Weekly Nikon news flash #192


  • Deal: Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 Aspherical lens with Nikon mount (manual focus) is now $50 off.

  • Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.13.0 released with the following modifications:
    • Support for the D5200 has been added.
    • When the focus area displayed in the Camera Control Pro 2 live view window is double-clicked with autofocusing in live view mode, the camera will now focus automatically.
    • However, the camera will not focus automatically with the following cameras when Hand-held is selected for Live view mode.
    • Additional modifications to the Windows version: Compatibility with 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows 8 Enterprise has been added. However, under 64-bit versions, this software operates as a 32-bit application.
    • Additional modifications to the Macintosh version:
      • Support for OS X version 10.8 has been added.
      • Support for Mac OS X version 10.5 has been eliminated.
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  • Nikon Shooter

    That TC madness is jaw-dropping. Though I bet something is going to be severely bent/broken in the end since that safety belt doesn’t inspire much confidence. Wonder which F-stop this monstrosity shoots at. Any math-whizzes care to guess the resulting aperture and focal length? Probably dark enough and long enough to get some clear shots of the sunspots?

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      Aren’t those tubes, not TCs?

    • Grev

      Looks like extension tubes rather than teleconverters to me too…

    • NikonFanBoy

      Dude, That Macro stuff is on a Canon camera! Shame on you Admin! *jokes*

    • neversink

      Yes, these are extension tubes (they have to be,) but you would be much better off attaching a body to a microscope. My guess at the F stop is something like f/ 125,000

      • MyrddinWilt

        I suspect that the thing just plain can’t focus at all. The focus point is probably inside the lens.

        I don’t see the point of all the tubes either. I have a 50mm f/1.8 here on a reversing ring and a bellows that can easily resolve right up to the optical limit set by the wavelength of light. You want to be taking stack shots and a reasonably long exposure. But a longer extension tube is not going to help you any.

    • Sahaja

      With all those extension tubes, the depth of field would be narrower than the thickness of a strand of gnat’s pubic hair.

      • neversink

        Do gnats have pubic hair???

        • MyrddinWilt

          No pubis therefore no pubic hair.

          Next question

          • neversink

            Thanks — I was being tongue and cheek…. Obviously – they are insects with an exoskeleton….
            “Oops, is that a Culex Pipiens in your pubic hair,” asked the wife of her spouse…
            “Nah,” answered husband dear ,”its just a louse I picked up from the whore house…”

    • Orb Emmel

      I wouldn’t have titled that “The ultimate macro setup” but rather “the most ridiculous and useless macro setup” 😉
      No, not because it’s Canon…

  • Guest

    The D800 and D800E price drops are for refurbished cameras 🙁

    • Neopulse

      So? I purchased a refurbished one recently that had only 207 shots and was “Like New+”, not a single physical imperfection found (even smelled new might I add), no left AF issue found, updated with the latest firmware, and was refurbished by Nikon themselves before hand.

    • thephotosojourner

      All I have ever owned was refurbished. Save a good chunk of change and all the kinks are worked out. Plus you have some money to put toward a good lens. Just ordered my D800 a week to early… could have saved $50.

    • Yes, this is what I wrote. The other price drop is coming on the 15th, but I think it will be only $200.

      • Daniel Rydell

        Will there be a price drop with the D600? Thom Hogan seemed to be saying that anyone interested in a new FX camera should wait until the 15th.

        • Daniel Rydell

          That is, in ANY new FX camera.

        • Check back here on Thursday at midnight. There will be some very sweet deals (not only a price drop).

          • Daniel Rydell


  • Spy Black

    Either B&H is getting rid of their Samyang-based stock, or Samyang is about to introduce a new generation of lenses.

    I love the 55-200mm DX lens on sale for peanuts below the $99k 6mm…

  • George Kalogeris

    Will the Rokinon confirm the focus when used with D800?

    • No, the D800 confirm you the focus with the “> o <" display, as same it does with other manual focus.

      • Remedy

        That’s EXACTLY focus confirmation. Facepalm.

        • Right. And D800 do it, not Rokinon.

    • Remedy

      Yes, if it’s the chipped Nikon version.

    • Spy Black

      No, that is not the chipped version.

      • George Kalogeris

        Of course.
        I just checked the prices.
        the chipped version is much more expensive.

        But shouldn’t the camera be able to confirm the focus even with obsolete lenses?

    • Micah Goldstein

      AF confirmation works with non-chipped lenses on the D700 and D7000, so I imagine it would work on the D800 as well.

      Accuracy is another matter, but if you’re using MF, you’re already in a different world anyway.

  • Fredbare

    So the D4 guide is *filed* in the Busch?

  • Danonino

    Please tell me where I can find reviews of the D800 and D600 done by real photographers that shoot in RAW and know how to expose for the highlights? Im so tired of all the crappy overexposed sooc´s jpegs from these amazing cameras that floods flickr, dpreview, and all the forums.. Please someone, help me! I want to see what these cameras are capable of!

  • anyone with experience with rokinon lenses?

    so cheap, compared to nikkor … as good? better? no way?

  • YouSuck

    Make up your mind, DORK!!!

    Are you Nikon, Leica or Photo Rumors?

    You suck and quit deleting posts!

    Ass fart bang tart.

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