The latest Nikon D7100 news *UPDATED*


Few quick updates on the Nikon D7100 DSLR camera:

  • The Nikon D7100 body only is currently in stock at B&H.
  • Here is a quick and easy hack to get ACR (CS6) or LR4 to handle D7100 files. It involves modifying the EXIF data so that it looks like a D5200 file.
  • In this video (at the 5:00 mark) Nikon representative acknowledged that the D7100, just like the D600, has no aperture control in live view and that feedback has been sent to Japan and they are working on a fix:

  • First report of Nikon D7100 shipped with spots on the sensor - it's still too early to tell if this is going to be a wide spread issue or just an isolated incident:

  • Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR lens video review:

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  • maximus!

    Is there anything more frustrating than opening your brand new expensive camera out of the box only to find that it has oil spots!? It sure was an unpleasant experience with my D600, I cant believe its happening again with the D7100!

    • rwvaughn

      To answer your question… No. For a number of years I have been able to use both Nikon and Canon gear. Like them both equally, but with the quality issues Nikon is having over the last year I’m seriously doubting I’ll buy anything Nikon for the near future. I bought a D600 to use as a backup and my experience with it too has been unpleasant.

      • Dyun27

        While I agree that dust/oil spots are annoying, first of all I didn’t even know I had a problem until I saw everyone else posting about it, and second….once I knew I had the problem, I cleaned my sensor when it needed it. It hasn’t stopped me from enjoying the camera. If I could do it again, I’d still pick one up. It’s just that enjoyable for me. I do hope Nikon gets its act together, but overall I’m pretty satisfied despite some of these minor issues.

        • whmitty

          Had the issue with the D600. Annoying to have to send to Nikon to clean mirror box but boo-hoo. I did it. Done. Fixed and now I get great performance and photos out of the camera which was the main reason I bought the thing. Nothing is perfect and so as long as a problem is FIXABLE I’m good with it. This was one of those cases and life goes on.

          • Yes, it is not a big deal – the issue here is that I am not aware of any other camera manufacturer having a similar problem. I have purchased 5-6 cameras (not only Nikons) in the past 5-6 years and none of them had oil/dust spots right out of the box except my D800. Nikon has a QA problem and they better fix it asap or they will be hurting again next quarter.

            • whmitty

              I agree it is bad business for Nikon and I’ve said on this and other forums that Nikon gains little by trying to “save face” (or whatever this tactic is) in not admitting to and more importantly not FIXING this problem. That said, once the camera is more or less “fixed” it works great. At least it has for me and some others. I guess being a natural cynic prevents me from expecting even Nikon to be perfect. Let’s hope they get a grip soon. I still like their gear, warts and all.

    • Jon McGuffin

      This reminds me so much of the “dead pixel” thing we went through with LCD monitors sometime back. Does anybody remember that? It was just a kind of nature of the business for monitors to have a couple of dead pixels out of the millions that were in a monitor. Nikon can’t possibly guarantee, across a sensor with 24+ million photosites a 100% clean environment. In the case of the D600 it’s an issue, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue here.

  • drew

    Oh boy. Well I put off buying this for a few months, probably a good decision.

    • Global

      If they are looking ABOVE f/11 then its not really fair — most manufacturers have this issue above f/11. But if they are appearing at f/5.6…. that would be an issue. I don’t think that’s whats happening at all.

    • Rainer Lucks

      Yes and it is a shame as other than that is is a very good Camera. It also suffers from two other issues. Pink tinge when shooting inside and trying to remove it as best one can with further white balancing becoming tricky. Under exposure is another concern. never had such issues with the D90 and still going strong with it.

  • Darn it…and I was soooo planning to take photos of some white bedsheets when my D7100 arrives tomorrow. Guess they’ll be polka-dot sheets now.

  • Gpereir4

    People are going to be watching this camera SO closely for any signs of dust. I knew this would happen eventually!

  • Randy Stephens

    I would also be interested in when the MB-D15 for the D7100 will be available. Has any been delivered?

    • kampante

      Adorama claims it will be there on April 6th.

  • OilValveisOpen!

    Well that didn’t take long.



    • tertius_decimus

      More caps, please.

    • SexyminiStrandbikini

      I agree with you! That´s really not new…it is used. Learn to pull down your caps.
      You are the one who cleans my sensor? Please…please…please…

      • We are talking about a brand new camera here. In the case of the D600, the oil spots were coming from inside the camera. There is a difference between regular sensor dust and a camera that generates oil spots.

        • gg

          the guy has no way to tell if it is the same problem as the d600 though…cameras do ship with minor dust on the sensor just like new lenses can have dust between the elements.


        bring it here. I clean my cameras regularly. I also clean them for many people locally.

    • Jon McGuffin

      I have read now on more than one occasions D7100 users who have received their body, checked for this immediately and have found no issues.

    • dan

      rofl, stop reading nikon forum?

    • jammernz

      anyone that buys a new camera and has to retouch black oil bubbles as i do out of everyshot has every reason to complain and insist on a total refund,

  • Hen Cockwell

    Would it be fixed if I boil the D7100 in water?

    • dgm

      Pretty clever trick, Oil floats on water so it should separate cleanly. Care to make a video of it for the rest of us ? You just made my day, Hen 🙂

    • Boulos

      Yes boil it but please remove the battery first, it may be a good idea if you put some vinagre to clean the oil.

  • Viktor Suhov

    Where’s d7100 review????? Cant wait for it, because i’m somewhat crazy already about choosing second body for d800. D600 is better in image quality, but costs 800 more, so i really need to see a gap between them… omg omg omg so many thoughts i should kill myself to stop thinking…

    • Дышим глубоко 😀 Д600 и Д7100 ИМХО совершенно разные камеры, созданные для разных целей. Если есть деньги на оптику (а брать ФФ без хорошей оптики неразумно), то конечно Д600.
      Если нужен АФ то Д7100… Тут как бы все логично, не вижу проблем в выборе.

    • Jon McGuffin

      To hold yourself in check you should check out this good thread..

      • Viktor Suhov

        Thank you)

      • Thanks, Jon. That’s a very interesting post.

  • Em… Nikon D7100 Price:
    That shop/reseller using “only 1 left in stock” trick…

  • Adonay Pernia

    Spots on the sensor? again? i guess i´ll buy another D7000 body instead of the new “spots on the sensor DX body” i can´t believed first the d600 (2000$) now the d7100 what happen to Control Quality from nikon? i live in venezuela and it is hard to get dollars to buy, and then this kind of problems… by the way there is no nikon center here…

  • Aaron

    This is truly insane. One person in the entire world reports one oil spot on his new D7100, and thousands of people throw up their hands and decide not to buy one.

    • Which is why I said that it is too early to draw any conclusions.

    • Jon McGuffin

      Welcome to the current generation of interpreting news and data. Not taking the time to think things through, do any scientific analysis and not pass judgement quickly. And one wonders why we’re in the political mess we are in?

    • jammernz

      Not insane its spread over the whole production lines
      D600, D7100 and even serious dust issues with the D800
      ive shot over 2000 shots on my new D7100 I have 5 oil spots from dark black to grey in every shot that i have to retouch out,
      My D90 that ive given death to with heat, sand and dust is totally fine.
      Not sure what Nikon are doing but shipping crap is not cool

  • Mr. Digsly

    Just got my D7100. It appears to also have an oil spot on the sensor. Very disappointed. Wondering what the best recourse it. Return it or contact Nikon.

    • KnightPhoto

      Why don’t you just clean it and see what happens next? If you are going to be a digital photographer, you are going to need to know how to do this anyways…

      • Again, this is not the point – no new camera should have anything on their sensor.

        • To be dusty or not to be dusty

          With all due respect sir. This would only be possible if the camera and its parts would be maintained in a dust free cabinet and under laboratry circumstances throughout the entire production process. So Im afraid its impossible that the sensor dont have anything on the surface. Having said that I do think the main manufacturers ( C and N ) should have adressed these types of issues with more concrete actions, especially in the case of D600. All the best

          • Yes, I do expect this type of equipment to be produced and stored in a dust free environment.

            • to be dusty or not to be dusty

              Yes sir, what about a particle free environment such as a laboratry and a biosafety cabinet?( ) Because this would be the only environment to prevent the camera from being exposed to minor particles during the manufacturing process. I guess we would have to inspect the Nikon manufacturing facilities in Thailand to be sure about this.

          • Jorge

            Not true.

            I’ve been shooting digital since the prehistoric times of 2001 – first with a Fuji Finepix S1 Pro, then a S2 Pro. ZERO dust on sensor when purchased. I then moved to a D300 and D3 combo: Again, ZERO Dust when purchased.

            My D700 ZERO dust on sensor when purchased new.

            My D800: WHO CARES? I got rid of it and bought back into Fuji — X-E1 and three lenses…

            I agree with admin — there should be NO DUST on a sensor coming out of a fresh new camera; I don’t care what anyone says.

      • PeterO

        No. When you pay $1,200 for something and the most important component is dirty, that’s just bad business practice.

      • IslandNature

        Except if it negates the warranty – that would kind of suck if you wet cleaned your new day old camera and then had to send it in for a more serious repair a month or so later and found out that you were out of luck because you “just cleaned it.”

        I’ll be sending my D600 for a Nikon service/cleaning and hot tub once I hit the 3000 mark.

    • AM

      Mine is also going back for a refund.

      • KnightPhoto

        Fine, go ahead and drive up costs for the rest of us. I’m going out to take some pictures.,

        • AM

          Well, it’s actually the other way around. Remember the D600? They dropped the price by $100 and threw in the kit lens.

  • dardennephotography

    Received my D7100 today – no dust, oil, or anything to be found on my sensor!

  • dswatson83

    There is a good video demonstrating the issues with changing the aperture in live view. The photo mode live view is almost worse because the aperture changes, but the change is not reflected in the image. Anyone have any ideas why Nikon is doing this?

    • sam

      To differentiate product lines obviously, though it’s apparently a hardware limitation as well.

    • interesting

      Wow, that’s really stupid on Nikons part. It’s also something that’s easily changed with a firmware update. I would hope the first firmware update contains the correction for this. This is a basic feature of live view that they completely miss. That’s not good.

      • This is impossible due to the mechanics of the mirror-shutter-aperture actuator assembly. It was discussed years ago with older cameras. Only D3s and D800 are able to do this because they have separate actuators and motors for the mirror and aperture.

        If you want to change aperture during live view, use uncrippled lenses with an aperture ring.

  • dan

    what i don’t understand is, why does people still buy nikon !!!!

  • Up $#!t’s creek!

    I AM already in need of a software update before my release…..

  • Guest

    I must say…. I bought a D800 back in April 2012. It also had developed several spots across the frame. I took it to a local shop and paid $50 to have it cleaned vs having to send it off or return it. Since the cleaning it hasn’t had any issues.

  • To be dusty or not to be dusty

    I have now for about an hour taken test shots with my new D7100 using various combinations and setting it from f11 all the way to f32 utilizing different combinations. Then I have opened all the images in Photoshop. In my case I could only find a few light greyish tiny spots which seems to be very tiny dust particles (if we can call them that). It is a well known fact that dust can enter the cameras and lenses even when the product is still in the factory. A “nikon guy” actually ones told me that every camera has dust on the sensor… the question is: if its going to be visible. Fact is that in many cases we should not even be calling it dust because its actually something that is smaller than dust and can only be revealed by various microscopic systems. Even when a camera is completely new, there can be a small amount of particles inside the camera already.This is not a defect. Cameras are manufactured with high care in a very clean environment, but it is not possible to be 100% dust free.
    I must finally say that this whole topic about dust has been blown out of proportion as far as the D7100 is concerned.

  • dgm

    OMG! There are big issues with the D7100 – A. You can’t seem to be able to take any horizontal picture (except by accident). Look at the pictures on the Thephoblographer first impressions article. And B. the AF hunts inside an apartment with a basic kit lens…. That’s ter-ri-ble

    We just have to learn that electrostatic electricity attracts dust and that will nail it for me, I’ll HAVE to go back to my D2Hs.

    (now ducking ….).

  • Neogene

    I can’t believe we are still here reading about a camera without a working full control mode in live view. bah

  • Neogene

    And still no aperture control during movie recording…

  • thomasv99

    Nikon is fixing the aperture control since the D7000 in live view; Don’t buy this camera is you need that feature because I don’t believe them when they are tellings us a fix is coming..

  • FrenchGuy

    For those who can read french or if google translate is not too dumb, here is a review of the D7100. They seems to be very enthusiast with the camera, the plus are its build quality, image quality up to 3200 ISO, AF and buffer speed and its “professional ergonomy”. The cons are the video settings, Image quality too close to the one of the D5200, No wifi or GPS and fixed screen. It seems that the loss of AA filter does not add as many sharpness as Nikon is saying. Be aware that the review has been made with the 18-105mm, they are confident with the fact that the image quality could be even better with a sharper lens.

    • Thanks for the link and translation/summary, FrenchGuy.

  • No issues on Mine 🙂 loving it so far

  • nukunukoo

    Kelby’s 6400 ISO is good because there was LOTS of available light. That was not representative of low light/high ISO. Noo… was hoping to see one such real world sample.

  • Reese

    I got mine in today. No oil or dust spots. 🙂

  • cowboystuff

    Just wondered. Does this camera body have “AF Fine Tune” for lens focus adjustments?

  • kampante

    I have been using mine for two days, no dust on the sensor or other issues I can see at the moment.

  • alwyn

    Here Nikon, take my hard earned cash and give me an expensive camera which I will need to send in for sensor cleaning as soon as I take it out the box. Maybe I can even clean the sensor myself. Here’s the thing though Nikon fanboys, would you be ok with the following scenario? You just paid cash for a brand spanking new car. You pick it up from the dealership only to find the interior is filthy. Fine, you can clean it yourself, but for goodness sake YOU ARE PAYING FOR A BRAND NEW ITEM…it’s not like you’re getting it for free or at a bargain. Stop defending poor quality control

  • miatadood

    When is the D7100 going to be released in New Zealand?? Our distributor has no clue on date or price… ugh.

  • Jorge

    I read a comment from a reader over on “Photography Life” that they received a D7100 with the left focus issue, AND back focus issue… Not sure if its user error, or whatever just wondering if anyone else has heard or experienced this with the new 7100

  • Reese

    1500+ pictures and still not a hint of oil or dust spots up to F9. I don’t think Nikon is dumb enough to do this on a third camera. I’ll test again around 3000 shots.
    It’s and amazing camera so if you are on the fence, just go ahead and get it. There is a chance to get a bad copy of anything. If you do, send it back and get another one.

  • Mac Walter

    I was able to get my d7100 March 15 from Service Photo in Baltimore. I am a serious amateur who is the type of guy this camera is designed for. I have been using the d7000 since it came out and although I like the unit it has had several annoying issues which I have to say IMO the d7100 improves upon. I am a serious wildlife photographer and I am constantly pushing the limits esp. better autofocus, low light, ISO issues etc.
    yesterday I was able to shoot about 600 pictures unfortunately JPEGS as no LR support for RAW yet.
    First of all the autofocus is noticeably better and more accurate. I use a Nikon 300mm f4 with a 1.4x TC and also I have the new f2.8 70-200 mm VR lens.
    Having the autofocus go to f8 is a big plus for me also. I mainly handhold.
    The battery life is not as good as the d7000 but by the end of 600 shots it was showing only one bar down.
    I do notice moire on a few shots done in really low light, also quite a bit of noise. I need to do more comparisons here. Also I need to be able to shoot in RAW.
    Also I notice that the camera tends to over expose in hi contrast situations

  • dpr rpr

    quote : “D7100, just like the D600, has no aperture control in live view and that feedback has been sent to Japan and they are working on a fix ”
    It’s not possible, stop lying, it’s a mechanical limition and Nikon is inferior to Canon in this situation and this is going to be the case for a very very long time.

  • niceladyproductions

    If you plan to shoot video with the D7100, D4, D800/e or D600, check out my new video on Video Shooting with the Nikon D800. Lots of tips!

  • William Diaz

    I bought the D7100 less than a week ago and while I was taking landscape and I stopped down to something like F9 I realized this big spot against the bright blue sky. I got home and checked my previous photos taken with my D7100 and realized it was in all of the photos. I’ll be returning it to amazon and see if I can get it replaced.

  • Xtro718

    The first D7100 I got was problematic. I returned for another and this one is working great and no problems since. I read of other users with the same issue that returned it and the new one was fine. If you have a problem with yours, exchange for another. Usually problems with the first batch of most electronics. This is a first for me and I buy plenty of electronics when they first come out but I’m happy with this camera!!

  • James Morgan

    Got my D7100 today. There is a single speck of dust inside the viewfinder somewhere. It doesn’t appear in any of my photos, just annoying to see it, when looking through the viewfinder. Don’t know what I’m going to do. Do I just leave it, or send it back?

    • James Morgan

      Oh dear! I’m not very happy. My replacement D7100 came today and it’s got more dust in the viewfinder and a single blob on the sensor in the top right. Do I ask for another replacement or a refund? Someone suggested I ditch Nikon and switch to Canon but that’s a lot of hassle and would mean selling all my lenses. I feel quite let down.

  • Rainer Lucks

    Yes! It is frustrating and further more unfortunate for Nikon ending up in this predicament where people rightfully are questioning quality control systems.

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