Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM lens priced at $899

Sigma announced the price of their new 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM lens: $899 (for comparison the Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 costs $1,300). The Nikon version will start shipping in early December.

Press release:

Sigma Corporation announces pricing, timing for new 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM lens

Versatile and stabilized standard zoom lens starts shipping in November for street price of $899

Sigma Corporation of America (, a leading researcher, developer, manufacturer and service provider of some of the world's most impressive lines of lenses, cameras and flashes, today from PhotoPlus Expo 2013 announced the pricing and availability of its new 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM Art lens.

This new Art lens was developed as part of the company’s Global Vision and will be on shelves next month, starting with Canon mounts, for the street price of $899. The full frame lens, which will also work with APS-C sensor cameras with an effective increase in focal length, will be available in Nikon and Sigma mounts in December, and Sony mounts will soon follow. All but the Sony mounts will incorporate Sigma’s proprietary Optical Stabilizer (OS) technology to compensate for camera shake. This functionality is omitted from Sony mounts to accommodate for that manufacturer’s in-camera image stabilization system.

The 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM covers the basic shooting range from wide to medium tele with an inner focusing system that eliminates front lens rotation, enhancing the lens stability and allowing the use of circular polarizing filters. Moreover, it was designed to surpass the required quality inspection of every Global Vision lens with Sigma’s own modulation transfer function (MTF) “A1” measuring system to create a new optical standard to align with the high-spec cameras on today’s market.

“This is a top-notch lens in its design and image quality. Our engineering team in Japan continues to wow the industry with the caliber of the new lenses we’re producing and we expect Sigma users to be just as pleased with this new 24-105 F4,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America.

The lens offers the largest possible fixed aperture to zoom ratio that will maintain optimal integrity for many kinds of photography, including landscapes, architecture, portraiture and still-life. With a minimum focusing distance of 45cm and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:4.6, this lens is also excellent for close-up photography.

High-performance glass elements, including SLD and FLD, which is equal to fluorite, and glass-molded single- and double-sided aspheric lenses have been included into the optical system to prevent aberration, field curvature, distortions and color aberration. The 24-105mm F4 DG OS HSM lens is also able to suppress chromatic aberration very effectively at the telephoto-end, and can achieve superior image quality throughout the zoom range. Unlike lenses with similar specifications, this lens overcomes low peripheral brightness. Although it is designed for full frame cameras, it also works with APS-C sensors, giving an increase to focal length.

The lens’ Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) ensures a silent, high-speed auto focus function and enables full-time manual focusing capability. The 24-105mm is also compatible with Sigma’s USB dock allowing photographers to update its firmware and change focus parameters using Sigma's Optimization Pro software. It is also compatible with Sigma’s recently announced Mount Conversion Service.

For information about Sigma, go to Visit Sigma at PhotoPlus Expo at booth 537.


  • Lens Construction: 19 elements in 14 groups
  • Minimum aperture: F22
  • Filter size: ø82mm
  • Angle of view (35mm format): 84.1°-23.3°
  • Minimum focusing distance: 45cm/17.7in.
  • Dimensions (Diameter x Length): ø88.6mm x 109.4mm/3.5in. x 4.3in.
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9 (Rounded diaphragm)
  • Maximum magnification ratio: 1:4.6
  • Weight: 885g/31.2oz
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  • Sandy Bartlett

    Good price, I may get it.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I just don’t see myself paying that much for an f/4 lens.

      • sperdynamite

        If you look at it next to the Nikon 24-120mm f4, it’s a good deal, or rather, closer to where the Nikon should have been priced.

        • Joseph Li

          Nikon was selling the 24-120 f/4 new with rebates etc. for about $1000…so this is actually not that well priced, unless in a few months the price started to drop to $600-700 then that’s a good deal

          • patto01

            Stand-alone or bundled with a camera? I really want one but may get the Sigma instead. It depends on its actual performance once it’s released.

          • sperdynamite

            Yeah we’re looking at the MSRP so it might go lower. Personally I be you’ll be able to find a used one in the spring for the price you wanna pay.

          • Tair

            Yeah, but the Nikon version it’s really mediocre

            • desmo

              said by someone with no experience,

              even if the Sigma were to equal the Nikon optcally,
              it won’t exceed it,
              it will take a killing on resale value,
              and may not be compatable with future
              Nikon upgrades to autofocus

              So, Mr Li was pretty much spot on

            • Tair

              You mad, time traveler?

              Sorry to tell the truth.

            • Cyrille Berger

              The lens is compatible with the dock, which will make it possible to update the firmware in case of incompatibility with Nikon future AF. As for the optic, Sigma has proven to be at least as good as Nikon, and sometime better. Build quality, I can agree, even though, it looks like they are progressing in that area.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          I didn’t see myself buying that lens either.

      • Sandy Bartlett

        I like the size of F4, and i love my 35 1.4 Art series. If reviews look good, I’ll get it. Sharp looking lens.

      • tedtedsen

        i totaly agree tameron is the king on the maked 24-70mm 2.8 VC(vr.os) and comparibel With nikor 24-70 non vr in terms of images quallity

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I just don’t see myself paying that much for an f/4 lens.

    • Danny

      Yep, yep looks good. Blah blah.
      DF news please. I need my fix.

      • I usually get the best rumors on Friday. I am checking my email every 5 min.

        • Danny

          Thank you for all your hard work

        • some.guy from.texas

          And we’re refreshing about that often as well. 🙂

          Thanks for keeping us updated; I haven’t read NR for that long but what other camera releases have generated this much buzz?

          • The D800 – if you remember most of the readers did not believe that a 36MP DSLR from Nikon was possible.

    • interested if it is noticeably better then the 24 120mm. another thing to keep in mind the focus direction will be reverse, not great if you shoot video in mf mode /:

  • skaarj

    Sigma should quit wasting time on lenses that already exist. Nikon and Canon are missing a 24-70 2.8 vr/is. Sigma should still that show from Nikon and Canon and come up with a 24-70 2.8 OS.

    • sperdynamite

      Tamron makes that right now and it gets universally glowing reviews, what are you waiting for?

      • Mike

        And the zoom rotation is in the right direction. 🙂

        • zhen

          Yes, I remember but the Tamron is not that sharp as the Nikon. Also I’m not sure about the brand. At least Sigma has somehow improved its products.

    • zhen

      The most interesting question is how the sigma will compare to NIkon 24-70/2.8 in terms of IQ. I’m going to buy a lens in that focal range but not sure with the choice.

  • CP

    SRP of $999.95 in Canada, but comes with their 7 year warranty. Similar to when the 35mm F1.4 came out. Sigma+Canon mount in December. Nikon+Sony mount in 2014.

    • roadie

      If I buy in US, will I get warranty in Canada?

  • Paul

    At that price, the heck with the 24-120. I’ll make up the other 19mm on my feet.

    • decisivemoment

      As much as I like the 24-120, Nikon should really have called it a 24-105 given the focus breathing, so I don’t think you’re missing much in that regard.

  • Arne

    Looks interesting, but with a filter thread of 82mm and the typical wrong direction of the focus and zoom ring, nothing for me. Change that direction, and I’ll consider buying some more Sigma lenses, including the 35/1.4 and the 120-300/2.8

    • Arme

      You’re retarded.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I believe I read somewhere that they fixed the zoom and focus direction. I can find out for sure. I’ll send a quick message to my Sigma contact.

      That being said I’ve used a number of Sigma zooms and it’s kind of annoying, but not a deal-breaker for me.

      • roadie

        I’d be interested to know because I will use it for video and it’s hard to adjust my brain around this lens and the other primes I use.

        • +1. exactly, I shot with the ART 35mm 1.4 on the D800 and the focus direction was “wrong” for Nikon users. I certainly can’t adjust my brain shooting video, even when shooting with the 5D3 I use Nikkor glass.

        • orpickaname

          If you are into video then you probably already know that most cine lenses (canon, zeiss/arri etc) will focus opposite “the nikon way”?

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          I just remembered my friends at Sigma are busy in NYC. I’ll check Monday.

    • kotozafy

      I don’t know the right definition of a right direction, but now that you know that the Sigma rings have the wrong direction, you just have to turn them in the wrong direction to get right focussing/zooming, right ?
      As a former Minolta owner, I considered that Nikon F bayonet mount have the wrong direction but that didn’t prevent me to buy Nikon cameras!

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        The problem is muscle memory. If you shoot a lot, you just do, not think. If every other lens in your toolbox does X and this lens does Y, that’s a negative.

        • kotozafy

          I was only joking, I love playing with words like Raymond Devos 🙂

    • Jimmy

      So who has the “right” direction?
      Nikon or Canon?

      • decisivemoment

        The right direction is whatever all your other lenses work in. The “wrong” part is having to remember to switch directions when you change lenses. It’s why I once returned an otherwise perfect Tamron 60B 300/2.8. Looking back I should have struggled through it, but the switching really was annoying.

    • Don

      Arne, I hear you, but I relented and picked up both of those lenses anyway. I still find the 120-300 annoying, but man I’m glad I own it!

    • decisivemoment

      Sigma back in the 1980s used to be very careful to make everything work in the correct direction for each lens mount; Syncro-II, they called it. I think it’s really unfortunate they stopped doing that. Surely they should have brought that back for Global Vision.

  • Frank Wickertsheim

    I´m actually a Nikon Fanboy. Having said that, I´m really concerned seeing that Nikon chooses not to live up to his history of quality (exept in the pro lenses, D4 and D800) Please wake up soon 🙂 I would never buy the 24-120 for that price and it´s image qualitiy. So I save my money and wait cautiously for the D700 and D300S replacements and stick to my 28-105mm Nikon as an alround lens…

    • desmo

      Patience is a virtue

      your probably going to need it

    • KnightPhoto

      The Nikon DF is as close to a D700 replacement as you are ever going to get?

      Otherwise maybe wait for a future D900 that can do 8fps

      • Eric Duminil

        Depends on the AF.

    • decisivemoment

      The 24-120 is actually a pretty damned good lens; maybe you got a bad sample? It just shouldn’t cost $1,300. Canon’s very comparable 24-105 runs $1000 or so and then is effectively discounted further through bundling discounts that don’t come and go like Nikon’s do.

    • Ken Elliott

      As an owner of 2 D700’s and 2 D800’s, I can assure you the D800 is indeed the replacement. Saying “but I don’t want 36MP” doesn’t change that any more than claiming the D90 is not the D80 replacement because you don’t want video.

      • patto01

        Nikon says it’s not but then, what do they know?

        • Ken Elliott

          Citation please. I certainly could be wrong.

          • patto01

            Dang. I shouldn’t have to work so hard to post on NR…

            Shinya Hara (Design 1): “Some may think that the D800 is the successor to the D700, but we were looking to bring the world a whole new category of camera.”


            • Paul

              marketers never want a successor to be limited by the brand of former model. i think people get way too hung up on the numbers

            • patto01

              I agree. If they had called the D800 something else, indicative of the medium format-like IQ, nobody would have thought of it as a successor to the D700. They couldn’t do that, though, because other cameras may join it soon and then Nikon would be ridiculed for the comparison.

            • Ken Elliott

              “Dang. I shouldn’t have to work so hard to post on NR..”

              Yes, you now you get to experience the joy of proving me wrong. ;D

              I guess I fall into the “some” category. I do feel – for my needs – that is is the replacement. I got it thinking I’d only use it for high-res landscapes that I would print large. But it deals with low light and sports just as well (for me) as the D700. They are almost interchangeable for my shooting. Only the file size is an issue, so for web-stuff I prefer the D700.

              Thanks for the research. Good job, dang it. 😀

            • patto01

              I don’t get any joy out of it. Or satisfaction. But if you bought me a Sigma 24-105 (when it comes out) or the Nikon 24-120 (you pick), I’d be happier than a pig in slop! 🙂
              I guess I’m particularly sensitive to the D800s speed. But then, we’ve had this debate before 😉

      • Frank Wickertsheim

        You are probably right. So I better would have said ” a replacement suitable to my needs”. The results of the 36MP are wonderful and outstanding in the Full-frame-world. I´m really dependen´t on a very fast autofocus, covering as much of the field as possible. And a slightly higer frame-rate, though I could do with 6/s. Though I love to take photos of many things, I always must be able to take good pictures of my wild daughters, who are alwas in motion an do a lot of sports.
        I´m only an amateur fotographing since 30. So I´m more dependent on the assistant of the camera, than a proffessional. And i don´t see the point in downgrade the autofocus-system. I´m still satisfied with my D700 and am sure there will be the Nikon for me in less than 3 years. So I just sit and wait and enjoy taking pictures. 🙂

    • robert

      That 28-105 is still a great lens.

  • Kenneth

    Since the release of 85mm and 35mm/1.4 ART lenses, I have had very positve feeling about their lenses.
    Next, please release 24/1.4 ART lens. I’m waiting!!!

    • outkasted

      There is no 85mm ‘Art’ lens.

      • phosgene

        Yeah, I was gonna say. I hope they do come out with one, though – the 35/1.4 is my new favorite lens.

      • Neopulse

        Their 85mm is actually pretty damn nice. Albeit some had some focus issues supposedly. But still the IQ on it was awesome. I would grab this lens over the 85mm 1.4D Nikon.

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          The Sigma 85 really IS a great lens. Mine never had a focus issue. That thing makes stuff pop like it’s 3D. I don’t think they could improve on the IQ of that lens at all.

          • Neopulse

            Well…. if Nikon made a badass G lens that surpassed the D version (although it is still a good lens), then I think it’s possible for Sigma to do the same. And as you said, has 3-D-like pop effect and the colors look good on it.

  • Roy

    I’m no longer interested in zoom lens. I just want fast prime. Dear Sigma, where is 24/1.4 ART lens?

    • mist3rf0ur

      Seriously. And I’m hoping (despite Sigma’s other new releases), that it might be a bit smaller than Nikon’s 24mm 1.4.

  • Richard Hart

    look forward to the dxmark! might be a buy!

  • aarif

    I don’t like F4 unless they are 300mm and above

  • ArtfulDodger

    Use it for sports, or whatever, and void the warranty…..

  • Ian Dangerzone

    Mid range zooms aren’t really my steez, but maybe someone will get something of use out of this?

  • Spy Black

    Unfortunately they did not have a Nikon version at PDN, only a Canon.

  • Markus Arike

    The front thread is 82mm? That’s the same size as the Tamron 24-70 f2.8 VC. Seems like a huge front element, and a big lens for an f4 constant aperture zoom. Could be a nice lens though. More interested in the Tamron.

  • Mike

    Held it in my hands yesterday at PDN.

  • tedtedsen

    Nice kittlens, no internal zoom

  • fred

    are corners/edges sharp, or is it just another overpriced (yawn) point & shoot?

  • tew

    Is it really that hard to release Nikon mount same time as Canon?

  • tedtedsen

    Why not upgrade to the 2.8 but sigma created f4 instead, long live TAMERON 24-70 2.8 VC ( vr.os) the onley on the marked at the moment and in test comparibel to Nikon 24-70 no vr

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