Additional Nikon D7100 coverage


Additional Nikon D7100 coverage from around the Web, including hands-on preview videos. First is the official product video:

Nikon D7100 preview video by CameraLabs:

Nikon D7100 first look by WhatDigitalCamera:

Nikon D7100 preview by DigitalCameraWorld:

Nikon D7100 first look by Which:

Nikon D7100 hands-on preview by Engadget:

What others are saying about the new Nikon D7100:

"Overall then, despite some minor niggles, the D7100 seems like a very strong release, which represents very stiff competition to Canon's venerable EOS 7D as well as its 60D. It also appears - finally - to have supplanted the D300S as Nikon's top-end DX-format DSLR. In fact in Europe at least, the D7100 is officially being billed by Nikon as its new 'flagship DX' camera, the D300S finally disappearing from the lineup, off into the sunset." -Dpreview

"This all sounds fantastic, but the biggest problem is that while we just rattled off a load of highly-desirable features, there's not a single one that's compelling enough to seal the deal. And at $1200 for the body alone, the D7100 is asking a lot of people in a price-conscious class of consumers. The camera not only misses the crucial $1000 cutoff for what people consider a "budget" DSLR, it's also $400 more expensive than the D5200. Is this stack of advanced features worth $400 if realistically you're working with the same image sensor from cheaper cameras in the line? We'll have to wait until the D7100 comes out next month to find out." -Gizmodo

"Speed improvements reach beyond consecutive shooting. Nikon claims a startup time of 0.13 second, with a 0.052-second shutter lag. The focusing system is boosted as well, with 51 AF points and 15 cross-type sensors in the central area, including one that's even compatible with f/8 maximum aperture optics, such as an f/5.6 lens paired with a teleconverter." -Engadget

"Ergonomically, the Nikon D7100 sees some improvements over the Nikon D7000. It has magnesium alloy top and rear covers and is now weather-resistant. Textures on the mode dial have been improved, while a lock has also been added to prevent accidentally switching between modes." -Techradar

"It seems that Nikon is upping the ante here by adopting features typically found in their upper-midrange models such as the D300s, in the D7100. It will be interesting to see how the absence of an optical low pass filter will improve image quality." -Cnet Asia

"Nikon promises improved performance, a no-brainer after three years. The real questions are whether it will be significantly faster than the D5200 and whether the OLPF-free image quality will be gotta-have-it better. It's also important to note that the 7D is quite old as well and both it and the SLT-A77V are likely to be replaced this year. Plus, Nikon's keeping the D7000 around for an unspecified period -- still a great camera -- so you've got to watch for price drops there. When the D7000 shipped, Canon and Nikon were pretty much the only games in town for this type of camera, but in the interim, Sony and Pentax have developed formidable options with which Nikon needs to contend." -Cnet

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  • CJ

    So, this is NOT the D400, and from the look of it, there will NOT be a D400.

    • umeshrw

      Unless canon comes out with 7Dm2 which is rumoured strongly on canonrumours.( Yes I go there too to see what is brewing in opposing camp as it helps us in the end)

      • ArthurWellesley

        If Canon Rumors is right, that 7d Mark III is going to be one NICE camera.

        • ArthurWellesley

          Yup, that’s the camera that what I’ve been waiting for!

          1) High ISO! Performance to get close to the 5D3
          2) GPS & Wi-Fi BUILT IN! Nikon loves to screw you with those expensive external GPS and Wi-Fi add-ons. Even if you are a Nikon FANBOY do you really want to have all those boxes dangling off your camera? Seriously Nikon, if a $200 P&S can have built in Wi-Fi then why can’t an expensive DSLR have it?
          3) 61 AF Points
          4) 10fps is just nice to have when you need it!
          5) Build quality like 5D3
          6) “Lots of video features” I don’t really care but Canon does seem to do better and more preferred by the Video guys.

          How good is Canon Rumors at predicting?

          • ArthurWellesley

            Something I hated about my D7000 was the slow buffer even with the fastest SD cards. It appears the Canon 7DII has a buffer rate about 300% faster than my D7000 or the 7100.

            • No longer Pablo Ricasso

              You ARE comparing a camera that is under 1200 at the moment with one that may be announced for a thousand dollars more sometime before the end of the year, which just started. While you are at it, why not compare the D800 with the new 46 megapixel camera that may be announced after that.
              What will be the selling price of the existing cameras by the time the rumored cameras are announced?
              Also, I don’t believe that this will be the top cropped sensor model.

            • desmo

              you need your meds adjusted
              your link is for the existing 7D
              in your post above you refer to 7dMk3 the rumor if real is for 7D Mk2 and its rumored price is $2200 almost double the D7100 price

            • desmo

              you need your meds adjusted
              your link is for the existing 7D
              in your post above you refer to 7dMk3 the rumor if real is for 7D Mk2 and its rumored price is $2200 almost double the D7100 price

          • NRA Advocate

            It will also cost $800+ MORE than the D7100, if those rumors are to be believed.

            And Canon’s lack of a proper RGB meter and their crap flash system still places them well behind Nikon in these regards.

            • ArthurWellesley

              @ea2997a21d0e9633de60294acd5c554e:disqus, I think you’re right a few years ago but for me, things appear to be favoring Canon.

              I think, the price will end up being very close, here’s why.

              1) Nikon STUPID Unilateral Pricing Policy. The Canon will end up be $100’s cheaper than the list price.
              2) If you add the Nikon GP-1A GPS it’s $300. If Canon Rumors has it correct the Canon has it built in saving you $$$! and no stupid dongle hanging off your camera, leaving your camera more exposed in the process.
              3) …and again with the Wi-Fi. Again saving $$$ over
              the Nikon
              4) The Canon 7D Mark III appears to be a much better
              camera than the D7100; more like the D400 should have been so it should cost a little more.

              Metering: Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with the D800 and the 5D Mark III and I’ve been very impressed with the 5D Mark III metering, Canon has come a long, long way lately and is now very good.

              Flash System: I haven’t played with them but the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT but they look very nice! Having the Radio trigger built in will save you $$$ from having to buying Flashes AND Pocket wizards FlexTT5. It will be nice to have TTL AND not having to rely on Nikon INFRARED CLS system. Being able to put flashes inside light boxes, behind walls, long distances, will be Awesome!

              I’m not a fanboy of ANY camera company, I’ve
              shot 14 years with the Canon’s and 8 Years with the Nikons. I don’t care what camera I use. Currently all I want in a camera is high ISO/Frame rate camera without paying having to $6000, just for the D4 Body. 🙁

            • Just get a D3 or D3s?

            • Just break out for the D4.. you won’t be disappointed .. 😉
              and I was a long term canon user ..

            • Just break out for the D4.. you won’t be disappointed .. 😉
              and I was a long term canon user ..

            • Ummm… Crap flash system???… I was seriously looking at moving over to Nikon because they really do get the best IQ out of there cameras, Nikon were also leaps ahead with the flash system that is up until Canon bought out the 600EX-RT’s… They are seriously some of the best kit you can buy and the only reason I have stayed with Canon for now because I love shooting with OCF . Here is a recent pic using the wireless ETTL ratio mode with the 600EX’s… Off camera flash couldn’t be made easier
              And BTW if Nikon had a system like this one I would seriously be on thier band wagon.

          • KnightPhoto

            Settle down, no one believes Canon Rumors when they say “1) High ISO! Performance to get close to the 5D3”

            Have you ever looked closely at a 7D file shot at above ISO 400 – BLECH. Even D300 files from 2007 beat it. Basically every Nikon DX sensor annihilates the equivalent Canon in IQ. The 7Dii is going to be no different in that.

    • Swade

      No, it’s not. That is why they put D7100 on the camera. If you were looking for a D400, I suggest you read article titles.

  • Guest

    Since last year D800 surprise specs Nikon seems to be doing the same with D7100 this year. I also think this is the end of D400 idea but the design of this D7100 is not as good as D300s was. Pity, I guess I stay with only my FX cameras for the future if no better DX body is released later this year.

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      It is not the end of the D400. Why? the buffer is crippled. If nikon were not going to do a D400, they would have put a bigger buffer in the D7100

      • They wrote that is it a successor of D300s. Forget about D400.

      • jerre

        with nikon US naming it their flagship DX, there may not be a D400 in the horizon, atleast for the current generation of cameras… That is unless they made an error in the designation, which is possible to say the least:

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

          Nah, that is the marketing department trying to portray the D7100 in as good a light as possible. It does not mean that a new higher level flagship will not be released in june ;~)

      • KnightPhoto

        800mm is absolutely right “the buffer is crippled. If nikon were not going to do a D400, they would have put a bigger buffer in the D7100”. D400 here we come 😉

        Think about it, if Nikon KNEW no D400, they would have added $50-100 to the price and put in a 30-50 RAW shot buffer. Nikon purposely kept the D7100 buffer tiny here, to keep the high end shooters away, so we’ll buy the D400 when it comes out in June.

  • I think Nikon just needs to make a limited run of D7100’s with the D400 name on it so that everyone is happy!

    • waterengineer

      This has to be one of the silliest posts I have ever read. Jaron, of you would actually read the specifications and actually need a top end camera you would recognize that today’s release leaves much to be desired for the professional sports and wildlife photographer.

      • Like what exactly? “Professionals” shoot FX, IMHO. D7100 looks all-star for the DX user to me.

        • waterengineer

          Like exactly: buffer depth, burst rate, fully functional 1080p, headphone jacks, direct access, top of camera buttons like the D300s. Wildlife and Sports photographers are not and will not be happy with the D7100. This is NOT the top of the line DX Nikon camera many were hoping for and want, nor is it the “all-star for the DX.” We can only hope there is truth to the rumors about the D400, or whatever Nikon chooses to call it.

          • NRA Advocate

            D400 or any other DX camera above the D7100 is DEAD.

            If you want top-tier wildlife and sports capability, then buy the D4 — that’s what it’s intended for. It’s not Nikon’s responsibility to put ALL its pro camera specs into a DX body, after all. And it hasn’t been since they introduced the FX format. The company has drawn a pretty clear distinction since FX arrived.

            Figure it out.

          • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

            Buffer depth. Buffer depth. Buffer depth.

          • I will write this over and over: there will not be D400! They call D7100 as successor of D300s on End of the story.

          • I will write this over and over: there will not be D400! They call D7100 as successor of D300s on End of the story.

            • tifkat

              Perhaps a real link to the quote might help? I see nothing in their launch media relase mentioning the D300s or successor of anything.

          • MyrddinWilt

            They could well do a model with a faster CPU (aka EXPEED 4) and a bigger buffer but lets face it, that is likely 9 months out.

            I think a D400 is still on the cards because if they weren’t going to do one they could have put a D400 badge on this new body and charged an extra $100 for it.

            If they are going to do one the logical differentiator would be built in GPS and WiFi because having those as add on accessories makes them pretty much useless. They have to be built in to be worth having.

            • They have D600 filling this gap. The product line is complete and if you really want to upgrade you should look and Pentax k-5 II. It is a great piece of camera. Really chip and very professional (focuses in the dark and has unique sensor cleaning mech).

      • Of course it is a silly post! Please look up “Tongue-in-cheek”…

      • Swade

        You’d think a professional sports and wildlife photographer would have made enough to purchase a D4 by now. If they haven’t, I would argue the point of “professional”. Also if you are so limited by your D300s in what you do, a D400 is not going to make such a jump that one will *require* and upgrade. That said, no one cares you want a D400 while reading a post on the D7100. They didn’t make one. We’ve all heard it. Put a lid on it.

  • lapolo

    SO NIKON D7100 will not be a pro camera…. so if steve mccurry will take a d7100 is not a pro… mmm steve you are a greenhorn

  • lorenzo

    Nikon, thanks, but no thanks!

    I’d rather wait for a D900/E (= D800/E fixed) 🙂

    • KnightPhoto

      This has already happened. It’s called the D800E.

      • lorenzo

        Sir, I wouldn’t like to remind you that few people still found defective NEW D800E in January – see B&H reviews.

        If you were lucky and yours is PERFECT I am very happy for you; would you mind selling it to me?

        Oh, I understand now: you have a store right? Then I cancel my request above.

        • KnightPhoto

          Without seeing the test methodology and results from that particular B&H purchaser’s review that you mention, I give it very little chance of being true. If people aren’t familiar with testing, AF fine tune, lens field curvature, and the like, and they wade in where they don’t belong, it’s very easy to come up with erroneous results.
          Even if that guy was correct, the occurrence rate must be down to 1/50th of what is was. So that puts us in less than 1% defects territory. Is 1 or 2% defects level going to stop you from buying a camera (or car or whatever)?
          If you want a D800E, buy it, and test it. If you don’t like your results return it. But for gosh sake start testing your existing camera right now so that you build up the required testing expertise. Don’t wait until you get the new rig to build your testing expertise, that would be a HUGE mistake and the trap that many fall into!
          Best Regards, SteveK

          • lorenzo

            I am not a lucky person with cameras: if the percentage of defective was even 0.01% I am sure I will get a defective one! So it was for a new USA D300s, it went back to Nikon 7 times, they voided the warranty because of sand, kept it for 2-3 months each time, replaced the sensor (its cost was almost as much as the camera) and at each return it worked worse. It ended up in the closet.

            There are other considerations to make about the
            remaining feedbacks at B&H:
            – as you said many people have no idea how to test
            and they say their camera works fine;
            – some people don’t care at all about LT focus or green LCD;
            – the enthusiasm of the new toy can make people write a 5 star review, then (given the time, the ability and the interest) some of them find the defect and return
            the camera, they can’t change the review. This to say that there might be more returns than we see.

            In order to test a D800E I must buy a 24mm f/1.4 and a
            35mm f/1.4 (which I still would like to have anyway).
            I will be very disappointed if I have to return the camera. I already own 5 USA gold ring FX lenses that I have never used once!

            I agree with you that I should start testing earlier, but
            with what? All the DSLR I have now are a very old D100 and a bad D300s, no FX camera, no prime wide angle lenses.

            I am scared of investing all that money to drive myself
            nuts, but know that sooner or later, fixed or not I will buy that D800E, it is too good to leave it at the store, as I saw from part of your photos. Thanks.

            Kind Regards,

  • RondoX

    You know, there are even more disappointing things we have to consider regarding this release as well…

    With the release of a D400, I was hoping for/ anticipating more Pro/High End DX lens.

    But within the 10+ years, three generations, Nikon has been making Professional/high end DX cameras, ranging from $4999.95-$1799.95 respectively, they only made TWO Pro/High End DX lenses. The 17-55mm 2.8 and the 12-24mm F4.

    If the D7200 is indeed the DX Flag Ship, and can be bundled with the 18-105mm even, why would Nikon be compelled to make more Pro/ High End DX lenses for their cheapest Flag Ship of all time?

    • delayedflight

      The 17-55 f/2.8 and 12-24 f/4 are dinosaurs from the D1-2 era. Nikon already caters to the pro market it’s called the D4 for those who are too slow to realise this. The writing was on the wall when Nikon made the commitment to full frame with their D3.
      This is why they no longer feel a need to make ‘pro’ level DX glass the market just isn’t there.

      The D7100 is for the prosumer market – well off mums and dads that want ‘nice photos’ of their kids playing sports or the enthusiast that can splurge either way they’re on their way to full frame.
      Canon has been doing this for years with their full frame offerings essentially forcing you to buy your lenses again if you had a previous investment in their EF-S lenses. Nikon still allows you to use your DX lenses as a stop gap until you can afford the lens upgrades.

  • pwmorg
  • SJKartch

    The lack of a D4 or at least D300s-class buffer will kill the deal for many if not most sports shooters. So there definitely is room still for a D300s replacement. The problem with Nikon’s product development strategy is that users are basically left in the dark wondering what next is coming down the pike. It seems to me that hurts sales, not helps them. And it can push folks to other camera brands if the frustration level gets high enough.

  • Robert

    “Speed improvements reach beyond consecutive shooting.”
    They better because there is no improvement in FPS over the D7000!

  • TJ

    So do you think they will reduce the price of D7000 Further :(. I just got one

  • Bugga

    “The D7100 is NOT the replacement of the D7000”. Are they seriously going to say that about every upgrade?

  • Burbs

    Judging by all the comments there must be a huge market for a D400. Or is it just a very vocal minority?

  • EnticingHavoc

    I’m just fed up. Looking for a replacement for my D300 the D7100 sensor with omitted low-pass filter is exactly what I’m dreaming of. Unfortunately though the body absolutely turns me off. No AF-ON button, no FN button, no dedicated WB, ISO, buttons, small buffer size, … argh !!! Makes me cry.
    Regarding FX : I don’t need 36mp and I want a pro body which the D600 is definitely not. Thank you Nikon.

    • KnightPhoto

      D400 obviously is in the pipeline based on the D7100 specs – start saving, June is just around the corner.

  • fjfjjj

    Look at the terrible amber reflection on that lens (first pic). It looks like an old Canon coating. WTF?

    • artk

      I actually wonder about this zoom. which one is it? that set-up looks sweet…

  • kapuch

    does the D7100 have built-in timelapse like the D600?

  • kapuch

    does the D7100 have built-in timelapse like the D600?

  • desmo

    other than dpreview what a gaggle of incompetent reviewres
    gizmodo no single feature to seal the deal –51pt AF at f8 hello
    same image sensor–wakeup and pay attention
    now I’ll leave the rest to the D400 whiners

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