Ikelite released underwater housing for the Nikon D5200 camera

Ikelite underwater housing for Nikon D5200

Ikelite underwater housing for Nikon D5200 (2)

Ikelite released new underwater housing (product #6801.52) for the Nikon D5200 camera with 200ft/60m depth rating and MSRP of $1499.95:


All important camera functions are accessible
Controls are not provided for Diopter Adjustment Control, Info Button, Self-Timer and Flash Mode/Compensation Button
9.8in (249mm) including controls
6.9in (175mm) including controls
6.7in (170mm) including controls
5.4lb (2.4kg) without tray & handles
Slightly negative in freshwater
Depth Rating
200ft (60m)
Built-in Flash
Strobe Connection
Ikelite digital TTL electrical bulkhead
Tray Mounting
12-24 thread with 3in spacing (76mm)
Main O-Ring
Port O-Ring
Spare Parts
5020 Silicone lubricant in 4 1cc tubes
5512.69 O-Ring kit
0200.91 Housing body cap
9104.5 Electrical bulkhead cap

Ikelite underwater housing for Nikon D5200 (4)

Key Features

  • Superior flash control
    Direct connect flash is the most reliable and efficient way to fire an external underwater strobe. The camera's built-in flash does not need to fire, providing the extended battery life and no lag between exposures. Our proprietary circuitry allows direct communication between the camera and current Ikelite DS Substrobes for the most accurate through-the-lens (TTL) metering control of an off-camera flash. Electrical bulkhead and TTL circuitry are provided standard and included in the base purchase price.Rather than reaching out to your external strobe, exposure with a current DS Substrobe can be adjusted quickly through the back of the housing using a large dial control. TTL mode provides four 1/3 f/stop increments over or under flash compensation to fine tune exposure. Or control strobe output completely through the back of the housing using one of the 7 manual power settings provided in half-stop increments.
  • Ergonomic handling
    Controls are provided for every camera function except the Diopter Adjustment Control, Info Button, Self-Timer and Flash Mode/Compensation Button. Flash compensation with Ikelite DS Substrobes can be accessed conveniently through the housing with a large rear dial. Shutter, video recording start/stop, and a large zoom control knob can all be comfortably reached without removing your hands from the handles. Comfortable rubberized grips provide quick-release attachment points for strobes and accessories. The tray and handles may be removed from the housing for convenience in traveling. The complete housing is neutral or slightly negative in freshwater depending on choice of lens port.
  • Reliable performance
    A clear view of the camera and o-ring seals facilitates easy assembly and operation. Heavy-duty polycarbonate construction is durable and corrosion-free to ensure performance in even demanding conditions. Lens ports can be removed and replaced quickly with a simple positive locking system which provides visible assurance when the housing is assembled properly.

Ikelite underwater housing for Nikon D5200 (3)

The housing includes (lens port not included):

  • Housing
  • Port Hole Cap
  • Tray and Handles
  • Standard Zoom Clamp & Sleeve Set
  • Large Dia. Zoom Clamp & Sleeve Set
  • 1/16" Hex Head Wrench for Gears
  • 1/8" Hex Head Wrench for Knobs
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Spare Control Tips
  • Spare Push button E-Clips
  • Silicone Lubricant

Check availability and latest price at B&H.

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  • What? No comments complaining about this?

    • DeathK

      Give it time, lol

    • Jonas from Sweden

      You mean like:
      Why can’t they release housing for Nikon D400??

      • I was thinking more along the lines of “WHAT! the housing costs more than the camera!!! For shame! How can they do this to me?!?”

        • Arkasai

          That’s typical of underwater housings.

          • chubbs

            Someone doesn’t get the joke.

  • Ghoma

    Chill out, I got this:


    • Took you long enough. I thought I was going to have to do it myself.

  • Spy Black

    It only fits the brown body, however…

    • Jonas from Sweden

      Not sure about that … They will certainly release the housing in different colors, to match any color of the D5200. My problem is that Nikon haven’t released any prime lenses for the brown camera. … 😉

  • Neopulse

    That is one sweet housing… would get one for the Nikon V series though. In case something happens, wouldn’t wanna lose a $6000+ DSLR and lens combo.

  • DaveyJ

    This actually is a very good unit. I have been taking underwater photos and movies for 55 years now and given the video quality of the D5200 and still excellence this is a great UW combo. Also if you had as much UW photo experience you’d NOT be wanting to put a D400 (which I think is the MOST single needed camera to keep Nikon’s reputation and might sell so well it would be a game saver) or a D800. I have won some prestigious UW awards YEARS ago. This is a fantastic combination.

    It would be best though I will warn you with the 12-24DX Nikkor lens which is THE UW lens I use most, and that would add some to the cost. The Go Pro is becoming the UW camera world wide because of the video quality, excellence of image, rugged and waterproof, but as to stills this rig right here would be a real edge.

    Unfortunately for us UW photo people, housing almost always exceed the price of the camera. If the housing cost is less it certainly is not much for depth. I rarely want to be below 33 foot deep as colors below that are artificial lighting driven which I find unnatural and requires a lot of frogging around with “color correction”. Also when you are deeper the pressures become much more intolerable to many.

  • DaveyJ

    This is an excellent unit and about the best DSLR to put Under Water. Housings always cost more than a camera. I have been doing UW photos for 55 years. This is the most practical combo for stills I have seen.

  • DaveyJ

    The D5200 video is excellent too. I’d recommend the 12-24DX Nikkor lens and I’d have to check if the port here could accept that best UW DX lens Nikon makes to see if the port could work. The 12-24DX lens is one of the best lens Nikon makes. It is our primary UW lens ad is wonderful for landscapes.

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