Nikon Df “Pure Photography” video teaser #5

Pure Photography video teaser #5 for the Nikon Df camera (see rumored specs) is now online:

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  • Rodger Dodger

    No 1/8000 shutter speed

    • roger that

      no 1/8000 on the old school camera’s either, dumb dumb.

      • Pete Grady

        Few films handled predictably at 1/8000.

        • flightofbooks

          few modern lenses are faster than f 1.2

    • RxGus

      D700- 1/8000, base ISO 200
      D600- 1/4000, base ISO 100

      Your problem is what exactly?

  • D700s

    Just so everyone knows, my birthday is Tuesday, 5 November. If you were wondering what to get me stop, I’ll take one of these….

  • Pete Grady

    This camera looks interesting in a lot of ways, but I fear it’s another case of Nikon trying to make a camera that is all things to all people. I know they have to sell cameras and it’s got to be horrifyingly expensive to engineer, design and tool up for manufacturing. Covering those costs and making enough margin to satisfy investors is job one for Kimura-san. But, the popularity of Fuji’s X-Pro 1would seem to indicate that a truly retro-FUNCTIONING camera would be well received and gobbled up by the container load. The more we see of the DF, the less it looks like that’s the direction it is taking. There appears to be a full complement of fly-by-wire buttons and command wheels and that is leaving me cold I’m afraid. With so many cameras already satisfying the kind of user that wants those features, wouldn’t you think that Nikon would make a bold move and make a digital version of, say, the F3 or FM2 for those who want more traditional handling? Having a camera with a focusing screen that would allow for manual focus, a strip of basic information at the bottom of the viewfinder and setting the aperture with the ring on the lens and being able to look down and see the DOF scales would be fantastic. It’s engagement with the process, something that is very lacking in contemporary DSLRs. I could see a small handful of updates that would require a button here or there, like a small LCD on the back to check exposure and preview shots. Include a histogram and the ability to set some basic EXIF info. Being able to switch from matrix to CW to spot metering is useful. And, I suppose with so many AF lenses you’d have to include a basic AF system. But, do you REALLY? Many, if not most, of the target audience of such a camera would already have a lot of legacy MF glass lying around. And, it would be an opportunity to come out with a nice set of new MF lenses specifically for the DF. With the future of cameras in a state of flux, it’s time to take chances and I’m skeptical that the DF is doing that. I’ll be patient and wait to see what it really is when it comes out before I condemn it. Maybe, hopefully, I’m wrong. This rumor about it being able to go from OVF to EVF with mirror lock-up is very intriguing. And, there are a lot of unanswered questions, so we’ll see.

  • jim

    Manual shutter, 1/4000 shutter, 250th sync, one click at a time or 5ps. We shall see…

    • RxGus

      Probably 1/200th sync. If the shutter is the same as the other 1/4000 shutters they have released in the past year.

  • Scott M.

    IMO this Df needs to have 8+/FPS with D4 sensor to replace the D700. If they do that, it will sell like hot cakes.

    • RxGus

      If it does that… no one in the world will ever buy a d4, which Nikon doesn’t want. How can you justify the 6k for a d4 when you can get 80% of the performance and the same sensor for < 1/2 the cost?

      • BLight

        Easy: they’ll lauch a D4s with revised specs or a full new D5 very shortly now…

      • Scott M.

        Why else would they use a 16mp sensor? I think the D4 is a separate tool that pros need for a variety of good reasons. D700 didn’t exactly cripple the sales of the D3/3s.
        They may have a new version set to launch soon as well.

    • Erik

      It also needs less cluttered AF points and 1/8000s before it can replace the D700

      • Scott M.

        Maybe we are seeing the “manual” half of the hybrid in the SS wheel on top. Other half is a bad ass digital.

        • nbleak21

          I believe the 1/3 stop indicator on the SS dial will go up to, or exceed, 1/8000, if not when the camera is released, then at least in a future firmware upgrade.

          Surely the shutter is able to handle those speeds, it’s just likely omitted on the dial as a “manual” setting due to space constraints or retro looks.

          • Scott M.

            I sure hope you are right!

  • epandrsn

    If it’s fully weathersealed and allows you to adjust most of your settings via buttons and not menu’s, might be a replacement to my D700 as my main body for professional use. Looks pretty rad.

  • jsvfoto

    Does anyone else see the metal tab on the lens mount? I think this means non-ai lenses are a go! Nikon, if this is true, you done good, you done real good.

    • JohnH

      Uh, that tab is for AI or AIS lenses. For non-AI lenses it needs to flip out of the way. Please understand what AI and non-AI mean.

      • jsvfoto

        I’ve yet to see a metal tab that couldn’t flip up…

  • I want a dial that goes up to 11! 😀

  • Scooby Doo

    Umm, it’s a digital SLR. With a shutter dial and a lens featuring a silver ring.

  • jgb

    the most complete camera this year bar none

  • NMphoCH

    What a scam! It’s got all the same controls, knobs, buttons, wheels, switches and crap that every other modern nikon has but with a ‘vintage style’ shutter speed knob jammed on top so it looks like an old FM2. Why not stick on an old winding lever so you can really pretend you’re playing with an ‘old-timey’ camera? Do you really need 3 different autofocus buttons on this ‘pure’ camera? I wish Nikon had the guts to release a camera with nothing but a rock-solid chasis, good digital sensor and controls for shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance – no autofocus, no matrix metering and no f*cking aperture priority. I’d buy that in a second.

    • Yety

      No light metering! My Gossen still does well

  • red

    so its an SLR-sized full frame with aperture and exposure dials? I don’t think it will enter the “mirrorless” arena due to its size.

    • Perhaps it doesn’t want to be in the mirrorless arena at all. That’s like adding a classic muscle car into a pack of Prius cars.

    • NMphoCH

      It’s not the size that’ll keep it out of the mirrorless arena – it’s the mirror.

    • Alistair Maitland

      Doesn’t that “click” at the end of the teaser illustrate there’s a mirror/shutter?

  • If this has an EVF, I may regret selling off 75% of my Nikon gear the past few weeks. (Switching to A7 + Rangefinder lenses setup.)

  • I am D700 replacement

    A very well kept secret and “expert league” information control campaign … One is forced to say that that the only person that tested this camera is this unshaven KGB dude ….

  • Extra
    • addri4n

      and they are also saying that the new Df will support two power modes, one fully powered in which the camera acts like a real DSLR with all the electronics and the power saver mode in which you can use all the non AF ,manual lenses from Nikon(this mode saves a lot of your battery, altough the sensor still uses the battery). But the 3000Euro price might be a no go for the majority of the customers because it is much more than a D800…

      • Last Mohican

        Can’t see anything in that article about the D800. They appreciate increased efficacy (manual controls) but otherwise don’t see real innovation.

      • Celtic


    • Last Mohican

      Interesting article. The redactors find nothing new except the two power mode and the “absolutely delirious price” of close to 3000 Euro without lens. They see this not so much as retro than as retrograde– a sign of Nikon’s crisis of innovation. In short: a camera for those who “fight to be the first ones to own it” and who want to be seen walking around with it. Pretty devastating summary that, however, credits NR for furnishing much innovation … while insinuating that the NR machine is part of Nikon’s marketing drive.

    • Last Mohican

      The last part about NR being connected to Nikon marketing, by the way, is based on their observation that NR showed stills from teaser videos before those videos were released.

      • flightofbooks

        It’s like they don’t understand what leaks are or smth.

        • Last Mohican

          They feed on it. But the question always is: who leaked? Probably not Scooter Libby. Anyway, the French are also fond of conspiracy theories, we’re not alone.

    • Cool.. my 4 years of French in high school put to use.

    • Have they used the camera?

      • Last Mohican

        Hard to say, but they have quite specific info about low power mode and rabbit ear coupler. Haven’t read everything in these discussions, so they could have picked up the dots here or elsewhere on the web.

  • MMS

    It is amusing to see the number of posts that follow the following model: “if it has [fill in long list of dream features important possibly only to the individual posting the message], then I will [buy it] [hate it] [sell my first-born in exchange for it] [divorce my wife for it] [find it to be the ugliest camera in the world] [find it to be the most beautiful camera in the world] [still find the Sony mirrorless design to be superior] [etc. etc. etc.].” Then there are those making absolute deal-breaker vows: “if the Df does not have [pop up flash] [manual aperture adjustment] [8 frames per second frame rate] [1/8000 shutter speed] [36 megapixels] [16 megapixels] [28 megapixels] [built-in ND filters] [EVF] [OVF] [CLS] [etc. etc. etc.], then I won’t buy it and it is a worthless piece of junk”. I wonder what it is like to go out to dinner with some of these people; they probably barge into the kitchen and start telling the chef how to prepare green eggs and ham “exactly” how they like it!

    • saywhatuwill

      You forgot “[if it costs $3000]”…

    • ereshoping

      They may not get out much 🙂

    • Scott M.

      This is always the case with a group of speculators with high hopes. Entertaining, really.

    • Last Mohican

      To be fair, there’s also a lot of pertinent and positive information. Like the rumor that Japanese secondhand camera stores are already disassembling broken old Nikons to harvest authentic nude Nikon camera backs in order to cover up the ugly behind of the new camera and make it look genuinely vintage. Retro enthusiasts will apparently be able to insert Ekta, Fuji etc. film box tabs to enhance their feeling of nostalgia and impress their friends.

  • FinchBug

    BTW: Anybody seen the bird in video #1? What bird? Plover?

  • Alistair Maitland

    It would be sweet if, along with the sensor, this cam would get controls that light up like the D4. Simple, yet effective step forward.

    • Last Mohican

      Like keyboards on portable computers? Better not stack dials then. The little screen on top was actually quite useful at night. Maybe it comes with a flashlight?

      • Guest


      • flightofbooks

        the top screen was useful for cameras that had a backlight. for those that did not, it was harder to read than in the dark than dials.

        • Last Mohican

          Those were the days… Feel the need to go back there?

    • saywhatuwill

      That wouldn’t be retro though. I remember we needed to carry a flashlight just to see the settings on the camera.

      • Alistair Maitland

        Retro is one thing. Functional is another. 🙂

  • Adam

    Ok there is no way this is going to be seen…but if this camera is meant to work with older AI and AI-S lenses, I have to imagine Nikon will be including some excellent MF aids. That could be very exciting!

    • Tt

      Like a traditional split screen?

      • Adam

        That would be awesome.

        Maybe if they had a true hybrid VF, a-la the Fuji X100, they could do something like this while still leveraging the AF module from the D600/610?

    • Celtic

      Note to mention pre-Ai. That’s the one thing that really excited me about this concept–a good, practical, easy to use auto focus for legacy lenses on a digital.

    • Last Mohican

      Yes, anything that helps manual focusing. But isn’t it interesting that almost everything new about this camera seems to be a few decades old?

  • Jo

    I hope I can use my old 2.1cm f/4 non-retrofocus lens on this. That’d be sweet. It’s better than any of Nikon’s 20mm primes.

    • Tt

      With mirror up, may be. Like with F2. Couldn’t fit it with NEX

  • Eric Calabros

    the number of comments is ridiculousely high 🙂

    • Celtic

      Ridiculous! ;-

    • I will start a new thread.

  • PD

    I guess it wont be cheaper than d800…

    • Polarbear

      I hope it won’t be cheaper. Otherwise it won’t keep it’s promise.

      • Last Mohican

        Doesn’t seem that there’s much promise left, except low power manual mode, a few useful dials, a few hundred grams less weight, possibly some manual focusing aid, and the D4 sensor. Or does our slightly distraught hipster have a true surprise up his raincoat sleeve other than the price tag? Something Sony etc. would like to copy?

  • cletus_mcginnis

    There is no point in getting excited. Remember, this is Nikon. They always do something wrong.

    • Tt

      Everybody does.

      • Last Mohican

        But not everybody does it the D600 way …

        • Sandy Bartlett

          Even with oil its better than the competition

          • Last Mohican

            You are saved, but Nikon needs to confess before redemption.

  • fjfjjj

    I need the D800 sensor. I want that sensor in the DF body. Please, pretty please, Nikon. Sadly I’m probably going to wind up with an A7R.

    • Alistair Maitland

      How come?

      • fjfjjj

        How come what? I need the resolution for a particular project. For this project, I don’t need Giugiaro-style handling, high-speed burst, racecar AF, and sentient matrix metering. Nikon might have nailed what I need with the DF, except that I need more pixels. I was getting ready to re-purchase a Mamiya 7 but now it looks like the A7R is going to be it, unless Nikon produces a 38Mp version of the DF.

        • alandf

          Why not use then the D800 for that “particular project” rather than buying another system

          • Aldo

            I’m waiting for the d800 in pink

            • I heard there’s going to be a ‘Hello Kitty’ version

            • Aldo

              reelynowai… I’ll wait for that one instead

          • fjfjjj

            Size and weight.

            • hexx

              If I needed 36mp I’d make sure I’m making most out of it, which means great glass and sturdy tripod – none is small or light.

            • D800 user

              If you have enough light (high shutter speed or flash and ISO 100) it can be light. 85/1.8 G is extremely light and is up there with the sharpest lenses available.

            • Bamboojled

              You are going to have size and weight without the handling and performance of the D800 once you add a decent lens to the A7r

        • Then buy the D800. What the hell is wrong with you?

        • Mr X

          Well, to be honest, I don´t think more pixels really matters if you don´t go up to MF. I´m working as a photography and I´m currently using MF(Phase One for projects that needs better feel and resolution. Otherwise I´m using a D800(E) and a D3. Don´t see much differens in prints done with the two dslrs, but the prints from the MF outclasses everything(as long as the picture is good) printed with a dslr. I have done big prints with them all(I own a Epson Pro 9900) and if you now how to rescale the picture properly you do fine with “only” 12mp.

    • Yyz

      Go for it. Best controls, video, evf. Super small!

  • Radek

    With this many comments I am not sure in one more makes any difference … 🙂

    At any rate …

    1. The shutter speeds on the top dial goes as 30/60/125/250/500/1000/2000/4000 perhaps … I wonder if 1/3 stop is selectable and further accessible through command/secondary dials … it would work perhaps.

    2. The display on the back (partly visible around 9-11s into the movie) shows what appears as info display … it still appears as matrix display tho.

    3. I hope aperture could be set on the lens with aperture ring (AF-D lenses); that would be cool. However, I am not sure how shutter priority mode would be accomplished (since body needs to control aperture). I understand that currently aperture ring needs to be locked at highest/lowest aperture (I don’t own any D lens yet) and camera always set aperture (either automatically or via dials). It seems it would not work if aperture is selectable either via aperture ring or electronically. I wonder.

    4. I took out my old Praktica SLR camera to feel gripless body and I have to admit I am not a big fan. On the other hand, the new Nikon seems to have some grip there so it might work.

    It really could be a nice camera with basic controls (shutter speed, aperture, and ISO) clearly accessible. It would certainly provide great teaching tool to show your kids what photography is about.

    Cheers, R>

  • shuon

    I genuinely expected it to be more minimalistic. I was under the impression that this model was to hit the enthusiast target audience who want fullframe but who care less about the many features a full fledged DSLR is able to offer. Just not a huge fan of all those buttons… but we’ll see!

    • Last Mohican

      According to the article in Chasseur d’images (,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=127&cntnt01returnid=84) there will be a reduced power mode for those enthusiasts, which will keep sensor and minimal functions going. That seems to be the extent of the “hybrid” claim. Plus a coupler for older rabbit ear lenses.

      • Jeff Curtner

        That’s very interesting, perhaps another subtle message of the photographer being in the wildness shooting in manual focus.

  • dav

    A dad has an old F3 with some old lens..will I be able to use them with this camera?if so..AF will not work right?

    • They’ll work, but as far as I know, all lenses from the F3 era didn’t have autofocus anyway.

    • Df

      AF always works, even with AI lenses. But F3 won’t work with Df.

    • Celtic

      It is still not clear how the old pre-Ai lenses (used on the F and F2 cameras) and the later Ai and Ai-S lenses will work on the Df. It sounds like they may have a real manual focus capability (turn the focus ring and see the subject come into focus through a split-image prism, for example). That sounds like (I think) normal Nikkor lenses built to fit the F and following Nikons will work on the Df. One qualification: your lenses must be free of fungus on the glass. Also, they may be overly dusty inside, so check them out.

  • Spy Black

    Yay, shutter speed dial! Yay, D600 shutter! That means not that expensive, and maybe some freebie dust spots as well!

    • Nikonian

      F3 is about $300, add D4 sensor and it shouldn’t be more than $999.
      Or I will buy Holga!

      • Aldo

        lol I wish

  • future buyer ?

    1/4000 shutter speed BUT dedicated AF-ON button ? That’s something that has never happened before in a FX Nikon body, right ? I really hope they didn’t leave the 1-click 100% zoom function out ! If it has a D4 sensor and 1-click 100% zoom, I’m sold. Please, Nikon, don’t cripple this beauty.

  • Benny Pangadian

    Digital Camera with out Auto focus

    • Benji

      And without Manual focus 🙁

      • Sundra Tanakoh

        And without film.

    • What are you talking about? You want no AF, cuz the Df has it.

      • Last Mohican

        Benny just joined from Nikon, he’s wearing the uniform and is leaking the first info about the upcoming DF2.

      • Sundra Tanakoh

        It appears that Benny is blind, maybe we should cut him so slack ….. ah, no. No Benny no slack cutting for you!!!

  • D620

    I think it’s ugly
    Old school looking from the top .. Not bad
    At the back, the current Dxxx buttons … Come on!
    I don’t have selectors at the back of my Fx FMx bodies

    • Last Mohican

      Would you like Siri, so we could get rid of those dials too?

    • piyo

      You know, “Df” means digital fusion 🙂

  • Chris Bilodeau

    I just want to grab that thing and shoot with it while wearing bell-bottoms and a short-sleeve buttoned-down shirt with pocket protector. It’s amazing how we long for progress only to embrace the very past we tried to improve upon before. I dunno. Should be interesting though.

    • Last Mohican

      Let’s keep our rapidly diminishing hopes up. How about getting rid of your tie and watch as a first step toward fully embracing the past?

  • Clubber Lang

    Call me crazy but this doesn’t look retro…am I missing something….especially the back. Black plastic buttons with white paint. Not that it matters, but the retro thing is being mentioned often. Also, when I place a camera to my eye, all I am focused on is color, composition etc…I don’t even notice my camera. Aren’t my eyes and brain about the purist thing in photography?

    • Last Mohican

      Sure, but no need to be puritan about it.

    • Dover

      And more importantly….who CARES if it looks retro? Only those people that bought a replica chrome sunbeam toaster, that’s who.

  • 500


  • newoldmate

    Ermahgerd dee effh cerrmrruuhhh

  • Looks gorgeous. I want it. But will it limit us to 36 shots per memory card? 🙂

    • tt

      it will limit to 36 or 24, your choice.

      • photoroto

        But if you don’t push the memory card too far down into the pins, you might get 37 or even 38 shots. But that first frame could be slightly light flashed.

  • AlaskanAustrian

    How great would it be if Nikon would take my old F3/MD4 or my F5 and make it a DF!!! Who knows how many other who still own those fantastic, beautiful bodies, would go for that. Best second, third body to have around…

  • MirrorLessForums

    Not comact enough for comapact one, if its to compete against those mirrorless lineups…and no video mode? why??

  • Oleg_M

    Bullshit. Don’t understand all this hysteria.

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