Nikon D7100 available for pre-order at Amazon Germany, France and UK


Nikon D7100 @ Amazon Germany:

Nikon D7100 @ Amazon UK:

Nikon D7100 @ Amazon France:

Release date for the Nikon D7100 is listed as March 21, 2013.

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  • lorenzo

    I would never buy such camera but seems will have the same success of the D600 – at the beginning…

    • Aldo

      idk.. if we don’t see any QC issues this may be as successful as the d300, d7000

  • chubbs

    Sweet! I’m gonna order it.

  • arturodg

    I think Ama… Wait! No D400?

  • arturodg

    I think Ama… Wait! No D400?

  • blubb

    I´m wondering if the´ll also bundle a 18-200 kit

  • A quick search on shows a couple locations offering the D7100 in Switzerland too.

  • wilt

    As usual UK/EUR is a rip off,

    £785 in USA
    £1019 EUR
    £1085 UK

    • Hans

      That way I NEVER Buy in EUROPE

      • Clive

        You need to factor in that the US prices don’t have tax included. Europe is still being ripped off though.

        • Richard M

          Yeah, 20% of £785 is £157 so a fair UK price would still be around £950.

          • wilt

            Hopefully be like the D600 and drop quite fast and be closer to the conversion rate

          • Calibrator

            True – but you can thank your European government of choice for the high taxes. Don’t blame Nikon.
            Also the currency exchange rates work in favor for Americans right now.

            • Annie

              Sorry Richard, your currency exchange argument doesn’t quite stack up. Nikon is a Japanese corporation so doing the maths on that basis, you would see for a D7100 body:

              Yen 124,200


              Euro 1007

              GBP 876

    • BrainBeat

      You think that is bad most of the predicted in store pricing in Australia is looking to be ~$1599AU body only. This is however predicted pricing as our major photo retailers seem to never list models for preorder online. The few Australian website have it ranging from $1199-1599. Now our pricing compared to the USA should be exactly the same, as the our Dollar is still are greater than parity with them.

      After writing the above which still remains true when compared to USA pricing when the 1599 figure is converted to British Pounds it ends up about the same. So it would seem the US is getting a much better priced than most countries.

    • sk

      Its not just your VAT in Eur/UK, its also the tariff on “luxury” items on top of the VAT. They are pretty well hidden but they’re definitely there! We have the same problem in the AU. I’m in the US alot so I almost always buy while I’m. Although a couple more years with their president and their taxes, etc will be every bit as high as ours!

  • NikonGuy

    Preordert my at Amazon Germany…
    I don’t believe that we are going to see a D400. Little details like breaketing with 2 to 5 frames (consumer normaly 2-3 frames) and a DX version of Nikons pro autofocus systems with 51 point in a sealed body. What kind of improves could a D400 bring to us…

    • September

      D300s has 9 frames bracketing, so we have one improvement. D300s has
      also bigger buffer. I know that RAWs from D7100, are bigger, and in fact
      the buffer stores more data but for me more important is how many
      frames I record in one burst. When you shoot sports or wildlife you can
      lose a lot of great images because the buffer is filled (I’ve had this
      problem with D5000 some time ago). 1.3x crop mode may help a little, but
      it’s still not to much. D300s have 17 and after the announcement people
      complained it’s to less (canon 7d after firmware upgrade shots 25
      frames). And that’s not all. AF-C/AF-S/M, AF-ON switches, AF area mode selector, metering mode selector and configureable function buttons (D7100 only got one but I’m not sure so correct me if I’m wrong). For me it’s a lot, but it’s just my opinion. I own a D300s and it’s almost perfect for me, almost… I would only change the sensor 🙂 Better high ISO performence, and maybe a little more MP. Also better video would be great but the rest is perfect. I still wait for D400 and for sure won’t buy D7100. It just don’t fitt my needs. I would go to FX (D3s would be perfect), but changing the glass is a little to expensive for me. So all that’s left is hope canon will announce 7d mkII. That should force nikon to releace real D300s succesor.

      • Calibrator

        D7000 has only 3 frames bracketing so it is still an improvement if you move up.

        > I still wait for D400 and for sure won’t buy D7100. It just don’t fitt my needs.

        That’s a wise decision – get the right tools!
        For me 14 bit RAW files were more important than a larger buffer, for example.

      • NRA Advocate

        “When you shoot sports or wildlife you can lose a lot of great images because the buffer is filled (I’ve had this problem with D5000 some time ago). 1.3x crop mode may help a little, but it’s still not to much. ”

        This argument tries me, it really does. Photographers managed to get decisive moments back in the [not so long ago] days of film — when all you had was a maximum of 5fps and your “buffer” ran out at 36 frames (unless you used a bulk loader or a 250 back).

        Use the technology you have, instead of whining about what you don’t. Just work on technique more and you won’t need 10fps and a giant buffer.

        • September

          I think as the technology went forward the photos became better too. If you like D7100 go buy it. I won’t do it just because it’s far better than equipment used by photographers a few decades ago. Now they use top models from nikon, canon etc. They don’t care if someone like you says that 10 fps, 50 RAW buffer, and fast and precise AF system is replacing skills. They just use new technology that was designed to take better pictures, or to make taking pictures easier. Because of a lot of people think the way you do camera companies are giving us almost the same crap with just major improvements just to make more money.

  • Annie

    Disappointing: D7100 with kit lens is 188 euro / 231 pounds more expensive through Amazon Germany / UK than when you convert the US$ rate to these currencies. Guess you are not quite a worthy Nikon buyer if you don’t live in the US. No rebate offers for Europeans and expected to pay 15-20% more for the same camera?! Not impressed.

    • umeshrw

      No rebates here in India either. But the prices for new products are equivalent to those in US and they stay same till they are discontinued.

  • cookie

    From whom comes the sensor? Toshiba, Sony or Nikon ?

    • Spy Black

      We’ll have to wait until iFixit rips it apart. I’m better it’s the Toshiba sensor. I don’t think there’s any such thing as a Nikon sensor per se, as they don’t have a fab plant. I think the Toshiba and Sony sensors are “Nikon” sensors. If I understand this correctly, they are manufactured at their fabs to Nikon’s specs. So, for instance, the Sony sensor in a Nikon is not the Sony sensor in a Sony camera. They’re simply manufactured at the same fab.

  • Richard M

    It’s also been available for pre-order from Wex since Thursday

    They’re currently offering it with two free SanDisk 16GB Extreme HD Video SDHC Class 10.

    This is pretty much the DX camera that was expected and is clearly meant to replace the D300s as well as the D7000. Don’t expect a D400: at least not a DX camera. As many of us have predicted, all future DX will have 4 digit names.

  • Spy Black

    It’s all about volume guys, there is simply a higher number of sales in the consumer-addicted U.S. It’s the same reason gas prices are cheaper in the U.S.

    • erm…

      you missunderstood capitalism:
      high demand = high prices (people are ready to pay more)
      low demand = low prices (to encourage people to buy)
      …ang gas prices in the us are lower as in europe taxes for gas are higher.

      • erm… 2

        * …and gas prices in the usa are lower than in europe, because our taxes on it are higher.

  • Anon

    UK pricing is a disgrace, the public should boycott this camera to force Nikon to get us in line with the US. This camera is worth £800 not £1100.

    • Mike

      U.S.A doesn’t have free dental or medical.

      • anon

        In the UK you have to pay national insurance to fund those things., and what about fuel being half the price in the us? This isn’t about government policies its about big companies having rip off prices in the UK

      • Nikonhead

        That is a myth. We certainly do have free healthcare, it’s a matter of the quality of the care.

        • NRA Advocate

          That’s bullsh*t right there. Quality is dependent on how rich you are. If you ain’t, better be prepared to mortgage your house.

  • Justme

    dont get that pricing

    D600 is EUR 1569

    D7100 is EUR 1179

    OK, people could have some DX lens investment (not so much, since most of them are 18-something). Some just need the pixel density, like animal shooters and the like (so a D800 cures so much there).
    With that pricing, FX seems such a good choice and DX suddenly looks like the niche.
    Soon the D7100 will ne like EUR 999, even then I keep wondering.

  • Bratislav ILIC

    It seams to me that Nikon have made it just enough more advanced than D600 and just the right price for people “considering” switching to FX but are unable to afford it at the moment to stay on DX for now … and spend the money they saved so far on D7100 …

  • Andrew Smail

    I’ll wait a little while until second hand market is vibrant…

  • Steve B

    Taxes / VAT whatever, all you have to do is look back into near history to assess how Nikon treat their UK trade.

    D800 initial price £2,300 then they increased it before release by £300. It now sells for £1929.

    D600 initial price £1,985 now sells for £1450.

    I am unable to fathom how the market size has changed, tax rates have changed or whatever else.

    I would urge all UK would be purchases to hold on for three months when the price will head towards £800 – £900. The more we hold back the quicker the real price will be reached.

    Shame on you Nikon

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