Weekly Nikon news flash #223


Youtu Technologies announced the YT21N flash trigger for Nikon that combines infrared and wireless control in one unit. Check eBay for pricing and availability (currently listed at $25).

King Albert of Belgium received the Nikkor 80-400mm lens as a gift from the Belgian prime minister.

Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC HSM A lens tested by DxOMark. Also: DxOMark on the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM A lens (Canon version) described as “best performing APS-C zoom”.

Red Dot Award
Nikon D5200 won the Red Dot Design Award.

Nikon to support 15th FINA World Championships as official FINA partner.

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  • Goose

    whats the advantage of that trigger? being able to shoot radio and infrared, am i missing something?

    • A badass price! Although, I can’t tell if this is TTL…anybody?

      • A.B Photography

        Unsure, though I would dare to say yes, given Nikon’s CLS system…

        – do you know what flashes/bodies it’s compatible with?

        • Matthew Fleisher

          It’s compatible with [flashes compatible with Nikon bodies/Nikon bodies]

      • Matthew Fleisher

        Definitely not. TTL triggers cost $100+ but the people who can afford them know how to use manual flash and don’t need them.

        • Last I looked there was a TTL Yuongnuo kit for $75 new on ebay.

          • Matthew Fleisher

            True, but that’s not what you were asking. It’s obvious from the price that these are not TTL.

            • Well, this isn’t that much cheaper. And honestly, I’m surprised nobody has made a just plain old dumb transmitter that just communicates point to point/pin for pin, low latency, from one to many hot shoes by radio. I think the packages offered are a little bit more complex than that.

    • Matthew Fleisher

      Me 2

      • JB

        Its not iTTL, just a simple trigger device

        • Matthew Fleisher

          Why you telling me? That’s obvious from the price.

  • ShaoLynx

    Peter, for the record: In Belgium we only have one prime minister.
    It was a gift of the entire federal gouvernment.
    I know our political system is rather complicated, so let’s not make it even more difficult ;-).

    • Aldo

      At least it’s nice to see that Belgium spends their taxes well.

    • Lost in translation?

      • ShaoLynx

        The video says: ”…the ministers…”, they constitute the federal gouvernment, together with some ‘secretaries of state’ (literal translation) and headed by the prime minister.
        The equivalent term in the US would be ”…the secretaries…”, I reckon.
        But there’s only one ‘prime minister’.
        No problem, though: it’s still a good lens. I ordered it myself ;-).

  • Maertyn

    I want also a 80-400 as a gift *__*
    I have only enough money for a lens cap at the moment -.-

    • longzoom

      When you will be The King, just let me know – the lens will be delivered to you in no time! Promise! Just be The King!

    • Dennis

      Sounds like you need to find a strange woman lying in a pond distributing swords.

      • Maertyn

        haha hilarious, that´s a matching quote and you chose also a matching name 😉

  • Maertyn

    I want also a 80-400 as a gift *__*
    I have only enough money for a lens cap at the moment -.-

  • fred

    It looks like Sigma is biting on the heels of Nikon in image quality, now they have to aim for less lens quality variability. Keep them coming, Sigma!, someone has to look after the (87% of the DSLR owners) the DX shooters!

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I did always like the idea of the sigma lenses and the few that I actually have. I would have a lot more of them if the quality was better across the line and there were fewer bugs.
      But you are comparing a five hundred dollar third party lens to a two hundred dollar plastic lens. So let’s hope it is a little better.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      And maybe 87 percent own cropped sensors, but if you had a figure regarding current sales then it might be as little as half.
      Also, whatever percent is buying the full camera is much more likely to be the ones buying the lenses. DX is getting lost on the top end by full frames and on all ends with mirrorless.

      • Sahaja

        DX sales are still way above FX sales – and I expect it will always remain that way.

        People who spend a considerable portion of their time reading photo websites are a small minority.

  • creampuff

    So how about the wireless trigger – does it do CLS or does it not do CLS?

  • Dlefevre

    The Sigma looks better in all measured perimeters and nikon has a higher score?

    • Maertyn

      “To rank and compare photographic equipment, DxOMark provides three types of image quality scores for lenses mounted on a camera: the DxOMark Score, five Metric Scores [resolution, distortion, vignetting, transmission and chromatic aberrations], and five Use Case Scores [travel, portrait, sports, reportage and landscape]”

      “DxOMark Score shows:
      The amount of information captured by the lens for a given camera.
      How well the lens and camera perform together.”


      • Sahaja

        I wonder if DxO take into account the automatic corrections Nikon cameras apply to Nikon lenses? That would always put the Nikon lenses at a clear advantage.

        • Maertyn

          they use RAW images for their tests, so I think the corrections don´t affect the test images

        • n11

          Automatic corrections can only do so much. If you take a photograph that has some extreme CA, you can probably get rid of it, but then you’ll have to deal with that thick grey line. And if you’re going to be editing the images anyways, you might as well either judge them before or after any corrections.

    • MB

      Sigma score is at f/1.4, Nikon f/1.8, no real comparison here … as always with DxO.

      By the way I’ve tried this DC Sigma and it is lousy lens, nowhere near low cost Nikon DX 35, at least the one I had my hands on so I really sometimes wonder where these DxO figures are coming from …

      • El Aura

        This a new version of the 30 mm f/1.4 DC lens, marked by the A in the lens name.

        • MB

          My bad, I should try it then 😉

          • Where’s my…

            New version of the ‘Art’-product line is 2x the price of the old version, and presumably 2x as nice as well. I own the old non-art version and I tend to prefer the old 35mm f2.0 AF Nikkor over it, except maybe for the occasional low light use.

            • fourtis

              You do well writing “PRESUMABLY 2x as nice”.
              If Sigma doubles its prices to finally have a reliable lens, I prefer buying the original Nikon .

  • Zzz

    But the King uses Canon cameras.

    • ShaoLynx

      No, he doesn’t. He shoots Nikon.
      But some of his functionaries do.

  • nawab

    Dear Prime Minister Make me a King Instead

  • Spy Black

    I want that trigger, just for it’s name…

  • Prince of Cambridge

    the KIng will also get the royal abysmal Nikon Warranty Service – if anything goes wrong with the lens.

  • Sahaja

    I wonder if King Albert reads Nikon Rumors

  • fourtis

    It’s the 3rd time this year that my Sigma 120-400 is sent back to repair the focus system (auto and manual). It cannot focus on infinity, thus missing many shots in airshows (i am a spotter).
    It seems that Sigma has difficulties to fix the problem and it takes 6–> 8 weeks each time to have it back!
    In the meantime my picture season is almost over !
    Sure that I’m thiking seriously to buy the Nikon 80-400, even if the price is double.

  • anon99

    Hard to believe the current 80-400 lens has become some form of consolation gift for being abdicated. LOL

    But compared to the ex-king’s wealth and position, that lens is really nothing, right? Perhaps di Rupo should’ve given something more expensive eg. those ultra-telephoto lenses……??

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