Nikon AW1 rugged/underwater camera to be announced in 2 hours

Just few clues two hours before the official announcement - the above screenshot was taken from - it seems that they have schedule a post to go live at 5:00am GMT (midnight EST). If you go to the actual link ( you will notice that the URL contains the words "Nikon's AW1 is set to make a splash". This pretty much confirms the previous rumors that a new underwater Nikon 1 camera will be announced today. FYI: the Nikon Coolpix rugged cameras also carry the AW model name.

Update: see this post for more info on the new Nikon 1 AW1 camera.

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  • nikonwaiter


  • Let the googling for “Nikon AW1” begin, somebody must have published the info before the NDA expires.

    • thexplorer

      I found this site!

      • Google harder 🙂

        • Robert

          Nikon AW1 brings up the winder for the Nikkormat/Nikon EL camera from the 1970s, which was the last product Nikon made with that designation.

  • No disrespect, but how come websites like get their hands on new Nikon gear before the official announcement?

    • BrainBeat

      I am not sure what you are seeing but when I followed your link the last post they had was for the D600 in September 2012.

      • The link is not live yet, it will be in 2 hours.

    • Sam

      Do you know if this camera going to take RAW files?

  • a nikon user

    Only Nikon comes out with an underwater camera when the summer ends!

    • BrainBeat

      It might be for you but us in the southern hemisphere are only coming into our summer. This in a way I would think makes more sense too as people tend to buy cameras when they go on holidays. Many of those will go on holidays to escape the cold winter which effects you guys a lot more in the north than us in the south. So in a way this could well be the peak time to come out with an all weather camera which no doubt would be good for rain and snow too.

      • nikon user

        I am no marketing genius but I bet north america is the bigest market for nikon and you can’t tell me that they will sell more underwater cameras in September/Oct than the start of the summer.
        Also people who travel already purchased the camera they need before their tickets.
        Anyway it’s a camera practically no one will use or buy nikon should be looking at the mirrorless market that’s what people want. Only then, maybe olympus and panasonic will stop eating nikon’s lunch!

  • Sam

    Do we know if this camera going to take RAW files?

    • I think so, it is part of the Nikon 1 product line.

  • Pat Mann

    Finally! A Nikon with an elegant design that attracts attention. Isn’t that what we’ve all been waiting for? Do we know when the version with a finder is coming out?

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