Nikon D3300 coming soon as well?

A anonymous tipster sent me this picture of what appears to be a new Nikon D3300 DSLR camera. I have no other information and I cannot tell if the picture is real. I do not expect the D3300 to be announced this year. For comparison, here is a the D3200:


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  • rich

    d3xx series get a yearly upgrade to attract newbies. hopefully a touchscreen is a newbie feature may cellphone instragram photographer would like.

    • Ronan

      You mean D3XXX.

    • stoooopid

      yup. Add wi-fi and a racing stripe and call it a new model. At least wi-fi will keep it competitive with the sony low end stuff. Maybe they will add FB or instagram apps too.

  • The Wayne

    That body looks identical to the 3200. Wouldn’t they change it just a little?

    • It depends, they did not change the D610 either.

      • Guest

        And that is how they will lose many of their best potential customers – customers who were willing to pay for expensive FX lenses and FX cameras.

        • Sash

          They will find new customers. 🙂

      • Aldo

        they should have… I still can’t feel my middle finger from shooting all day with the d600… and that was with the grip. Worse than the d800 ergonomics wise.

        • bratvlad

          no, the ergonomics on D800 are the worst! I have no room to fit my middle finger between those front preview and function, D600 feels actually better in my hand believe it or not

          • Aldo

            you are right but with the grip d800 feels A LOT better. Even for horizontal shooting as your palm has a full surface area to rest on… it takes off the strain on your middle finger.

        • Photoretouchpro

          I agree. The grip and the eyepiece are the next biggest disappointments of the D600 after the shutter.

        • umeshrw

          So finally stuck to Fx?( with 600)

    • DL

      D60 looks like a D40x which looks like a D40

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        They all look the same.

  • usa

    Not crazy about the color 😉

    • Mike

      I’d like me some radioactive paint.

  • Jeff Curtner

    D60 came out 2008/1, D3000 2009/7, D3100 2010/8, and D3200 2012/4. So it appears the update cycle is about 18 months. So D3300 should have been out by 2013/10 already. I think it is going to be like the D5300 mainly with a quick update of WiFi function.

    • waiter

      and d1-d2-d3-d4 cycle gets update every 2,1 years. d4s cooming soon?

      • eissenel

        how about D400?

        • Erik

          Nikon said they would put out fewer and not more bodies. I think we can forget about the D400 altogether.

          • Nikonuser

            Not quite right regarding fewer bodies:
            We already have 9 bodies in the current lineup; up from 6 several years ago, and 3 bodies in 2002.

            • Erik

              Nikon says: “we will cut costs and ensure profitability by reducing the number of models”

            • You state in your own words “up from several years ago.” Several years ago, Nikon was not in the same situation as it finds itself now.

              Remember the D90 and D7000 coexisting. The D3100 and D3200 coexisting (perhaps not intentionally in this case).

              I imagine something like the following being their short term strategy with only a single camera in each tier.
              Df   ← Is this a limited edition?
              D5xxx  ← merge to D3kx or D7kx with tilt screen?
              Vx   ← necessary?
              P   ← Severely cut back.
              They say cutbacks but my feeling is mostly the under performing P series will receive them. For example an old P300something-or-other I used was a nastily little P&S which got markedly worse IQ than my iPhone. WTH?

        • Agusta Wynd

          March 2014

        • Anita Dick

          March 2014

        • gogoli

          This D3300 is a gift to D 400 lovers!HAHAH..

      • Jeff Curtner

        Actually D1-D2-D3-D4 cycle is 4 years, exactly matching the Summer Olympic Games. The s update is 2 years from the original, matching the Winter Olympic Games. D4s should have been here by now but it’s nowhere in sight. I wonder if they will skip it this year.

        • waiter

          counting S versions it’s exactly 2.1 years.

        • French Fries

          There is no real need for a D4s at this moment.
          The market has become mature and the current economics do not help either.

          I’ll think they will go for a 4 year schedule only.

          • MyrddinWilt

            I think the D4s is delayed because of Fukashima and the flood.

            One of the main reasons to bring out the D700 was to be able to select out the very best sensor chips for the D3s and sell them at a higher price. One problem with that approach is that the D700 was seen as essentially a D3 in a smaller body and there was lower demand for the D3/D3s as a result.

            The Df looks to me to be a way of mopping up the lower spec sensors without competing so directly with the D4. But the body is late because of the flood etc. and so I would not expect a D4s for a while.

            On top of that, the native ISO of the D4 has got to the point where additional improvements have limited value in any case. It is not clear that there is a need for a D4s. There is however a clear market niche for a D4x and the strategy of having a low res flagship body makes little sense without a high res body to back it up.

            • That is a very interesting point you raise. So you’re saying that they are effectively “binning” the different sensors based on inherent performance spread and allocating them to different models… That makes sense, I suppose. They do that with LEDs all the time.

              Still, I feel that Nikon’s lineup is just too fuzzy for such “austere” times as these and needs more than a little spring cleaning.

              The D700 definitely exerted a downward pressure on the D3, but the all-singing-all-dancing D800E is surely placing an even more distinct downward pressure on the rather dated D4…

              And then there is the mid priced Df… which might appeal to older, wealthier enthusiasts, pros who’s image matters and those who just want a camera with the same sensor as a D4…

              Or, pushing the boat out, what about the well received D610, or for that matter even the equally well maligned (for the thrice yearly sensor cleaning requirements) D600.

              These cameras are all certain to make sure that only a *certain tight segment* of uber-pros would still need or even just aspire to a D4.

              — As for the binning, the D4 sensor is so incredibly mature by now (in that it is all but out-specced by the D600 sensor) that if their production is anything like Intel’s CPUs there should be practically no variance left in them by now.

        • Joop

          I understand … The ‘S’ stands for snow version.

          • Jeff Curtner

            There you go. 🙂

  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    This is consistent with the Nikon statement a few days ago…focus on the entry level models, lower inventory, better margins. The D3100 & D3200 were winners, this is just the next step in the evolution. There is good demand for this price point so I am not surprised.

    • zoetmb

      If the D3100 and D3200 were such winners, there wouldn’t be many remaining in stock, especially the D3100. So I don’t think they were such “winners”. And you’re not going to clear inventory of the obsolete models if you release a new one (except perhaps if you substantially lower the price of the older models, but that means you don’t really make any money). So while they’re already discounted, IMO, Nikon has got to further discount the D3100, D7000, D5100, the remaining D600 kits, D5200 as well as the D3200, D7100 and the D300s, if indeed there are replacement models soon coming. Of course if a consumer buys a D3100 or D3200 now, they’re not going to buy a D3300, but maybe someday they’ll upgrade to the D5xxx series or they’ll buy another lens.

      One possibility is that they take the obsolete models off the market where the economies are such that they can support new cameras and sell them for far lower prices in regions that can’t afford the regularly priced new models anyway. It won’t help profits, but it will help market share and brand loyalty.

      I could also make the case that at the lowest-end, there’s lower demand because those are the consumers most likely to stick with high-end smartphone cameras. I think one could make the case that the mass market sweet spot may be in the 5xxx series. Also, what benefit will this new model have other than being able to market it as a new model? Another model with a small iteration at a higher price point? Hasn’t Nikon learned by now that these small iterations are part of the problem?

      • Delmar Mineard Jr

        Thanks for sharing your comments and point of view. You did a great job showing your lack of understanding of marketing DSLRs.

        The growth for Nikon is in the DSLRs (D3100, D3200, D5200, D5300). The portion that is declining is the point & shoot market.

        I could go one and point out all the flaws in what you said but there is no point.

        • Thom Hogan

          At the moment, there is no growth anywhere in Nikon’s lineup if you’re talking about unit volume. Not Coolpix, not CX, not DX, not even FX that I can see.

        • If you had said “The portion that is declining _fastest_ is the point & shoot market.” I might have agreed.

      • Thom Hogan

        The D3200 was such a good seller that the D3100 outsold it at retail here in the US in July and was NikonUSA’s top seller for the month, 15 MONTHS after the D3200 came out. So a D3300 introduction in January means we should predict that the D3200 will sell really well in March 2015.

        Doesn’t anyone else see a problem with this situation?

        • Exactly. The point of diminishing returns has come and gone. 24MPix on a “level 1” camera? Seriously? The 3100 was such a good seller and relatively good performer that Nikon didn’t actually *need* a 3200. Except that in the “megapixel wars” they felt they had to have a cheap product to appeal to the uninformed first time purchaser who might otherwise be convinced to go elsewhere.
          My Yahoo Auctions purchased second-hand 3200 was both so cheap and cheaply made compared to my dated but fabulous D40x that it’s clear the direction Nikon are taking.
          — Seriously, the D3200 feels so cheap it is the only Nikon I own that I fear to give to my five year old daughter to use in case she breaks it by pressing one of the buttons too hard. It really is that shoddy when you compare it against the solid D40x.

  • jec6613

    Why the MS Paint circle around the lever to tell the camera that a lens with an aperture ring is set to minimum aperture?

  • Andrew Gregg

    Facepalm for still no d300s replacement. I know we’re beating the dead horse here but… admin: anything more to the thing from nikon euro saying that nikon usa was wrong to call the d7100 the flagship of the dx line? any info at all would helpful I guess, trying to decide whether to buy d300s or wait.

    • Erik

      Well the Canon EOS 70D seems to have quite good AF.

    • Nikos Delhanidis

      don’t get D300s, just get D7100

      • clifflwms

        I don’t really care about the D300s (I had one and sold it a while ago), but the 7100 is a weak replacement depending on the desired use. For most things it’s fine, and even a big improvement, but for people who want a DX sports body… that buffer is embarrassing. I own a D4 and a D800, but for people with limited cash, or those that just want a Crop sports body, I hate to say it, but you need to go Canon. The 70D’s buffer embarrasses the D7100.

        • Nikos Delhanidis

          I couldn’t agree more. Nikon right now is exposed in the market regarding sports. Canon has the sensible body choices in both DX & FX. And the fps / buffer weakness is keeping me from aiming for the D800. (action is my field too). I thought you don’t have a D300. I have the D300 & D7100 and the only weakness for my case of the 7100 is indeed the buffer, yet i managed to have a decent workaround with that, decent buffer performance with 95mbs write speed cards and a number of camera settings. I really like it in total. 6fps are ok for my case. 4 is unacceptable. If situation continues like this, i will move to 7D (Mk II?) & ~5D MkIII while on a phase that i can deal with the transition

      • Andrew Gregg

        If I wanted a d7100 i wouldnt be asking about it, now would I? D7100 doesnt meet my needs. I dont need your opinion on whats the right camera for me. sorry.

  • 103David

    I got some swampland in New Jersey that I can give you a real good deal on.

  • LetsGetItTogetherPeople

    I love gold cameras… or is it that I love very warm images of cameras… hmmm

  • Marc W.

    Af motor too?

    • Erik

      No, it would eat into profit margins too much.

      • Marc W.

        Yeah, well, it’s always a dream.

    • Mansgame

      AF?? Just put a $5000 Ziess lens on it.

  • Z

    Alas, no new DX unicorn sighting … just a poor spray paint job …

  • Mansgame

    oooo another entry level camera that is almost indistinguishable from the last 2 they had out. Maybe this one will have an oil splattering problem like the D600 and they’ll come out with the D3301 10 months later and deny any problems.

    • Erik

      It’s no joke at all, the oil splattering unit will actually increase the profit margin, it’s a part of the new Nikon strategy. (Don’t listen to your customers, just use cheap components.)

      • Mansgame

        I have given one last chance to Nikon to make things right. If they do (ie. fix my D600 once and for all or refund my money), I’ll stick around to see what their next wave of cameras are. If they don’t, we are done after I get the use out of the camera. I always wanted full frame and now Sony is opening new doors. If I have to start fresh, I can start fresh with Sony.

  • SonyMonster

    A gold spray paint job on a 3200? Really? This is the best anyone has sent in? The 3300 was photoshopped, by the way.

    • Eric Duminil

      I don’t think it’s paint. Just weird lighting.

    • ashwins

      Right, take a close look and you see that the second “3” in “3300” is clone stamped—so FAKE.

      • Eric Calabros

        no its not

        • ashwins

          Hah hah… Eric, wishful thinking. Have a closer look!

          • Eric Calabros

            if you knew how PS clone stamp works, you wouldnt say its fake

            • ashwins

              I’ve used Photoshop clone stamp for 20 years, so I do know how it works…

      • ashwins… You should perhaps have spent your 20 years doing something else more interesting than just cloning in Photoshop 😉

        The body of the second “3” is suspiciously thinner than the body of the leading “3” and there appears to be a diagonal shadow behind the leading “3” which would coincide with the bottom left of a retouched 2.
        While this is clearly not a simple stamp clone, it is likely a good, hand drawn fake.

        • ashwins

          Hah hah… only partially right guess…

  • Cameraguy

    Looks like fake to me… Suppose if Nikon is upgrading Nikon D3200 to 3300, there must be two holes on both sides of the camera for the purpose of recording sound.. and afterall the Image looks very similar to me… but It could be if nikon is focused on entry-level… so this could possibly be 3300! anyways. lets wait and watch…

  • Julian

    I have a gold D5 at home (D3 plus can of spray paint…)

  • Jason

    Love the colour scheme – I might get all my bodies repainted to match.

    If you look at the close up of the D3300 badge, there are two lighter coloured specks of dust on the top edge of the badge with the same spacing as the two ‘3’s – which is what you might see if the second ‘3’ was clone stamped from the first.

  • Aldo

    Is this spray paint? it seems as though it is just under some yellow light … yet it is still black.

    • Yirmin

      No it was just photographed with a Sony.

    • Joe

      It’s just a whitebalance gone wild.

  • jack

    I think your tipster is a trickster 😉

  • Alex

    It might take better photos than the the gold iphone 5s, for cheaper

  • Jeff Curtner

    The red circled is a tab appears on earlier Nikon DSLR bodies like D100, D70, D50, etc. Full explaination of the tab:

  • stormwatch

    After the DF fiasco finally something worth mentioning…

  • Pippo

    So many asiat girls I’m saw here in Europe … with entry level DSRL kits. These customers is a core for Nikon marketing people.
    Sales numbers realy show, when on top is D3X00 & Nikkor 18-xxx kit lens. In after, we have regularity on these kit update. Top FX cameras update in 4 years cycle, top lens – 8 years. No more pro DX cameras and lens.

  • dbody

    D3300 body is different in many small ways to the D3200 (if you look closely.) It’s not just a D3200 with some cloning.

  • David Portass

    FFS Nikon, enough of the consumer level cameras. You are rapidly becoming the Call Of Duty of cameras, always copying the last one and making only minimal improvements.

    Please start listening to your serious and professional customers and provide us with what we have been asking for years, a TRUE D300s and D700 replacement.

    • Joven

      I love when people say professional, but then cry out for a D300s replacement. It seems like professionals have moved on to the D3s and D4 over the last couple of years.

      I have still yet to hear a good reason for a D300s update, or at least one that isn’t contradictory. On one hand, I hear that MP don’t matter, but then I hear outcry for a 24MP sensor.

      I also hear the perks of extra “reach” for the D300s, but it’s nothing more than cropping, and isn’t actual reach. I think most pros…. I think most pros have just moved on to the FX bodies + 1.4 tele. The DR and ISO performance – even with the stop of light loss with a 1.4 – of D3s and D4 still make them a better option than the D300s.

      • JamesV

        Must admit I prefer to crop pics taken with my d800 than to use my D300…..however you have to realise the D800 cost double the D300 and D4 = 4 times more.
        In the days when D300 price was all I was prepared to spend on a camera it was a very good camera for the price.
        D7100 is a superb DX camera, but inexplicably hobbled by the buffer and not as customiseable as the D300/s/D700/D800 bodies.

      • File size/fps. If you’re shooting sports or wildlife for the web, newspapers or most magazines, crop sensor gives you some advantage.

      • Lockon

        It’s pretty simple really – for any given pair of sensors which have the same pixel pitch – data from a DX sized sensor will always be faster to read and process than an FX version simply because there are less pixels to read and process.

        We want the fastest possible frame rate, pro-level build quality and the “big three” up top without the price of the D4.

      • umeshrw

        The pros that you are talking about are in the most advanced countries. There is a whole world outside . Not all pros can afford top end Fx bodies or lenses. Or a backup body which costs a lot. Or lenses whice are thrice the Dx price. 300s type body gives all the usage of Fx without the price increase.
        As for “MPs don’t matter, I remember some years ago Canon PGs used to brag about MPs and nikon PGs jumped ship. Now Nikon is MP leader and Canon PGs are tooting high ISO noise. What about that?
        Your third point , cropping, agreed that it is same but when working , it is difficult to remember the crop rectangle.
        Of course D3s and D4 are always going to be better than D300s. Because they are Fx and also because Nikon stopped developement on D300s replacement quality(read high iso less noise type) sensor. You do not compare 2 gen old tech with latest.

  • Elvir Redzepovic

    Nikon has been releasing everything except what people want, a D400. What a company, blind, deaf and dum.

    • Hijazo de mi vidaza

      Which people?
      Nikon didn’t sell the D300S they were expecting to sell, so they already know that there won’t be enough demand for a D400.

      • zoetmb

        I don’t know how you’ve come to that conclusion considering that Nikon doesn’t break out sales numbers on individual models (they don’t even break out mirrorless from DSLR), but assuming it’s accurate, maybe it’s because everyone who wanted a model like that already bought the D300 and the D300s was such a small iteration.

        But the D300s is now over four years old, the D300 (which I think we can assume was successful) is now six years old and a D400 might do quite well to those who have invested in DX lenses, want the reach, don’t want to upgrade their computers to deal with ultra-high resolution files, want pro controls and a lower price than the D610.

        So what are we talking about? Either a D7100 in a D300-type body or a lower resolution DX version of the D800 at a far lower cost: so the D7100 sensor in the D800 body.

        The D7100 is $1200. The D610 is $2000. I think a D400 at $1600 could work quite well. I think a lot of pros, especially those who own the D800, would find that quite appealing, but at that price, it would also appeal to many consumers, just as the D200 and D300 did in the past. The question is whether the difference in sensor could reduce the D800 cost by $1200. Probably not. So it would have to be a D7100 with pro controls.

        • Judging by how many people whinge on and on and on about the totally craptastic build quality of the D7100 cf the D300s, it is obvious that the camera body would cost _SIGNIFICANTLY_ more than the D7100

          It would be as expensive as the D610, which is essentially just the D7000 with an FF makeover.

          The sort of person who would be able to parse the information and figure out WHY that 24MP DX sensor (which to a lesser mortal would seem to share the same sensor specs as the D3200) costs more than the D600 (which would seem to share sensor specs with the D3x) would be a very small percentage of the type who by Nikon these days.

          (Did I hear that old 80/20 chestnut of consumer to pro spending?) Perhaps even the sort who write up on these here forums.

          I’m going to side with Hijazo de mi vidaza on this one and state that if the case for a _profitable_ D400 was as *clear cut* as some of you say, they would have built one by now.

          I would list the street pricing (tokyo november) thus,

          D7100 $900

          D600 $1300

          D610 $1500

          D400 $1500 <– here?

          D800 $2000

          D800E $2200

          Df $2300

          D4 $4600

          D3x $4800

          Note that the _ancient_ D300s is still listed as a $1700 camera only $300 behind a brand spanking new $2000 d610 on Nikon's own website.

      • umeshrw

        I didn’t buy D300s because my D300 was not much different than 300s. I waited for some substantial upgrade which never came. SO I didn’t buy BECAUSE of nikon’s stupidity. Furthermore they (and people) are stupider to think that people rejected D300s because they wanted to go Fx or good quality Dx was not wanted by people.

        • Delmar Mineard Jr


    • JJ

      A D400 is what YOU want, not what “the people” want.
      Only very few people care for a D400, most just happily (and silently) go FF if they got the bucks.
      The number of bitching posts from a vocal minority doesn’t tell anything about demand.

      • Nikonuser

        And there are even fewer photographers who buy the D4. Why should Nikon even make a top-end model anymore? /sarcasm

        • Elvir Redzepovic

          DX sensor based make up about 80% of Nikon DSLR sales. To ignore HUGE part of market that screams for fast DX based sport/wildlife camera is to be ignorant. Just like you are.

          • KnightPhoto

            I do have to agree that many of the D400 buyers will be pros who do have and are shooting multiple FX bodies already.

            D300-class was a pro tool. Likewise the soon to come D400 will be as well and should share the same grip with the D800. So there will be a variety of buyers for a D400. I’d probably pick up one eventually myself for reach in good light and another tool in the bag when shooting multiple bodies at an event (sports, wildlife, etc.).

            The D7100 buffer was left tiny so as to leave room for the D400, therefore it has to be coming. It just needed the arrival of EXPEED4 to support 8fps @24mp.

            Where Nikon goofed up, at least if they were going to wait this long, is they should have issued a D400 back when the D7000 sensor became available. I.e. they should have went D300/S 12mp, D400 16mp, D500 24mp.

            • >>Likewise the soon to come D400 will be as well and should share the same grip with the D800.

              If self delusion was an artform, you would be Michelangelo.
              Or is there some insider knowledge that you are not sharing with your fellow members?


              >>They should have this and should have that…

              Yes, I agree, the 20 20 vision of hindsight does indeed turn us all into visionary CEOs.

      • uvafan420

        So in your outlook on things and using the FX d600/d610 (which is the only FX camera Nikon offers anywhere near the D300s replacements probable costs). Do you actually think the sales of that camera are going to outweigh those of say a D400? lol…
        Go look at Nikon’s financials. Does it look like FX is saving them?

        • The person who is unlikely to buy into FF is also unlikely to buy “over specced” DX… The D400 would muddy the already very cloudy waters which is Nikon’s F-mount lineup.

      • Elvir Redzepovic

        FF is NOT what wildlife ppl want. I have a D600 and would never take it to shoot wildlife with. Reason you ask kiddo? Reason spels “reach”. Now go back to your toy camera be it D3200 or D3300 and don’t comment on things you obviously don’t have a clue about.

        • Sundra Tanakoh

          Photographers used to use 35 film to photograph wild life….. why can’t you use FX digital ? Reach? Is that your excuse?

          • Why get close up and personal with a Black Rhino in Zimbabwe that weighs more than your Land Rover when you can borrow an 800mm prime for your DX and shoot it from the horizon?

        • Sorry, “Manno.” I and another 36 odd million “kiddos” (That’s well over half the population of the entire UK) live in the greater Tokyo region. The nearest thing you get to wildlife around here are the funky chicks in Harajuku. And I’d much rather have a FF WA lens when shooting them to ensure a suitable “working distance.”

    • If Nikon isn’t making what you want, go elsewhere. Lots of other cameras out there.

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      Yes there is a market for the D400 but I don’t expect Nikon to believe there is enough volume in that model to finish the design and market. If everyone who owned a D300 and D300S would buy one Nikon would be pleased with the sales. But many of us D300 users have stopped waiting for the replacement and moved on.

      Some bought the D7100 while others bought the D600, D800, and D4. Therefore, the real question is how many buyers are there for a D400? It’s sad, but there is a market for a pro DX body but the volume may not be enough based upon the change in philosophy at Nikon.

  • Thiomas

    Can’t we have another forum called “Nikon bashing” for all the repeating complaints about what Nikon is doing wrong? That would leave Nikon rumors more usefull for all those seeking information about new things in the pipeline..

    • Pippo

      NR had a marvelous two Df weeks and after users some dissapointment. No one here is waiting for D3300 🙂

      • fifi

        I’m waiting for the D3400 actually

        • Zograf

          Are you a relative to fifjjj?

    • David Portass

      No because while we are bashing them at the moment for recent failures in listening and giving their core customers what they want we will also pile on praise when they do things right, like the D800, yes it wasn’t the D700 replacement and had some issues but as a new line of camera type to compete with entry level medium format it’s actually a fantastic camera, especially for Landscape, Portrait and many other types of photography benefit from having such a high pixel count.

      • French Fries

        D800 was the Nikon D700 replacement only that’s not what many D700 owners want to hear.

        • joakim

          No it’s not.

          • Bob Loblaw

            Yes, it is. Despite the variance in/disputable/disagreeable “upgraded” specs from the D700 to the D800, the D800 is the D700 “replacement”. Get that through your little brains, all of you. Done? Good.

        • fjfjjj

          Yes, the D800 caused the D700 to be discontinued. Even though it didn’t replace the D700 functionality, it is the “replacement” according to official charts and graphs published by Nikon, which are the One and Only Truth. End your denial now and accept the slow 36Mp replacement for your fast 12Mp camera without complaint or regret. It is the only way. This message brought to you by Nikon Users for The One and Only Truth.™

          • Vin

            I read an reference that the D800 is more the smaller D3X, that the D700 is to the D3. So I am going out on a limb and say we have yet to see the DSLR that is the smaller version of the D4. What will it be? When will it be? Or will it be?

            • KnightPhoto

              We just spent the last month discussing the Nikon Df – THAT is the smaller version of the D4 for now anyways…

              With EXPEED4 now available, a “true D700 successor” may now be in the works, but I would expect it will have the D610 sensor not the D4 sensor.

            • Vin

              I don’t see the Df as being very similar to the D4 other then characteristic of sensor. That is like saying both camera’s had Kodak tmax, kodacrome in them. D4 and Df obviously have similarities, the arena that D700 people want is actually very close to what D400 people want. It does not seem to be in line up presently.

            • While I wish, I don’t expect. Nikon recently specifically stated that due to the downturn in the market, they will be reducing camera model variety not increasing it… What with the non-appearance of the D300 successor (D400?!?!) and the more consumer oriented D7000 branch bearing offspring, I see a repeat here… The D600 is the more consumer oriented D700 (i.e. lower production costs, higher percentage profit margin product) and the D800/E filling the once egregious (seriously should be writing in CAPS here) gap between the current D600 and the D4.

  • Golden Spray Paint Photoshop

    D3200 + Golden Spray Paint + Photoshop = Fake D3300

  • J S

    D3200 was announced this year there is no way D3300 will be announced now but maybe in March next yr.

    • Andrew71

      No, D3200 was announced April 2012.

  • Celtic

    The emperor’s new clothes. There’s nothing new at all.

  • Andrew Hollywood

    I wonder if they will update the focus system. I dont see where else they would improve the specs.

    • no low-pass filter, built in wi-fi and gps, 0.5 more fps… the last one being optional 😛

      • Andrew Hollywood

        ohh all good points BUT they keep making the buffer the same so more fps would only worsen the situation by filling it faster.

  • NikonDude

    Wonder how long it will take for the D400 fan boys to complain…again…

    • Joven

      They’ve already started.

    • Duncan Dimanche


  • nikkoret

    by the way, what are canon fan boys doing here?

    • 28to70

      Finding fault since Nikon released Df and Sony had A7/A7R. While Canon could only released a white version of the SL1

  • Neopulse

    Even though reading some posts relating to the fact that Nikon hasn’t released yet their top of the line DX camera must be for a good reason. Release more profit making lower-end bodies to help fund for the R&D and production of the higher end lines. I think all good things are worth the wait.

    • I think the D400 is probably 99% finished and Nikon are just waiting for Canon to announce the 7D mk II so that they can follow them. Fortunately there were rumors for a 7D successor coming next year so we might see the mythical D400 as well.

      • Neopulse

        To be honest, Nikon has been releasing cameras of certain categories recently ahead of Canon. I think in my opinion they are most likely fixing bugs associates with the Expeed 4 (or probably Dual-Expeed 4) and chances are integrating things like GPS at the last minute and working with battery life firmware. They will release it, just that I think they want it to hit like a hurricane at an inexpensive price range in comparison to the 7D Mark II successor that is rumored at a $2000 price tag which is ridiculous. It has proven that already price wise D800 > 5D Mark III, D4 > 1DX, etc.

    • Pippo

      At this time, if Nikon release D400 in years 2010-11, I’ll grab 300mm (or similar) lens too. On three years cycle I buy new camera+lens. I’m nothing do over last 6 years.

  • Neopulse

    Even though reading some posts relating to the fact that Nikon hasn’t released yet their top of the line DX camera must be for a good reason. Release more profit making lower-end bodies to help fund for the R&D and production of the higher end lines. I think all good things are worth the wait.

  • Took out the yellow. As stated earlier, probably a WB issue, not a new fashion color.

    • saywhatuwill

      Can I ask why that area is circled in red?

  • Jonathan

    There will be heads rolling if this comes out before the D400!

  • Ichim Dorin Cristian

    I have read in many other places about the upcoming new DSLR D3300. It is real, but will be announced around March-April 2014. Hold on! It might actually have some improvements.

  • dreamer

    Ds fullframe mirrorless. Compact body with viewfinder, 1 pancake lens & AF adapter for F-mount lenses.. that’s all I ask 🙂

  • The_Idiot_Lensman

    I can’t believe there are so many posts about what may be a hoax!

  • paintitwhite

    The white balance of that image hurts my eyes so much. So, here’s a color corrected image of the camera for you guys:

  • Smudger

    The tacky gold color would be indicative of Nikon’s further descent to the bottom.
    I’m sure the folk that buy such things will love it.

  • John

    Can I ask what the little lever thing outside the lens mount is? The thing that’s circled in the first pic of the post. Seems to only appear on entry level DSLRs.

  • Simon

    I sure hope that the D3300 has a HDMI live output and a 36MP CCD.
    Otherwise, I don’t see a reason of buying it.

  • Kappa

    INMHO D5300 & D3300 are the last of the mohicans in dlsr entry level category. They just push the limits in those cameras offering the best that they could do. DX is about to vanish, Nikon has send a clear message about that. The future & continuation of a format doen not consolidated with camer bodies, but with lenses! There is not a single DX lens in the past 3 years to indicate Nikon’s will to keep DX alive, they just exploit the momentum of DX sales. Ιt should be at least 6 – 8 new DX lense out there by now… primes (especially on the wide side), a revised version of the 17-55mm f/2.8 with VR, a 50-150mm f/2.8 etc-etc. Τhese lenses would be the greatest evidence for the continuation of DX, not the boring 18-140 and the micro 40mm f/2.8. The game has changed. Nikon does not want to compete with everyone and everything. Οnce there was only one competitor, Canon, now has to face Sony, Samsung, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic and… Canon. What Nikon could do to limit the number of the competitors is to go FX all the way, even in entry level – low budget category. By doing this, Fuji, Samsung, Olympus and Panasonic is out of the way, leaving Canon and Sony as potentila competitors. 2 is better than 6 dont you think? What if a D340M mirrorless FX camera with D610 sensor come along with a new plasticy 28-80 kit lens at -lets say- 800 -900 $ ? Ι mean no EVF, no hyper speed af, no machinegun fps, just the basics. Τhe senosr its self is a comparative advantage over mirrolress APS-C & m4/3 and it doesn’t cost anything to downgrade D610 to a simple mirrorless body. The only thing that Nikon should take care, is the implementation of a new AF system in order to work well with the existing range of FX “G” lenses. And what about an even more extreme appliance of this idea? What if D800’s 36mp sensor will be paced in a D540M in the near future? Again, crappy performance in terms of speed, AF and handling (obviously would not want to cut D800 sales), but also the ability to use all the DX lenses in crop mode. This camera could be considered as the bridge between the outgoing DX and the new, “FX all the way” era. So, imagine a D340M, D540M, D610 range of bodies… with the addition of a D710 FX body to cover both D300s and D700 replacements, what we have is the D3*** & D5**** correspondances in FX & a D610 as an affortable dslr body & a D710 as a D300s. Ιn addition to all these, the new M bodies, will be preparing the ground for the inevitable transition from mirror to mirrorless across the range.

  • RRRoger

    I have some gold spray paint that could make my camera look like that,
    but I prefer stock black.
    Also the numbers look phony.

    I think we will see a D7200 before a 3300.
    I just hope they do not “dumb it down”.

    We want 8 + fps, a larger cache,
    Expeed 4 processor with usable 25,600 ISO
    continuous (4GB segment) Video at 1080P 60
    fast-accurate FullTime AutoFocus.
    If it is to be the new “FlagShip DX, make it as good as you can.

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