch interview I mentioned last week:

Nikon Df camera prototype 2 Nikon Df camera prototype
DC.Watch published another interview with Nikon's executive (Nobuaki Sasakaki of Nikon Imaging Company Marketing Division). You can see the main points from the interview here. If you have a better translation, please post it in the comments or email me.

→ Apple Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 5.02 is now available with support for the Nikon D5300 and Df.

DxO Optics Pro logo
DxO Optics Pro v9.1.1 supports six new cameras, including the Nikon Df and the Sony Alpha

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  • Spy Black

    The E-PM2 embarrasses a lot of cameras, the entire eunuch Nikon 1 Series is no match for it of course, but even some of it’s 4:3 brethren get dusted. It’s only Achilles Heel is no PASM dial. Otherwise great camera for a great price.

    • groucher

      The E-PM2 only manages a miserable 8 fps whilst the Nikon 1 has managed 60 fps since the days of the v1. If you’re into sports or any type of action photography, the v1 with its viewfinder and adapter for FF lenses, is infinitely better than the E-PM2. Even better, the ruggedised and waterproof AW1 allows you to get right in with the action itself.

      So the Nikon 1 has introduced two innovations to digital cameras – high speed shooting at highest resolution and a ruggedised body. What has the E-PM2 brought? Nothing.

      • Johnny Dough

        Geez, the way you guys talk, you’d think you’d personally designed these things!

      • Spy Black

        I look at a camera’s image quality first, everything else follows. E-PM2 dusts the Nikon 1. I’d rather have 8 high quality frames than 60 mediocre ones.

  • Andrew

    I wanted the reach and quality of the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR Lens, but at $17,899.95 and since I do not work for National Geographic, I decided to buy the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 60X Zoom Digital Camera and I am happy I did. Well, I thought it would be a fun camera to own and it works quite well and has surprisingly good low light performance with pretty fast focusing. But the winner may be the combination of zoom and wide angle shots. Anyway it did not cost much and is worth the money.

  • Happy Christmas, Admin.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Df buildup, and eventually the camera itself.

  • Kynikos

    So pleased the D700 is still deemed worth stealing. 🙂

    Actually, I have a quibble with that list, specifically the lenses. Nikon Trinity, I’ll accept. And the Canon paired lenses too. But on the Canon side, the 85mm f/1.2 is the third-most-stolen lens? Are there really enough of those around to steal to make it #3? Is it just like Seinfeld/Curb where a few people just keep stealing it from one another?

    Happy Festivus to one and all.

    • photoroto

      Shall we have an “Airing of Grievances?” Oh wait, we do that all the time!

      • Kynikos

        Just once I wish somebody around here would have the gonads to point out that the D400 is behind schedule.

  • stoooopid

    Did I read those comments from the interview right – did he say there will be another Df like body? Like maybe a lower cost aps-c body? Not sure what to make of those comments. Some seem like gibberish, probably bad translation.

    • I am not sure, hopefully someone will translated for us.

      • patto01

        I’m kinda sick and a lot lazy so I didn’t read the google translation but they’re not planning to make another one but if the Df sells well and there isn’t a lot of bitching and moaning, they would like to make another one. There were no clues as to possible specs.

        For the reasons mentioned above, there will NOT be a full translation coming…

        • patto01

          p.s. Of course he didn’t say, “bitching and moaning.” That was my editorialized translation for the benefit of a lot of NR posters. He was probably referring to internal opposition. 😉

    • MyrddinWilt

      The Df like body that would be really cool is a Nikon-1 Df edition but with video and a 24MP sensor.

      I can’t see any attraction to a DX edition. There is a good case for the CX and FX sensor formats though. They both offer good performance at the wide end. FX supports fast autofocus, CX gives more reach with the built in 2.6x teleconverter.

      I find my V1 compliments my D800 very well. But I would probably spring for a CX body that was designed to be more of a pro body.

      • stoooopid

        I think we are all hoping that the V3 will be a little more “prosumer” oriented than the previous versions. I will gladly take a slightly larger body if that means I can have lots of external controls. Menu diving is the one thing I hate about my V1 and J1.

    • Jeff Curtner

      Bad translation on Google’s part. http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/web/ does a slightly better job. Another factor is Japanese interviews tend to have a lot of subtle meaning that is hard to be dealt with by translation engine. You need to context to figure out some of the hidden message. One thing is for sure, they rarely use “NO” or other direct negative answer for being polite. When someone gives a totally unrelated answer to a pointed question, you know he really means “NO”.

  • Chapulin, CO

    Does that coffee mug have VR? I don’t want my coffee to spill over.

  • D5100_Hater

    If someone stole my D5100, I’d profit from the arb with the insurance company…hmmmm

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