It takes three people to unbox the Nikon 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lens


If you are one of the lucky few who have ordered the most expensive lens in the current Nikon lineup, you may need an extra hand when unboxing thisΒ 800mm monster:

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  • I know what I want for Christmas.

    • lorenzo

      I will be happy with a Nikon case like that πŸ™
      For the lens… I’ll wait for the $200 instant saving.

  • I’m sure it’s awesome but for $18K????? Seriously, you can buy a brand new car for that with AC and everything… I’d love to own one but not anywhere near that price…

    • n11

      I’m curious, are there new cars you can currently buy without AC?

      • No longer Pablo Ricasso

        My car is only DC.

      • NikD5

        Yes! Here in Sweden, they sell cars w/out AC! we dont need AC here! πŸ™‚

    • Aweather

      Yeah. That’s definitely a good point! The Nikon lens doesn’t come with AC. I really hope a lens such expensive can cool me down, but it just makes me hot when taking photos. πŸ™

    • niXerKG

      Doesn’t even have cup holders either!

      • Nos

        So know I want to see on in the coffee thermos version.Then you’ll be able to care 3 gallons of coffee to your shoot. Then the only problem is they will need to add VR to the lense to stop the gitters.

    • John Baxter

      That’s what your wife says about your DSLR when her phone comes with a free camera. Fool.

    • robero

      I tried once to use my old toyota (no AC) as a long-reach lens.
      I didn’t work, and I got only black underexposed pictures πŸ™
      Tomorrow I will try to install the AC, maybe that’s the reason why it didn’t work at the beginning..

      • You can have both AC&DC if you download them from iTunes.

  • MrCupHolder

    Talk about pass the parcel.
    3 Cardboard boxes

    • Global

      And a metal flight case!

  • Dyun27

    Do they have a 5 year payment plan by any chance? <:-O

  • n11

    Now make it 1.4!

    • lorenzo

      Then you would need 10 people!

  • Mike

    Nikon cut down on their CO2 emissions by removing one layer of cardboard box. Now there is only 3. A 25% emmission reduction. Go green or die. lol

  • I couldnt be the only one thinking.

    • Spy Black

      Only poor people think like that…

      • No, poor people go the the carnival and spend their life savings of $2600 to win a $100 prize and come away with a giant banana with dreadlocks instead.

        • zoetmb

          Speaking from experience?

    • Ken

      Or cut the box… GASP!

      • lorenzo

        You can’t do that. What if it is defective and have to return it? Think how much it will cost of UPS insurance LOL

    • Steve C

      Good idea. I thought of that.

    • Outdoor Photo Gear

      Would you think that far ahead when you have a $18,000 lens sitting in front of you?

  • hummongous

  • Bernhard Sperling

    Hmmm, the headline of this post is a bit ambiguous. The video clearly shows that one (non clumsy) person would be enough.

    So the news is that the first guys who posted an unpacking video, are klutzy enough that they need three to open a cardboard box? I can only make out a maximum of two?

    Hope they have full replacement value insurance.
    May the light always be with you!

    • upuaut

      Think of a boy with the excitement of a new expensive toy. How does he proceed?

      • Usually the boy brings a pump to inflate his new doll.

  • Adrifter

    How could they put it on a D600 (or is that a D7100?)? That lens deserves at least a D4 or D800.

    • lorenzo

      It has the hot shoe, so it isn’t a D4. It’s higher than a D600 or D7100, maybe a D800 with a grip?

      • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

        The D4 does have a hotshoe, just not a built in flash.

        • lorenzo

          See how poor I am? Thanks!

          • quaq

            it looks like d600

    • Spy Black

      That’s all he could afford after buying the lens…

      • lorenzo

        After that lens I couldn’t even afford a Coolpix LOL

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      That is a D7000. Look at the little rubber ridge on the assesory port side. That is unique to the D7000.

    • san

      I’m actually disappointed they didn’t mount it on a D3200 (or “a D3200 on it”).

    • grant torres

      The 800 comes with a D7100 as a cap on the other end.

    • rensuchan

      I would have rather seen them put it on a 1 series with FT1 adapter for some 2160mm FOV craziness.

    • Outdoor Photo Gear

      True! It’s a D7000, our D800 and D3s was left at home. The video was shot with a Canon 5D Mark III.

      • Spy Black

        Fess up, you really wanted a 1200mm…

    • Greg

      Probably to emphasize the size of the lens…

  • some guy

    amateur hour with silly rich people.

    • some guy is an idiot

      You mean that photographer on the video? You ARE talking about the one that has been published in dozen’s of magazines?

      • some guy

        even brilliant people can be silly, and get caught up in an amateur hour moment.

  • Spy Black

    If you can afford the 800mm, you can afford to hire as many people as you need to unbox the sucker.

    • I don’t have 2 friends, so I guess I will save my money and not spend it at Nikon…but I will spend it in the red light district of Hong Kong. 18k will get me long time love.

      • Spy Black

        Why not just get a mail-order bride from Russia instead? Might be cheaper, and you may have enough money left over to buy a 24-85…

        • saywhatuwill

          But the headaches that come with a relationship…and the divorce. Oye. In California, HALF! Cheaper to get the long time love.

  • lorenzo

    Note the case handle off-center, says how heavy the lens is on the front.

  • Joe Bodego

    cant wait to buy this lens

  • Aldo

    I love the case

  • varillazo

    The most silly title “Take more than 3 people to unbox the 800mm” and video i have ever seen !

  • Rikard

    This will be my next walk around lens, Im tired of my small Nikon 28-70 2.8 πŸ™‚

    • upuaut

      cancel your gym membership

      • Nikonian808

        Not really, the sigma 200-500 f/2.8 is worse

  • grant torres

    I would buy one if it can swap hoods with my 50mm. πŸ™‚

  • fjota

    For those wishing to travel light

  • Waksmund

    I sold my 600 and bought sigma 300-800 because sometimes I was too close to wildlife so big zoom works better for me. I wonder if Nikon will make a zoom like that.

  • Want One

    Why didn’t they show taking the lens out of the box?!!

    • saywhatuwill

      They were probably busy fondling it.

  • John Adkins

    It wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be. πŸ˜‰

  • saywhatuwill

    Uh, when an inside box doesn’t come out then you flip the boxes over and let gravity help. Also, if the lens is $17,000 I expect dealer prep and a new lens scent.

    • upuaut

      I’d also expect music playing from the lens as it gets unboxed.

  • MEC

    Relax People!! check out Amazon for the lens!! You save a whopping $3.00!!

    • counterspell

      LOL! yeah and check out their trade-in value under “sell us your item”. They’ll only give you a $1,250 gift card in return for “like new” condition! πŸ˜›

  • CJ

    This is a thing of beauty.

  • JM

    Compensating maybe?

  • tuga

    18.000 usd dollars ., hum that means that the lenses will arrive to europe at 18.000 euros .
    normally Nikon products in us and europe are marked with the same nominal value, only currency changes. So if we want one we have to pay 30% more .grrr.
    18.000 usd is +/- the price for a 600 mm in Portugal .

  • AlphaTed

    Nikon, you had me with the box!

  • Emiand2000

    He could have turned the box upside down, easy!

  • I have tried it with my D4 (Nikon Pro Event).
    Really nice lens (and even bigger IRL).

  • Master of my own domain

    Why do so many morons think that when a product comes out it is being marketed to them so they have a right to complain about the price? Products like this have a special use and are not typically owned by anyone, they are rented, like other high end production gear.

  • David in Atlanta

    I just picked mine up at Showcase here in Atlanta last week and store sales associates were more than helpful as they were curious to see their first 800mm lens. I pulled the special hard shell case somewhat easily from the box with the help of only one person to hold the box to make separation more easily.

    I was surprised there was no “soft shell” carrying case as was provided by Nikon with their 400mm f2.8. But, amazingly, I fit the 800mm in that case as the objective lens diameter is the same. Yes, the lens is longer, but I still got that end flap to cover over the rear lens cap.

    Many times I travel on the “RJ” regional jets, whose overhead bins will not accommodate my Lowe Pro X-200. And I have to CHECK it into the cargo bin–holding my breath each time. Now, I will be able to hand carry the 800mm on the plane and still let the X-200 go into the bin.

    I am very happy about that.

  • Wildlife photoz

    As they says it’s always better to invest more in glass then camera bodies, so now I own an canon 1200mm f/5.6 and an canon eos “m” at least it’s an good investment πŸ™‚

  • VegasVic

    VR? So I can shoot handheld with this at 1/60, right?

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