Nikon Pure Photography video #6 is officially out

The last Nikon Pure Photography video that leaked earlier today is now officially released and it does not reveal any new details about the upcoming Df camera.

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  • BK Joosten

    Sorry to get into this discussion late.

    So, the rumored spec I am most interested in is the dimensions. NR’s are almost exactly those of an F3HP. I just put my F3HP next to my D700 and that is a BIG difference. I’m not sure I’d want it any smaller.

    One of the big D700 selling points for me was its “small” size for a Nikon FF. This may push all the same buttons.

    Speaking of buttons, I don’t see the DF being “cluttered”. It has almost exactly the same number of top and front buttons and dials as the F3 did.

  • Kevin

    Interesting, interesting camera. I don’t care about video so I’m happy to drop that feature. If it’s 2K USD, I’ll bite and let this be my first full frame camera. Otherwise, back to my almost perfect x pro 1! 🙂

  • MMS

    Sounds like the perfect camera for a few small primes, walking around on a crisp fall day and enjoying life and photography at the same time. Put it on the shelf next to your D4 /D800 monster, which is the tool of choice for that wedding photography assignment, sports, birding, or video work. The Df is not intended to take the place of the D4 /D800 / D700, which are the proper tools for certain kinds of photography, so those who sniff and complain that the Df does not have the features of these cameras are really missing the point. “Why would I get a camera that doesn’t have all the features of a D610 / D4 / or D800?” they ask. The answer is, because you already have a D610 / D4 / or D800, and the Df is designed for the times where you want a light carry camera and have the time (and want to use the time) to pause and savor the moment. I think the idea of slowing down and savoring life, with a camera that makes it easier to get into the slower frame of mind, will be attractive to those who are lucky enough to have the finances to have that D4 on the shelf but want the smaller, simpler camera for those more contemplative moments.

  • Andrew71

    Hopefully there is a pop out electric razor on one side and a pop out comb on the other. The dork in these videos really needs those features.

    • MMS

      LOL! I wonder if people will see him on the street and give him a hard time for being the “Nikon Pure Photography” guy!

    • Kevin

      Because he isn’t an actor who was told what to wear, how to look, etc… I mean seriously? Geez man!

  • Mike

    Well I can tell you this much, this would be great PR for Scotland Tourism .

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