Nikon Df demand not as strong as the D800


Dream combo: Nikon Df with Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G lens

I received some unofficial information from different retailers and based on the number of pre-orders, it seems that the demand for the Df is not even close to the demand for the Nikon D800 when it was officially announced. The Df is currently not even in the top 20 best selling DSLRs on Amazon (D610 is on #14).

I am still questioning Nikon's strategy since they first cut their forecast three months ago because of poor mirrorless sales in US and Europe. At that time Nikon said that they will concentrate on new entry level DSLR cameras. Three months later Nikon introduces the high-end $3,000 Df camera, which was perceived as a great but overprices product. Few days after the Df announcement, Nikon cut their sales forecast for high-end cameras...

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  • r_o_b_s_o_n

    is this some sort of surprise? shouldn’t be… even if no one was complaining about anything… it’s simply not meant to be a camera for the masses… people also need to get over the fact that it doesn’t have a “high pixel count” (remember when the D3 came out, at 12 mpx and people were gaga over it) nor does it do 8fps… it’s not a sports camera people! the FM2 w/ MD-12 did 3.2 fps and that it also doesn’t offer video… THE CAMERA IS MEANT TO BE A BACK TO THE BASICS CAMERA!! the only short coming I see with the camera is the lock of provision of a split image focusing screen…

  • Name

    Are MAP restrictions working for you, Nikon?

  • nina

    no split image focusing screen? FAIL

    no dedicated vintage lenses? (1wide 1normal 1tele) FAIL

    • Sandy Bartlett

      I realy wouldn’t want a split image in a DSLR, not convinced it would work well when i wanted AF. And i don’t like looking through the split prism in low light, just never seemed to work well. As I recalled, it introduced isues of its own. Have been reading the df AF has been optimized for MF, we shall see.

    • Sahaja

      No dedicated vintage lenses??? Nikon still sell the 105mm and 55mm AIS Micro Nikkors, the 50mm f/1.2 and f/1.8 as well as 20mm f/2.8, 24mm f/2.8, 28mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/1.4 AIS lenses. There are a whole bunch more you can easily find used in excellent condition. Then there are the 13 Zeiss ZF2 lenses going from 15mm Distagon to the 135mm Apo-Sonnar as well as several Voigtlander lenses.

      You can also get Leca-R lenses adapted and chipped.

  • Mikael Risedal

    Df is a enthusiast camera, like Leica M9 etc , not best at anything but a different camera, and some people love to have a different one

    • 34234234

      oh the DR idi*t from canon rumors again…..

      • Dano

        You’re the idiot

  • D400-needer

    I’m shocked! Shocked I say!

  • Michael

    I think the Df is an interesting amalgamation of cameras. Lower resolution than the D800 but another way to look at it is better low light performance. The D4’s sensor is the best for low light. I do not need 51 focus points I would however like full frame 3D focus, spread it out…… I have the D600 (oil spots) Nikon has replaced the shutter and aperture lever under warentee. I now have one oil spot after 300 actuation’s and will update after 2k more.
    The Df is IMHO a pro-sumer variation of the D4 and while the price point is high on it’s own, compared to the D4 it’s a bargain. In 6 months it will be $2,100.00

    • r233e33

      who shots above iso 12800?
      only journalist… quality is crap.. no matter what senor.

      • Jeff Hunter

        I shot a Mardi Gras parade at night with my D800 at ISO 25600 at 1/250th and was very pleased with the results after post-processing the RAW files. I do envy the D4 sensor gain of three stops though. Never having used one, I wonder about the increase in noise at maximum ISO. High ISO sensors are invaluable for handholding and stopping motion in nighttime conditions.

  • SB

    Not surprising; It is designed for a niche market.

    Priced close to the D800, fair enough. Though, IMHO, should’ve been closer to the 610. (Yes, some of you might comment that it has a D4 sensor, I know.)

    I was waiting for this announcement before deciding on purchasing a full frame. D800 it is. .. in a couple of months.

    • Hexagon Jr.


      • KLO1

        the D4 senor does not cost more then a D610 sensor.
        the area they occupie on a wafer is what is important and both are fullframe sensors. it matters if you can put 200 sensors on a wafer or just 100 (just to say some numbers).
        that´s what makes FF more expensive then APS-C or M43 for example.
        the price for teh D4 sensor is just artificial.
        and the D4 is way more then it´s sensor….

    • Jeff Hunter

      I promise you will LOVE the D800!

    • mikeswitz


    • FuelDoor

      I think you will enjoy the D800 as well

  • BdV

    Maybe it’s just not exactly what the customer was waiting / hoping for. Or dreaming of.

  • Boon Seang Lim

    (1) Cut down too many spec but selling too much price!

    • bgbs

      I agree, price is the number one bumber with this camera. Give it $1999 tag, and you got a winner.

  • Jethro Bodine

    I already heard a NR rumor…Nikon is going to introduce a new Retro Retro Camera called Df2…The Apology!

    • Jethro Bodine

      Sorry forgot the price….$1,499.00

    • dwedqwe

      and they will remove AF from that camera.. no video.. no AF.. real retro for the old geezers….

  • dfdfasfsa

    nikon is in turmoil….
    nobody needs 36mp,, even the crop like mad morons dont need 36mp for facebook or flicker or ther small prints.
    nothing but bad decisions.. and now this ugly and unergonomical DigitalFrankenstein…..

    • PeterF

      yes… revenue is breaking away…. soon nikon has no money for R&D anymore.
      that´s why the buy sensors from sony and toshiba and this other company with “A”
      no money to develop their own FF sensors.
      now they removed video from a camera. stupid…. just stupid…
      and tell me what has nikon invented lately?

    • Jeff Hunter

      My Nikon D800 makes magnificent pictures. How can anyone not appreciate medium format image quality in a 35mm camera? It has better image resolution than Kodachrome 25. If you’re a Nikon consumer and already have a collection of Nikon lenses, I highly recommend the camera. The D800 rekindled my interest in photography. It’s a joy to use and look at the results. The large prints you can make are breathtaking!

    • dano

      wow , what a stupid comment. You obviously know what you’re talking about,. Not!

  • If they have come out with a mirrorless, I would have have bought one but they chose to come out with one ugly looking overpriced body.

    • mikeswitz

      And you would have had to buy all new lenses as well, because the mirrorless camera of your dreams would not have been F mount.

      • bgbs

        no, it would be mirrorless FX with same F mount.

        • mikeswitz

          that is not possible.

        • mikeswitz

          not possible

      • I’d happily start over again. Didn’t say anyhing about wanting to use F mount glass. I just want Nikon to do mirrorless camera right.

        • mikeswitz

          I’m sure Nikon is working furiously. They know that mirrorles is the future of photography. Certainly that is what V1/CX is all about, but the tiny sensor is obviously not going to cut it. Sony/Fuji/Oly don’t have to worry about decades of legacy glass. Nikon will do it but there are no easy answers.

    • Sahaja

      Ugly? I think it _looks_ much better than my D800 – and.all the other blobby DSLRs

  • David

    That’s not really surprising. It will appeal to a fairly rarefied customer who recognizes the historical resonance and still has a pile of old lenses to use with it.

    • erwawrq

      only morons will use old glass with a digital camera.
      90% of the old glass is just crap.

      • bgbs

        Only on internet people have such loose tongue. Calling people who have been shooting for years, morons, is just stupid.

      • Defender

        Nearly all of Nikon’s MF glass is as good or better than all but the very best ED aspheric modern zooms. Another point that is lost on all of the digital “morons” is the build quality, the ease of use, and the compact light weight of Nikon’s legacy glass. Statements like yours are like those of a child with one hand on the keyboard and the other under the table. I doubt you have ever used MF lenses or have much experience with photography at all.

      • Jeff Hunter

        I bought pro-level manual Nikon lenses in the late 70s and early 80s. When I use them on my D800, the pictures look pretty damn good to me. I also have the Nikon zoom trinity, so I know what a photo using a contemporary lens looks like. The old high grade glass still holds up very well!

      • Dano

        Only morons don’t know what they are talking about. And you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • bgbs

    I said in the beginning, this camera flopped because it was not a mirrorless FX. Mirrorless and Retro kind of go together, and Nikon needed to jump into mirrorless market with this camera, but they decided to forgo it. Without mirrorless, this camera has style, but no direction, no real purpose, and probably no future upgrade path. You add mirrorless to it, and you’ve created more than just a retro style camera.

    • mikeswitz

      This camera was designed to use ALL of Nikons lenses. If it had been mirrorless all the lenses would have to have been rebuilt to achieve correct flange to sensor distance. I’m not sure that even would have been possible. As far as Nikon is concerned if the camera could not have used any of the great legacy lenses it certainly wouldn’t be retro.

  • chrisgull

    Right now, Amazon lists Df in different variations at spot 12, 18 and 19. Accumulated that should put it among top ten. So it can’t be all bad.

  • Jim H.

    I know the camera market is down for everyone but I just can’t help but feel Nikon have hurt themselves by their arrogant and condescending attitude regarding the defects in their recent round of cameras. Yes, the Df is maybe not the camera photographers were wanting and its price point is questionable but to me of greater concern is their attitude towards their costumers. The market is too competitive and money is scarce. Just my 2 cents.

  • Mad as Hell

    So much judgment passed on specs and pictures alone. Half of the complainers want a mirrorless full frame from Nikon… that certainly is the buzzword. Trouble is, mirrorless cameras suck. Yes they have smaller size and weight, but their viewing quality is rotten compared to a prism based optical viewfinder. Been there, tried that.Others want a smaller lightweight camera…. DX? They also suck because current Nikon models are like plastic toys, and the prosumer glass that is made for them is plastic, easily thrown out adjustment, easy to break throwaway junk. That leaves us with the D800, with more MP than anyone needs (and I mean anyone – 12 MP seemed to do magazine covers and billboards just fine a couple of years ago). Oh, yes, and the D4, which is heavy as a couple of bricks. Folks who love their excellent D800s and D4s wanted a low priced, high quality, do-everything more and better Df. None of you got what you dreamed of, so all of you have brought out your crying towels to throw angry tantrums on Nikon Rumors, slamming Nikon and even calling its engineers and management stupid, predicting the end of the company. What a bunch of fools and you are.

    • Jeff Hunter

      I assume you don’t own a D800. if not, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Regarding what some people say about it having too many MPs; it has cropping capabilities that far exceed any other 35mm DSLR. I can put on a 200mm lens, shoot at a low ISO and crop down to the equivalent of an 800mm lens on a D4 and have just as good or better image quality for a lot less cost! Cropping potential people! THINK!!!

      • MadasHell

        I do think. That is why I have always shot full-frame, one shot at a time. I rarely crop because I don’t need to. It’s called being a photographer. Get it?

        • Jeff Hunter

          That’s some crazy logic! I guess if you can’t get close enough to a subject and don’t have a long enough lens, then you’re just out of luck! Do you really want to spend $18,000 on a lens that’s hard to transport and won’t be used much by most people, when there’s a simpler and much less expensive alternative? If you’re thinking is that ridged you could use some creativity lessons. Get it?

          • MadAsHell

            Your logic is just about as stupid as I have heard. And insulting too. $18k lens my foot. Never had a problem like that, or with creativity. GFYS pal.

            • Jeff Hunter

              Have you not read all of my above posts? Or do you not comprehend my points? The new Nikon 800mm lens sells for $18,000 and weighs over 10 lbs. If you can’t make your points without resorting to rude childish language, find another forum for your rants. Over 99% of the posters on this forum know how to behave in polite company. Either learn some manners or go elsewhere!

      • Sahaja

        You’d actually be even better off with a D7100

        • Jeff Hunter

          I already have a cropped sensor Nikon, but much prefer the D800 😉

    • Jeff Hunter

      I assume you don’t own a D800. if not, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Regarding what some people say about it having too many MPs; it has cropping capabilities that far exceed any other 35mm DSLR. I can put on a 200mm lens, shoot at a low ISO and crop down to the equivalent of an 800mm lens on a D4 and have just as good or better image quality for a lot less cost! Cropping potential people! THINK!!!

    • mikeswitz

      What I have been saying for days now.
      1) This is a rumor site. During the rumor phase NR was very good at predicting size, weight, construction, video capabilities, sensor, frame rate, and yes price. We were told pretty much everything that the camera would be except for the focusing screen and a few minor details. Now so many posters are completely shocked although I’m not sure they are shocked that NR was was so prescient or they were so stupid for not seeing the forest.
      2) All the anger at Nikon for not creating a mirrorless camera using their legacy lenses. Like Sony. With all those legacy lenses of theirs. They refuse to understand that F mounts and small compact camera bodies are mutually exclusive. F Mounts were designed for mirrors and a mirror box. Why is that so hard to understand? Physics-Optics.
      3) And for all those whining about 36vs.51 FP read Thom’s post right here.

      • KnightPhoto

        The thing is Nikon will come with mirrorless, it’s just a matter of when. I will add mirrorless cameras to my kit, but will be keeping my OVF cameras too. Mirrorless has some advantages but so do mirrored cameras. Nikon has traditionally not added a technology until it can be done well, here’s hoping they are refining the Nikon 1 continuous focus capability so it can scale up to DX and FX. I’m not sure any competitor does AF tracking decently yet in their mirrorless cameras; until they can they don’t intrigue me much, pretty much everything I shoot is moving and a camera that can’t shoot moving subjects is in some ways just a large sensored point and shoot.

        • mikeswitz

          As I have said earlier, although I can’t find it now because of F’up Disqus, I’m sure Nikon is working on it but the F mount is the problem. It seems if they go FF mirrorless and use The F mount the camera won’t be much smaller than the Df. Or they abandon the F mount and develop a new mount, forcing long time Nikon shooters to write really nasty posts to NR saying how Nikon is useless and doesn’t listen and give a shit about their customers.

    • KnightPhoto

      There’s so much hesitation to getting a D4 out there, I used to feel the same way before I got one, but it is a really comfortable camera to hold and shoot. Very nice ergonomics, it doesn’t feel heavy at all, it just feels right. Put a decent (non-neck) strap on it and go! And for indoor events, I go without any strap getting in the way, easy to carry and hold.

  • CrossEyedGoose

    I suspect that the Df’s lack of a split image screen – or interchangeable screens, is a result of the autofocus system’s requirements. The guy at DPReview says it well: “We had hoped for an accessory split-prism focusing screen for manual focus but it’s likely that the cost, added bulk and incompatibility with modern pattern metering modes ruled that out at the design stage. Oh well, we can dream.” I would have liked it too, but enough already with all the complaining. Order one, use it for a month and send it back if you don’t like it. I bought one to shoot with, not to test and compare with other Nikon models and offerings from other manufacturers. What is strange to me is all the anger I see vented on this site. Sheesh. It’s just a camera stupid!

    • kassim

      Yes. AF grabs substantial amount of light from reaching the focusing screen. They have to design brighter FS, but not very MF friendly.

  • Judge Dred

    The DF is a pretty overpriced underfeatured D600 for people who are more interested in looking good than being photographers.

  • Photomic F 1968

    Nikon’s reputation was built on the original F. If it were a standard prism F with a F-36 motor modified for the digital world I would have considered it. Nikon is not the same company that I knew in the 60-70-& 80’s

    • mikeswitz

      And what camera manufacturer is? Pentax? Leica? Canon? At least Nikon is making cameras that can still use theirr lenses from the 60-70-80’s.

  • Ron the Flom

    There was someone saying the DF would rank higher on Amazon if you combined all the DF models. WRONG, other cameras have different configurations and all rank ahead of the DF. The DF is not experiencing a large initial order surge and will fall off the charts in a few weeks. It is an overpriced, underfeatured clunker.

    • Andrew Haight

      How do you figure? You have no idea what numbers of each model are selling. That’s why there is absolutely nothing scientific about Amazon’s top list. Yah there are others like the Canon T5 and T3 on the list but they only have 2 models, body only or with kit lens.

      The Df has 4 offerings. Black and Silver, with and without kit lens. It’s also the most expensive DSLR on the list. The fact that the Df, being a $2750 – $3000 DSLR has all 4 of it’s models at or near the top 20 which is mostly made up of soccer mom DSLR’s, speaks pretty well of how it’s doing. And the fact that it’s been in the top 10 newcomer DSLR’s for several days now and moving up (currently spots 4,5,6, & 7) also speaks well to how it’s selling.

  • Andrew Haight

    As I suspected, with the Nikon Df is now on the top selling Digital SLR top 20 list. It’s now at spots 19 & 20 for the Silver body with and without the lens kit. The black body model with and without the lens is at spots 23 & 24.

    I figured it would have to reach it sooner or later. It’s impossible for it to hold 4 spots in the newcomer camera list and not eventually make it. Maybe that’s why it’s so slow making it’s way to the top 20 DSLR list. They’re literally counting each model (silver & black, with/without lens) as a separate camera. With them listed this way all 4 models were being listed not the top 10 newcomer list. When I checked it this morning it was at spots 5, 6, 7 and 9 this morning.

    • FredBear

      I guess it’ll be doing very well outside the traditional ‘Western’ on-line shops as well – i.e. the Eastern countries.

      • Andrew Haight

        No idea. Based on the way everyone is up in arms over this whole platform it’s hard to say how well it’ll do in the long run. I like Thom’s comments below. He seems to have a good insight into a lot of the business capabilities for what Nikon even has for production.

        I think the fact that all 4 models, Black/Silver, with and without kit lens, are even near the top 20 is pretty incredible. Yah people will argue that other cameras made it there but so what. Where are they now? The top 20 list is primarily a list of DSLR’s for soccer mom’s. You take out the Df and the average price of the DSLR’s on the list is $800. And that includes the 610 and 5D. Take those out and the average DSLR on the list is $640.

        The Df is currently at spots 4,5,6, & 7 on top newcomers, and ranked in the top 20 overall for DSLR’s. How’s that equate to a bad thing? Either way I’m still kind of surprised it was used as a reference in this article to begin with because I really think there is nothing scientific or factual about a camera’s listing on Amazon for an hour of sales. Anyone ever read the jokes made about Amazons best seller list for books? It’s actually used as a punchline in jokes.

        I appreciate the factual data that is typically presented on NR. It’s a great resource and it’s pretty remarkable how accurate their predictions are. This type of reference to however to Amazon’s best seller list seems like it’s not one of their more solid data points I’ve seen them make.

      • Sahaja

        Since 38% of the Japanese population is now over 55 a nice “made in Japan” camera that reminds people of Nikon’s past will probably do well there.

        All the talk about this camera has also pretty well buried all the talk about the D600 oil/debris issue on internet forums – maybe a smart move just after launching the D610 which solves this.

        Announcement of this camera also pretty well killed the discussion of Sony’s A7 / A7r as an alternative to Nikon FX cameras.

        If you think this camera is overpriced or under featured – that just makes the D800 or D610 look like a better deal than it may have seemed before.

  • 103David

    So here’s the deal. As a really experienced photographer with a really clear understanding of tool use to achieve particular task goals, please let me clairify the goopy morass this site continues to degenerate into.
    People are not buying this camera right now due to absolutely nothining more than the debacle of D800 and D600 sensor oil and focusing issues. To put it more succinctly, it’s the horror stories (generated largely on this very site) detailing months of carousel repairs that keep buyers conservatively from rushing into early adoption status.
    We’re waiting to see if any of the nightmarish quality control issues continue to appear.
    Contrary to the common thread here, the price isn’t excessive, in fact likely rather reasonable. D700 cost a lot more in 2008, and it didn’t have video either. Having lugged a D700 from China to Panama to Barcelona, I’m ready for something lighter and more compact but with the higher resolution and the better sensor.
    And when we say we don’t give a rat’s ass about video, we mean it. But it isn’t about the camera, is it? Nice as it may be on occasion, there are a lot of us out here who realise what a total time-suck videography is, not to mention the camera real-estate in the menu and that honking red button takes. If it need be done, video is better done on a video camera anyway. Swiss Army knives are for emergencies. Real tools are purpose built.
    And the really annoying stance around whether it’s “retro” (too little, too much?) or “hipsters” (allowed to own or even touch?)…really, come on. Most of the native english speakers on this site couldn’t define these terms much less the ESL crowd (no slam intended, at least not to the ESL folks.) Nikon’s customer base could care less what an anonymous designated hipster carries around. We really only care what WE carry around. While selecting say a 4004s/5005 to clone the appearance might be pushing the envelope, choosing the pretty handsome F3hp was more than okay…but within reason, we don’t really care that much either…nice looking is good, but it’s still a tool and in ten years, it’ll be a garage sale item, along with…almost everything we now own.
    By the way, if the Df is a clone of anything, with that hot shoe on the prism, it’d be the fairly obscure but not unknown F3 P.
    And because speaking the acronym comes out as “Duff,” I vote the camera be renamed the F3 D. (Canon already has their FD lenses.)

  • Captain Obvious

    For an explanation of their strategy, look no further than this statement…..Nikon is dumb….

    • Jeff Hunter

      There’s logic behind their strategy, I’m just not sure what it is. They’re already winning the publicity game on the photography forums like this one. Publicity for their brand is at least one of any company’s goals. I am curious to see how it sells.

  • Photo-Jack

    I think, no matter what camera is introduced there’ll always be a set of features that some would want to have in or think of them as dispenseble depending on their personal needs and use of the camera.. And I’m not an exception here.
    However, while I have never considered the D600/610 as a second body to the D800 the DF is very interesting to me even on the same rank, although for different applications.
    I personally like mechanic elements and would probably buy far more Zeiss lenses just for that reason, if they finally would come up with AF. Zeiss is harboring the accordingly technology as we can see in their lens line for the Sony mount.
    Anyway in my opinion the DF provides some hope, that Nikon won’t just fucus on consumer stuff.
    Furthermore, that the sales of the D610 is higher than that of the DF is explainable: first their is a pricegap of about a grand and second the ones wanting a FF body with low MP have probably settled for a D6oo in the meantime. Had the DF been presented alongside the D800, the demand of the DF would have been probably on the same level.
    Thus was pretty much an own goal of Nikon’s Marketing department.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    IF I WERE an optimistic happy bunny (instead of a vicious little ferret) I would conclude that the incredible amount of abuse the Df is taking is a result of three things:
    1) Paid Canon trolls in full ‘damage limitation’ mode
    2) Paid Sony trolls in full ‘Spam A7 as often as possible’ mode
    3) Jealous people who [want one but can’t afford one/don’t understand it] and therefore must trash publicly it to make themselves feel better.

    In short, all this vile pointless hate points to an overwhelming succes for Nikon. Well done.(Before you argue with me – look at how many ppl openly hate Justin Bieber and yet how well does that monstrosity sell?)

    • Lamar Lamb

      So your saying the Df is the Bieber of cameras?????? Hmmmmm, never thought of it that way.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        ok, that came out wrong… Sorry Nikon Df!

      • Sahaja

        A camera irresistible to pre-pubescent girls?

  • jimbocurtis

    after reading many of the comments that were posted here by people, it seems clear to me that, on the internet, people are pretty rude to each other as strangers. they will go to great lengths to poo-poo a camera (without even holding it) -but for what purpose, to just sound like a jerk or an idiot? it seems like we have really all inflated our egos to a great degree and will defend it at any cost- just because we think our opinion is important… wow. as far as Nikon Df goes: want it? buy it. don’t want it? then don’t buy it. Nikon spent 4 years making this camera. they didn’t make it for everyone. if its not for you, who cares?

  • joehendricks

    Nikon has completely lost touch with their customers base. The DF is a beautiful camera with an amazing D4 sensor that appeals to pro photographers. Unfortunately, it only comes with 31 point focusing, 1 card slot (I don’t mind switching to SD, but not with one slot) and there’s no switching between continuos and single focus tracking on front of the camera. I could personally care less about video.

    What they need to do with this camera is drop the price about $1000, and keep people from switching over to Canon and buying 5DMIII’s. You’re not just losing the sale of a camera, you’re losing all the glass and flashes that we buy along with that camera! – and that add’s up to a lot more then $3000 😉

    • KnightPhoto

      Not sure what you mean, if you’ve used Nikon cameras released since 2009 then you switch from AF-S to AF-C using the same button press and rear/front-dial-twirl mechanisms. The button is on the camera front below and to the “east” of the lens mount.

      I see there is a lot of price-sensitiveness out there. There are ways around that both on the income side (e.g. sell something else, take on some photography or day-job overtime work) and expense side (buy used, refurbished, etc.). But I would recommend when a target camera get’s anywhere even close to your buying value zone, just go ahead and do it. Life is short and we are unlikely to arrive on our death-bed congratulating ourselves on never getting the Nikon Df camera 😉

  • Pat Mann

    Now on top 10 twice – #10 as kit, #20 as body only, both panda version.

  • Mark Rotlewicz

    I find the comment about the Amazon list interesting… It is the best selling camera over $1,500. Pixels do not tell the complete story, and as an owner of a D600 who NEVER has taken a video, and an owner of a mint condition circa 1972 Nikon FTn, this camera is for me… Already pre-ordered

  • Andrew Haight

    I can’t help but laugh at how many times I’ve read in 4 days people complain over not being able to shoot at 1/8000 of a second. Really?!?!?!

    I shoot almost entirely in aperture and manual modes. I’ve used shutter priority for shooting some pics of my son skateboarding but I don’t think I have one photo in my library that has ever been shot at 1/8000 of a second.

    Actually I own the D800 and having read the Nikon Technical Guide to getting sharp detailed photos a couple times I think you guys might be onto something. If I shoot at 1/8000 I might be able to do away with the tripod pre-req!!!!! LOL.

    Maybe I’ll get into shooting water drops or something. Give this D800 the same work-out everyone else is giving theirs. Haha.

    • VikingAesir

      They must live where there’s more light. In the NW there is almost never enough light for those speeds, unless you shoot at F/1.8 in August at noon, maybe those in Arizona have better light.

  • Saffron Blaze

    It is not so much about the features you don’t get but the price of the features you do.

  • KnightPhoto

    Admin, here’s your homework… can you PLEASE find the AF patent Thom is talking about 😉

    An ability to cover more of that pesky large FX frame with AF capability would be truly important to many of us!

  • Saffron Blaze
    • grsnv

      Re price, you’re comparing the Df with kit lens vs. the D800 body only. Interestingly, the Df with lens is higher on the best-selling DSLR list than the Df body only. In any event, at least for now, so much for the headline “Df demand not as strong as for D800.”

      • Sahaja

        According to Thom, Nikon are only manufacturing them in 1/3 the quantity they did with the D800 – which probably indicates how many they expect to sell.

        A lower volume camera like this probably takes up slack in their Japanese manufacturing plant now that the initial demand for the D800 and D4 has slowed down.

      • Saffron Blaze

        Actually, the Df is not in the top 20 anymore but the Nikon 610 and D800 are.

  • Sahaja

    I’m not sure why anyone moans about this camera or its price. It is not as if Nikon is stopping making their regular FX DSLRs – this just gives us another choice. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of other cameras available from Nikon and their competitors.

    For those that want a low priced DX DSLR, the D610 and 6D are bargains – lower than that are refurbished D600s and several used full frame-models.

    If you want more / different features D800, D4, 5DMkIII, 1DC, A99, and now the A7 and A7R .

    • Saffron Blaze

      Except we were looking for a true D700 replacement.

      • Sahaja

        It was never intended as a “true D700 replacementt”.

        • Saffron Blaze

          Their mistake not mine.

  • gove

    AF area is narrow.They have looked down on the user.

  • Raf

    Nikon would be super crazy if it expected the same market response as the D800. The Df is more of a show piece and collector’s delight, rather than a tool. With that price and spec, Nikon should be grateful if anyone outside the collectors club buying the Df.

  • robin

    the price killed the camera the end.

  • mike

    believe me, this camera went down in the price range a fast as the nikon A. cheers mike

  • kkl

    No surprise at all. Users wanted a FM2D ! Nikon was making jokes with them with the Df.

  • Rod Foster

    I’m disappointed with the Nikon Df sensor spec, I thought it would have at least the same pixel count as the D601, the price is way to high for a 16MP camera in this category, good though it may well be. I think Nikon have missed the boat and a great opportunity to appeal to photographers who want a straight forward pro spec camera, a camera without all the bells and whistles forced on them in cameras such as the D601 and D800. Unfortunately a 16MP sensor just doesn’t cut it for the Df.

  • MarkG70

    Doh !!! DF is now the 29th best sellers DSLR on Ebay this morning

  • Peter

    Any serious photographer would’ve told Nikon the DF would be a fail. It was quite obvious with a 39-point AF, Expeed3 (and not Expeed4) processor, “back to photography” lack of video (I actually approve on this) but WiFi and GPS (like, when did photography include those two things?), single memory slot, and charging people $3k for a D4 sensor in a retro-body.

    It was priced too close to the D800 with features weak in comparison.

    Just keep this in mind, it wasn’t designed for professionals or aspiring photographers. It was designed for hipsters and the nostalgic. There are only so many hipsters with the money to spend on a camera with these specs.

    – D4/D800/D700/D600 owner

  • Saffron Blaze

    If they had put the D4 sensor in the D800 do you think anyone would be complaining about the price?

    • KnightPhoto

      “If they had put the D4 sensor in the D800 do you think anyone would be complaining about the price?”

      No 😉

  • T53

    The spec comparison with the D610/600 tells the tale. The shocker is the price tag on the Df.

  • It first shows up at no. 46 on the Amazon Best sellers list.

  • Clint

    The reason is that it was the vocal minority asking for a D4 sensor in a smaller body. The fact is that the D800 sensor is superb and many would have preferred a Df with a D800 sensor. Plus there’s the price…

  • Nick A. Moore

    I think the point of the Df is being ignored here. It is not meant as the next world-beater advancement in Nikon technology. It is not aimed at the general public. It is aimed at a very select group – photographers who want the feel of a fine, ‘mechanical’ camera in their hands as they explore the visual world. In other words, old farts, like me. The rest of you, go play with your nerd toys…

  • LilDebbieSnackCakes

    The Nikon Df…is a camera that is not needed. I need a work horse…D4, D800, D600/10…are the work horses..and even a D7200..are we up to that number? But a Df…is not even needed in my line up of cameras.

  • Interesting – how did I miss this?

    The UK Product Manager says that the focusing system IS NOT the same as that in the D600. (takes you right to that part of the vid)

    • What does he mean? The AF appears to be identical.

      • No idea. Just semantics? Different screw holes?

        But he did specifically say “tuned”.

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