Weekly Nikon news flash #224

Refurbished Nikon 1 V1 camera with a 10mm-30 VR lens currently sells for $289 (with 1 year warranty).


Lomography, in cooperation with Zenit, started a kickstarter project for a Petzval portrait lens for Nikon DSLR cameras.

Nissin announced a new Di600 flash for Nikon cameras.

Tamron SP 90mm f:2.8 Di Macro VC USD lens for Nikon mount review
Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 VC USD lens for Nikon mount tested at DxOMark:

While the new lens has improved imaging performance over its predecessor, including higher and more consistent sharpness over the first three aperture settings, there has been quite a hike in the price (from $499 to $749). However, the addition of stabilization, an ultrasonic motor and internal focusing are tempting features. Like independent rival Sigma, Tamron is upping its game and competing head on with the camera marques.

Nikon India promotes photography as a culture.

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  • fjfjjj

    I hate that the Petzval will only be available to the masses in the brass finish, and to get the black one you have to join their Kickstarter. Not everyone wants to attract attention.

    • Spy Black

      For $325, you can buy a Samyang 85mm f/1.4 with data chip that will give you goos sharpness and the best bokeh of any portrait lens AND ALSO and a Helios 44/2 with the same crappy bokeh and IQ as the Petzvel. Money much better spent.

      • Yonas

        Yeah. Just not worth the price.

        But hey, people will buy them anyways cause the look retro.

        • aiki

          Actually, now that I took a more careful look at their images, the sample images taken with the new lens don’t even come close to the old lens + 5D setup.

      • guest

        The Samyang isn’t the same style and the Helios won’t focus to infinity on Nikon cameras without a crappy glass element adapter, so no. The Petzval “look” is unique and those photographers who are looking for a good tool in the toolbox will likely find plenty of uses for it. Gearheads obsessed with MTF charts and perfectly smooth bokeh balls need not apply.

    • aiki

      You can wait until their project is complete and buy the black one for $600 or pledge $500 and they’ll send you one once they start.

    • BernhardAS


    • peterw

      you could cover it in black tape. no problem

      however, looking at the images, why would you want to own this lens? The strongest point seems to be the F-mount. I see no appealing characteristic in the images. (trying to look further than sharpness and bokeh)

  • Spy Black

    You can’t give those V1’s away…

    • groucher

      Yes, thanks to the usual dumb comments from people who’ve never used the camera. Keep ’em coming – lets get prices even lower.

      • Spy Black

        It’s all yours brother. If I had the choice of a V1 for free or a Nex or Fuji for pay, I’d pay for the Nex or the Fuji.

  • Nikon V1 is a great little camera, except for people in need of something larger to boost their “ego”. Exceptional deal for confident photographers. 😉

    • Calibrator

      It’s nice for confident photographers doing daylight photography…

        • Mato34

          Very nice photos. I don’t consider the V1 the best camera por low-light photos because of the sensor and the lack of fast lenses.

          But VR on the 6.7-13, 10-30, 30-110 is quite good (impressive in my 30-110) and so I wouldn’t say the system is useless in those conditions.


        • Calibrator

          I’m not impressed.

          Lots of these “night images” don’t qualify and those that do show the weaknesses pretty well:

          It’s somewhat usable up to ISO800 and even then many of the images have been reduced in size. Some of the better ones clock in at a generous 2,5MP so for HD TVs or websites it may be good enough.

          But you can get the exact same muddy JPEGs with compacts that feature an even smaller sensor and sometimes even smartphones.

          And of course you can stick the V1 on a tripod, restrict yourself to lowest ISO, minimize aperture and maximize exposure time and then hose the images through image optimizers but that’s beside the point, isn’t it?

          • Actually, post processing is exactly the point. If a Nikon 1 user stuck with JPEGs, then the high ISO and low light results are substantially worse. Processing RAW images is what makes the V1 a viable choice. Those who only want out-of-the-camera JPEGs should look elsewhere.

      • groucher

        Confidence and daylight aren’t needed. If you want a speed demon and a perfect complement to the D800, the v1 is perfect. No other compact comes close for action photography thanks to the speed of the auto-focus and the shutter speed of up to 60fps at full resolution. You can attach your FF lenses with the FT1 adapter, giving a 2.7 multiplier of the focal length with no effect on the lens aperture.
        The v1 isn’t perfect though. Aperture and ISO selections in manual are a fiddle and the camera has the usual useless gimmicks to keep the newbies and gear-heads happy.

    • William Rees

      The V1 with the 10mm and 18.5mm primes is a fun, compact system for those times when you don’t want to lug around a DSLR. It’s also great for macro photography where shallow DOF is usually a detriment.

  • Eric Bowles

    At $289 the V1 is a great deal. The cost of the kit items works out to $189 for the 10-30 lens, $55 for the battery, $50 for the charger and cables, so the camera is basically provided for free.

    It’s a nice little camera that provides an entry into mirrorless. I have two of them. The FT-1 adapter provides a lot of function with Nikon lenses. Mirrorless operation provides some capability not possible with a DSLR – silent operation, high frame rate, B&W or IR through the viewfinder, better low light viewfinder, etc.

    Don’t complain too much about mirrorless. The technology will likely replace your DSLR in a few years.

    • Calibrator

      Why should I pay $55 for a spare battery and $50 for a charger if I already own them for my D7000? 😉
      Your arguments pro N1 are not without merit – and most of the people wouldn’t dispute them – but it’s a hobby system and not for high quality images. Those could be obtained with a mirror-less D900 or D6, though… 😉

      • Eric Bowles

        As an example, the silent shutter allows golf images at the top of the backswing – as with this image of Ricky Fowler from the Masters practice round.
        Noise at high ISO levels can be a challenge, but a DSLR was not permitted at the Ryman Auditorium for the CMA Awards show. The bright viewfinder was a real plus and far better than a phone.
        I’m not sure about most, but I value the common battery and charger that can be shared with other Nikon cameras. The move to a new battery for the V2 was silly.

        • patto01

          I hope you’ll excuse me because I don’t know anything about golf or mirror-less cameras but what does a silent shutter have to do with getting that shot?

          • DumbGardA

            Because golf protocol says don’t make a noise or distraction until the golfer’s club makes contact with the ball during a swing. That’s why.

            • Eric Bowles

              Exactly – a single shot during the swing before the club strikes the ball will get you thrown off the course. With the silent shutter and fast frame rate, you can get a number of images that are simply not possible with a DSLR.

              It’s not that these guys cannot hit the ball with some distractions – its just that this is so clearly prohibited and understood by everyone involved. Its the most fundamental rule of golf photography. Some of the more difficult players or caddies will actually physically take away your camera for shutter noises at the wrong time.

        • redthelobster

          I find the silent electronic shutter the main reason I choose the V1 to shoot over anything else. Is my D800 better in low light? Of course! But inside a quiet museum or taking photos during a symphony performance can’t be done otherwise without problems.

      • fred

        The D400 wont be mirrorless…. 😉

        • Calibrator

          True – but it’s a 2013 body…

      • William Rees

        We get it, you hate the N1 system. You also don’t need the largest or most expensive gear to create compelling images.

        • Calibrator

          No, I don’t hate it. I just can’t find a use for it considering it’s price.
          Other people do but then again other people do dumpster diving, too…

          • William Rees

            Yet you seem to let no opportunity pass to disparage anyone who likes the system.

            • Calibrator

              You take it too personal, William. I accept your opinion – I just don’t share it.

    • patto01

      I don’t complain about mirrorless but I don’t think it’ll replace anything. Digital “replaced” film a few years back but I still know people shooting with film and they still make film cameras…
      What’s interesting to me is that so many people talk like APS-C sensors are dying but then go on about how great mirrorless cameras with APS-C sensors are!? I realize the first argument is regarding sensor size while the second is a difference in
      technology but still…

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