Weekly Nikon news flash #195

Phottix BG-D600 battery grip for Nikon D600


Refurbished Nikon D800 D800E cameras

Nikon The Power of Pictures

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  • MyrddinWilt

    The refub D800 looks like the new price is heading down to my price point.

    If I can get a D800 plus a 14-24 for $4K I might buy if I can get past my latest, rather larger extravagance.

    • Don’t forget about the cost of purchasing an extended warranty.

      (This comment is *not* a knock against Nikon’s quality control, but meant as a reminder that refurbished gear comes with only a 90-day warranty, not the 2-year warranty that comes with new Nikon gear)

      • ronadair

        The camera industry needs to take their head out of their collective backsides, and follow Apple’s lead in PRODUCT warranty. That is to say, warranty the PRODUCT, not the original purchaser only.

        Also like Apple, you could be charging a mere $100-$200 less than the original product price if you simply offer the same warranty for refurbished bodies as you do new ones. Saying the camera is only worth a 90-day warranty is like shouting “Hey, come buy our trash for a discount!!!”

        Instead, Nikon has found themselves discounting the goods by almost a grand (so far) in order to move the inventory. And to think our wise leaders want to raise our educational “standards” to Japan’s. Pssht.

  • Tommy

    They’re refurbishing Nikon 1s? Seriously?

    • Martin Brooks

      Refurbished can mean it was an open box retail return and they just make sure all the packaging material and accessories are in there and look like new. It doesn’t mean they’re installing new circuit boards or sensors or anything.

      • Tommy

        Oh, right… They must have plenty of those, then.

    • Smudger

      Surely, the surprise is that they made the things in the first place.

  • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

    Oh boy, those refurbished J1s are sold out already!

  • sad

    Apparently, the nikon J1 is nr.1 in the mirorless segment in Japan. I have had the opportunity to view full HD video from the J1, shot indoors, and it is downright amazing. Good camera for those who do not like a hassle, try it yourself and compare it to a good compact camera.

    • I think the Nikon one system only gets so much hate because Nikon DSLR users are bitter about what they Nikon 1 system “should” have been – a DX sensor and a regular Nikon F-mount, taking regular Nikon lenses, rather than a whole new system.

      Compare it to point and shoots, and it’s fairly impressive.

      • sad

        Exactly. This friend of mine got his J1 for family purposes, filming and photographing his children. He owns a 5Dmk2, 35 1.4L, 135 f/2 L and some other stuff, but it’s not always practical to carry all the big stuff for some family shots, sometimes you just want to be comfortable.

        • gsum

          I have a D800 and have just bought the wife a V1. The V1 is far better than many postings on here would have us believe and is an absolute steal at current prices. We’ll be using the super-fast frame rate for birding and adding an underwater housing for cave photography.

      • Ed

        I would rather compare it to other mirrorless systems, since price wise the Nikon 1 is not cheaper, while substantially more expensive than point and shoot cameras. And it comes last in image quality.
        (I am a Nikon owner, and indeed I am one of those who would have preferred a larger sensor in mirrorless cameras, you can’t hire the marketing department to make the laws of physics bend to your wishes, a sensor so small had to be of bad image quality)

        • Tommy

          My thoughts exactly.

      • preston

        I agree with the gist of your argument but we absolutely don’t want the mirrorless to have a regular F-mount because that would mean the body would have to be as thick as a dslr (mount specification also includes flange distance). DX sensor – yes please. F-mount – only with adapter.

        Just look at the disaster that is the Pentax K-01, which is the only mirrorless that uses the same mount as that brand’s dslr.

      • Ethan

        I had these thoughts also, especially the part about what it “should” have been. I got the V1 at the current firesale and it isn’t what my D7000 is, but it is an awesome compact. With the VR on the zoom lens, you can do quite a bit in low light, not DX quality, but much better than almost any compact. Has also been wonderful for bird shots. I would never consider it at the higher prices, but quite a good package as is. Will be fun to see what I can do with an adapter and fast lenses.

  • Julian Phillips

    With the Samyang estimate price at $1100 and the nikkor priced at $1999 (bhphoto), then I wonder will the Samyang be good enough to challenge the Nikkor?

    • sad

      Why challenge it, it’s almost half the price ?! It’s not like 1999 vs. 1699.
      It will have a cheap build, not as good optics, but enthusiasts with a low budget might buy it nonetheless. I don’t and will not have 900$ spare, so if I will decide to go the TS way, just for the fun of it, I will certainly get the lesser Samyang.

      • Zumba

        “It will have a cheap build, not as good optics”

        Bullshit. You obviously have no experience with Samyang lenses.
        Their 8mm fisheye and 35mm f/1.4 for example are excellent optically and mechanically. That fisheye is about the sharpest fisheye there is. Period.

        • sad

          Do you actually own any ? I tested and almost owned, in a number of ocasions, the 85 samyang. The build quality is subpar (the hood stinks and the focus is too stiff, plastic otherwise) and the optics are okaysh. Sharp but at 1.4 the purple fringing is off the scale and bokeh fringing as well. An associate of mine shot a trash the dress session with the 8 fisheye and he described it as almost unusable at f/3.5. I have also read the reviews at phozone, but shooting with it or testing it extensively is one thing, reading a review is another.

          • Spy Black

            I’ve had the 35mm, and it is nothing like you’re describing. It is solidly built and optically great. I think out of the entire Samyang line this is probably their best optic.

            Your experiences with the 85mm seems like you may have had a bad sample. I never owned one, but the full res images I’ve seen taken with it show it to be a very useful lens, especially for portraiture. It’s had quite a good set of reviews by both test sites and end-users. You may want to consider a different sample.

            The 8mm may be soft at the edges wide open, but one stop down it’s a different animal. Considering it’s a niche optic, for the price you can’t beat it.

            While Samyang lenses aren’t perfect, overall their track record has been pretty decent. I suspect this forthcoming PC will be useful. I also suspect that price will drop below $1000, making it that much more attractive.

            • Julian Phillips

              $1000 is certainly where I draw the line on this lens – so I guess I will wait and see. It will be interesting to see some side by side comparisons of the Nikkor and Samyang.

      • Smudger

        Well, the Nikon ain’t that great in the corners even unshifted and the alingment of the movements is fixed.

    • desmo

      I don’t believe it will be cheap enough at $1100 to be worth the risk on quality.
      besides historic resale on 3rd party especially samyang or any of it’s many names it sells under is going to be very low.
      I might wait and experiment with a used copy,

      as if nothing this type of lens’regardless of brand, has a huge learning curve.
      At half the price it could be useful in gaining experience prior to investing in Nikon or Canon Quality

  • the refurbished J1 gone but who said that J1 is not good enough ?

  • PeterO

    Over at New Camera, they’re showing that Nikon has patented an 18-55 for Mirrorless APS-C. Can you confirm this admin?

    • Yes, saw that patent. The post will be online soon.

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