Nikon D5300 and Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G pre-order options

Nikon-D5300-camera-red Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f:1.4G lens



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  • desmo

    by opting for the D5300,
    you might could afford the 58mm F1.4,


  • Andul

    buying a 5300 – because it’s red.

  • Danzig

    18-140 for $600, “so much” for a DX kit lens 🙂

    • Neopulse

      Spent $799 on a Sigma 18-35mm as a birthday gift, and that lens was worth it. The 18-140mm I read was an update to the existing zoom kit lens to be able to work with current high MP sensors.

  • Mike

    Smart move by Nikon add 8mm and 1200 euros… Rather than firmware to older models they sell us the d610 sb910 and now a 58mm 1.4 seriously… Come on…

    • Zed

      You’re not a very smart person, are you? And now by speaking out you made it known to everyone. Take my advise – keep quite and just maybe someone will be mistaken that you have some brains.

      • Peace Maker

        That wasn’t necessary now was it?
        That said, isn’t firmware able to fix a heating problem and poor shutter design….by using magic?

      • Jorge

        @ Zed. You might want to use spell check. I think you meant quiet.

        • zed

          You are absolutely right. Thank you for pointing it out. I’m always interested in learning and correcting my mistakes.

        • patto01

          Spell check wouldn’t have helped as “quite” is a properly spelled word. I wish they had something that could analyze a sentence and determine if you’re using the appropriate, properly spelled word.

  • Hotguys

    Comparing with NOCT 50/1.2, this 58/1.4 is a steal. Take my money !!!!!!

    • MyrddinWilt

      The 50/1.2 and 58/1.4 both have a 41mm aperture, there is less than .2mm difference. So the depth of field of both lenses would be practically the same. But the Noct-Nikkor was actually a 58mm.

      Given the coma flare performance of the 85 f/1.4 it is a pretty sure bet that the new lens outperforms the Noct. The charts on the new lens are considerably better except in the very corners. The Sagittal and Meridional lines are very close showing that chromatic aberration should be very small.

      Rather surprisingly, the new lens has a totally different design to the 85mm. It uses two aspherical elements which I am somewhat surprised at. The lens is also a lot smaller and about half the weight.

  • Twazer

    If they do the 58mm in red I will buy in a heart beat. Thank-you Nikon.

  • Assess

    Still don’t get the reason behind a 58mm… unless it was based on “pick a number” competition in Nikon cafeteria… but 5300 can be good backup camera!

    • patto01

      There may be a scientific reason but 58mm is approximately halfway between the 35 and 85 and, therefore, a good focal length to fill the gap. Nikon stated that they chose 58mm as a nod to the 58mm Noct. I think it was also a way to infer the same quality as the Noct even though, in reality, this will probably be better.

  • Jorge

    Oh boy. Oh boy!! I can just see myself shooting my next event with a red camera. Just like Uncle Bob!! Oh. please sign me up!

  • stoooopid

    Love the D5300. Nice upgrade Nikon. I only wish it had focus confirm and metering for the older ai and ai-s lenses, but I guess you can’t have it all in a 5×00 body. Has pretty much everything else.

  • Deep_Lurker

    I had been thinking “it doesn’t make sense to update the D5200 this soon!” But on further thought… I haven’t been seeing a lot of D5200’s and D5100’s in stores recently. If the D5200 has been selling well, vs the D3200 (where there are also still a lot of D3100’s in store inventories) and vs the D7100 (where there are also still a lot of D7000’s) then coming out with a D5300 does make sense. Something about reinforcing success, rather than failure.

  • 103David

    Doesn’t anyone realize this camera is dressed just like Captain Janeway?

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