Nikon D4 firmware update A1.04, B1.02 released


Nikon released firmware update A1.04, B1.02 for the D4 which contains one improvement: "subject tracking performance in AF-C (continuous-servo autofocus) autofocus mode with framing using the viewfinder has been improved". The new firmware can be downloaded on Nikon support site.

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  • apollo

    Oh Nice! Got to update! I wish Nikon could fix the softness of video at FX mode.

  • Test


    • LeadWrist


    • Aldo

      lol epic fail

  • M

    little late on that one, admin haha 😉

  • bcdouglas

    We are overdue for a D800 update!!!

    • Aldo

      yeah most def… something interesting I discovered though is that you run into lock up issues when using the battery grip with AA batteries but not when you use the nikon battery.

  • Dan

    when will they release firmware for canon 5D 3?

    • apollo

      Nikon will never release a firmware for Canon 5D Mark 3 so you can wait it for a while.

      • umeshrw

        Wait for it FOREVER.

    • Fraucha

      Next Wednesday.

    • upuaut

      When Minolta provides them with the documents they asked for.

    • Stanley

      Now I don’t care whom you are that there Dan is just plan ass funny!! Comes to a nikon forum to ask Canon for help baaaaa hahahahahah

  • An anonimous Photographer

    I wonder if these changes also will be applied in the new D800 firmware.

  • French Fries

    I am awaiting for a D800 firmware upgrade.
    Is there any info/leaks/specs that could tell us when this would be released?

    • Stanley

      I’m still waiting for them to make a d800 that will shoot something…anything in focus using AF/mode!!

  • Kyle Farris

    I wish they would hurry up with that supposed D600 firmware update. Change aperture in LiveView? Yes please (even though most of my lenses have aperture rings)!

  • This update does not work in my D4! I copied it to a formatted XQD card, and the camera does not even see the update. What gives? Did Nikon screw this one up too?

    • Make sure you have the XQD card set as primary, make sure the .bin file is directly in the root of the card.
      Update worked fine for me….

      • I did have the XQD as primary. I pulled the CF card out. But, the problem was the Network Setting. It was “Off” when I couldn’t get the update to work, so I flipped it “On” and back to off again. Then, the update worked! So, just another caveat about the “Network” settings in the D4.

  • khaled tolba

    I thought the D4 and D800 had identical AF mechanism, how come the D800 is having all kinds of AF issues while the D4 is getting all kinds of improvements, what gives. Well, I guess I’ll just have to sell my D800 and buy a D4 then.

  • annoyed

    Hey Nikon where the hell are the fixes that should have been done last year for the d4/d800

    – Live view issue in M where you have permanent exposure sim
    – af-c shutter trips when af-on only in combination with focus priority release selected
    – artificial light wb is all over the place
    – lv on the d800 slows down monitor frame rate after the 3rd zoom in
    – monitor calibration (stop lying is crappy gumby green) – I actually had my d800 calibrated at the repair shop and its wonderful till the next firmware update..
    – Tether your d800 to lappy and u lose review ability (seriously it’s dumb), furthermore you can’t store the images shot on the memory card, it stores on the tethered machine – which makes it hard to shoot raw – cause who want to send 70MB files over USB and make a client wait for the PC to
    read the files?!! (using an eyefi atm to get around this bug)
    -facial tracking has issues with dark skin
    -could we have the d800 fec work the same way as the d4? (wishlist but its a pain to have to remember what f/ec you need to touch between the two bodies)

    • We called Nikon Canada and they said they would change the LCD’s output to resemble the D700’s (aka not green) for $30 – and that if we didn’t like it we would have to send it back to get it reversed…for another $30. The Auto WB is just awful, definitely agree.

      • annoyed

        interesting my local nikon repair shop did it for free under warranty – made a big difference on lcd output.

    • Jason

      I agree with the live view thing whole heartedly. I talked to nikon and they told me to switch back and forth between Program and Manual.

    • Stanley

      LMFAO :p like they give a crap…just keep plunking down your $,$$$.$$

  • s.dunn

    This made a significant difference in what little focus hunting my D4 had (f5.6 minimum aperture in low light)! This is a welcome addition as I shot most everything I do in AFC!

  • Jon

    This will make happy one of my friends that bought two D4 and none has an effective AF-C with slow moving subjects (wildlife). A lot of discussions… a lot of time lost.

  • Tom

    I’m waiting for the headline, “D600 firmware update allows aperture control in movie mode”. 🙂

  • tatajer

    noticed big difference with new Firmware. now fix the soft fx video!

  • Alex Y

    I’ve been dealing with this sharpness issue (Movies) since July… I’ve had multiple cases with Nikon support and they keep giving me the same answer “Maybe watch this tutorial on the d90, and try these settings out” “Try a better f/stop” – Then they label my case as solved?

    Getting frustrated beyond belief that I still have to do more work in post just to get some sharper moving images our of a 6K camera. CX mode is perfect, except for the fact that it turns a nice wide angle lens like a 35mm into just about a 85mm.

    Some of the other little things mentioned here in the comments I can deal with, but not spending 3 days camping in a blizzard, shooting footage and realizing 3/4 of the work I did is worthless because of some crappy compression. I almost think this camera is filming in 720p being upscaled to 1080. I haven’t tried running the HDMI out for testing.

    Has anyone else made a case with Nikon support yet?


  • AlexC

    We use the D800 primarily as a video camera since our photo department is all Nikon and we share gear, but there are some major issues in video mode that I hope are addressed in the next firmware update.

    -When an external monitor or EVF is attached via HDMI the audio monitor disappears when you start recording

    -When the Live View on-screen display option in HDMI settings is set to On the UI disappears when you start recording

    -With LV on in AF-S mode if the a button is used to trigger autofocus function the exposure changes

  • P.Karunakaran

    Can the old remote accessory Modulite-1 usable in Nikon D4 with chord MC-25 ?

  • Moritz

    I want one of these magnesium alloy “chassies” does anybody know if it is possible to get one? THe Camera doesnt matter. And if yes, where? Whould be greatly apprechiated

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