Deal of the day: Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM A1 ART lens for $779 (reg. $899)


The highly rated Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM A1 ART lens for Nikon mount (see DxOMark test report) is now available for $779 on eBay with free shipping (via 47th. Street Photo). This is a $120 savings over the regular price of $899 (note that this is a brand new lens, not a refurbished product).

Sigma recently announced 4 years warranty on all of their products.

Update: they changed the price and the lens now sales for the regular MSRP.

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  • AM

    I’ll wait until reliable survivability reports are out.
    Sorry Sigma, but some bad reputation still travels with you.

    • Joseph Li

      Lensrental has some interesting data showing that the sigma has a decent repair time after sending it in to the manufacturer for repair (with nikon being the 2nd slowest), plus now all new C A S lenses get standard 4 year warranty. That shows they are really stepping up to their game with the service. If you have the nikon 35mm 1.4g, by all means wait, otherwise you might be missing out opportunities on getting some real high quality images from this lens:)

      • preston

        Why would I care what Roger Cicala, or anybody else for that matter, has to say about this lens when the Nikon prophet known as kr has already stated that this Sigma has the worst mechanics of any 35 1.4 he’s ever seen?

        • David G.

          I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re trolling.

          • humenbean

            Funny as that was the 35 sigma feels terrible on my camera. The autofocus was so bad. I was 5 seconds from purchasing it after reading all of the awesome sharpness tests. It took me a whole 10 photos before I handed it back to the salesman and bowed out in disappointment. It just doesn’t feel like a quality lens. The makeup artist at my last wedding literally kicked my 50 across the floor like a tennis ball. Picked it up and shot the rest of the day just fine. I don’t think this 35 would last. But Nikon’s is too damn much. FWP.

            • Remedy

              Yeah, sure. Everyone who had this for testing reports great quality and great performance but one internet lemming denies it all. Gimme a break dude and get some grip with reality.

            • Steven Wade

              It looks like you’re SOL on a 35 then. You can either get an inferior (to you) 35 for less, or get the Nikon one for twice the price. Buy one, or shut up.

            • David G.

              Well, if your durability tests include kicking a lens around, I can see why this lens wasn’t the right match for you πŸ˜‰

            • sperdynamite

              Well I guess you’re a true sucker then. My Sigma 35mm rocks every wedding with super fast and super accurate AF, and looks like it’s built at minimum as well as the plastic fantastic pro Nikon. There are those of us who practice critical thinking, and make decisions based on information, and people like you, who make assumptions first, experience the world 2nd. I’m assuming you vote republican too.

            • Neopulse

              Damn, sounded like that came from your soul.

    • Kelby Rockwell

      Yup… if the stuff was great, no need for a “sale” to sell

      • syd

        that’s stupid. this site hasn’t been a rumours site since the D800, instead this is a ‘refurbished nikon sale’ site. i’ve not seen any refurbed sigma sales….

        • PeterO

          You are so right syd. Perhaps Admin should rethink the name of this site. It’s obvious that Nikon has successfully shut down all the leaks which made this site pertinent and exciting in the past. Any leaks that do come out are a result of Nikon’s planned marketing strategy – which in my humble opinion is so conservative as to be counterproductive. This is now more of a Nikon Info site where mentioning the Sigma lens is very helpful to those interested in this lens.

          • Lcky

            On the Canonrumors site I’ve read they could be moving into Medium Format, have been testing a variety of interesting sensors through R&D and are planning to release a higher megapixel dslr to surpass the d800.

            On the Nikonrumors site we have poor consumer sales, confused/disoriented execs, a possible move into smartphone wars and fingers being pointed over the v1 line.

            Patents and Patents on both sides but I really wish Nikon had a more open attitude towards their users and company progress.

            Writings on the wall?

            • PeterO

              This has all been said before but unfortunately Nikon is ultra conservative in their approach to the market and their customers are not important to them, until the numbers start going into the red. Are the same guys still steering the ship? Probably, but I think this is more a cultural thing than a business decision. Someone at Sigma decided that they needed to shake things up and finally started producing some interesting stuff. They even admitted a gross mistake in pricing. Nikon came late to the show with the 1 system and only because everyone else was doing it. That experiment was unsuccessful. When I saw the announcement of the SB300, I immediately thought that the beginner techs at Nikon were given something to do. Sort of like a kindergarten recital.

            • Lcky

              Agreed, though I’m not sure it is said enough.

            • sperdynamite

              What was the mistake in pricing?

            • PeterO
        • Obviously you are not a regular reader and have missed many of my posts. Regarding the price drop of refurbished equipment – this is important, Nikon is trying to clear their inventory.

          • sydgg

            Peter it’s not a dig at you, but there are no product rumours here any more. period. read that how you will, this is a release and refurb site now.

            My post was a dig at the guy who said ‘sales’ mean bad product. according to this site and his post, that means nikon is incredibally horrible because all they seem to have is sales these days.

            go on shoot down, I enjoy it.

            • It just happened that the news in the past few days was the price drop of refurbished Nikon equipment. Many readers have emailed me to ask me about it and according to the comments, many readers are happy that I did post this online. You have to understand that no matter what I post on the blog, with 1,000,000 unique monthly visitors somebody will not be happy. And that’s ok, because I cannot adjust this website to the needs of few million people. No website can. Think about it that way: when you go to (or whatever news website do you visit) or when you read a newspaper/magazine – obviously you are not interested in every single article. You just read selected few and you don’t complain for the existence of the remaining articles.
              Regarding the lack of rumors: I already mention on the blog what DSLR cameras will be announced by the end of the year. I will soon have a post also on the upcoming lenses (at least some of them). Trust me, I would like to have more info as well. As of today I am not aware of any scheduled Nikon press conference and this means no major announcement, unless they come out with an insignificant new product overnight without a press conference.
              In the 5 years I have been running this blog, I missed only one lens announcement (I believe it was the 40mm f/2.8DX lens). I usually get the correct info weeks and months in advance, with the exception of the last announcement when I received the info just few hours in advance. Obviously Nikon is keeping a very tight control on the info they release. The only thing I can do is to look for other way to collect reliable rumors.

            • DTC99

              With the iPhone 5s announcement date set for 9/10, I assume Nikon will announce something that same week, as they seem to like to be overshadowed by Apple news…… πŸ™‚

        • sperdynamite

          There’s probably just nothing going on. All the new cameras are out, new lenses are probably set for next year, they have to rethink their whole compact and mirrorless strategy (personally killing the name ‘coolpix’ would be high on my list of 1st steps), and they also have to sort through all those great ideas they’re going to ignore. It’s a lotta work coming up with the same product year after year!

    • Remedy

      Yeah bad reputation still travels with them because internet monkeys repeat idiotic statements over and over again and other monkeys believe them.

      Don’t you just love that women logic: “1 of my 5 boyfriends slept with another woman, I’ll haver trust a man again”. Facepalm.

      • AM

        Did you notice that I wrote “reliable”?
        Reliable sources still report that Sigma’s quality control is not up to the game.
        Yes, their lenses could be optically great, but, will they last? That’s what I would like to know… Only time will tell.

        • Steven Wade

          If your lens breaks before 4 years… you have a warranty so it’s really not a problem. If it breaks after 4 years… that’s your fault most likely.

          • AM

            It’s a problem if it breaks. Even a greater problem if you’re shooting something important.

            • Neopulse

              Yeah, but if it’s important you always have a backup plan

      • Douche Police

        Statistically about 1 out of 5 people lives with a sexually transmitted disease. With your logic you should be able to have as much unprotected sex as you want since the other four don’t have it. Something tells me that you already do, since your logic and demeanor are of someone with the late stage of syphilis.

      • sperdynamite

        Well I agree with you about the internet monkeys but I think that’s a an absurdly sexist statement and that the admin should delete the comment. If you had said ‘black man’ logic the forum would be in flames and you would have been blocked, but you insult all women and nobody says anything??? Come on people that’s a hateful remark!

        • Hattie Harman

          Get off your high horse. Nobody cares about that PC nonsense now. It’s so 1990s.

  • Daniel

    Tamron, y u no compete with Sigma?

  • n11

    Been using it for a couple weeks now, pretty awesome lens with very minimal CA. I will sometimes miss the focus a tiny bit, not sure if its the lens or camera, still looking to AF fine tune it.

  • TSY87

    i like the 35mm focal length but i was never happy with the 35 1.4g.

    Hopefully this will save me from going for the zeiss…..

    • FredBear

      Or save the Zeiss from you πŸ™‚

      • TSY87

        touche… πŸ™‚

        • FredBear

          πŸ™‚ Glad to see you have a sense of humour.

          Now the 24mm Sigma would be interesting or, better still a 28mm. Not overly impressed with the other offerings at 28mm.

          • sperdynamite

            NIkon 28mm 1.8? Super sharp, pretty cheap. What’s the problem?

            • FredBear

              Have read that the Nikon 28 F1.8 suffers form an number of issues the most important being focus shift with aperture.
              Comparing Nikon photos against the Zeiss I prefer the Zeiss rendering anyway but would prefer to have AF.

              A Sigma version might be a nice option.

          • tom

            I recently purchased a Voitlander 28mm for $300 used. I’ve only been out once with it but I am very impressed. It is very sharp, I think it might be better than my Nikon 50mm 1.8G.

  • This lens really is something special. If you’ve been on the fence, jump at it.

  • Remedy

    DO WANT!

  • Saki

    It’s back to $899…

    • Yes, I guess they are using cheap eBay tricks. I hope they realized that they are not going to be very popular if they operate that way. Unless the price was a mistake – then whoever bought it got lucky.

      • Neopulse

        They did something like that with the Canon 1D-X kit that was going for $5939. They then sold a bunch of units and then bumped up the price like +$300 soon after. Some people got it cheap, but of course with more demand comes a higher price.

  • Saki

    It’s back to $899…

  • Alex

    Deal is gone now πŸ™ FYI: just got the same price for an offer accepted on (no affiliation).

  • John Clayton

    I’ve been shooting for months with an old 35 f2 I found in a pawnshop for $150 and it’s been a blast! dropped it at a lake, caught it on the bounce after it hit some rocks went right back on the D600 and still works fine…

  • NikNik

    90% of my gear is second-hand

    The Sigma 35 f1.4 and the Nikon 85 f1.8G are part of the rare exceptions for which I’ve paid full retail -and they are worth every penny.

    If someone sees a Sigma for that price then buy it without hesitation. Absolute killer lens.

  • vitakalm

    Where is this deal? There is the regular $899 price on that listing.

    • They changed to price few hours after I posted this online. Maybe it was a mistake.

    • Joseph Li

      That was a great deal…sold about 30 or so units before they change it back to 899. I mean, you can get used for about $700 or so but that’s used without transferable warranty

  • outkasted

    WTH is wrong with ya’ll? The Sigma 35mm/1.4 ROCKS! I have it on my D700 and I have not picked up my 50mm/1.4 Nikon G since I have gotten it. The lens just works! and it WOrks well! I also love the lens hood as it has protected the lens on not one but two occasions from falls. It is my New Bread and butter lens. It paid for itself with the first 2 months of having it. Its sharp and its fast. even at 1.4 I truly have had consistent results. OMG and price are you kidding me its HALF the cost of a new Nikon 35mm G!! You will be a complete fool to pass up on this opportunity. Reasons for purchasing:
    1) can’t afford a new Nikon and need/desired a new 35mm
    2) stepping outside the Nikon comfort zone and trying something NEW!
    3) trust. After reading the feedback of Canon users, that had tested the lens first and getting and reading their reactions.
    4) pulling the pre-order trigger for the first batch of Nikon/Sigma mount knowing that the lens would be superb simply because Sigma knew they HAD to get it right the first time.
    *Note focus is on the 67mm in one pic, and ThinkTank symbol in 2nd pic

    • Joseph Li

      There’s always gonna be Nikon die hard fans questioning about sigma….will the lens last? we wont know until years later. I had my share of Sigma bad experience in the past. But given its low price, superb optics and 4 year warranty, I am willing to try them out. This Sigma 35mm is the ONLY 3rd party that got a spot in my closet of gold ring nikkors and super teles, which pushed the 35 1.4G out. Even their S 120-300mm OS didnt make it, which I returned and chose to keep my 300 2.8. The 35 G is never quite sharp under 2.8, and I have af fine tune it as many times as I can across 4 different bodies. The Sigma blew me away after just 1 wedding.

      Oh I con about this lens i still dont understand why they dont weatherseal it…same thing as the 18-35 f/1.8…if you’re outdoors in rain snow sand and dust a lot i would think twice about the sigma

    • outkasted

      My true test of a lens sharpness and response was to take the damn thing out of the box and shoot it as I would have any other Nikon lens that I own that was a 50mm/1.4G. Squeezed the trigger a few times downloaded SOC and checked sharpness etc…Done deal. No Tripod, no friggin’ chart, no micro adjustment. Just plain old me, my 5+ yrs. old D700 and the siggy. thank You very much.

  • catinhat

    It seems everything is going on sale. The trend will probably only intensify as there is an apparent glut of cameras and lenses. The problem is, a lot of folks already have high quality gear, and upgrades/updates are becoming less and less attractive.

    • Joseph Li

      Best time for everyone to own quality DSLR and lenses; professionals gotta work harder all the amateurs rushing into the market is going to make that slice of pie smaller and smaller

  • sperdynamite

    All I need is that rumored 135mm 1.8, with OS, at $900, and my lens collection will be complete. Not one Nikon lens, Siggy 35, Zeiss 50, and hopefully a Siggy 135.


    Waiting for the 24-70 2.0 OS. CAUSE I dont see a 24-70 vr2 coming out ANY TIME SOON. Reputation be DAMNED, But NIKON lacks the NUTSACK to give us what we want. And they have the BALLS to concerned with the NIKON ONE SYSTEM .Thats cool. If SIGMA want to make the products we want, then they will get my money.

  • Matt

    Where is the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G FX??

  • Melbournite

    Vanbar in Australia is cheaper πŸ™‚

    • Melbournite

      AU$ 748.40 for Nikon or Canon mount. Not bad.

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