The price of refurbished Nikon D600, D800 and D800E cameras went down another $100


The price of the refurbished Nikon D600, D800 and D800E cameras dropped another $100 since my last post few weeks ago. The new prices are valid till March 2, 2013 (limited quantity):

The current Nikon instant lens rebates will also expire on March 2, 2013.

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  • Jaby

    I paid $1940 my D600 Kit on Dec (Canada)…..I am glad that i got a good price.

    • Aldo

      you got a great deal… did you keep the kit lens or did you resell?

      • Jaby

        still have plans to sell it.

  • khaled tolba

    The sweet temptation is getting sweeter by the hour. Now anyone knows if these are from the initial patch with malfunctioning outer left AF point or are we past this by now???

    • Craig

      What I’m wondering is if we assume the worst and decide that they were bad-uns has Nikon taken each one of these back and corrected them before re-releasing them? IF so I’d be perfectly happy to buy one.

      • Aldo

        I don’t think so… it’s not business smart to pay a technician to fix a camera and then sell for less… when the camera costs more to them than a new one… My guess… quick check up then resell.. if customer complains THEN fix… that makes more sense from a business perspective.

        • Craig

          Yeah, the search I just did seems to sort of support that. I could handle it if I was going for the D600 but the D800’s issue, when present, requires more than a sensor cleaning.

          • Aldo


  • D800 refurbished was at 2300 at one point at Adorama. I snoozed but picked it up for 2499 about two weeks ago. Today it’s at 2599 as of this post. If they drop the price ill ask for credit as they already gave me 100 credit for the 85 1.8. If I get the total 200 credit ill pick up a 50mm 1.4g and sell my 50 1.8d

    Plus I have 30.00 credit for the rewards they offer. BH and Adorama are awesome

    • khaled tolba

      Care to share the serial # of this refurbished D800 with us, you can blank the last 3 digits so it can’t be traced back to you.

  • rhlpetrus

    What does “refurbished” mean? An used camera sent back to Nikon? A deffective return sent back to Nikon? Anyone knows?

    • Aldo

      technically refurbished means that the camera had some kind of defect and it was brought back to manufactures’ specs… however a lot of cameras are returned not necessarily having a defect and nikon can’t resell these as new… so they all go with the refurbished crowd, moreover its difficult to know the history of the camera.

      • Unlucky Vince

        Even when it’s a glaringly obvious problem, it’s not always corrected. (See my other post about my experience.)

        • Aldo

          Yeah I agree see my post below.

          • orpickaname

            Uhuh, confirmed, also see my other post behind.

            • Name

              What post?

      • Ken Elliott

        They don’t HAVE to be defective. Often, it is a sales rep sample. It might simply be putting fresh rubber on the body, replace any scratched or worn parts.

    • My understanding is that all types of returns go back to Nikon that inspects them, repackage them and ships them back to the stores.

  • Unlucky Vince

    If you buy one of these, make sure you check it out THOROUGHLY.

    I unboxed a refurb D600 from Adorama just last week. Looked like someone ate a bag of chips *over* the sensor. Tried the rocket blower, nope, they were stuck on there GOOD. Had it less than an hour, boxed it back up. D600 #2 is currently en route, hope I have better luck this time. (Adorama has been great during this whole thing, no hard feelings towards them!)

    • Aldo

      This is the process you may go through with a refurbished one and you should make sure everything is fine with the cam before the 90 days expire. If you play it smart you’ll end up with some extra money in your pocket.

    • ocir

      and here I thought refurbished means inspected.

      • Name

        Apparently this one was inspected while eating a bag of chips.

    • Brentx

      Oh that is just normal for a D600, no problem there. /sarcasm But seriously, I love my D600, it is a wonderful camera, and am kicking myself a bit for not going the refurb route. I hope you enjoy yours!

  • National Camera Exchange is also selling refurbed D800’s with a MACK 3 year extended warranty for $2399.99
    Is the MACK warranty worth it?

    • It came in handy when I bought it for a refurbished D300 back in the day. I have bought it for another camera but didn’t need its. It’s a gamble if you buy or not. You have to send it to Mack and if they can’t fix they will send to Nikon.

  • chip

    Law of supply and demand, lots of returns –> lots of refurb, dropping demand –> price drop

    • When I made my personal marketing research and I understood that Nikon (and Canons, except 5DM3) cameras are too much overpriced. It seems that consumers are opening their eyes.

  • ocir

    D800 is a hell of a camera for that price. I should probably wait for another price drop. Hopefully $100 less in a couple of months.

  • d.p.

    Overstock digital have a supposedly new D800E for $2700. Don’t you think it would be wiser to buy a new one for thr same price as a refurbished. I don’t know anything about overstock but I assume they would at least send you the camera as New, if it has problems and overstock refuse to help at least you have a new camera and can go to Nikon for in-warranty repairs.

    • d.p.

      scratch that, just been researching overstock. Surprises me how these companies are allowed to exist, doesn’t the US have any kind of consumer protection Laws? Or why hasn’t some yank sued them into oblivion.

      I guess a refurb form B7H/Adorma is best bet.

  • William Braker

    At least a few of these D800 refurbs will be the three that I sent back for oil on the sensor. The first one was “repaired” by Nikon US three time, before they sent me a second camera. That one had gone through the wringer – with 5k shots and the little lever that acuates the viewfinder shutter was worn bare (how on earth could that happen?) It had literally over 100 spots on the sensor. When the final camera arrived fine, but then started throwing dozens of spots on the sensor with no lens changes, I gave up. I did a charge back on my credit card and Nikon relented and took the camera back. I bought a new one from Amazon and it has been AMAZING.


  • D800Guy

    Jesus…stop it just stop…this kind of price drop is madness for early adopters…

  • I have never bought a refurb camera. Guess I could have saved a few hundred bucks. I was just reading that even the price of the new ones are coming down

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