Nikon Df camera size comparisons



credit: Jeff Curtner

Some Nikon Df camera size comparisons (click on images for larger view):

Nikon D4 vs. Nikon D610 vs. Nikon Df vs. Sony a7:


credit: dicahub

Nikon D610 vs. Nikon Df vs. Sony a7r:


credit: Ethan

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  • Kevin

    drop the grip and i may consider getting it 🙂

    • Mars Observer

      I don’t think we’ve seen a pic of the grip yet, have we?

      • I think the controls and the grip will be revealed tonight.

  • Curious

    If the Df is about the same size as a D600, is retro cool styling the only significant reason to get one? I don’t see how the Df would enable me to photograph any better while sneaking around a forest than a D600? Perhaps a true mirror less mode in the Df?

    • tap0

      The Df does not make you a better photographer, but you can pretend to be one with it.

    • flightofbooks

      if you’re buying a camera to make you a better photographer, then nothing is going to help you.

    • Captain Megaton

      The real draw is the EVF-OVF hybrid viewfinder, and, yeah, the metal, mechanical, traditional body and controls.

      I basically agree with your logic though, which is why I think Nikon is not going to price this thing that much more than a D610.

      • Mars Observer

        Still waiting for that shoe to drop.

    • Mars Observer

      The Df is supposed to be a bit thinner than the D600 (66.5mm vs 82mm)

  • Anthony

    Regarding the “hybrid”, it would be really great if nikon can combine the EVF information (i.e histogram) and show it or overlay on a corner of OVF. This is what I really want to see.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Hmm… there were a few posts not by me, so I’ve registered for Disqus and Gravatar-ed op. Only Truthy Ruthy from now on!

    • That wasn’t you drunk and on the bus? I chuckled at that.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        …that was me I’m afraid….

        • Ok, I’m still LOL’ing but your stock just went up in my book.

  • Warren

    Not as compact as A7r = No buy from me

    • Mars Observer

      Rumours today say that Sony may be planning an even smaller and cheaper FF in 2014 (ie. smaller than the A7 even).

      • hexx

        maybe w/o that bump on top – no idea why it needs to be there if they could move EVF to the left of the camera. there’s no mirror inside, no need for VF to be in the middle

        • omg

          except not everyone prefers the EVF on the left

      • Erik

        I have a feeling that Sony is playing this game very hard to win.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        I heard that Sony was making a full-frame camera with a body that is actually smaller than a full-frame sensor. Nano-technology.

  • Gustavo Paixão

    Nikon: Taking my whole salary since ever.

  • Syrong

    Both left/right neck strap rings are located in very strange position. Shold they be at the edge?

    • That was normal on classic film bodies for decades.

  • some.guy from.texas


    • toby

      Yes please be a circular one, I much prefer them over the small square ones

  • Dino Brusco

    My guess about the ?? button?

    If you had FM3A you would know it. I bet it’s a fill-in flash button straightly set to -1 EV (if not a true exposure compensation)

    • toby

      This doesn’t even have a flash though… (apparently)

      • Dino Brusco

        Well, now it’s clear it’s a BKT button, yet FM3A had it (equally not having its own flash), this is why I tried guessing.

  • Alistair Maitland

    It’s late and for some reason I’m reading Nikon’s 2013 annual report. But it does shed some light on where Nikon is going:

    “We expect the market for interchangeable lens-type

    digital cameras to continue expanding
    in the fiscal year ending March 2014,
    with particularly strong growth in non-reflex
    digital cameras.” (Non-reflex—>Mirrorless??)

    …..Drawing on lessons learned from the diminished
    profitability of the fiscal year ended March 2013,
    Nikon will focus on sales of high-margin new
    digital SLR cameras. (instead of compacts)…

    Further, Nikon will bring distinctive new products
    to market, and strengthen its product lineup for the FX and DX formats.”

    Food for thought. It goes on to say they’re wanting to reduce manufacturing costs while increasing profitability. So yeah, smaller bodies, less material while keeping the goodies that NIkon is known for: “We already have unwavering confidence in such
    aspects of our interchangeable lens-type advanced
    digital cameras as their small size, light weight
    and autofocus speed.”

    • Thom Hogan

      We’re halfway through that fiscal year and that statement is incorrect: interchangeable lens camera sales are down 15% or so. For an “expansion” we’d need to see >15% growth in the second half of that year, and there’s no sign that it’s coming.

      Virtually all of the Japanese camera makers’ public statements severely lag reality. Olympus has claimed “we’ll be at breakeven” for something like 8 consecutive quarters without achieving it. Canon recently downgraded their projections for the second time and they still seem high to me.

      • Alistair Maitland

        You’re right, but that doesn’t negate their plan to raise profit margins and, moreover, it wasn’t the point of my posting it. It’s in the context of this new body being announced that I wanted to bring the statements “Nikon will focus on sles of high-margin new digital SLR cameras”, “Nikon will bring distinctive new products to market, and strengthen its product lineup for the FX and DX formats”, “confidence in such aspects of our interchangeable lens-type advanced digital cameras as their small size, light weight and autofocus speed.” This new Df seems to fit that bill and moreover may illustrate a trend not just a one off. Thoughts?

        • Thom Hogan

          I’ve written about this on my Web site (see for example:

          Here’s the thing: right now the camera world is one of those tilt-a-whirls. Yen dropping against dollar. Inflation returning to Japan. Camera sales in deep decline. Built-up unsold inventory. Aggressive competitors trying to find a foothold. Smartphones continuing to get better and better as cameras. The list goes on and on in terms of all the factors you have to deal with. No one is going to navigate them all successfully, I think. The “lower costs” mantra has been around for quite some time. You’ll find some version of it in every annual report for Nikon for many years. It’s almost as ubiquitous as Olympus’ “we’ll breakeven this year” statements.

          There’s little penalty in Japan for making statements that you might even know you can’t come close to living up to. The Japanese press isn’t going to go ballistic on you. Instead, they’ll politely ignore the fact that you said you were going to raise your profit margins but didn’t. But as more Westerners poured into the Japanese stock market after Abe took over the country and announced his three-pronged plan for the Japanese recovery, they all looked for arbitrage points. While the stock market in Japan is up for the year, Nikon is down in the stock market, partly because of that. Most analysts I know that follow the camera industry in Japan are highly negative on it, more negative than me, actually. They are ignoring the statements and looking at the actual financial fundamentals.

  • jtan163

    What is between the two silver things on the top right corner as the camera faces us?

    In some shots I’ve wondered if it is a rangefinder like window.

    Is DF Digital Fusion or maybe Digital Finder?

    Why does this camera need a new lens?
    A 50 mm d1.8 already exists.
    What necessitates a new 50?
    We maybe materials. Perhaps the materials and the looks match the styling for DF.

    But maybe the initial rumours were correct.
    Maybe it is mirror less.
    The existing 50 1.8 would not work without an adaptor.
    Do maybe thus lens has a shorter flange (?) distance?

    So what’s with the “prism” hump.
    Same as the em1 or the new sony.

    Not enough room in the body. For washy? Not sure. Possibly. An EVF.

    Maybe there us an EVF and a rangefinder window.

    Or maybe they is not a fifer style window.

    Or maybe it’s a hybrid OVF/EVF like a XPro1 and there is something else in the hump.

    For me the thing that does not gel is the new lens. And if it was a straight DSLR what set all the hybrid references.
    I’m guessing mirror less.
    Or a new kind of hybrid.
    Eg pellucle mirror for optical finder, but the pellucle can move aside for pure mirror less operation and EVF.
    Whatever I think not pure conventional DSLR.

    • Mark

      I would suppose that F means nothing more than the F in F-mount

      • Erik

        So a D800 doesn’t have an F-mount then? Makes no sense.

        • decisivemoment

          Honors the D-series (D1, D2, D3 etc) and the F-series (F, F2, F3, F4 etc) So, DF.

          • Erik

            Honours both the D series and the F series?

  • Lamar Lamb

    I haven’t seen anyone do a comparison of real bodies yet. Here is a set of Nikon bodies. Left to right F4, D300, D70, F100, F2, FM. I think this DF will be about the size of the F2 based on the pictures I’ve seen as indicated by the size of the PC Sync port.

    • hexx

      …and your address is? 😛

      • Lamar Lamb

        LOL…. 1313 Mockingbird Lane….. ask for Spot 🙂

        • hexx

          🙂 nice one

        • Sahaja

          Spot the Rottweiler?

  • MrSkelter

    If this camera has a full manual mode, with the screen off and only physical controls in play, will that require a new button? Obviously you can’t put that under a menu. It could live on a dial but that space is limited Could that explain the mystery button (though it’s less exciting than a viewfinder removal button).

    • JohnH

      Not really. It’s in a weird place to be using on a frequent basis.
      My bet is that it’s the viewfinder removal button (if the VF is removable) or it may be the manual/mechanical mirror lockup button+ lever.
      We should get an even clearer look at it tonight.

  • Zerg

    Hi Admin, Is there any updates about Df today? Thanks!

  • JohnH

    And how about some lens rumors – like the rumored 16mm fisheye – whatever happened to that?

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I heard the fisheye was terrible. Too much distortion. They scrapped the whole idea.

      • JohnH

        Too much distortion on a fisheye? It’s all about distortion.

        • Read the FAQ

          I believe he was making a joke………

      • JohnH

        Wasn’t sure it was a joke or not – hard to tell sometimes!
        Nikon’s 16/3.5 fisheye is my favorite lens of all and it would be great if Nikon came out with a new 16/2.8 that was just as sharp and immune to flare/ghosting. The current 16/2.8D is just OK.

  • Mark

    Are scheduled for a new video tonight at midnight ?

    • JohnH


      • Mark

        Thanks…guess we’re going to see those knobs and controls a bit more 🙂

        • Erik


    • Stan Dibben

      Maybe we’ll see a couple of buttons… Love this mktg strategy. they must be very confident in this work.

      • Either they are very confident or very, very foolish.
        Hype like this can backfire as millions of fans suddenly cry, “so disappointed”.

    • Yes, #5 should be out tonight. Stay tuned.

    • JohnH

      It’s the top and back that I’d love to see – mostly the back.

      • broxibear

        What are we thinking, something like this ?

  • Celtic

    My Valium seems to have worn off. Is it over yet?

  • dav

    I keep refreshing the home page…nothing else to do 🙂

    • lancecouzens

      you’re not alone! page views per unique visitor must be at an all time high…

      • No, the pageviews are not even close to January 2012 when the D4/D800 rumors were going on:

        • lancecouzens

          i stand corrected!

        • JohnH

          But they are trending up – I bet there will be more tonight/tomorrow when episode #5 comes out.

          • Those were the monthly numbers. I have to check the weekly trends.

  • MMS

    Perhaps tonight’s episode will feature a Halloween theme. They could show the skeleton of the Nikon Df, “bones” picked clean.

  • nana

    Prepare to have your dreams smashed tonight.

    The amount of fantasizing and daydreaming that is going on here is unhealthy.

    • nbleak21

      What time tonight?! It’s getting past my bedtime!

      • midnight EST

        • nbleak21

          That was worth the wait! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Spy Black

    If this thing doesn’t have a real shutter speed dial, my desire for this camera will go right out the window.

    • jec6613

      IT DOES! 😀

    • The window is safe now.

    • Rad Alzyoud

      you got your wish

  • Jeff Curtner

    Teaser #5 is already uploaded by Nikon China but locked. I guess it’s ready in 40 min. It’s 36 seconds long, all previous teasers are 33 to 34 seconds.

  • Shutter dial FTW!

    • KnightPhoto

      This thing is going to sell!

  • tap0


    admin, please start a new thread.

  • First look of the back side.

    • delowan

      Shutter dial AND thumb wheel. Nice way to please everyone !!

  • Shutter dial and more become clear.

  • Killroy™

    The ??? on the right appears to be the BKT button.

  • Sandy Bartlett

    Some good camera grabs, found on DPR

  • Nate

    A new 50mm? A focus screen with a leaf shutter.

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