Weekly Nikon news flash #229

Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 AI fisheye lens listed on eBay for $79,200 (offers accepted).

Specifications of the not yet released Samyang APS-C 10mm f/2.8 ED AS UMC CS lens with Nikon mount.

Long time guest posts contributor Christoph Malin announced his first astrophotography/time-lapse workshop.

New line of Nikon×Millet bags introduced in Japan.

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  • Chris

    Just bid on the 6mm. Can’t wait to use it for my peephole!

    • Yeah. $4.000 peephole? Noob… 6mm & D4, $86.000 peephole.

    • ArTourter

      and link a red LED to the other side and replace your door bell sound with “Sorry Dave I can’t do that”.

  • Brian

    Now that Fro went with Canon guess he needs to find cool shit to do with his old Nikon gear.

    • Christoph Malin

      You mean me? No, I am still with Nikon, but for a special client project I am developing, I also had to learn how to use Canon. There are some things in Timelapse which are currently not possible with Nikon so my client choose Canon. But why not, after all, these are all just great DSLRs no matter if C or N brand. I am having fun with both. And clients get to see both worlds, that counts.

      • Brian

        I said FRO

      • Nikon Time-lapse shooter

        Serious question:
        What can be done with a Canon that can’t be done with a Nikon?

        • Christoph Malin

          Hi, that is a bit more complex and regards Shutter Flicker. Canons can do “Bulb Ramping”, Nikons unfortunately not. Google for “Little Bramper” or “Bramping”, as well as GBTimelapse, a special software suite. The GBTimelapse Manual boils it down quite well (note that “Tv” would be “A” Mode with Nikons): “Typical camera Tv settings are spaced at 1/3 stop intervals (1/10, 1/13, 1/15, 1/20 etc.). As the Tv value is changed, there are small steps in the luminance because of the changes in the amount of light passing through the shutter. Because bulb exposure times can be set (with Canons) with a precision of 1/1000 of a second (2.100, 2.101, 2.102, etc.), smaller, more gradual changes produce less flicker. At left is a screen shot from GBDeflicker showing the luminance graph during a daylight-to-night AutoRamp timelapse. The first part of the graph shows a “saw-tooth” luminance pattern as the Tv value was stepped down in 1/3 f-stop increments. After switching to Bulb mode, the luminance curve is smooth.” That so called Saw Tooth I can do with Nikons manually (it’s called “The Holy Grail Method” of Timelapse – see LRTimelapse.com, the smooth luminance curve can only be done with Canons. Which is a pity. I am telling this to Nikon since 5 years, but no one is listening. Cheers

          • Nikon Time-lapse Shooter

            Interesting. I’ve been double processing my time-lapses through LRTimelapse to get rid of the flicker issues. It works reasonably well and I’m far too invested in Nikon lenses to ever switch, but thanks for the info!

            • Christoph Malin

              LRT is great, love it. What I often do to reduce the double processing and save time, is to do one stage deflickering in LRT, and then in AfterEffects when rendering the sequence, I let GBdeflicker do the rest. But most of the time GBD alone does the job. It eliminates nearly all flicker. As for Nikon lenses, same here. However it is stunning how one can use G-Nikon lenses on any Canon body using the Novoflex EOS/NIK NT Adapter (http://www.16-9.net/nikon_g/). Side effect: aperture flicker is eliminated (which leaves only shutter flicker, which I had once with D7000).

            • Nikon Time-lapse Shooter

              Ah, I don’t have After Effects. I just export jpgs from Lightroom and use VirtualDub to make an avi from the sequence. I always shoot sequences with a fixed aperture, so I only have to worry about shutter flicker. I usually transform the images too much in LR for LRT’s first pass deflicker to have a reasonably good effect and the second round of processing is usually way faster since it’s operating on jpgs instead of RAWs, but it is cool to learn about alternatives. Thank you 🙂

            • Christoph Malin

              You are welcome 🙂 By the way, even at wide open and fixed, you will get some Aperture flicker with Nikon lenses except the old Manual ones. See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVnqd4f3Kmk&sns=em

          • Mike Dunn
  • Mark

    You need to use an 8mm lens for the peephole. Remember the red light behind it for the authentic HAL 9000 effect.

    • MyrddinWilt

      Actually no, the 8mm has a built in red filter which is all they used.

      I have the lens for that exact purpose.

      • D4ve

        Your posts have the same effect in me.

  • Simon

    The same 6mm lens actually just sold in a very similar auction for $94,050: http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=331004988399

    • anon

      It’s the same lens. The seller relisted and dropped the price because his asking price is (still) about $50k too high.

  • Maji

    I wish I could attend that workshop. I think it is priced very economically and people who can afford it should take advantage. I have seen 5 day workshops without any room or board priced higher than this package. I have no connection to these people but thought point this out.

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  • Aldo

    He refused my offer of 75000…

  • neversink

    I’ll take the 13mm over this stupid (but beautiful looking) 6mm lens any day. And the 13mm is probably easily 1/3 the asking price of the 6mm — if not less.

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