The Nikon lens instant rebates expire this weekend


The up to $350 Nikon instant lens rebates in the US will expire this weekend (March 2, 2013). Those are direct savings - you don't have to buy a DSLR body in order to qualify. An additional 2% in rewards and free shipping is also available on almost all lenses. More details are available here.

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  • BernhardAS

    So many discounts, but nothing reduced that fits my purchasing plan for 2013

    • TT


    • If they can get you to purchase what’s on your purchase plan for 2013 *and* one of these lens deals as an impulse buy, that is exactly what they want.

  • Rock Kenwell

    Not a deal until 24-120mm F4 is the same price as Canon 24-105mm F4. Well, already got 50mm 1.8g and pretty much all I need. Still, 1.8G is 2x the price of 1.8D.

  • Dustmaker

    Any chance of this coming to Canada?

  • kampante

    I got the 85 1.8g and the 24-120 f4. Please, Nikon, no more discounts this year.

    • Elos


    • FerpectShotz

      I ordered the 85 f/1.8g too, at $396 its too good an offer to pass up. I wish they would include the new 18-35 FX lens too :). I so wanted to order the 70-200 f2.8 too but wife kinda killed that idea early.

      • kampante

        I know what you mean… the 70-200 f2.8 is a bit out of my price range too. Maybe next year there is a new discount this time on the 70-200 f4. Are you listening, Nikon?

        • yaheard

          get the 70-300 vr it rocks.

          • neversink

            I don’t know if the 70-300 rocks, but it is certainly better than the 28-300 which I just returned to B&H.. Tested it and it was soft in the wide and between 200 & 300. Yikes. I never use my 70-300 anymore, as I prefer the IQ on the 70-200 f/2.8. But the 70-300 is lightweight and fairly sharp. I originally bought it because 3 1/2 years ago the 70-200 was out of stock. Then the VRii came out and I grabbed the 70-200 hot off the production line. Never been sorry.

            • kampante

              The 70-300 seems to be a nice one, specially I can see now a refurbished at Adorama for $359.95 but I am looking at the 70-200 f4 for construction and IQ. I would like to get my hands on one to test it.

            • neversink

              I’d definitely get that before the 70-300 if you think the f/2.8 is too costly and you will be getting a lighter lens, while sacrificing an f stop but you will still have incredible optics.

      • Joseph

        Here’s a discount for you – get the 80-200mm AF-S version for about $900 on eBay. VR is pointless for 95% of shots! Even better, for about the same get a 135mm f/2 DC – better IQ, faster, with the option of DC. Crop if you need to get to 200mm that badly!

  • Anyone know what’s coming for March?

    • AM


    • fred


    • BenHDisqus


    • yaheard


  • Well Rockken

    Yeah, I’d like to know if it’ll come to Canada as well. I’m debating whether I should order from B&H to ship here…

    • Snappy

      Depends on what you are looking at. There has to be enough of a discount to make it worth the fees and warranty issue. I’d like them to put out some rebates for Canada too as I may jump on an 85 or 60, but the difference is not enough now for me to order from the US.

    • 902hfx

      Beware buying from B&H the extra taxes (duty taxes etc) you may have to pay could bring the prices higher than what you would pay for the lens locally.

      • And that is why I order through broker 🙂 Cost same as if I would use shipito, but don’t need to worry about surprises from custom 🙂

  • AM

    Where is the Micro 105mm f/2.8 VR?

  • I ordered the 85mm f/1.8 G from Adorama but it seems to be back-ordered for months.

  • Deepshade

    No offers in the UK? and Nikon wonder why there is a grey market?

    • f/2.8

      Did it occur to you that if Nikon does not want a grey market they can simply only wholesale to their authorized importers such as Nikon USA, Nikon Norway or Nikon Somalia etc.? They don’t even stop selling to wholesalers who operate in countries where they have an official Nikon distributor.

      And you wonder if Nikon wonders?

    • DafOwen

      Yeah – Dear Nikon UK/EU – it would be great to have such rebates rather than just entry level stuff.

  • CJ

    They didn’t give me discount on my 70-200 f/4, too bad. I will put off shopping later.

    • SB

      Why would they? It sells well without any discounts.

  • Joseph

    I will not spend money on nikon lenses because the only pro camera body that I like at the moment is not Nikon

    • fackaff

      go back to your hole.

    • neversink

      Then why are you here???? You like wasting your time??? Your comment is certainly not intelligent enough to persuade anyone.

  • Emad

    85mm f/1.8 is out of stock in very where! what’s going on?

  • LarryC

    Ordered my 85 f/1.8 from Adorama a couple of days after NR first posted this and got the lens 3 days later! Used it on a newborn shoot this past weekend. Fantastic lens. Would really like a set of 1.4 primes, but I can’t justify the extra cost for the performance gain.

  • Justin Davis

    I was going to get the 70-200 VR II but with the focus breathing as well as the age, I think it is due for refresh soon, and I think the 24-70 will be getting VR soon as well….if not I’ll just save on my D7100 or D400 whenever the D400 is released or I get tired enough of waiting to get a D7100.

    • Adrian Robles

      While I agree with the 24-70 getting VR, I highly doubt the 70-200 VR2 is getting a refresh soon. The 70-200 VR production ran from 2003-2009 so it seems unlikely a refresh is on the horizon.

  • I bought the 85 1.8g before the sale. Adorama credit me the 100.00 and with my rewards money I bought the 50mm 1.8g for 66.00. I would have purchased some more but i maxed my limit.

  • saywhatuwill

    Was about to purchase a 85 f/1.4g and the 35mm f/1.4g but decided to save my $2850 since I already own a 85 f/1.8 AF and a 35mm f/2 AIS. Since I rarely use the 85mm and don’t use the 35mm as much I used to it’ll be a waste of money.

  • DaveK

    I am looking to get a 1.4 or 1.8 to go along with my d7100 and the 18-200 I bought a while ago. Something around 400 or less after rebates. Any suggestions?

    • spicynujac

      I’d get the 50mm 1.4. I own the DX 35mm 1.4 which is not currently part If the rebate, but is a better general use lens, but I am about to pull the trigger on the 50mm. If only BH wasn’t closed for the next 24 hours due to belief in the flying spaghetti monster. It’s a great lightweight lens which can also be used for portraits

  • Cmudogtag

    This rebate helped round out the last of the lenses I wanted. I bought the 70-200 2.8 and 85 1.8. I am set to make the switch to FX one day when the D800 nears the end of its product cycle and hopefully the price drops to all time lows.

  • RondoX

    Thanks Admin, I broke down and got the 24-70mm 2.8…

  • no sale on 14-24:(

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