Weekly Nikon news flash #225

This homemade Nikon F2 replica made out of wood by Cesar Sebouhian has a working point and shoot camera inside.

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens for Nikon is expected to start shipping on August 15th.

The Nikon instant rebates for August remain pretty much unchanged.


Grand Prize winner, "Elegy of Autumn" by Dina Bova

Winners of Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013 have been announced.

Check out this Nikon time lapse rig. Detailed information is available on Reddit.


Photo: Dawn Kish

Photographer gets injured by her own Nikon D7000 camera.

NME and Nikon launch 2013 music photography award.

Nikon NPS London UK
Nikon Professional Services (NPS) is opening a new location in central London.


New Nikon lens/camera combinations have been added to the DxO Optics Pro 8 modules library.


Noor partners with Nikon to offer masterclass in conflict photography.


Camera shipments continue to fall:

"The Japanese imaging manufacturers association, CIPA, has just released its global production and shipments report for the first half of the year, and there's not a lot of good news in it. Between January and June 2013 Japanese manufacturers shipped just short of 30 million digital cameras - that's a 43% drop in a single year."

New Nikon D7100 product video:

Nikon eye lenses now available in WalMart.

NPS at the FINA World Swimming Championships:

And two final links:

Nikon V1 + Nikon V1 = Nikon W1: interesting setup for wide angle panos, considering the current price of V1 cameras.
Nikon is no longer sponsor of the Turkish soccer team Galatasaray.

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  • Chris Daigle

    I didn’t look at all 99,000+ images in the NPCI, but I am not impressed by the winning image. I saw a lot of images Iliked a whole lot more than all of the winning images. Congrats to them anyway.

    • jpn

      It’s the story of the image and its excellent visual language to illustrate the story which makes this a winner. Not my style, but great work though. Congratulation.

  • Marco Santa Cruz

    that nikon rig has more craftsmanship and class than any of the hasselsh*ts being made.

    • Sahaja

      For a minute I thought it *was* a Hasselblad version of the D3200 or something

  • ShaoLynx

    Interesting time lapse rig, but it turns out that you can do it more low tech, too. A collegue took some pictures of a construction site of interest to us. Just free hand, trying to mind the framing. Compiling them into a time lapse video prooved not to be all too difficult.

  • robert

    with regard to the woman getting busted up- there is no cure for stupid.

    • groucher

      You need yo get out more.

    • Jer

      Robert unfortunately there’s no cure for asshole either

      • robert

        you would know best- jer, is that short jerk or jerkwad or jerkoff?

  • AM

    WallMart must be the knockoff version of WalMart.

  • o_joe

    Any rumors of a D400? …

    • still_waiting

      Honestly, I have been waiting for any rumors of a new Nikon camera. Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Canon, are all releasing new cameras. Where is the Nikon new cameras?

  • dswatson83

    Don’t let hasselblad see that Nikon F2. They might try to slap their name on the front and charge $6,000 for it

  • Sahaja

    That wooden F2 would look good with the brass Lomo Petzval lens mounted on it.

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