Nikon ViewNX 2.7.5 and Capture NX 2.4.2 released


Today Nikon announced ViewNX 2.7.5 and Capture NX 2.4.2. The only modification in the new versions is related to the Nikon D600:

When RAW images captured with a D600 running C firmware Ver. 1.01 at an Image area setting of DX (24×16) 1.5× and any Active D-Lighting setting other than Off were opened in ViewNX 2 or Capture NX 2, a bright (whitish) diagonal line was visible. This issue has been resolved.

With the latest move from Adobe to a monthly subscription plan for future Photoshop CC releases, Nikon has the unique opportunity to revamp their Capture NX software and gain some significant market share since I believe many users will be looking for an alternative solution in the coming months.

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  • LeGO

    Time for Nikon to release a faster and better CNX3.

    • gsum

      I find no speed problems with NX2 although some additional features would be useful. What’s really needed is for Google to restore the NIK filters to their rightful position within NX2. The combination of the NIK filters with NX2’s selection pen is extremely powerful.

      • Neil

        That ship sailed. What may work is using onOne’s Perfect Photo Suite. Then use the Open With… with it. I haven’t tried it yet but I bet it would work.

    • LeGO

      Given this development, I wonder whether the major camera manufacturers such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, etc. will come to the understanding that in addition to the camera body and lenses, the software component is the third and crucial leg on which digital photography stands and that they have a major role to play on this matter.

      While developing a software such as Adobe Photoshop is beyond the capabilities of these camera manufacturers, their adoption of a common RAW file standard (definitely not DNG!) just like what they are doing with JPG will go a long way in helping other software companies to provide alternatives to Adobe’s offering.

      Adopting a common RAW standard and doing away with the need to constantly update the RAW converter (essentially, ACR for Adobe) every time a new camera model is released will likely suppress the need many feel to constantly upgrade their ACR/PS. To the camera manufacturers, adopting a common RAW standard will thus mean that the user will have more money to spend on camera gears rather than spend it to update software to be able to make use of new model releases.

    • niknik

      Just faster?
      It needs to be a complete different program
      altogether maintaining the only two significant features in CNX2:
      u-point + ability to read picture controls.
      – workflow is prehistoric
      – Overall exposure only from -2 to +2

      – no local adjustment for exposure

      – Pathetic rendering for high ISO shots

      For a long time now CNX2 has become a secondary tool only for low iso, low dynamic range, relatively important shots.

      Unfortunately CNX2 is a very outdated program.

      I don’t have any hope to see a better version of it in my lifetime (and I’ve got quite a few decades ahead of me).

      • gsum

        Local exposure adjustment is in Levels and Curves. Why do you think that overall exposure is -2 to 2? I can find no such restriction.

        • niknik

          Well, the exposure compensation in the quick fix module goes from 2 to -2. As for levels and curves it’s not the same as changing exposure

  • Hmm

    Yeah. Been a long time Adobe user. I’m not paying the $ they want for the monthly, though, so they just lost me as a customer. I’ll continue on with my CS5 for a few years then switch to something else.

    • I think many people will do the same – check out the comments on out of 90+ comments I think only 2 people are ok with the new pricing. I think there will be a massive exodus from Adobe in the next 2 years and this will be a big opportunity for another company to step in. For Nikon users, hopefully this will be the Capture NX but this won’t happen unless Nikon puts some serious effort in a new release.

      • Spy Black

        I’m not so sure Nikon is is in it for run. I do think, however, that a company like Corel, which was a shining star back in the late 80s/early 90s, has a shot at getting people to check out their similar graphics line of raster and vector software

      • fiatlux

        Adobe has stated that this new pricing would NOT apply to Lightroom (or Photoshop Elements) so I fail to see how this would benefit to Capture NX or Capture One.

        I think the new pricing makes sense for big professional customers (and is nothing new in fact, in that field).

        Biggest problem seems to be with the SOHO market, which may have only bought a couple of CS products and upgrade every three versions. Trouble is, are there so many credible alternatives to Adobe products? I doubt so if you rely on professional features and an integrated workflow.

        The new pricing is also clearly not adapted to the hobbyist market which was, let’s face it, mostly using pirated versions of the software, and will probably have a hard doing so with CC. One option is to opt for the Student version if the household has qualifying kids (Adobe has become very liberal on the conditions to qualify).

        • Yes, it does not apply for now. Wait for another 2 years and then we will talk.

          • FredBear

            Depends how much of a disaster the new pricing system is with Photoshop.

      • zoetmb

        Adobe is going to back off the subscription thing. Wait and see. You think they’re going to sit there and watch all their customers disappear?
        As for Nikon, I don’t think they will come to the table regardless of what Adobe does or doesn’t do. After all, they let NIK go to Google.

  • I am so ready for CNX 3! I was waiting all that time and living with only CNX2…
    I recently bought the PS CS6, but this was a hit under a belt from Adobe (and also bullseye for their revenues… they will go up nicely now)

  • Neil

    As I’ve posted on Scott Kelby’s blog and elsewhere this is a major disruption in software that allows many competitors to step up. Certainly if there ever was a time for Nikon to hit a home run its now. A well conceived NX3 can win back hearts and minds as well as provide a desperately needed revenue stream. Question: are they up to the challenge?

    • King of Swaziland

      Nikon isn’t capable of keeping their software up to date with current operating systems. They sure as hell will never be able to step up and compete with Adobe.

      • Neil

        I agree, but the opportunity is there if they’re willing.

  • whisky

    make that at least 3 people whom believe Adobe’s new pricing structure is a bargain — providing one is a professional who must send their product upstream or downstream to be integrated into other CS products for further refinement and processing.

    for pseudo-commercial purposes, there is PSE, LR, NX2 (for the time being), the GIMP, Aperture, DxO, and a myriad of alternative product which is nowhere near as bloated as PS had become. if you didn’t need the power or PS’s integrated workflow capabilities — customers were paying for many extra features they probably didn’t need. now on the rare occasion customers do, they can rent those capabilities as required.

    Nikon is not a software company any more than Canon is. After they blew off Nikon Capture (Nikon’s dedicated scanning software), it became evident Nikon could not be trusted as part of any photographers critical workflow. LR was designed for photographers, whereas Photoshop is better suited for merging photos with the graphic arts and/or output to CMYK press.

    If you prefer NX2, keep using it until Nikon runs it into the ground — or try the NIK plug-ins for LR until a new alternative emerges for cost conscious consumers.

    • patto01

      I could be wrong, and often am, but wouldn’t this affect Lightroom, as well as Photoshop? The company I work for will have to move to CC and it includes Lightroom so I was thinking maybe Lightroom will only be available this way!?

      • Neil

        Adobe is on record that Lightroom 5 will be offered the same way as Lightroom 4. The question is whether Lightroom 6 will move to rental only.

        • My bet is that it will move to CC, unless they see a significant drop in subscriptions.

    • This is my problem: I currently have CS6 and LR4. If I decide not to upgrade in the future, I still have a way to manage and edit all my images taken from the past decade. If I am on a monthly subscription, the moment I stop paying, I loose control over my previous edits and I have no way to edit my existing images.

      • Ads

        I’m in the same boat. I figure that I’m ok with what I have for now.

        I think the merde will start hitting the fan when Adobe stop Camera Raw updates for the non CC people and they buy a new camera that isn’t supported – that’s where planned obsolescence will kick in.

        Until then its business as usual for me with the temporary benefit of not having to pay for upgrades.

  • Scott M.

    Time for a Nikon based “photoshop,” Adobe has just opened the door.

    • Yes, Capture NX3 – Nikon has a chance to gain a big market share.

      • An anonymous photographer

        Nikon is since 2012 busy with a follow up. Rumors from Japan mentioned that Nik software is not involved and that Nikon is working on it with a Japanese software company. The rumor of Nik is true, as we could find out not so long time ago. Question is can they keep using.the integrated Nik technology which makes NX so great.

  • Allan

    if you like to do some real raw coversion, the only way to go is Capture One PRO 7.

  • Richard Rynkowski

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 CC is a Rip Off!! You can no longer purchase the CS6 DVD software.. Subscription is $50.00 per month! And if you can’t multiply that is $600.00/Yr. Bye Bye Adobe!

  • Eric Calabos

    Try DxO
    It has best noise reduction and sharpening I’ve ever seen
    But slow as hell

    • Andrew Howson

      I don´t find DXO slow at all. OK with D800 images it takes a little longer than D700 ones but taking into account it does pretty much everything NX2 does automatically I have few complaints.

  • stevieo

    As for Nikon stepping up to the plate, let’s just say I’m not holding my breath..

  • andro

    Well, with Google in control of NIk , they are not interested in Capture NX- there is simply no market for them. Without NIK , NIkon can’t develop their own software on that level. I can only speculate that NIkon is trying to find someone else now. Japanese companies just have an aversion to software development. They have never made anything in the entire history of IT development worthy of mentioning.

    • Then they should move the software development to the US. It will be expensive but it will get done.

  • I don’t see any relationship between NX2 and the Adobe suite. NX2 is a pure RAW development SW with the worst GUI I’ve ever seen in my life while Adobe products are designed for professional purpose and cover the whole process of archiving, developing and post processing images.
    Despite possessing excessive knowledge about Nikons RAW format, NX2 isn’t that much better compared to Lightroom.

    • Cristian

      It’s not a so bad GUI… but for sure it can be improved a lot!

      • El Aura

        Sure, Adobe Bridge CS3 (from 2007) wasn’t that bad either but how many people don’t consider LR a much better applications?

  • Crsitian

    It seems to me that Capture NX2 is a wonderful software for image editing:
    – Non destructive modification applied on raw files or the image opened when saved in nef format (I’ve used NX2 also with tif files)
    – Very intuitive editing application(you can put on the whole image or just paint the mask)
    – Possibility to enable, disable, modify every modification made without the need to redo it from scratch
    – I love u-points.
    – It’s not too expensive
    It has also some defects:
    – It’s slow
    – It has some bugs that prevent pen pressure control to work properly
    – It lack some functionality, for example a clone stamp
    I think that if a software house would rewrite a software like NX2 enabling raw support for different raw format, keeping the good functionalities and solving some bugs, with a reasonable selling price, this sofware could became a standard in photo editing.

  • BaZa

    Is it just me, or there’s some bugs in ViewNX 2.7.5? It’s slower than 2.6.0; and when I’m setting color tags, gets crazy and I can’t move through the rest of the files. The mouse selector changes for something else…

    • schlueed

      Recognized same behaviour with tagging after updating to ViewNX 2.7.5. Fast workflow nearly impossible so returned to 2.5.0 (my previous version) and everything is fine again.

      • Michael

        The bug appeared in Mac version 2.7.2: after labeling an image (via keyboard number press) and pressing the right arrow on the keyboard, the browser intercepts the next character you type (hence if you type a number to label the next image, what really happens is that the browser jumps to a different folder, e.g., one starting with that number).

        I have only heard of this bug occurring on non-U.S. Macs (both under English and Japanese OS) with non-U.S. keyboards (e.g., Danish and Japanese keyboards). Can anyone post additional info? I plan to submit the info to Nikon-Japan tomorrow.

        • Michael

          I reported it to Nikon Japan with the information from others (to help
          pinpoint the problem) and they wrote back to let me know they are
          looking into it. FYI.

          • Michael

            ViewNX2 2.7.6 for Mac appears to have fixed the bug that prevented the user from labeling two images in sequence. That is, you can now label, press the right arrow key, and label the next image or thumbnail! This should fix some other odd issues that appeared in (Mac) 2.7.2 since the bug had to do with the program’s focus jumping back to the browser rather than staying where it should have been (e.g., in the viewer). With luck, this is the first stable version with support for the D7100.

            Here is the download link:

  • Edubyatx

    Thom Hogan noted that Pixelmator is way up in the rankings this week. It’s not perfect, but it’s a very credible PS substitute for an amateur like me. And it’s $15.

    No, I don’t work for PIxelmator.

  • cannot imagine india, china, africa, south america paying for the adobe cloud .. $50/month is huge money in most of the world ..

    i expect a lot of innovation, lighter footprint software for the huge growth in 4/3 and mirrorless …

  • Mike Lutz

    I completely agree with this point. There’s no way I’m paying $20 per month for one application, e.g. LightRoom. Not worth it to me.

    And I was thinking the exact same thought. This is a chance for all the other image editing software providers.

  • Why does anyone buy Capture NX? It should be bundled for free. I bought it with my D2X years ago only because there was no good alternative at the time. I didn’t get it bundled with my 2 D700’s after that. I was supposed to get it for free with my D800E last year but since the D800E was back ordered, I didn’t get Capture NX with it either. I own a copy of capture NX 2 but Nikon will not give me the license for it now since I lost the original registration code and Nikon can’t find my registration. I can’t install it even thought I bought it! WTF? The best thing going now is Lightroom 5 which has control points just like capture NX. This was the only thing I missed from Capture NX. the raw rendering in lightroom is superb and now that I have Lightroom 5 all I can say is RIP CAPTURE NX 🙁 NIKON gets some thing right – like the D2X, D700, D800E and lenses but they get software so wrong. I highly recommend to all who use Capture NX to get the Lightroom 5 beta and work with the control points. You may never need to use the classic, vintage, old school, Capture NX again!

    • Mike

      Nice advertisement 🙂

  • Iduehe Udom

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