It seems that Nikon does have a fix for the green tint on the LCD screen of the D800

Nikon D800 green tint LCD screen fix Nikon D800 green tint LCD screen fix (2)

Noah Bershatsky had a Nikon D800 camera with a green tint on the LCD screen and he got it fixed by Nikon USA. You can read all details on his blog:

There was no communication from Nikon, but out of the blue my D800 was returned today.  It's in good clean condition and the LCD matches my Colormunki Display calibrated monitor!

From the enclosed impersonal letter, you can see that they have dealt with this green LCD issue before and they already had a fix in place.  I really wonder why this couldn't have been done with a firmware update.

Back in April Nikon claimed that the greenish D4/D800 LCD screen is more accurate than the D3s/D700 and never publicly acknowledge this as an existing problem.

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  • Eric

    Now I’m really upset. I too have the same issue and have been patiently waiting for a firmware update, but obviously Nikon is in no hurry to fix the problem for those of us who don’t make enough noise. Frankly, that 5D Mark III is beginning to look a lot more appealing the more I hear about Nikon’s shenanigans. I’m simply tired of waiting for the silence to break.

    • Mary Stratford

      Canon troll, maybe?
      Just a guess…

      • c

        not everyone who is fed up with nikon’s disregard for their customers, many of whom including myself spends tens of thousands of dollars on their products is a canon troll.

      • Tom Malewicki

        You might just be the troll. I say Eric has the right to be pissed. Nikon has been having too many quality control problems. I have been thinking of upgrading my body but damn, do I want to have to deal with issues with my camera and have to send my body to Nikon for repair. Is Nikon expecting consumers of high end bodies to expect to buy the body and always send the body at their expense for repair.

        • ShutterStill

          Can’t agree more!
          Having D3+D3x combo I wanted D800.
          Got it with the left focus issue. Sent to nikon uk for repair.
          camera came in worse condition then it was sent.
          They even didn’t want to take it back for second repair because it was up to factory standards.
          The standard was:
          All lenses fine tuned to -15– -20 to get the centre ok, while the RIGHT & LEFT side still bad. I mean you would’t be able to recognise ones face in the picture.
          After a week of mailing both the shop & the nikon CC I sent the camera to Germany. It came back fixed and then I sold it because I could’t trust it. I am staing with my D3+D3x till they die. My two friends have D800 and they had a good ones but after 20-25k cliks their AF is doing bad things it looked like it discallibrated after couple dozen k.

          • Eric

            I’m definitely not a Canon troll. A Nikon user for the past 20+ years, this is the first time that I’ve had so many issues with a camera. Have a lot invested on Nikon gear, but I also know that I’m not alone waiting in the complaint department. But just recently went out shooting with a Canon photographer and his professional gear and guess what, that back screen had a perfect rendition of colors. My screen in the D800 for the same shots? Care to guess? Yeap, the subtle green of photographic migraine. And we wait, and wait, and wait.

  • David

    I want to buy D800 (or D600). Is the left focus (or oil spots) problem also solved?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Where have you been last 2 months?

      • js200022

        Please check the D600 reviews on There are customers still complaining about oil/dust on the sensor.

        • AM

          I’ve had my D600 for 10 days, almost 1000 actuations so far, and have not seen any oil or dust on the sensor. I kind of wonder if those “customers” are complaining or trolling.

    • jake

      buy a D800 made after this Nov , then you will be fine.
      as for the D600, most of D600 bodies sold now have the dust issue or misaligned OVF, so better avoid it for now.

      • Dan

        Not true. I purchased my D800 in December from B&H and had to return. LCD was glowing green and all focus points outside of center were tested soft on both my 24-70mm and 35mm F/1.4. No such focus issues on my D4 or D3s.

    • Pit

      David: i have two D800. One from Juli 2012 – one from November 2012. Both can not be repaired (Switzerland). Both Body’s are useless. Not even for the demands of an amateur photographer. Nikon will have no solution and can not solve the problems, although both Bodys several times with the Nikon service were. My conclusion as a professional photographer. Nikon never again. Never again. I’ll have to throw both body’s. $ 6000 a waste of money.

  • Bob Wilson

    Left Focus, Oil Spots, Green LCD. I have them all. Been waiting for a Firmware fix. It is about time to send it in for service I think, kill 3 birds with 1 stone. I switched from years with Canon to Nikon, and so far I am not happy with their communication or acknowledgement of issues.

    • jake

      then why not return it while you can and get a good copy ?
      I had 6 bad D800 cameras before I got this properly working one in this Nov.
      so, keep returning it if you get a bad copy.

      • Bob Wilson

        Bought from Amazon on the day it was released, and did not really discover these issues until after the 30 day return policy.

    • Lorenzo Belotti

      Obviously, if you have “material problem”, like “Oil Spots”, a software problem can’t solve it. Software and hardware are two separate things…

      • Bob Wilson

        Obviously, I was referring to the Left Focus and Green LCD. I am aware that a Firmware fix will not remove the oil spots.

        • It won’t fix the left focus issue, either – you have to send it in for calibration.

    • Overblown Nikon Issues

      Got my D800 a fews ago W/O the left AF issue or green LCD. Bought from B&H Serial xxx3057. Just saying, there are D800s that are ‘perfect’.

  • DonD

    Im tired of the Nikon attitude that says its up to our customers to figure out if their new camera is up to their specs. Maybe many customers will just say This is a really crapy camera. Besides who has the test equiptment or the proper procedures to accurately test it?

  • DonD

    D800 owners should be getting a letter in the mail saying Nikon failed to properly adjust your monitor or Nikon failed to apply the correct focus calabration to your camera. I cant believe that they do not know exactly which serial numbers had which manufacturing processes applied. Sothat means what they are saying is If you are willing to live with it we are willing to let you. In the end its their name and reputation on the line.

    • Calibrator

      Hey, it’s only a $3,000 camera – what do you expect?

      Care and thoroughness?

      • jake

        3k is a lot of money for a camera for most of us.

        • Bob Wilson

          Can’t you pick up on the sarcasm?

  • kgp

    I call bs. Those forms were not together and the service order doesn’t indicate any repair or modification or adjustment for the LCD tint. Also, Nikon always sends out a repair status card before they ship. Moreover the tint related form is not from Nikon nor is it even in the same font. Bs.

    • Fishguy

      I agree 100%! The form letter does not match anything I’ve received from the Melville office for my D800 repairs. At the top it says “Dear Customers” a native english speaker wouldn’t send that out like that.

      • Not buying it

        I agree as well, and don’t believe any of this. I checked Noah’s blog and in the responses he says he sent it to the California repair center and the invoice clearly states Melville, as in New York. The other notice doesn’t have a Nikon letter head on it, as well as the other discrepancies mentioned. A big steaming load of #$%^!

        • The skeptic

          Dudes… Why would he lie? We’re all in this together, aren’t we?

        • frankie

          I just had my D800 return from a repair that Nikon should have covered but wrote off to “impact damage”.

          I sent the camera to the repair shop in California and just like this guy received an invoice copy that says NY.

          This guy isnt Dan Rather.

  • Noah Bershatsky
    • LesM

      I’ve had a look at your blog and I’m amazed at the service, the attention, and the superb communication you received..

      The last Nikon warranty repair I had done (admittedly, a few years ago) took almost exactly 3 months!

      It was not a camera, but a scanner, and during the 3 months, they did not contact me by phone or email – even to return calls. It was left to me to contact them (when I could actually reach them).

      I was told initially that the delay was due to the need for someone to assess the repair (apparently not everyone there understands scanners). Then, after some weeks, I was told the delay was because parts were needed.

      Then I was told that the parts had to come from Japan.

      Some time later I was told that and they wouldn’t send them from Japan until they had a large enough quantity of parts to justify the shipping expense.

      Later I was told that the delay was due to the assigned technician being absent. Then, later again, I was told that the delay was due to the repair not having been assigned to a different technician (apparently the first guy didn’t come back and their system could not handle a job being reassigned to someone else).

      Over three months I think I heard every excuse known to mankind, except for “a dog ate my homework”.

      When I did get it back after 3 months, it worked just fine, but the job I wanted to use it for was long gone.

      And there was never a word of apology!

  • xaphod

    Awesome. I’m very happy with my D800 but would really love this fix. I’m in Switzerland — anyone heard of this fix being done somewhere in Europe too? Or only USA?

    • jake

      it is only in the US , Jap and Thailand for now as far as I know.

      • xaphod

        Oh damn – I happen to be in thailand on vacation, but without my d800!
        Sent via wicked-smart carrier pigeon

  • Wombat777

    Unless I am missing something, this isn’t news. For several months people have been reporting that Nikon will for a fee adjust the LCD calibration for you on request (though they believe the “green” calibration is more accurate). The letter clearly indicates that Nikon think the requested calibration is inaccurate, and so will put it back to factor specs unless the letter is included in the future.

  • AJ

    I understood the preview image to be a low res jpeg generated by the camera from the image file, I would not be making fine WB adjustments based on that image, I view the screen as a reassurance in tricky exposure conditions or as a compositional check to see if I have got all I need in when in restricted space or are that my horizons level etc. I have an April D800 and a now two week old D800E and have not experienced any focus issues or screen tint, maybe I need an eye check ? 🙂

  • Lorenzo Belotti

    Greenish LCD screen? With a 36-megapixel, over three thousand dollars, I think that photographer know something about white balance, color management, have the RAW setting on camera, and know that a stupid-3″-lcd will never never have something similar to color accuracy…

    • Bob Wilson

      Agreed. But for a $3000 camera, should it have a green tint?

      • monkeybusiness

        It doesnt have a green tint, the other cameras are less accurate. Who are you going to believe, nikon, or a lying colormunki?

  • emisu

    Nowhere in the letter is Nikon saying this is a fix. They state that this is a change in tint of the LCD in response to a demand in tint change. Contrary to the title of this article, this doesn’t sound like a fix.


    I’m just responding to the D600 issue. I have one for several weeks since the last week of November and I don’t have a problem with the dust or oil. Is it still going on with others, or is everyone just getting on the band wagon on this issue. What I’m really wondering about is another problem not with my D600 but my D800. The problem is the clicking noise when in the LV mode it started when I was playing with it for about half an hour. It now just clicks like it is trying to focus or something, as it is clicking the screen flickers also. I brought it to the shop and they said it is normal, refer to page 44 in the manual. I couldn’t find the problem. Has anyone out there has this problem. I’m currently in Japan and this is from Nikon…I’m just confuse can anyone help me with this? I’m taking it back to the shop again tomorrow and complain it isn’t right. Thanks, any reply can help. Ed

    • Kyle Farris

      No clue about that. Maybe it IS trying focus… it does support auto-focus in liveview/video and maybe your lens is focusing? Just a thought. Not sure why it would be flickering, though. Have you tried different lenses?


        Thanks Really, I’ve tried the different lenses my 50mm f1.4, to my 70-200mm f2.8 and everything in between. The manual will say about the flicker reduction on page 329. Which I’ve set it in all the different modes to F-stops and still the camera has the same sounds and focus issues in LV. So, far I think it still needs to be in the shop. But not until after the New Year, lots of shots have to be done before then. The camera other than this LV issue it works fine. I’m still using my D600, D700, and the D200. to work my shots. Anyway, I pass on what happens when the dust clears…Thanks Again, Later.

  • Dan

    I purchased a D800e about a month ago, but had to return it. Although it didn’t exhibit the severe left-focus misalignment issue, most of the focus points outside of center were unacceptably soft when testing on pro glass. The camera metering was way off (it metered extremely hot requiring -1 EV on almost every shot) and the LCD had the serious green tint issue. So I purchased the D4 instead and couldn’t be any happier.

    Nikon’s position that the green tint is more accurate is total BS (even if technically accurate). Photographers use the LCD to initially baseline proper white balance – and I can assure you that we don’t want to see a glowing green screen – especially not on a $3K camera. Look, I edit in NEF to a color-calibrated monitor, but I still don’t want to see green when my eyes tell me otherwise.

    As for posters who claim to have returned their D800 multiple times (one poster indicated six times), are you fricken kidding me? Not only is returning a camera a total PITA, clearly this model has QA/production issues if you’re having to return that many times (or you have unrealistic expectations and/or testing methods). You would think they would learn their lesson after 2-3 attempts.

    I’m a loyal Nikon user and have always been. But if you ask me, the D800 was the right idea at the wrong time (and it was rushed to market IMHO). God bless you if you got a mint copy, because many did not. Nikon better get their quality assurance issues cleaned up in 2013. Maybe I’ll reconsider when the D900 comes out?

    • Daniel

      I personaly just look at my LCD to see if my light is falling correctly on my subject since Lightroom will reset white balance anyway…. I guess the green ‘tini’ mostly happens with people who are used to Canon’s over-saturated reds…

    • About the only thing we can say with certainty about the D800 is that it wasn’t rushed to market. There is ample evidence that the camera was ready for release around end Q2 2011 but the disasters in Japan and Thailand delayed release by around 6 months. By the time it was released demand was unprecedented and it’s (very) possible that QA suffered in an accelerated production ramp-up.

  • bcdouglas

    Way to own it Nikon! Seriously, the tone of this letter is sad. Nikon won’t admit to anything! How about the issues with the focusing! Thom Hogan nailed this one. This culture of deny any wrong doing is pissing people off.

  • Does this apply for the D4, too? Mine is definitely off and resembles this issue that the D800s are having.

  • Bratislav ILIC

    Stupid thing is that Nikon instead of listening to what customers are saying and acknowledge this as an real issue that all customers want repaired think of it as a “custom” demand.

  • Ralph

    Has anyone making these complaints ever actually sold a photo? Or do you just spend your time shooting test charts?

    If you’ve got time to complain about something like LCD preview tint, I would guess the later.

    • yin

      Irrelevant and illogical comment. You can’t complaint a merchant you purchased because you don’t sell pictures? Are you self-centered or retarded? I would guess both.

      • gsum

        At least Ralph is able to compose a simple English sentence properly to express his perfectly valid point. I’m guessing that he’s not the one who is self centred or retarded.

        • Michel

          Perhaps gsum you should attempt to compose a simple sentence in a foriegn language. Yin is likely from a country where English is regarded as a second language. In any case, the discussion here is about problems with the D800, more specifically the LCD. If I had just purchased a $3000 camera I would expect the LCD to be spot on, as I would expect the rest of the product to be, and Yin does make a very valid point that the consumer is entitled to complain about a product that is faulty, more valid than hierarchical pontificating elitism.

          • gsum

            I, like you, have no idea whether yin is foreign or not but attacking someone in that way was uncalled for. Apart from that, Yin’s obnoxious post shows that he misunderstood the point that the OP was making.
            As for the green cast, my D800, purchased in June, doesn’t have this problem so from my perspective, it either only affected early cameras or it is one of those myths that get around the ‘net. If the LCD did have the green tint, it wouldn’t bother me personally as I never use the LCD for viewing images. If it bothers you, change the camera.

  • thomasverbeke

    Does anyone know if this is also a problem on the D600?

  • No such issues with a d3. 🙂 older kit sometime better.

  • do they also have it for the D4?

  • Art

    To give Nikon a bit of credit ….. The D800/E was released on the heels of the tsunami. I’m sure their factory was quite a mess after the earthquake and as we already know many of their suppliers were working out of their homes in Sendai. Some quality control issues were probably to be expected — my left sensor impaired camera included…. Of course, it would have been nice if this weren’t the case.

    • yin

      What kind of excuse is that? What you are saying is pretty close to, “Oh it is not our fault because we tried our best to make these cameras with whatever scraps we have in the factory, and used whatever workers available to inspect quality although they probably had no idea what they were doing because the usual inspectors are home repairing their house. So yeah, basically the cameras have big problems but it is not our fault, even though we made them.”

      • yin

        “And you should have known that there is a quality issue because of the tsunami. You should know better that the cameras you are buying have one or two problems.”

  • Neopulse

    Didn’t have a green-tinted LCD when I got a refurbished D800. So there must’ve been one.

  • Brianbott

    How do I get them to fix this for me? It’s obvious their tint isn’t accurate.

  • Bear

    Hong Kong Nikon offer to recalibrate my D800 monitor to D3s color spec. But the catch is, you need to paid $350 HKD to get it cal. When I ask why I need to paid for it, they told me is company policy. So I know is possible, but why need to pay for it?

  • is this problem applied to all d800/e models?

  • ja

    nikon, the D800 is awesome but it needs some awesome firmware updates to the video function side of this beautiful camera, it needs more frame rates in 1080p to help create outstanding slow motion performance, if sony can do it the so can you after all you are NIKON

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