What the Nikon Coolpix A camera should have been?


Credit: Christophe Racat

Several readers emailed me their ideas of what the Nikon Coolpix A camera should have been. If you have your own photoshopped concept of a mirrorless/compact camera, add it to the comments section (yes, you can upload images in the comments section).


Credit: Ken

Nikon mirrorless camera concept4

Credit: Al

Nikon mirrorless camera concept3
Nikon mirrorless camera concept2
Nikon mirrorless camera concept1

What everyone really wants is a Nikon S3 digital rangefinder:

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  • Maybe even this:

    • zoetmb

      ugly and clunky looking (imo)

    • Pete Grady

      Looks pretty cool. Would look better with a built in OVF. Why are so many people so hell bent to make cameras as small as possible?

      • Thom Hogan

        Because if the camera’s too big, all we really need is a 16mm or 20mm or 24mm DX prime lens ;~).

  • ScottnLaguna

    Yes! Interchangable lens capability! FX size sensor being the next step.

    • DafOwen

      Ha -FX is too much of a big ask IMHO. But F-mount would have been great and I’d have been seriously tempted.

    • Blue_439

      Give us a REAL digital rangefinder! Full frame, F-mount. Make it expensive, we don’t care, but make it GOOD. Mr Nikon, show Leica once again hopw to do it, like you did all those decades ago… We’ll buy.

      • zoetmb

        Nope. Esoteric, tiny market. The number of people who would buy this is absurdly small. Leica has almost gone out of business many times even though they appeal to people for which price doesn’t matter. IMO, the market definitely cannot support two “Leicas”. If Nikon did produce a digital rangefinder with an F-mount, everyone would go nuts with joy, but few would actually buy. And those that did would never use the viewfinder, they would use the screen. Get real.

        • Blue_439

          I beg to differ. Ask all those Fuji X-Pro 1 or X100 users (BTW, remember how there was supposedly “no market” for such cameras, according to the pundits?) how much they use the optical viewfinder (and THAT is not even a true rangefinder) versus the screen… A genuine rangefinder in the 2000-2500 dollars/euros bracket would sell like hot cakes. That’s probably what Fuji have in mind eventually, anyway. X-Pro 1 is a dress rehearsal to test the waters.

  • D4ve

    The Coolpix should have been a D400.

    I don’t really think so. Just wanted to be the first to beat the dead horse.

    • zl

      Now that’s funny. 🙂

  • Carlos

    I wouldn’t call a REAL nikon DX, FX camera coolpix, nor would I design it to look like a P&S. I would have expected from Nikon a camera in design-family of the DSLR, just without Mirror, perfect ergonomy, waterproof, and with an optional viewfinder, like OM or leica, not retro, more like the SLT sony, less bully-ish, more compact.
    As this is a hugely complicated task, such design requires a real master and Nikon knows where to go for that in italy. 😉

    Problem: the more compact the camera is the overly huge will the lenses look like. Such disharmony is a big issue, too.

    That’s why I think a compact (thinner, lower) version of a D600/7100 would be fine, already.

    • F5 was my last film camera & N90s. I Loved the design. If I remember right, the F4 was Italian design and it sucked! I really hoped the A would be interchangable and perhaps like the Fuji X-E1 or XPro1. Sadly my 40 yr love affair & loyalty with Nikon has ended.

    • Karen G.

      Totally agree, Carios.

  • Redstart

    I predict lots of crying about the D400 to shortly follow this post.

    • NRA Advocate

      WHAAAAAAAA…when are we going to get a D400…!!!!

    • D400 crybaby

      Thanks for reminding me…. whhhaaaa d400

    • jerre

      hey what about those D800 left focus whiners? LoL

      • desmo

        Nikon retorqued their left whatever,
        now they’re happy

    • Pete Grady

      Sniff…they’ll announce the D400 an hour after I take delivery of a D300s

      • Global

        No.. they’ll wait two weeks… lol. =P

      • Micah Goldstein

        That’s pretty much what happened to me with the D7100. Had just sold my D7000 and gotten a D300s. Not sure if I’ll switch over though. I like the 8fps. Although one frame less with more AF sensor over slightly more pixels…that’s tempting. IF it didn’t have a shit buffer.

      • YS

        That, or after I switch away from Nikon DX. Just you wait!

    • Cuculain

      Seriously, people are suffering badly since there is no D400. How can you add to their pain? And by the way, Whrere is the replacement of the D700? Many fps and high low light capability. Not willing to wait much longer, before I switch to Canon. 😉 Can´t be said often enough!

  • cgw

    Sony will probably best answer this soon with a FF sensor MILC. Don’t tell me the RX1 wasn’t the prototype!

    The Coolpix A botch is doubly baffling with the Fuji X100(S), X-Pro1 and X-E1 sitting under their noses. Increasingly, “Nikon” and “innovation” aren’t words I readily associate.

    • El Aura

      So, a Fuji clone would be innovation?

    • Nikon copied others from the very beginning. Innovation wasn’t their game, imitation was. Still, they held out when the makers they copied gave up the camera game.

      They’ve been competing against Canon for far too long and make nothing interesting anymore. Canon or Nikon. Same thing different lenses. Time to rethink things.

  • Dante

    Nikon should listen to his fans out there

  • How about Nikon give us a digital FM2n. I would flip my shit

    (Okay I would still hate Nikon for pulling the racist Nikon gallery shit, but I would cover my conscious with my black hand and buy the digital FM2n.)

  • I think the worst thing nikon did to themselves is the “nikon 1” system and mount, it’s really made it hard to make a good mirrorless system, if the used an APS-C sensor thing would have changed, it will be like: cheap mirrorless with kit lenses AND high end rangefinder with the same mount.

    of course they can do that now but know body will want the smaller sensor!!

    • PhotoAl

      Completely disagree, the 1 system is great (IMO) because of the smaller sensor. It’s kept the lenses light, small, and affordable. I’m not a professional so the V1 gives me great, useable pictures the majority of the time. For pixel peepers and professionals it probably won’t do (although I’ve seen professional work done with the V1) but since the P&S market has eroded so much they needed something distinctly better than a camera phone but not as big, bulky, or as intimidating as a DSLR.

      • bigeater

        Too true. At my job I shoot a lot for Facebook, Youtube, and twitter and my D7000 is overkill except for the fact that everything I shoot is indoors under fluorescent light and I really need f/2.8 and 3200ISO to get sharp people shots. If the V1 had a 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8 equivalent plus a decent shotgun mike, I’d buy two.

        • Pete Grady

          If they made a 24-70 f/2.8 for the V1 it would be bigger than the camera. I’m exaggerating, but my point is, you’d defeat what Nikon was after…a small, light, “inexpensive” camera for people who want something more versatile than their phone.

      • The sensor is just too small! Way to much depth of field. To basic , an insult to more advanced photogs!

      • Rob

        Pro started using Canon G series compacts years ago. This has a larger sensor and interchangeable lenses. What’s not to like? Get a 4/3 or a D3200 if you want better quality pictures.

    • Mike

      Disagreed. Small cameras (mirrorless) with large lenses (APS-C) make no sense. And who are you to say that no body will want the smaller sensor? In 10 years those 1″ sensors will be outperforming today’s FX sensors, so who cares?

    • Arkasai

      You can have your qualms with the design choices but you can’t argue with the sales numbers, which have been quite strong. It’s not a series of cameras for absolutely everyone but they appeal to a wide enough enough segment of the market to make the several of them very popular. https://nikonrumors.com/2013/01/01/the-best-selling-mirrorless-camera-for-2012-in-japan-nikon-1-j1.aspx/

  • vFunct

    I like the size aspect of it. It really needs to be pocketable to be useful for its intended role – street photography, low-key photojournalism, parties, blogging, parties, etc.

    The reason i can’t get it is that it doesn’t have phase-detect AF. We will have to go with the Fuji X100s because of that. We really need that for the kind of photography we do (lots of people motion). We’ll be using it not from only for our photographers, but from our writers/reporters as well, to upgrade from their iPhones or crappy dSLRs.

    Other than that the only other thing I can think of is that it would have been nice to see an F2.0 or F1.4 lens.

    (Don’t really need the viewfinder at all.)

  • vFunct

    Also, don’t need interchangable lenses. The 28mm is perfect for photojournalism. Simpler is better for our reporters.

    • Unless of course the reporter needs to take a photo of images that are physically farther away and can not use “foot zooming”.

  • Blacksyrium

    I want that DX logo on my camera!!!

  • Anonymous

    Flange Focal Distance. Look it up. A camera with an F-mount needs to have 46.5mm between the mounting ring and the sensor. Then you need even more room behind that to account for the depth of the sensor itself, as well as the LCD. So we’re talking a minimum camera thickness of about 55mm.

    While photoshopping a DX lens onto a Nikon 1 body may look cool, unfortunately it would break the laws of physics to work. It would have to be 29.5mm thicker (literally twice as thick) to use F-mount lenses.

    The point of the A was to be a very small APS-C camera, and to do that Nikon needed to use a fixed lens or introduce an entire new line of lenses. They chose the sooner.

    Also, in those photoshopped images, it is definitely cool to have a built-in viewfinder. But think about how tiny the LCD on the back would have to be with that space taken up. Pretty small unless you want your thumb on the LCD while you hold the camera.

    I’m all for people throwing out ways to improve the design, but please try to obey the laws of physics in doing so, or you’re wasting everyone’s time.

    • lokiparan

      Finally some sense. Thank you!

      • Kenny

        It’s not supposed to be an F-mount lens, geniuses. It was done in Photoshop, not AutoCAD. Try not to nitpick at something not worth nitpicking and appreciate the concept. Maybe you just don’t like rangefinder-styled cameras, in which case, I’m sure you think Fujifilm is just breaking the laws of physics all over the place.

        • An adapter with an extension tube is required to use “normal” 35mm lenses on the Fuji X series. Fuji isn’t breaking any laws of physics.

          NOTE: The X-E1 is on my short list for purchase this year. Unless — unless of course Nikon introduces an interchangeable lens rangefinder camera with an APS-C (DX) sized sensor.

    • Duncan Dimanche

      Well then how did Fuji did with theres ? and Sony ? Mirror less ?

      I’m not into scientifique stuff but I would have bought that same Nikon with interchangeable lens…. big time

      Can you please explain then how come Nikon can’t do it when the others did ? Even the awefully slow Canon M has it…

      I don’t know how I sound on paper but i’m not trying to be a smart ass I’m just wondering and I found it very interesting.

      • Nino N.

        Nikon could have done it but they have to create another range of lenses since F mount won’t work and the 1 system lenses’ image circle won’t cover the entire APS-C sensor(?). I guess they just don’t want to create another lens line up. They messes this up since the Nikon 1 system 🙁

        • Duncan Dimanche

          Yeah I guess It also explain why you can’t fit Canon Lenses on Nikon…. but the other way is possible…

          So wouldn’t an adaptator ring mount do the trick for that extra space needed? I ain’t no expert but it does seem strange that no one manage to do so…

          thanks for your answer

      • D5100 owner

        Nikons F mount needs more room. They have a very different mounting system.

        • desmo

          Duncan’s right though,
          they could of built the camera around aps-c and F-mount
          (Sony NEX) but they chose not to because they wanted it to be smaller
          Nikon has made there living on the F-mount and maintaining system compatability for over 50 years.
          In my mind it was a mistake to turn their back on it.

          As good of a camera the “F” was,
          it was also the strength of and commitment to the “System”

          that made Nikon a Legend in the industry

          • Duncan Dimanche

            yep you are right sony did it… they could juste make one of those lens converter ring like the 4/3 to micro 4/3…. I wouldn’t mind paying 150$ to adapt a few other lens on it..

            Anyway The Nikon A is out and I hope that it won’t be a flop for Nikon but it does seem like they are not listening to the demands.


      • Karen G.

        “Can you please explain then how come Nikon can’t do it when the others did ? Even the awfully slow Canon M has it…” Good response, Duncan. +10.

      • Three words – flange focal distance. Judging by some of the responses here, there are a few ignorant photographers who read this blog.


        • desmo

          you’ve said that many times already

          the camera body could have been engineered with the appropriate spec it would only mean a slightly bigger body

          I for one would buy one if it were compatible with my lens kit

          but right now I’m better of with Sony NEX and an adapter

          by turning their back on their established users
          and the “system”

          Nikon has made a big mistake

          It’s the “system” that got them where they are today

        • Duncan Dimanche

          ummmm you don’t have to call others ignorants Mr Khurt…. I think that we are aware of that Flang Focal Distance isue but it seems like other manufacturer have manage to solve that issue… and I wouldn’t mind having to put a lens adaptor to be able to fit other lenses….


    • Ken Elliott

      I bet it felt good to throw your “laws of physics” comment. Tell me how you determined the flange distance from a front view. (Clue – it’s impossible.) Is the body the same proportions as the Nikon A? (Clue – it is not.) Next, ponder the scale of the lens, and tell me how much space is available on the back of the camera for a screen. Yeah – you made a lot of false assumptions. No wonder you posted as ‘anonymous’.

      The concept is a SP-style body, with a micro-F lens mount. Add an extension tube to mount F-mount lenses. I’d rather have a FX sensor, but I suspect a DX sensor would be required to fit space constraints. The body is larger than a Nikon A, but styled to match.

      Perhaps I’m alone in wanting a SP-style digital Nikon. I sold my digital Leica, and I’m pondering a Fujifilm X Pro 1. But I’d much rather have a Nikon that (with adapter) would work with my 20+ Nikon lenses.

      • R_R_Roy

        You are not alone.

      • Hello,

        My photo montage with the Nikon Coolpix A shows only that I wish that Nikon manufactures to occupy the market and Fuji X Pro1 X E1, and to provide photographers with the Nikon lens, a compact camera with which it is possible to working. A dream in fact. But that would be possible.

        I still need a viewfinder, even if it is small. for me, it’s part of the thinking photo: keep an eye “glued” to the camera, being in the image.

        • El Aura

          The problem is that you essentially want a Fuji X-1Pro clone or more generally a camera with the features of the X-1Pro. But all that the photomontage achieves is to imply that this could be done in much more compact package.

      • photo-Jack

        + 1000

        • photo-Jack

          The “impossible because…”-debate ticksme quite a bit off! Radio in a SB900 series was said to be impossible until Canon did it. This and that, impossible, until Fuji did it.The needs of potential compact camera buyers are apparently even more difuse than the ones of DSLR buyers. On the other hand, there are hundrets of modells already. The challenge now is, to get much of the DSLR features into a compact body. one of the major keys is a new lens-sytem. The LCD on the cameras back is standard, but often an insufficient thing in bright sunlight or, depending on functionality, insufficient to determine critical focus. All the problems are somehow solved somewhere. The only thing is to put the solutions together. That said, possibly patents are more challenging than physics. And the second thing is, if a maker really wants to take the effort. The effort that Nikon took for the development of the Nikon A is, however, a waste. This is another “inbetween” which at this price point, hardly attracts anyone. But, and this might explain the devestating comments on this camera, a decision for something is always the decision against something at the same time.

          • Tog-24

            I’m curious as to why any of this is beyond the laws of physics etc, I can mount my Nikon lenses on my Xpro1 without any drama.

            • El Aura

              It is impossible to do this in a package that looks as small as the Coolpix A, which is all what this montage actually transports as information.

            • The adapter has an extension tube. This increases the distance between the rear lens element and the sensor. This is necessary to that the laws of physic can be applied appropriately.

          • El Aura

            Is a waste? Because it does not fulfil your personal desires? Or because it is a done deal that it won’t be successful commercially?

    • jerre

      was about to say the same thing 🙂

      they need to redesign the mount to decrease the flange distance and use an f-mount adapter to mount the lenses akin to the EOS-M

    • Pete Grady

      “Wasting” everyone’s time? You sure spent a while commenting on it.

    • Aldo

      Its impossible to land on the moon – stalin

    • Micah Goldstein

      Photoshop: look it up. It’s a software used to manipulate images. It is used by professionals to tweak images, but often it is used to create farcical juxtapositions that can’t/don’t exist in real life.

      This is that. The latter.

      The A is disappointing, yes. Walk it off. Or go buy something else.

    • This is why micro 4/3 exits.

    • desmo

      Einstein was known to say
      “God doesn’t play dice with the Universe”

      modern astrophysicists are beginning to prove that
      indeed he does

    • At last an answer to the reasons why’s and wherefore’s of full frame and dx sensors on compact bodies without adapters… But I have to ask a question related to compactness! Would a 1979 Nikon EM body work with a dx or maybe full frame sensor?

  • Aldo

    I think the reason the 1 series had any success was because of the interchangeable lenses ( and the fact that they are little ). People like cute small little things that they can shoot with. Though 28mm gives good coverage it also makes the camera less appealing to a lot of people. In a way it limits how creative you can get at the time of composing your shot. I think putting this sensor into a 1 series-like system would increase the A success. Of course there are other things, but I think this is the most significant.

    • zoetmb

      While people THINK they must have a camera with interchangeable lenses, they never actually buy very many lenses. In the DSLR world, Nikon sells 1.39 lenses for every body they sell (from April 1 2012 to Dec 31 2012). Across all CIPA vendors, it’s 1.52 lenses per body for the same time period. So most people never buy anything but the kit lens that comes on the camera, especially since most kit lenses are zooms. It’s the pros and people like those on this site who buy multiple lenses and bring up the average.

      Now having said that, I would only buy a small camera that did have interchangeable lenses, although if the zoom had enough range, maybe I’d never buy another lens either.

      • R_R_Roy

        “So most people never buy anything but the kit lens…”

        There’s a large segment of third party lens users

      • Aldo

        oh I agree with you… I myself don’t take off the 24-70 on my d800… but you see that was my point… once you put the lens that YOU want on the camera you don’t have to buy many others. However, that lens that YOU want may be different from what other people want. So making a camera with interchangeable lenses gives you that chance to put a lens that is more relevant to your shooting style or what you will be using the camera for, not necessarily so that you buy an arsenal of lenses to go with it.

      • Fiatlux

        1.39 or 1.52 is a lot more than 1, and while poeple change cameras quite often, they tend to keep lenses

  • MB

    Came on guys, don’t you remember Nikon 35Ti & Nikon 28Ti?
    Great cameras with fantastic lenses, and hopefully Nikon A could be something similar, the only thing I really miss here is a viewfinder (and for the price it should have been there) and I would love analogue display …

  • alvin


  • emore

    Si Nikon hiciera eso, como vendería el sistema 1… creo que
    la paciencia es una gran virtud, también creo que Nikon no tiene los ojos
    cerrados…a buen entendedor……

  • chk

    take the new coolpix, add an evf (or hybrid like fuji) and change that useless useless focal.. 35mm eq. or more, maybe ~40 to have something versatile and which will help creativity

    • Mike

      Then why don’t you just buy the Fuji. It is exactly what you describe.

  • kb

    I’ve been wanting a nice image quality point and shoot with precisely a 28mm equivalent angle of view for while. I probably would have bought this without seeing it in person first IF IT HAD A FINDER, period.

    • RC

      Finders take up valuable space. I don’t want a finder. I might consider a camera like this if it had a zoom lens.

  • raavem

    I love fx !!

  • raavem

    fx rules!

  • raavem

    probably how it will be in 2015!

  • nawab

    but we need a 1200-1700mm for clicking the new pope

  • dan

    these japansese camera company needs to get their sheet together. give us FF and half frame sensor system already. sicken tire of lugging around a brick.

  • Serious

    The Coolpix A, why that had to have interchangeable lenses? If it was designed to have interchangeable lenter would be designed for this purpose. Not all the cameras must have necessarily interchangeable lenses and be good at same time! There is so much market camera with interchangeable lenses, DSLR, M43, MF, 1 System and so on … because all the camera body will have to continue on the same line? Who does not feel like a camera for these, has tons of other options, Stop saying that this camera should have interchangeable lenses or other similar. There are photographers who do not like feed systems, but like to have quality on small size. Well IF the Land Rover was a city car, I would buy one! But, pitty, is a all-Terrain car, and I can’t parking on the same spot like the Smart can. But, IF the Land Rover was a Smart, I will buy one tomorrow! This type of camera is not for all, just a small niche of photographers seeking cameras of this type, precisely because it has a fixed lens, and not a system.

  • Pete Grady

    LOVE the S3 take-off!!!

  • Sarge

    It should have been exactly what it is. What REALLY should have been, is the V1/V2 should have had this sensor size, offering a small body that accepts existing lenses, as well as a new line of mirrorless (smaller) lenses, like the Sony NEX.

    There is nothing wrong whatsoever with the A, though. It’s a pocket camera, and a damn fine one at that.

  • 103David

    Actually, it’s not as much of a problem with the back focus as everyone seems to think. How do I know? I made my first simple adapters to use my “F” mount Nikon lenses on my full-frame Leica and Nikon RF bodies in the very early 1970’s. No rangefinder coupling but that wasn’t needed either with my (much) less expensive 21mm F 4.0 Nikkor nor my 200mm F4.0 Nikkor when focused to infinity. All one really needed in those days was a decent quality micrometer and/or depth-gauge, some care and patience and the ability to define exactly what it is you’re trying to do…hence to understand why rangefinder coupling is not necessary with a very wide angle lens or infinity focus was all that was needed for my particular application.
    By the way, your back-focus distance as always going to be the same whether it’s an FX or DX Nikon “F” mount. Format size is irrelevent for back focus but vital for coverage, so if you need to cover an FX format sensor, best to have an FX lens that will cover it.
    Conceptually, I love the idea, though my personal choice would be an all-Digital F3…much simpler and usable with all the bazillion-and-a-half “F” mount lenses ever made.

  • moderntimes99

    For me the dealbreaker is just the slow AF. I would have bought it otherwise because of the compact size and large sensor. Fortunately there are several other fast AF options out there like the Olympus E-PM2+14mm, Fuji X100s or even the Sony RX100.

  • wok

    Forget about the mirrorless -follow-me -idea. Nikon has all the parts on the shelf to make a wonderful small FF DSLR. Use the FF sensor out of the D3s How about a Nikkormat FT3 body, FF sensor, a small LCD screen on the back,( come on ,its just there to see the image, it doesn’t have to be a mini TV!), keep the retro style of the FT3, maybe 3-4 FPS if at all. It will take all Nikon lenses , Make it in Black. A great small street camera. Keep it simple Nikon , just like the old days.

  • John Friend

    This camera is very expensive for a camera that can only ever (as in forever) do one fixed focal length.

    As such, its appeal will be narrowed immensely to the intersection of those people who need/want a camera with that particular focal length and are fine with parting with this much money for such a special purpose product. Since there are many other types of photography than what you can do with this one single lens, this is not a large potential audience.

    To appeal to a much larger audience, Nikon needs to either get the price into the impulse purchase range where photographers with an occasional need for this kind of special purpose camera will be much more likely to buy it on impulse or they need to make the camera a lot more flexible so it can meet the needs of a lot more types of shooting and thus actually be your main camera for all your shooting needs. This can only be done with a quality zoom lens with a decent range or with interchangeable lenses.

    Since it seems likely to me that Nikon will eventually do an interchangeable lens mirroless product line with an APS-C sensor (like Sony’s NEX line), this product is probably just Nikon’s first foray into that space and because they don’t have a competitive interchangeable lens lineup ready to go, they chose to go with only a single prime for this first camera. I personally think they would have appealed to a much, much large audience with a high quality zoom lens on the camera because that could target so many more types of shooting, but perhaps that pushed the price even further out of the already too-high range.

  • Gerf

    These are all great concepts. What happens if you boil them?

  • A Nikon and the “other”

    • I think you are onto something, though the size increase from the viewfinder would no longer allow the Nikon A to be the smallest DX sensor camera. Easy to understand the desire amongst enthusiasts to make the Nikon A look like a Fuji X, but one need only look at Fuji sales numbers to realize that Fuji X is not selling that well. The Fuji lacks the great autofocus of Nikon.

      There are three things I find wrong on the Nikon A:
      1. no filter thread … sure, $100 for the lens hood solves that, but
      2. initial price is too high
      3. pricey optical finder eliminates ability to mount a flash

      In my viewpoint the accessories should be included in the package at the current price level. If this camera is discounted near December, then I may get one as an extra easy-to-carry body. Still beats a Leica X2.

      • Some range finders camera can’t use the same TTL autofocus mechanism used on a DSLR. It’s not about Nikon compared to Fuji. DSLRs and range finders use different auto-focusing methods.

        • The Fuji X autofocus is slower than the autofocus on most Nikon DSLRs. Autofocus speed is important. Small cameras can have fast autofocus, and some are nearly as quick as DSLRs. The Contax G system is an example of an autofocus rangefinder, but why is the autofocus on that system quicker than on the Fuji X system?

  • R!

    To me the Nikon A is perfect for my needs:28mm my prefered lens,APSC not to small not to big like the DRX1,no AA filter like the FUJI BIG XNOTPRO 1 and a pocketable like a real compact ,(by the way to mount a DSLR lens you need a biger thickness of the body).But yeah we need a biger sensor than the 1 series to mount the DX lenses and why not a FULL frame interchangeable mirror lens camera,this would make nikon back on the top place of camera brand for a decade!

  • Andy Schulz

    My stock agency requirements for reportage,street, landscape photography is FF starting with 22 Megapixels, so for working to get money out of the cam I need FF at least 24 Megapixel. So all this APS-C Stuff great for quality but forbidden from my clients. So I wait for a small body FF mirrorless and I think all companies will go that route in the next couple of years. Patience:-) !! Puhh!

  • photo-Jack

    The answer on what the Coolpix A should have been is pretty simple: a X-Pro 1 without quirks and the AF-Speed of Nikon 1, that includes: no focus by wire, but a sensor like the one of Fuji which delivers great IQ with less noise.

    The actual “A” type would have been a buster five years back employing the technology of the D90 instead of the one in 03-2013 employing the technology of the D7000.

  • Raf

    I like Fujiflim X-Pro1 and XE-1 type of configuration. If Nikon comes out a pair like that, I will definitely buy (the Pro version, even with a PC port). I also hope Nikon can bring back the 9xx/4500 form.

  • The perfect Nikon A = the existing Nikon A.

    As soon as you add nice things (viewfinder, F-mount, zoom lens, FX-sensor, etc.) you also have to increase size – and thus compromise the whole idea of the Nikon A…

  • David

    I guess I’m practically alone, but I think Nikon got this one right. I would prefer an FX sensor, but a DX is perfectly acceptable. What’s the point of interchangeable lenses if you want to keep everything small and light? I don’t want to carry a bunch of large lenses when I’m traveling and I want to be inconspicuous when I’m doing street photos. And who wants a slow, fuzzy, telephoto kit lens? Shoot wide, fast and sharp and then crop the image when you get home … and the price will drop too, of course, in time.

    • Because an ILC Nikon would still be smaller and more compact than a Nikon DSLR. Right?

  • Guest

    Fullframe and rangefinder

  • hexx

    looking at the concept images – why don’t you just get fuji x-e1? 😉

  • hiplnsdrftr

    The Coolpix A is perfect as is.

    Once you add interchangeable lenses or a viewfinder it becomes much larger and you end up with a NEX-7 or a XE1.

  • raavem

    Fx, this time with the picture attached!

  • John G

    So, everyone wants a Nikon version of the Fuji and / or wants to make the Coolpix A into a different class of camera? Silly. It is the first truly pocketable P&S camera…

  • desmo

    S3 digital range finder would be cool

    what I really want is an FX digital back for my Nikon F

    that would be beyond cool

  • All those designs look superior than what was made….

  • Markus Arike

    Thank goodness Nikon is doing the designing and not NR readers as these are hideous. The only halfway nice design looks exactly like the X-E1.

  • Well if the Nikon Coolpix A look like this, my kidney is up for sell…

  • Lance Feagan

    Basically people want(ed) a Fuji X-Pro 1 made by Nikon–two years ago. I love my Nikon cameras when I am going out with the explicit purpose of shooting, but the X-Pro 1 has been at my side every single day since I bought it. At this stage Nikon would have to come up with something pretty amazing (like a D800e sensor in a compact body), good lens compatibility with my current FX lenses, and excellent control interfaces and the neato hybrid viewfinder from Fuji to get me interested. I have become addicted to the digital overlay of info such as the histogram on an optical viewfinder.

  • Esa Kivivuori

    I´d prefer 22,5 mm f/2.0 asph. lens (34 mm equiv.) lens, faster processor and most of all high quality EVF.


    Esa Kivivuori

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